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  1. im gettin a 7 wk old puppy 2morra bt dno wt 2 name him?
  2. I want a dog but not sure which to get?? I need help...?
  3. How do i stop my puppy from waking up at 3am and barking her head off any i
  4. Why wont my puppy gain weight?
  5. What could be wrong with her puppies?
  6. What is the best way to comfort a dog in a storm?
  7. how can i tell whether my puppy is a boy or girl ?
  8. Will my puppy and kitten become friends?
  9. How do i keep a large dog from going under the fence?
  10. i really want a dog can you please help?
  11. can dogs eat onions raw or cooked?
  12. Is my dog scared of me?
  13. What breed dog is this? It was brought as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.?
  14. Poll:Which is cuter:my puppy or my kitty?
  15. Will my inside 3yr old mix dog that now has to be an outside dog be safe in
  16. what would be the best dog for me?
  17. How can I train my puppy to pee on her pee pad again?
  18. My dog won't stop puking?
  19. New puppy behaviour info?
  20. What are some good chews for a dog with allergies?
  21. How can I make going to the vet less stressful for my dog?
  22. Do you know why my dog's nose would change color?
  23. can you get tranquilizers for your dog online without a prescription?
  24. I got a new puppy. Should I keep him?
  25. what do think of the name REMY for my beagle puppy?
  26. how much weight should a 11 week doberman puppy weight?
  27. What does it mean when a dog brings a toy to you when it greets you?
  28. what is the best way to train my puppy?
  29. Do dogs call it Regular Style?
  30. What percentage of women do you think keep having children, (squeezing out
  31. my puppy wont stop crying?
  32. how long should it take for the second puppy to come out?
  33. Dog Jumping On Counter Problem!!!!!!!?
  34. puppy question about shots and stuff?
  35. How can dogs get rabies and what happens to them?
  36. Everytime I put my puppy Yorkie into the crate he cries and barks.?
  37. I want to walk my puppy but I am having trouble?
  38. Pomeranian puppy wanted?
  39. What Breed Do You Think this puppy is? dogs ?
  40. Anyone else disturbed that nearly 100,000 people signed a petition to allow an...
  41. Can someone tell me how to make my puppy better?
  42. Another puppy question ?
  43. Puppy acting weird after spaying?
  44. when a dog barks is he happy or sad or what?
  45. How do you teach a dog to jump in a lake/river and enjoy it?
  46. My puppy likes my mom more now...I'm kind of jealous. What do I do?
  47. My dog is getting fixed tomorrow I am nervous how can I calm myself down?
  48. Old Roy dog food for puppies?
  49. How can I leash train my puppy?
  50. What country and/or city do all you dog people live in and what time is it?
  51. Found a young puppy (maybe 6-10 weeks)?
  52. Would my dog eat her puppies?
  53. dog allergies? helppp?
  54. Lead Crate/Cage For a Puppy?
  55. how do i stop my dog from running away?
  56. any name suggestions for my husky puppy?
  57. Im tiring to teach my puppy to get used to sleeping alone?
  58. dogs behavior changes suddenly?
  59. Chewing Options for a Puppy?
  60. My dog wont eat her food and is starving herself, what can I do to get her to eat?
  61. Where is the cheapest place I can get Agilty equipment for my dogs?
  62. why does he look at me like i'm a DEAD PUPPY?
  63. My puppy hurt his leg and I don't know if I should take him to the vet just yet. ?
  64. my dog just past away from parvo and im getting a new puppy this weekend
  65. Why is my puppy crying all night?
  66. Did you hear the one about the Gooner who brought his dog to the pub?
  67. My dog is really clumsy and i was wondering if i should talk to the vet?
  68. can a dog stay in a kennel previously used by a different one?
  69. whats a good female dog name?
  70. what to name my puppy?
  71. What can I give my PB puppy to give him lots of Protein?
  72. Which 10 dog breeds do you think are ugly?
  73. does a male dog know when the female dog is due to give birth?
  74. can dogs have ADHD and is there anything that can be done for him to calm him down...
  75. Why is my dog so worn out?
  76. My dog's back legs were shaking when laying down, what could this be?
  77. puppy will not stop biting us?
