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  1. When dogs bark at other dogs because of excitement...?
  2. What do you think of my puppy?
  3. My puppy of 9 months is a barker, he's teaching my little one of 5 months to
  4. Is my dog okay? Hes making this funny heaving noise when he breathes.?
  5. can someone please send me a link to a capillary system for a dog?
  6. Is this normal puppy behaviour? