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  1. what is the latetes time you can feed your 3 month old puppy beofre it goes to bed?
  2. Where can I find a Puppy that looks like this?
  3. My Dog Jumped On Me. Is My Baby Ok?
  4. i gave my 5 week old puppy rid worm med.?
  5. POLL: Which would a dog prefer to use to get gravy train out from between his teeth?
  6. Is it okay for dogs to sleep under the blankets with you?
  7. how much does it cost to feed a dog per month?
  8. How should i train a small puppy?
  9. Malinois puppy questions...?
  10. DOG LOVERS-Adopting a puppy overseas?
  11. What do you think my toy poodle puppy got sick from?
  12. Your dogs baby pics!!?
  13. Does my puppy have ringworm? And did I catch it from him??!!?
  14. I have a question about my puppy that recently got spayed?
  15. Does spaying or neutering your dog change them forever?
  16. does my dog lick himself too much?
  17. my dog walking i a have some questions please answer all 10 points for a
  18. Does anyone here love there pets or dogs like there second set of children?
  19. HELP! Please! DOG!!!!?
  20. My dog has a itchy bum and puts her tail to the side?
  21. Theres dog pee on my new couch? And I dont own a dog?
  22. Does your dog become totally oblivious to large, non-moving objects like walls...
  23. My friend dog is very dangerous what should i do?
  24. Theoretical dog surgery?
  25. Breed(s) in this dog?
  26. Our grown dog is whining in his cage!?
  27. neighbors dog not being taken good car of...please help?
  28. Pregnant Dog..........................?
  29. pregnant dog??????????????????????
  30. Are french bulldogs good dogs to have?
  31. Can I bring my dog to the mall?
  32. How do I help my dog's mouth heal?
  33. Why does my puppy eat cat litter?
  34. questions about dog worming?
  35. Can dogs really make humans ill?
  36. I want to get a puppy =)?
  37. Is it true that babies and puppies are like magnets that make women flirt
  38. puppy's first vet visit/ shots. what to expect?
  39. What type of dog should I get and how should I convince my parents to let me get one?
  40. I used frontline spray on my dog, but now I started walking her she has a lot
  41. HELP! Red spots on my dog's underbelly!?
  42. the puppy should another the shot?
  43. whats wrong with my dog.....is he to old? ?
  44. what type of dog food would you recommend?
  45. shots and worms for my puppy?
  46. WHere can I get flea meds specifically for my dogs breed and size?
  47. What breed or breeds of dog is this ??? ( pic included )?
  48. types of dogs please help?
  49. how do you get a dog to return when called?
  50. Why is it that male dogs?
  51. i have a question about my daughters dog.?
  52. i just found a puppy in the street what should i do?
  53. My new puppy is not eating or drinking, what do i do?
  54. Raw feeding for a GSD? (or any dog, really)?
  55. Is it just puppy love?
  56. When will she have her puppies?
  57. Would you trust this slimy swine with your dog?
  58. Is it good for two dogs that are related to have a puppy?
  59. Does your dog every walk in on you while your in the bathroom?
  60. Just got PCS orders to Hawaii. Move nxt wk. How can I take my dog? Quarantine is...
  61. is 1 week too long to board your dogs?
  62. Question on white dogs?
  63. What breed of dog would be best for me?
  64. is it too late to neuter a 4 year old dog?
  65. my dog keeps scratching himself so hard he bleeds?
  66. why does my dog do this?
  67. Can I give my dog Dura-pen? ?
  68. how much food can i give my puppy?
  69. My dog was neutered yesterday, is it normal for him to be a little congested?
  70. who let the dogs out?
  71. Does my dogs laying with his legs out straight mean he has hip problems?
  72. can you give puppies milk for the mom if the mom dies?
  73. Puppy rehoming fee........?
  74. Dressing up dog for Halloween. Choose One Idea. ?
  75. How can I crate train my puppy the right way?
  76. how to stop my dog from barking at the doorbell?
  77. my puppy lost teeth while playing?
  78. Dog ate a chocolate-chip cookie. Harmful?
  79. any cure for dog itch ?
  80. Does anyone have any idea what kind of mix my one and a half old puppy may be???
  81. Price Of Pit Bull Puppies?
  82. puppy licking his front paw?
  83. My dog is burping and then kind of coughing.?
  84. Can You Cure Hip Dysplasia On A Dog?
  85. Help with Female puppy names?
  86. im doing a book talk power point on a dogs life?
