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  1. A good first time dog?
  2. My parents took out their anger at me on my poor puppy. What do I do?
  3. Is this puppy food good?
  4. retraining a puppy any help appriciated?
  5. my puppy has a lazy eye will it fix itself or is it perminent? (pic included)?
  6. 35 weeks, aches, pains, bowel movements..and my dogs acting funny?!?
  7. help can my dog be pregnant?
  8. My dog eats dirt and gets bacteria on his lips that seems to eat at his...
  9. How to take care of 1wk old puppies?
  10. How can you tell if my dog is pregnant?
  11. puppy died, mother depressed?
  12. My dog had her puppies , can you explain her abondonment of two?
  13. Need Crate Training Help, puppy waking up at night?
  14. im worried about my dog ;d?
  15. why does my puppy do this thing?
  16. Dog. What kind is he? here is a link with a photo I took.
  17. How old is too old for a male dog?
  18. My pitbull puppy is too playful?
  19. Possessive, man-hating puppy... Any advice/insight is appreciated!?
  20. Kittens or Puppies!?!?!?
  21. Can anyone help me with giving my puppy a home vaccine?
  22. How do you know if one dog is bullying the other?
  23. puppy with dry nose, should i be concerned?
  24. Question for owners of large dogs. What breed of dog is the hardiest, yet...
  25. should all dog owners of al breeds have to have a licence 2 make sure they
  26. Puppy will not use the potty outside?
  27. Is there anything for a puppy to make him not pee on something but..?
  28. do you think anyone would let an 11 year old walk there dog?
  29. Why isn't my puppy house-broken?
  30. can i stop my dog from going on the gardens without puting fences up?
  31. we just adopted three puppies one of the puppies has parvo, early stage, any...
  32. You just realized you hold the winning lottery ticket for $100 Million,...
  33. Puppy With Seizures Help!?
  34. i have a 14 week old puppy, he used to use the training pads now he eats them and...
  35. what age do puppies get all of their adult teeth?
  36. My dog has fleas! What should I use/do?
  37. how do i know if my dog broke her leg?
  38. HELP! Puppy has a hernia?
  39. dogs or puppies or none?
  40. Does anyone know why my dog always smells really bad?
  41. Am I wrong to want to get rid of the dog?
  42. How can I help my new puppy stop being so timid?
  43. Why do vets charge so much for my Dog's cataract operation?
  44. i'm thinking of getting a new pet! a puppy or a kitten?
  45. should i be worried of my dog?
  46. Why do you think its wrong for me to breed and sell my dogs?
  47. What steps do I take to stop my dog (husky/German shepherd) from nipping and biting?
  48. Dog obedience classes?
  49. taking a dogs tempature?
  50. Looking to adopt a dog.....!!!?
  51. Is there something wrong with my dog?
  52. i-dog pup name??????
  53. i drempt of this brown dog/wolf/bear what do these mean?
  54. Dog Name Help - Registration Name - Aussie pup?
  55. Cesar Millan on dog barking?
  56. puppies been rejected by mum ?
  57. I think my puppy just swallow a small peice of rawhide, can a puppy's...
  58. my dog just had puppies and i dont know what or how to feed them?
  59. How to make my dog get over her fear of other dogs?
  60. At what age should I start training my jack russell puppy agility?
  61. Puppy got a clean bill of Health with cataracts in both eyes?
  62. my friend has just been given a puppy.its got spots scatterd around its body?
  63. My dog has passed, how will my other one handle it?
  64. Benefits of having two dogs (reason enough to convince some-one to get another)?
  65. Temperature for puppies/dogs?
  66. Why did my dog pee on me?
  67. in regards to my pregnet dog?
  68. How can I ship my dog (samoyed) from the USA to Taiwan?
  69. How likely can a person catch Giardia from a puppy?
  70. I have a difficult time bathing my dog. He will attack me if I do so. What will I do?
  71. husky puppy eye color?
  72. How old should a puppy be?
  73. Help, with a new dog name.?
  74. Question about puppy shots?
  75. What breed of dog was on Ugly Betty on October 23?
  76. Wondering if it is ok to take my puppy out as long as....?
  77. has anyone had success with UGODOG Indoor Dog Litter Tray?
  78. does anyone know how much "dial a dog wash" costs?
  79. I'm allergic to my dog?
  80. Can you start bad habits with your puppy by holding it too much?
  81. Is it okay to feed dogs bananas?
  82. i got bit by a dog a couple of weeks ago?
  83. omg. I'm so worried. My six week old blue pittbull puppy is twitching in it's sleep.?
  84. my puppy just died, what now???
  85. Getting a new puppy.. any name suggestions?
  86. What do you do about a dog that won't leave the cat alone?
  87. how do you get a puppy(pitbull) to stop biting?
