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  1. can you breed dogs who are half brother and sister?
  2. How many hot dogs can you eat in 30 seconds?
  3. is cow milk is bad for the newborn puppies?
  4. When potty training a puppy, how do you get them to start letting you know they need
  5. what kind of dog does bridget have on "girls next door"?
  6. What can i do with a 2 month year puppy while I'm gone for school all day?
  7. What can I legally do when peoples dogs run up and jump on me and my
  8. How do you house train a puppy that seven weeks old as fast as possibly.
  9. My puppy jumps up and people and grabs there clothes and rips them?
  10. help me! puppy shots question..?
  11. i dont know what to do about this dog!!?
  12. good home-made recipe for a healthy puppy's meal ?
  13. puppy shots and petsmart...?
  14. Why do we stereotype people and dogs?
  15. there were these HUGE silk worm like things near my puppy. What happened?
  16. dog broken leg. possible cost?
  17. My friend's dog keeps play biting me...Why?
  18. bulldog owners? How can I get my dog to stop humping my daughter?
  19. I need help with my puppy.?
  20. are there any other breeds of dogs that look like Scottish Terrier?
  21. How can my dog always know when Im self-harming?
  22. My dog bit me! Help me please!! 10 pts best answer!!!?
  23. Dog has swollen lymphnoids in neck vet please help this lady out!! poor puppy!!?
  24. my mom and I are thinkind of gettind another pet but we have two dogs and we want
  25. I'm so worried about my dog?
  26. To more knowledgeable dog people...?
  27. What Breed is this Dog?
  28. I am looking for a Korimco pink sparkle puppy.?
  29. what types of food should dogs stay away from?
  30. what kind of dog does she look like?
  31. How do I get my 6 1/2 month old puppy to stop barking in her crate? I've tried
  32. when do puppies their eyes?
  33. My dog is shaking and not his self..?
  34. we are just about to have a dog, a jack russell.?
  35. hoe to get your Dog in Calender's ?
  36. Help me train a puppy?
  37. Does my dog see something? Why does he keep growling?
  38. can humans catch tapeworm, heartworm, any type of worm that dog may have,...
  39. Dogs menstrual periods?
  40. Why does some people think Essential oils are safe for dogs and cats skin?
  41. My puppy was killed by a car. What do I do?
  42. Is My Dog Still Sick??? Kennel Cough?
  43. I want to get a Dog, what breed is best for my family?
  44. adopting a dog from posh puppies rescue and adoption. st.louis, mo?
  45. i have a dog who is 3 months old, can anyone answer why he keeps shaken?
  46. Have you ever had to use a dog diet pill for your dog?
  47. Dog risks life to save kittens in a burning fire. Who thinks this is a wonderful...
  48. I want my dog back from the EX!!?
  49. Is it time to ban Crufts Dog Show?
  50. Help With Training My Dog ?
  51. Puppy Names...? Any Suggestions...?
  52. I have to return a puppy that I just got?
  53. Puppy Name (Pic Included)?
  54. How do I get this puppy to stop howling?
  55. Whats up with dogs dragging their a$$ on the floor?
  56. Dog vitamins for puppies?
  57. Do dogs have accents in different parts of the world?
  58. looking to adopt a puppy! help...?
  59. help for my puppy.....?
  60. My dog as horrible dry skin what can i do?
  61. What can u feed a dog - can they eat chicken bones?
  62. I really need everyone's help! It's about my puppy...?
  63. will my puppies penis stop being erect if i get him "fixed" ?
  64. Do dogs forget their previous owners?
  65. Has anyone imported a dog?
  66. why do dogs feel the need to...?
  67. Female dog with knot behind nipple?
  68. what kind of dog do i have (SEE PIC) please help thanks?
  69. New puppy vaccinations?
  70. I have a 3 month old large breed puppy. I also have a small 15lb dog. Both dogs seem
  71. Is this love? or puppy love... PLEASE HELP!!!?
  72. I have a dog that ate a sponge what to do?
  73. Ugh! Help? Stubborn step-mom and dog?
  74. Puppy seems aggressive.. normal?
  75. is my puppy supposed to be weak after deworming?
  76. Does anyone else think that Beth (from Dog the Bounty Hunter)....?
  77. Puppy create training ?
  78. how do i get my dog that has been sleeping with my mom and dad to sleep with me?
  79. How can I train my puppy to not bark at strangers and dogs while out on a walk?
  80. deaf dogs or puppies?
  81. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgant i have a lost dog!...?