  87. my dog has statrting panising at bedtime she pants alot and lie,s hanging out
  88. My dog ate a cooked chicken bone. What possible signs of distress can be...
  89. I need money for a puppy? how? ?
  90. What kinda dog is good for beginners?
  91. spelling mistake on my dog panic,s at night?
  92. Is my Puppy aggressive?!?
  93. I really want to get a dog?
  94. can any one think of a tough dog name. (chihuahua)?
  95. New puppy in the home, week 1. ?
  96. My new Yorkie puppy keeps shaking? even when he's just running around outside...?
  97. I have searched the web and can't find costumes in XXL for my 2 saint bernards....
  98. How do I make dog boots or where do I find them? They need to be for snow.?
  99. what kind of puppy should i get?
  100. I need homemade dog toy ideas!?
  101. Puppy and some Paint?
  102. ok now what somethings wrong with my dog ?
  103. my female puppy's female bits is an inny?
  104. what's the best way to discipline a dog for doing something bad?
  105. What type of breed is the dog on the right?
  106. Dog Allergies and adoption?
  107. my dog has parvo took him to vet already .BUT?
  108. dog making movements like humping but not humping?
  109. Crate Traning a Puppy?
  110. my dog won't eat or drink or move?
  111. why does my puppy have diarrhea several times a day without eating?
  112. Which snow coat is best for my 2 dogs?
  113. 3 month old puppy. Potty training questions.?
  114. My dog Sparky carries around a lucky tomato, isn't that funny?
  115. Should I dress my dog up as a hot dog this Halloween?
  116. How do I stop my puppy climbing the stairs?
  117. can you use vinegar instead of that "bitter bite" anti chew for puppies to get them
  118. I Would Love A Coupon For Akc Puppy Litter Registration?
  119. How can you tell if your dog has rabies?
  120. My 15 yr old son accidently killed his dog and I don't know what to do. Can anyone
  121. My Puppy Hardly Eats?
  122. my dog keeps tryign to eat daddy long legs what will happen if he does i...
  123. My LITTLE bother[3] HAS a bad relationship with our new puppy?!!!!?
  124. my dogs ears going floppy, should i be worried?
  125. Question about male dogs and dominance?please help!?
  126. How can i stop my puppy from peein in the house ???
  127. What do You think about taking my dogs water up 3 hours before bed?
  128. I need help with a puppy I rescued. She's only 3 months old and she won't eat. Help!?
  129. Should i get my dog neutered or spayed which is cheaper?
  130. How to photograph black dogs at dusk?
  131. Where are a dogs abdominal muscle located?
  132. How do you teach a puppy to stay?
  133. German Shepherd Puppy...Girl...Some Concerns...please advise me?
  134. My german shepherd mix has been attacking my lab puppy and sometimes my shih tzu. I
  135. My Dog's stool is dark red and soft... does anyone know what that means?
  136. help dogs biting me all the time?
  137. How much did you pay for your dog(s)?
  138. My Dog throws up socks for attention?
  139. i just got a new puppy?
  140. puppy question lost puppy ?
  141. When will puppies be able too....?
  142. My Dog Uses The............?
  143. Puppy leaving the nest too early and socialization problems?
  144. Is Sarah training her new attack dog?
  145. What's the breed of the dog Taylor Momsen has?
  146. Has anyone else used Animal Crackers Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in
  147. One of my dogs breasts is larger than the other?
  148. Why do dogs get scared when you stare into their eyes?
  149. My dog has been pooping yellow , oblong "worms" for the past?
  150. Can a one litter puppy over eat?
  151. What's a nice engraving I can put on a dog tag for my boyfriend (;?
  152. Which dog is most likely to prevail in a fight against a wolf?
  153. Can a small amount of rat poison be fatal to a 125lb dog?
  154. My puppy just died of parvo a week ago..?
  155. What happens if my dog barfs with a slug what do I do?
  157. my old 2 year old puggle jealous of my new boxer puppy?
  158. Free Puppies in Pembroke Pines?
  159. Which puppy should i get for my niece?
  160. What type of dog is this ?
  161. What should I do to get my adult dog to play?
  162. when does dogs teeth?
  163. What should i name a boy DOG!?!?
  164. Question about puppy mess...?
  165. my puppy cries everytime it goes in the crate. should i leave her to cry or get her
  166. Why does my dog stalk my cat?
  167. why does chocolate make dogs sick?
  168. Yorkie puppy ran out the door?
  169. If a dog was charging at you and your dog about to attack...?
  170. what should i name my dog?