  88. Help with my puppy and kitten...?
  89. Is it true that hot-dogs are made using the lips, bums and ears of animals rather
  90. travel with dog abroad help?
  91. I have a puppy that is three months old and weighs 15 lbs. How big will he be...
  92. My puppy is play biting kids, but not adults, Why?
  93. Puppy-sitting a neighbors dog.....HELP ME?
  94. What breed of dog has long fuzzy hair behind ears? My puppy is beginning...
  95. my chihuahua is in labor how long after she starts pushing can I expect puppies?
  96. what can i replace the grass with where my dog lives?
  97. My puppy bit my visiting teacher...?
  98. how to potty train my puppy?
  99. Is there any natural scents, besides his own that will stop my dog from...
  100. My puppy ate Glucosamine & Chondroitin pill for adult dogs, is that okay?
  101. New puppy wont eat or go potty.?
  102. Why hasn't our new puppy pottied yet?
  103. would u lve to have a dog like that??? ?
  104. My Dog Is Having Puppies?
  105. what is the earliest age that you can see a puppy's personality?
  106. Eye drops for my dog - jack russell?
  107. Does anyone think this dog is ugly?
  108. What do I do with my aggressive dog?
  109. why is my alaskan malamute puppy drinking so much?
  110. Would you be offended if someone told you that your dog looked old?
  111. SHOULD i cancel my dogs insurance after a year old since he got most of his shots?
  112. Do you prefer dogs or cats?
  113. 11 week old puppy eating ice cubes.?
  114. What legal actions can be taken when bitten by a dog?
  115. Can you ladies help a single guy with a puppy out?
  116. Exactly how long is a pitbull puppy in heat?
  117. Why does my dog not like it when I climb a tree?
  118. What is the significance of all the dogs in the movie "Children of Men"?
  119. Can this harm my puppy dog??
  120. im getting a dog for xmas!!?
  121. Puppy And Parvovirus, Regaining appetite?
  122. i need help with my GOLDENDOODLE puppy...?
  123. is it ok dat my dogs stomach is very swollen after spaying?
  124. Do ladies like guys with dogs?
  125. I have a 4 month neutered puppy and lately he's peeing a lot more frequently. Does...
  126. How different is raising a small (toy) breed from raising an regular average size...
  127. why does my dog like to lick hot objects?
  128. Adopted dog with Parvo, will established dog be affected?
  129. (details contain link) Does this dog look like a good dog around children...
  130. My dog has cherry eye how can I help her?
  131. sex with dog when i was 12? (serious question, plz only serious answers)?
  132. my 7 month old labrador gets tired of her dog food after few weeks. what do i do?
  133. I am about to adopt an 8 month old Maltese. What's their disposition like and
  134. Is ACV safe for my puppy?
  135. How can I treat my puppy's cold?
  136. whats the best dog to own?
  137. Why were 2 dogs killed during the Salem Witch Trials?
  138. Is it normal for a 4 month old Shih-Poo puppy to be absolutely terrified when
  139. Dog peeing on things because of rats? How can I stop it?
  140. dog agility..........................................?
  141. Can you convince me not to breed my dogs?
  142. my dog turns deep pink for no reason?
  143. I just got a dachshund puppy and I don't know how old he is...anyone? ?
  144. When is the Dog Whisperer on? Any new episodes or has it been canceled? All I
  145. do i operate on my dog agian or just let him go?
  146. What is wrong with my dog?
  147. VERY timmid dog, ADVICE please!!?
  148. Can you put Color hair spray on dogs?
  149. what is a good name for a female german shepherd puppy?
  150. When you hear the admonition, "Blame it on the dog," what do you think of?
  151. My dog doesn't like to be watched while eating.....?
  152. what is the exact ruling on muslims having dogs or being near them?
  153. HELP! What is the best way to stop puppy biting, FAST??!!!?
  154. My puppy doesn't like treats. What could I use to train him?
  155. Unruly dog! How do I fix her?!?
  156. My ex is stringing me along hard. I need a new lady. How can I use my dog to my
  157. my dogs talk to coyotes at night :)?
  158. I'm taking my dog to a Howl-o-ween contest and wanted to make him into a chef?
  159. my dog has really red eyes. Whats wrong with him?
  160. Animal Cruelity, why is killing a dog a murder but...?
  161. Can dogs get pink eye? How can it be treated?
  162. anyone else not agree with havings dogs put to sleep?
  163. how can get rid of my dog's tear stains?
  164. What breed is my puppy.Four months, 13 lbs, White with light tan blotches.Large...
  165. Does palin not have any Dogs or Cats?
  166. Where can I download "The Dog Song" by Nellie McKay?
  167. A dog was barking at me angrily? ?
  168. How to stop my dog chewing everything?
  169. Question regarding puppies?
  170. should i sell my dogs puppies?
