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  1. my dog has ringworm can i get it if he sleeps with me?
  2. how do i get my puppy not to POOPS in the middle of the night?
  3. Fixing an invisible dog fence?
  4. I just got new puppy(siberian husky) He is 6weeks. He is very playful
  5. how can i make my dog stop pooping in one area?
  6. i need help with my puppy and her mother!?
  7. my puppy is almost a year old. I love him to death, but he is so high
  8. why is my fully toilet trained dog going toilet indoors again?
  9. an interesting classical but cool name for a bulldog puppy?
  10. what to get a small chihuahua puppy?
  11. why wont my puppy listen to me?
  12. How can you make your background puppies for your my yahoo?
  13. My 4month blue pitbull puppy has milky yellow discharge!?
  14. Should I get a puppy or a kitten?
  15. Is my pinoodle puppy begging?
  16. What is a good name for a fat dog?
  17. How to make my new puppy Happy going into crate?
  18. Very playful, big puppy...?
  19. How can I clip my puppy's nails easier?
  20. New puppy the name needs to go with Molly?
  21. my puppy is 10 weeks old and not house trained.he goes right next to the...
  22. What cats are more dog like generaly?
  23. Looking for a male Golden / German Shepherd mix puppy. Know any breeders in...
  24. i was playing with a stray dog puppy when it bit me in the area behind my
  25. Is there something wrong with my dog?
  26. Will my puppy always be this demanding?
  27. Potty Training a Puppy?
  28. Hot dog store in Sedona Arizona mini mall....?
  29. How to train my dog to stop barking excessively?
  30. How can you tell if a puppy has worms?
  31. What causes blindness in greyhound puppies?
  32. How long do dogs stay in shelters before being put to sleep?
  33. My puppy cries when she poos!!!!?
  34. My puppy likes to dig holes. Why?
  35. Do i want a small dog?
  36. What do you guys think about mic martin (dog borstal bloke)?
  37. What's wrong with my dog? He has horrible diarrhea!!!?
  38. Dinovite Dog Supplement really work?
  39. do you need a like papers to own a dogo or a cane corso dog?
  40. Have you seen the movie "Wag the Dog"?
  41. Please help me with my dog, I think she's dying.?
  42. what do u think of heat pads for dogs in dog houses and are they really safe"?
  43. My puppy is shivering and collapsing and its stomach is is rock hard.Please write...
  44. Is it normal for puppies to sometimes have accidents in their crate?
  45. risks of parasites from dogs?
  46. my 3-4 month old puppy looks like he has a red rash on his belly.help please =(?
  47. eunthanasia of your dog.how long does it takes to get over it.?
  48. What do you think of Pedigree dog food? What food is good?
  49. How can I stop submissive urination in my puppy?
  50. my puppy has recovered from parvo virus?
  51. Can i get a second dog in Fable 2? (after i beat the game and my first one dies)?
  52. Any small puppy breeders out there? ?
  53. Why keep a dog and bark yourself?
  54. How to Pick the Right Puppy Question?
  55. dog with air under his skin?
  56. How much is too much? Dog masturbates daily!?
  57. Debarking, euthanasia. My poor dog.?
  58. which is the most powerful breed of dog?
  59. Question about having my own dog grooming business?
  60. my dog was in heat two months ago and had sex no she is nesting and producing milk
  61. I wonder ..Do dogs have the same amount of sense as humans? If So,does a dog have a
  62. Adopting a little puppy...need names?
  63. Why do my dog's eyes roll to the back of his head?
  64. Can you help with a shy dog?
  65. Survey.. Whats your favourite animal. Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, fish, rabbits or...
  66. Name my puppy, please? We think Coco, but I don't know. [[ pics ]]?
  67. my dog just had puppies...should i take them inside for the night?
  68. I am keeping one of my chihuahua's puppies...?
  69. Getting a new puppy when owning an older dog.?
  70. i have a puppy shih tzu..?
  71. How long can you give your dog canned food, once it has been ed?
  72. Why do dogs eat grass?
  73. what is the best over the counter remedy for a dogs dry skin?
  74. Can I give my puppy our table left overs?
  75. I need a name for our little puppy????
  76. Why does my puppy smell?
  77. Vaccine Reaction in boxer puppy? ?
  78. my puppy ate a highlighter will he be ok?