  82. Is it morally right to crate a dog during the day?
  83. Help with my bad-mannered dogs?
  84. My dog is inside and oanting hard, breathing fast?
  85. Puppy needs a name...?
  86. How can I rid my dog of knots and matted fur?
  87. New 8wk old Shih-Tzu puppy is acting like he is going to throw up. Help! What's
  88. Puppies stained eyes?
  89. What happens when a old dog has a red pupil?
  90. my dog has these red bumps all over him?
  91. I am a first time dog owner and my female boxer puppy is in her first heat... ?
  92. My dog is acting strange after being neutered?
  93. Has anyone ever heard, or been told by a vet, that dogs are allergic to
  94. we just got a puppy and i'm trying to train her....?
  95. Which are clearly, undeniably, unequivocally superior to the other, Cats or Dogs?
  96. what is a good name for a puppy?
  97. My dog has heartworms.. is there any way she could get it from her mother?
  98. What dog breed is your favorite?
  99. What kind of puppy?Please help!?
  100. How to mak my dog sleep on my bed.?
  101. What is Cheaper a Puppy or A Partner?
  102. How long do I have to wait to give my dog a walk after 7 in 1 shots?
  103. little kid shampoo to wash my puppy..?
  104. advice re: jack russell puppies?
  105. spanish song about a husband training a dog on what wife does?
  106. What would happen with this dog food?
  107. Lock-Eye Border Collie: Glorified puppy mill? Looking for a BREEDER!?
  108. how to know whether my dog is in heat? ?
  109. How can I help my puppy?
  110. Need help purchasing dog?
  111. my dog is pooping constantly?
  112. I have a thirteen-year old dog and its getting joint problems. what can i do to help
  113. How do i get my 10 week lab/pireneese mix puppy to be more active?
  114. How do I stop my 7 month old puppy from shredding dog beds?
  115. What am I doing wrong in housebreaking puppy?
  116. Is candy bad for dogs?
  117. Help. With My Puppy.?
  118. what was jed clampetts coon dogs name?
  119. My 15 Year Old Would Like To Learn Dog Grooming..we Live In Maryville Tn. And
  120. Should a mute person own a dog? ?
  121. Another problem with meh dog.?
  122. how can i tel if my dog is blind or?
  123. What is the perfect dog for us?
  124. POLL and or SURVEY:: When was the last time your puppy woke you at 2am to go
  125. Why do dogs follow their owners around?
  126. which breed is my puppy?
  127. What is the best way to house train a dog. I have tried everything and still he...
  128. moved in with gf and three dogs, tried it, cant stand it, any advice?
  129. when can my puppy mix?
  130. Is it illegal to have your dog pee in downtown area?
  131. How long do dogs live once they have lymphoma?
  132. What dog breed would I be?
  133. 6 week old puppy has hemorhoids and I'm not sure what to do, Please Help!?
  134. why don't my parents want a black colored dog. how can i persuade them?
  135. how do i get my dog to love me again?
  136. I have an older dog (Basset Hound) Who keeps walking in circles.?
  137. Why does my dogs teets look so big and hang so low if she has never had puppies?
  138. What should i do: My dog wont go to the bathroom when it is cold/raining or snowing?
  139. how do i know when to take my dog out at night?
  140. Help, I moved and my dogs won't eat.?
  141. Why is my dog being weird?
  142. bull terrier dog questions help 10 points for good answer!!?
  143. my dog keeps crapping in the house?
  144. Side effects of giving my dogs fruits?
  145. my family is soon getting a puppy for the first time...?
  146. Puppy barking problems?
  147. how do i get my puppy 2 stop biteing me?
  148. Why do people think its ok to feed dogs crappy dog foods with no nutritional value?
  149. Chihuahua puppy whinning all day?
  150. How do I stop my puppy peeing inside?
  151. my female dog keep weeing in her bed she been spayed an she still does it ?
  152. help naming my new puppy?
  153. Keeping an outside dog warm?
  154. Fat people with fat dogs, self-esteem relief?
  155. do ppl know there is no such dog as an irish blue?
  156. my puppy and her toilet habbits?
  157. could u help me on my dog ?????
  158. AHHH ps1 ''102 dalmations puppies to the rescue'' help lol?
  159. Where to look for a mate for my dog?
  160. What should I ask my vet when my I take my senior dogs in for a check up?
  161. my dog chewed off the rubber?
  162. I need dog backflip expression Fable II or be there for completionist
  163. were should i plant my dog wood tree??
  164. Puppy-->toooooooo Adult Bark?
  165. can cold weather make puppies and dogs have to pee more often?
  166. hi i gut bite by my small puppy bull tarrier 2 months old?