  171. need some advice from my Dog Section Family?
  172. How old do puppies have to be to give them a flea bath?
  173. Why is his dog eating my dogs food? ?
  174. Dreams of a black dog....WHY?
  175. what does it mean when a dog has a black tongue?
  176. What could be causing bald spots on my puppy?
  177. Which life is more important: a puppy's or a baby's?
  178. has anyone had to quarantine your dogs after being station overseas, hubby is
  179. my puppy has odor coming from the staining around her eyes?
  180. My 6 year old dog died yesterday, so much pain, please help?
  181. my 4 year old yorkie had puppies for the first time she had 4 that she left in
  182. Puppy's belly is swollen after spaying?
  183. I asked about my pitbull puppy....?
  184. On bombfire night my dog gets scared?
  185. my mum is having my dog put down in a few hours ;( i dont want her to?
  186. Im trying to potty train my puppy and he gives no warning sign before he goes HELP!?
  187. How can I teach my dog to stop barking without a bark collar?
  188. After the martinsville race when Jamie Mcmurray left in his golf cart was...
  189. I'm using puppy linux 4.1, While loading it copies the essential file in ram?
  190. New Puppy Big Problems!?
  191. Should the trainer have hit the dog?
  192. Puppy house training question...?
  193. why is my dog shivering or shaking?
  194. my dog continuously moults, ?
  195. i have a dog and now i want to sell it for a good price.please somebody help me to
  196. Glucosamine and Dogs?
  197. Any dogs up for adoption? PLEASE READ. :] ?
  198. HELP! Just got a puppy, took him to the vet and found out he has a hernia!?
  199. You know the puppy on the yahoo answers blog when you log on here?
  200. i just got a 10 week old puppy and shes part doxen how often should i feed her?
  201. Why does my dog lick carpet?!?
  202. Where can i rent a puppy/dog for a week in the UK?
  203. Need to find a fitting name for my puppy? In honor of but not to replace our
  204. If A dog is CKC registered is there any way to tell if there is any champion's in
  205. my puppy has parvovirus and was eating?
  206. Can my puppy go on a 5.8 mile hike with me?
  207. my friend got attacked by 4 dogs in the park and then went to the moon...?
  208. My pit bull just had puppies 6 days ago...?
  209. Should I dig up my dog?
  210. If you could change one thing about how you raised your dogs..?
  211. problem puppy...please help?
  212. My dog is acting out, what do I do?
  213. What breed were the puppies at the beginning of the newest episode of Ugly Betty?
  214. have you ever had to quarantine your dogs because you moved overseas?
  215. Can someone plz tell me what reasons my female dog could be throwing up...
  216. How do I convince my mom to let me keep my 2 guinea pigs and get a dog?
  217. How can I tell what size dog to use my frontline plus on?
  218. Does my puppy not like kibble?
  219. what can i do about my puppy's energy?
  220. why do dogs rub there buts on the floor?
  221. Do you keep your dogs inside or outside?
  222. How long does a puppy vaccine take to "work"?
  223. Is this just puppy love? (long, sorry)?
  224. My dog gets anxious when I do this?
  225. Newborn puppy keeps crying - Can't figure out why?
  226. Homemade dog food with garlic?
  227. How do I get a large dog to go outside?
  228. Do I need a business license to train dogs?
  229. What do we do about new Red-bone puppy biting our older Jack Russel...
  230. house training my puppy?
  231. i have 2 dogs, both males 4yrs small chihuahua and brussels grafon?
  232. Aggressive dog in my neighbourhood?
  233. Dog ER visit... a few questions ?
  234. What to do if my dog (dachshund) just ate some chocolate?
  235. my dog barks at bikes no matter wht.?
  236. Anything can do to make dog comfortable with his cough due to enlarged heart?
  237. I need some help on my dog?
  238. Please help with my dog emergency!!!?
  239. how much should a rottwelier at 5 months weigh? and is _ a good kind dog food?
  240. PLEASE ANSWER! how much does it cost to get a puppy hernia removed?
  241. What do you ladies think about a guy walking his puppy?
  242. How to help an 8 week old puppy scared of loud bangs?
  243. We have a 4 month old puppy who is completely submissive and pees when we come
  244. What is the best way to move my dog and my stuff to another state?
  245. HELP!! My puppy piddles everytime I pick him up. What do I do?
  246. What is the meaning of A "blue color" in terms of A dog?
  247. How would you rate this dog food?
  248. How much can dogs understand?
  249. How much does a dog cost?
  250. My dog isn't eating her food?