  79. Has anyone seen the presidential movie "Wag the Dog" - a movie about...
  80. My dog has colitis...?
  81. Female dog............?
  82. making dogs have puppies...?
  83. Why does my 8 wk old puppy take short fast breaths when sleeping?
  84. How great are vizsla dogs?
  85. Does anyone use Authority dog food from PetSmart?
  86. what dog name suits with this name?
  87. How do I start my own Dog Clothing Line?
  88. Getting My Puppy To Sleep Through The Night?
  89. puppy questions helping me with my rottie!?
  90. if cat+dog=7 rat+mouse=31 what does hippopotamus+elephant=?
  91. What would happen if a dog ate half an Allegra-D pill?
  92. dog daycare play room square footage?
  93. I want to get my dog neutered, boyfriend disagrees! Help!?
  94. My dog is under vegetarian care. She started to shiver unusually today. Please help.?
  95. Where can you take a dog where it wont be put to sleep?
  96. Love puppy and Sherbet bunny webkinz help!?
  97. Question about puppy mills. Please answer. :]?
  98. what kind of breed mix do you think my dog is?
  99. How do I explain a fam members dogs death to my 3 year old?
  100. How Long Do Female Dogs Stay in heat?
  101. What do you bathe your dogs with?
  102. When Is The Dog Ready for Advanced Training?
  103. My dog's puppies seem to be tugging her teats as if they aren't getting any
  104. What do you think about becoming a guide dog puppy raiser?
  105. Could my dog have Doggie Depression?
  106. What breeds of dog can last through the day without their owners and in a...
  107. Just how much do you love fluffy bunnies, puppies and kittens?
  108. How long does a dog stay in a pound before put to sleep?
  109. whats a good name for a puppy?
  110. Unrequited puppy love? Help me!?
  111. what do you think of Great Pyrenees dogs?
  112. Walking your dog...advice please?
  113. Why is my puppy peeing in the house ?
  114. How can you determine how big your puppy will become when it's a mixed breed
  115. ideas of what to call my new puppy (:?
  116. y is it that my dog cry every time i put the dog chain on her, & try to walk her @
  117. Strange question ... Is it normal for female dogs to ... ?
  118. how many puppies can yorkies have?
  119. Putting my dog to sleep?
  120. Help with Bulldog puppy!?
  121. How can I raise money for a puppy?
  122. Why is my dog so into licking me?
  123. Halloween costumes for dogs whats ur thoughts?
  124. help... my poor dog has...?
  125. my dogs wont stop humping each other is this normal?
  126. Getting a new puppy soon?
  127. I think my dogs recovered from Parvovirus.?
  128. my dog wont leave me alone?
  129. "good puppy mills"....not really?
  130. What type of dog should I get?
  131. I am desperate and scared. My dog has fungus ans it is my fault?
  132. When do Puppies get Rabies or Fleas?
  133. What is a good guard dog?
  134. What's wrong with my puppy?
  135. whats should i name my pitbull puppy ?
  136. BIG dog problem! please help?
  137. Where can you put dogs up for adoption?
  138. What are your 3 favorite SMALL or TOY breeds of dogs and why?
  139. Best Between Two Dogs?
  140. why does my dog eat his own waste?
  141. What breed of dog are the puppies seen in the beginning of the most recent Ugly
  142. How do I get through to someone to not buy from a puppy store?
  143. Can anyone tell me what mixed breed my one and a half month old puppy is?
  144. Do dogs look for a place to die?
  145. Dude..what's going to happen to my dog? he swallowed 1/4 of my dad's viagra.?
  146. how long after a dog looses its plug will it take for her to have pups?
  147. should i give back my puppy?
  148. my dog is pregnant..help!!?
  149. i overfead my puppy chihuahua/rat terrier?
  150. puppy selling website reliable?
  151. about my 10 week old miniature jack ressell puppy?
  152. Is my Labrador Puppy overweight - the vets seem to think so, I beg to differ?
  153. why does my alaskan malamute puppy Challenge me ?
  154. broken dog leg what should i do?
  155. my dog has a major drinking problem! help?
  156. What dogs would be best for us?
  157. Have you ever seen your dog........?
  158. How do I help a neighbour's puppy?
  159. Whats a long-term treatment for a dog with allergies?
  160. Dog won't stay with her puppies?
  161. How do I get closer to my dog?
  162. Would you bark like a dog in church?
  163. How can i tell puppy teeth from adult teeth?
  164. help with my little puppy please :D?