  171. Leash Training Help with out Puppy?
  172. My puppy has a hernia - who's responsible?
  173. Looking to buy a dog in the uk - what's the procedure?
  174. My dog gave birth to 4 pups what should i name them?
  175. How many months for a dog who is pregnant to give birth? How many puppies does
  176. For puppy owners: Does your puppy do this?
  177. Why does my dog always try to escape?
  178. Whats the best type of dog breed for me? (experts needed)?
  179. I have dial up and am testing a link to see if the picture (of a dog on a...
  180. What are you puppy's favorite treats & toys?
  181. Puppy has tapeworms and I'm pregnant!? HELP?
  182. what would happen if you give your dog shots while she is pregnant and what...
  183. Shipping puppies any details?
  184. Puppy in pain from shots?
  185. how do you handle a puppy who is constantly trying to chew on you and trying...
  186. I think my puppy just went into heat?
  187. I can't get my puppy paper trained!?
  188. Pros and Cons to a dog? What's your favorite dog? Pics? Behavior?
  189. How old should a puppy be to stay home for 8hrs by herself?
  190. What do I need to look for so my yorkie puppy's hair won't go gray?
  191. Can I bathe my puppy twice a week?
  192. When Is My Pit-Bull Over The Puppy Stage?
  193. Do you think this puppy is cute?
  194. dog flees how to get rid of them and does it effect us?
  195. Why does a dog's leg thump when you scratch them in certain places?
  196. My dog has a hole near his butt and it is oozing blood.?
  197. Puppy ate something, Help?
  198. When should puppies eyes ?
  199. Shipping puppies safe?
  200. What do you think is the race of these puppies?
  201. You find a puppy out on it`s own. You speak to it, It follows you home what
  202. Is it alright to give a puppy/dog a child's plush/stuffed animal toy?
  203. About rating people and dogs?
  204. Cat and dog urine stains on my wooden Floors Help please?
  205. Does this sound like love to you? Because to me it sounds like puppy love?
  206. What are some Good dog names?
  207. Okay I need some serious help with my 5 month old puppy - she's so...
  208. If my puppy Sara is spayed, will she grow bigger since she isn't "female" anymore?
  209. My dog's ears are in rough shape. Scratch, scratch, scratch. They're red as
  210. At what age should you start handling puppies?
  211. i have a question about a dog who has been neutered?
  212. Do you think the dog is depressed?
  213. do service dogs cost money and can you get one for anxiety?
  214. how might one request a dog park?
  215. What is your favorite kind of dog? Why? ?
  216. Poll: Puppies or babies?
  217. Our 8 year old cat wont tolerate our new puppy what should we do?
  218. Which is better for dogs the peticure or pedipaws?
  219. what is the other half of that neopolitan mastiff in its me or the dog?
  220. In China, when they cook dogs and cook rats for eating, what does cooked dog...
  221. Can you make puppy chow without powdered sugar?
  222. How long does it take a puppy to live away from its mom?
  223. How to make my dog attack bad people like robbers ?
  224. Can I have a dog in a strata unit with a garden?
  225. Im Looking For A Puppy?
  226. why is my dog vomiting ?
  227. wea re picking up a 13 week puppy next week. the breeder says she is...
  228. My dog has a sore paw. How can I fix it?
  229. Stopping dog from barking?
  230. Do dogs sense when people in their owners are close by when coming home?
  231. Hammer kill dogs? Should we have free medical care for Pets?
  232. My puppy is sick and I could use some extra advice?
  233. Um, my dog got skunked last night... Help!?
  234. I found a knot on my recently vaccinated puppy's back. Please help!?
  235. How do you cure dog's separation anxiety?
  236. What can I do for my dog with acid reflux?
  237. Help! My dog is sick, I have no idea what this is! We ARE taking her to the vet but
  238. How long does my puppy have until she goes into heat?
  239. I am getting a new puppy on Sunday, ?
  240. Questions for breeders or dog show people...?
  241. What type of dog do you have?
  242. my dog's nose isn't wet?
  243. puppy can barely walk!?
  244. my friend was at his wedding picnic and a dog licked his pen*s...is that weird?
  245. I have a question about my dog.?
  246. How do I get my dog to eat on his own?
  247. i want to teach my puppy to sit and alot more lessons?
  248. What breed or type of mix is my dog? ?
  249. What is my dog? I was told she was an English pit. ?
  250. My puppy has a really dry nose?