  167. Why does my dog bark whenever a visitor enters my house?
  168. What should i name my weiner dog? I have 5 names to choose from?
  169. i need vet help for my dog and i can't afford to take him do to my layoff?
  170. When can I start giving the puppies more room in the crate? ?
  171. I adopted a puppy last night and now I feel so regretful...?
  172. my puppy is shaking and whining?
  173. Don't use Sentry pro xfc on your dogs!!!!!!!!!?
  174. best way to crate train puppy?
  175. puppy/obedience class in Queens, NY?
  176. My dog it's having puppies! NOW!!! What should I do? ?
  177. is it proved that persons that own "dangerous" dogs are psychologically unstable?
  178. My Jack Russel Dog Lost His Two Front Teeth, Is This Normal?
  179. my 4 month old puppy seems not to have parvo virus?
  180. How long do a dog keep memory?
  181. What should I do about the Dog?
  182. Changing puppy's food gradually but still loose stool?
  183. new puppy cant decide on a name, any name suggestions?
  184. Are there any known puppy mill stores in Missouri?
  185. Puppy with diarrhoea... Please help!?
  186. My Puppy's hips; is he growing into them?
  187. Poor lonely dogs....?
  188. Should I adopt an adult German Shepherd or get a puppy and raise it?
  189. Dog Pheremones and What to Do?
  190. Toys - mother dog with puppies?
  191. my staff puppy has developed spots over his body, look like freckles, this normal?
  192. PRAVDA AMERICA (NBC, CBS, etc) OBAMA - what is your favorite color?
  193. Do animals (such as dog or hen) have any feelings of regret/remorse about dying
  194. How much should we feed our puppy? (Details below)?
  195. My dog is acting very weird...?
  196. should i put my dog to sleep....0_0?
  197. are these bad for a puppy or dog to eat? ?
  198. Question about my dog going through heat.?
  199. Guess my dog's breed(s)?
  200. Dogs Tear Stains by eyes?
  201. Is one pig ear a day for my dog too much? ?
  202. Once my puppy gets her first de-wormer shot and dis temperment shot will this make
  203. i have 2 dog games on my nintendo ad i'm struggling wot 3 dogs to get which will get
  204. Advice for puppy pooping in her crate please?
  205. bringing a new puppy home?
  206. What's wrong with my dog?
  207. What are some electric dog fence for small dogs?
  208. Cold weather exercise for my dog?
  209. Fable 2 dog backflip?
  210. My grand dad is picking up his new adopted dog today but question?
  211. What are different methods for keeping my dog's teeth clean?
  212. How soon after injections can my puppy interact with other dogs?
  213. Your Dogs baby pics...(pictures fixed)?
  214. Do you play a special game with your dog? Read details!?
  215. HELP! What is wrong with my dog? :(?
  216. Dogs with medical and emotional issues - a question about photographing them?
  217. Training A 3 Month Puppy To Hold It In Overnight?
  218. Poll : Cats Or Dogs ?
  219. what breed is my puppy?
  220. How did you decide on your dogs name?
  221. My dog swallowed a paracetamol, advice...?
  222. will a gentle leader for my dog fix this?
  223. Breeding a huge dog with a really small one?
  224. friendly dog growls helpp?
  225. what are some cute little dogs that will stay tiny (ex: yorkies etc)?
  226. How do you teach your puppy to walk with a leash?
  227. My puppy is throwing up and has had diarrhea all night...(new food?)?
  228. What do you think the puppies will look like?
  229. I think my dog has a broken tail. ?
  230. Puppy for christmas!?
  231. Bad Luck with dogs!!!!?
  232. Puppy Milk...............?
  233. Why does my dog hate me so much??!?!?!?
  234. My dogs back two legs are paralyzed, please help me!?
  235. Is my puppy getting aggresive?
  236. Big Puppy problems in the house?
  237. After giving my dog a worming tablet, how long will the worm take to die?
  238. Can I Use Certrizine For My Dog?
  239. Do dogs enjoy hugs as I read that they don't?
  240. Greedy Staffy !! Is this normal ?? How often do you feed your dog ? ?
  241. I don't think that my dog has kennel cough but....?
  242. My dog is very itchy.?
  243. my lousy dog chewed my tie now im going to hang it..........?
  244. Can you name my puppy?
  245. Are there any advantages to puppy mills?
  246. Are Dogs Allowed here?? (little teacup sized)?
  247. I am desperate and scared. My dog has fungus and it is my fault?
  248. what dog would you be?
  249. My 9 week old puppy is about to get her 2nd vaccination today, how soon
  250. how come my puppy chases chooks?