  78. Collar size for husky puppy?
  79. My puppy is not learning what should I do to discipline her?
  80. Where can I buy a cute coat for my dog?
  81. Puppy's toys need washing.. Suggestions ?
  82. My male dog got fixed today how long do you have to leave a cone collar on?
  83. What movie or show had the line: I guess even a blind dog finds a bone...
  84. Why does my neighbor's elderly Great Dane growl sometimes at my Lab mix puppy?
  85. My dog has these "fits" from time to time. She will fall on the ground, wining ?
  86. My puppy(yorkie) has been vomiting alot his food and on tuesday he vomited...
  87. My dog can escape from collars, help?
  88. how to make a dog stop jumping up to eat on the table and digging through the
  89. my dog does not stop barking!?
  90. Need help with my dog.?
  91. I have a new puppy and I need some ?
  92. I ate my dogs poop/diarrhea by accident?
  93. What would you feed this dog?
  94. My puppy eats her food way too fast!?
  95. My dog is almost hairless?
  96. what puppies grow to small adults?
  97. When picking a puppy what do you look for?
  98. How often should I brush my dogs teeth?
  99. what is the name of this dog? please answer me.?
  100. why don't you eat your dogs or cats?
  101. why doesnt my dog attack anything in fable 2? also were do you buy dog tricks at?
  102. what would you wear to be a puppy for halloween? ?
  103. Do you feel a dog breeder should be held accountable for the temperament of a puppy?
  104. Information on military dog tags?
  105. my dog fell down very hard please help me?
  106. want a kitten, but boyfriend's dog. . .?
  107. Why are dogs such good friends?
  108. My dog has sores all over her nose?
  109. my dog has a lite green discharge ,and she is preg ?
  110. Dogs fighting, not getting along, stuck keeping large vicious/ territorial dog...
  111. What does this puppy look like its mixed with?
  112. Do you think this dog is over weight?
  113. What if the dead puppy is the only one left, and she has not other puppies to care...
  114. DOG SHOWING- Is my 10 week old cavalier king charles show quality?
  115. Dog Vaccination Question!!!!?
  116. Took puppy to vet, vet said the puppy's eyes do not dilate. Is there any hope?
  117. Does anyone have a nick name for thier dog?
  118. what is the name of some dog skin disaeases?
  119. cute female puppy names?
  120. My dog is walking very slowly, but he is not crying like he is in pain ?
  121. is 41 degrees to cold to leave my dog outside?
  122. A Dog Agility Question on competing, agility experts or people who compete please...
  123. Do you think your dog smiles?
  124. Dog Potty Training Question?
  125. Feeding our Gordon Setter puppy? Please answer?
  126. Would you eat your cat or dog to survive?
  127. I gave my puppy too much de-wormer?
  128. I have heard that cats and dogs react early to weather changes. What are...
  129. Coenzyme Q10 supplement 1 pill per 30lbs...dog weighs 40 do I give 2 pills or go...
  130. What kind of dog fits this category?
  131. we wont to take our dog to greece,?
  132. Which dog breed best suits my personality?
  133. What dog should i get ?
  134. What can i use to bathe puppy?
  135. a 4 day pld sick puppy!!!!?
  136. How big will this puppy get?
  137. premium dog food where to find.?
  138. Can A 5 Week Old Puppy Be Vaccinated?
  139. How to help my dog relieve some pain in his leg?
  140. hi i have 12 week puppy and my sisters dog is coming to stay 3 days?
  141. 10 week puppy ate sandwich!!!?
  142. Name for a male shih-tzu puppy?
  143. my dog lost a leg now only has 3?
  144. my boyfriend has a dog I don't trust.What do I do?
  145. Can my puppy eat adult food?
  146. what should i do about my hurt dog?
  147. My dog doesn't know how to act around new people, and especially other dogs....
  148. Help with a dog please?
  149. Would fleas make a dog shake?
  150. What should I dress my puppy as for Halloween?
  151. What is a good name for a story about how i got my dog?
  152. The carpet in my new apartment smells like wet dog?
  153. question about dog coughing?
  154. can i give my dog a douche after her period?
  155. How do I get over my puppy getting a new home?
  156. my 7 month old puppy is allergic to beef?
  157. Bay Area Standard Poodle Puppies?
  158. Why does my dog bark and act all jealous whenever I hug my mom?
  159. dealing with male dog "marking"?
  160. 6 week old puppy and mouthing?
  161. I need Male dog name ideas please?
  162. 6 Week Puppy Cock-Eyed w/Blue tint near inner eye - Can she see?
  163. Can smacking a dog on it's behind cause damage?
  164. my dog ate peanut m & ms!?
  165. What breed is my dog???....?
  166. My Puppy Has Diarrhea And His Nose Is Icy Cold?
  167. puppy congested and sounds sick?