  165. my dogs nail fell out and she keeps bleedign how can i stop it from bleeding
  166. Poll: Kittens or Puppies?
  167. what should i do when my dog is in heat?
  168. Approximately how much does it cost for a new puppy's medical expenses?
  169. best pet insurance??? please need help click here i need serious help dogs are sick?
  170. Convince my parents to let me get a dog!!?
  171. My dog's eyes turn blue?
  172. my dog meets my kitten will it work?
  173. Why do dogs Shuffle around before they go to sleep?
  174. Is it ok to use people conditioner on my dog?
  175. What's a good dog for new owners?
  176. i have to question about my dog?
  177. Balanced low fat dog diet needed!!?
  178. Does my boxer puppy have a broken leg or just sprained?
  179. Should I get this puppy?
  180. Is a little chocolate syrup in each meal bad for my dog?
  181. Who here has gotten a dog without any research prior to getting one?
  182. I need more golden retriever puppy advice please?
  183. Best Dog type for kids?
  184. What do you do when a dog is about to attack you?
  185. Are There Puppy Mills In The UK?
  186. Stubborn dog stands in the way and will not move.?
  187. Whats the best way to stop a dog from humping other dogs?
  188. Puppy names...we need to name the puppy.?
  189. My BEST friends dog just died HELP!?
  190. Is 2 guinea pigs 3 goldfish and 1 dog too much pets?
  191. puppy likes to pleasure self on my stuffed animal?
  192. Help! My puppy is sick!!!?
  193. How do I teach my dogs to sit?
  194. Very aggressive black labrador dog at fault or I am at fault?
  195. is it possible for your dog to vary in her due date?
  196. My dog is sick? Help@!!!!?
  197. Should I adopt a puppy or older dog?
  198. What are the pros and cons of owning a hairless Chinese crested dog?
  199. Where Can I Find A Dog Breed That Fits This Description? ?
  200. Perfect dog for My family?
  201. do you like greyhound dogs?
  202. What would be a good starting dog?
  203. How can I bond with the new dog?
  204. strong scent for new puppy?
  205. can dogs get dementia?
  206. Training an english bulldog puppy...?
  207. the curious incident of the dog in the night-time HELP?
  208. cute/unique dog names?
  209. Is a clear nasal drip normal in 2 week old puppies?
  210. Tylan 10 for dog tear stains?
  211. shipping dogs question?
  212. How big might my puppy get?
  213. how to convince my mom to get me a puppy in december?
  214. Has anyone litter box trained their little dog?
  215. My male Puppy eats too much?
  216. Where does my puppy get his aggressive behavior?
  217. Are Dogs Allowed? (small teacup chi)?
  218. Uncommon male dog names?
  219. What does the word Bitch mean (apart from female dog?
  220. How rough should you allow puppies to rough house?
  221. My Dog's First Season....HELP!?
  222. ? about breed of dog?
  223. chihuahua/shitzu puppies!?
  224. My dog dying has really effected me?
  225. My dog is taking antibiotics?
  226. Plz!!! help, how to crate train my maltese puppy?
  227. Does your dog have allergies?
  228. Tekno dog, not puppy, question?
  229. Housebreaking a new to home dog?
  230. my mom told me i get a pet but it can not be a dog or cat?
  231. What is a good name for a dog?
  232. At what month can i take my puppy a shower?
  233. What is the difference between getting your dog spayed and neutered?
  234. My 3 month old puppy might of ate a few Mice poisoning pellets, what to do?
  235. What Are Some Basic Dog Supplies?
  236. what does it mean when your dog keeps rubbing his eye?
  237. My puppy has diarrhea. ?
  238. how long before birth does a dog's nipples droop?
  239. I need a Yorkie dog name?
  240. Where do shetland sheep dogs bite their herd animals most often?
  241. puppies?! how long till the happy father?
  242. can you help me find a dog?
  243. my dog has kennel Cough what to do?
  244. how do you get dog poop off ?
  245. when can i give my puppies a bath?
  246. Puppy rehoming fee........?
  247. Need unique name for puppy!!!?
  248. can a dog have a soar throat or infection? what are signs?
  249. my dog please help!!!!!!!!!?
  250. Do You Have A Dog???