  168. What breed is the dog on heartbeat?
  169. Question about puppy shots?
  170. what type of dog is best for an apartment?
  171. im adopting a puppy but i need help?
  172. Scared to let my dogs out with the new neighbor kids around...need advice?
  173. hey tell me what type of dog this is?
  174. How often should a puppy be washed?
  175. my dog got murderd by some man?
  176. My dog has fleas help?
  177. My Puppy is 11wks old and has parvo :(?
  178. is this a 'good' poem its about a dog and owner?
  179. i geting a dog and it cant shed or must have wool?
  180. My dog wont move, she sits in the corner of the room.?
  181. My dog has lumps? And question about separation anxiety medication?
  182. Does anybody know what breed this puppy is?
  183. okay if my girl dog cindi is apri and my boy dog prince is ckc what will i
  184. Swollen eyes and mouth in my dog! Help!!!?
  185. My dog just had puppies and right after the birth one died?
  186. What cute things does you dog or other pet do ?
  187. New puppy, question # 2. ?
  188. did you ever lose a small dog to hawks?
  189. my one month old puppy i just got wont stop shivering?
  190. My dog is losing his toenail!! Is this bad?
  191. Is it okay for my unvaccinated puppy to go on vacation with us?
  192. Anyone know someone who's selling puppies in Pennsylvania?
  193. WHATS THE DEAL WITH 'teacup puppies' ? ?
  194. Which of these names should I name my new puppy?
  195. Puppy Fleas = Dry Skin?
  196. Puppy limping,please help?
  197. my dog hates the gentle leader!?
  198. If u no the Carolina Dog breed or known as American dingo plz help me?
  199. How come dogs have so many breeds, yet kangaroos, giraffes and humans etc. don't?
  200. Do you know of any books that have a dog as the main character? Something...
  201. My dog has had diarrhea for 3 nights already ?
  202. Weird noise in dog's ear when dog shakes head?
  203. My puppies stool is soft?
  204. I have a Puppy...She Needs to be Fixed??? How Old Do they have to Be? ?
  205. Do you think its okay to bathe my puppy?
  206. How can I train my puppy if he doesnt like treats?
  207. What puppy names are cool ?
  208. What kind of dog is my neighbors dog?
  209. My dogs cannot keep their diarrhea through the night?
  210. Please help me with my dog!!!!!!!?
  211. Have you ever used an online reference for a pet-sitter that comes to your home to
  212. My small 5yr old mixed breed dog has a hard stomach and is shaking . He feels warm.
  213. my dog just brought in a dead mouse, help!?
  214. my female pitbull keeps trying to hump the male dog?
  215. Dog been ill since Sunday Please help?
  216. my 4month dog is suffering from cold and fever?
  217. good names for a dog?
  218. What should I name my puppy?
  219. What puppy name should I pick?
  220. At night my dog sleeps in my daughter's room and by the morning she has...
  221. need major help with yorkie poo puppy training please?
  222. Is Hill's Science Diet linked to organ failure and/or cancer in dogs?
  223. If you had the money would you clone your favorite dog?
  224. What breed of dog should I get?
  225. Engraving army dog tags, need some suggestions?
  226. Anyone know any good dog names for a dapple dog?
  227. when would you reccomend taking my puppy out?
  228. What breed is my puppy.Four months, 13 lbs, White with light tan...
  229. whats cuter?puppies,kittens,little baby turtles or little baby gators?
  230. My puppy has ringworm?
  231. what can I do for my dog's behavior?
  232. How Do I Introduce A Dog Into My Dog Hating Household?
  233. Can puppies grow out of...?
  234. info on dog shows in melbourne and surrounding area?
  235. One of my dogs keeps attacking the other one.?
  236. Are "runts" really that sickly of dogs (pups)?
  237. my vet insists on giving my puppy all 4 booster shots again, should I let them?
  238. My dog has arthritis in his knee... What can I do to help his pain?
  239. My dog does not like him right?
  240. Help With Female Doberman Puppy Names?
  241. Puppy with broken leg- no pet insurance?
  242. Mental problems with dog?
  243. Is there something you can do with your dog to make money?
  244. New puppy in the home with other animals. ?
  245. My dog wont leave me alone..?
  246. Help please!Dog problem?
  247. Does anyone own a Yorkie dog? ?
  248. Do you feed and like Natural Balance dog food?
  249. My Black lab had puppies a week ago and a few days ago I noticed one of the
  250. Help with my now nervous dog.?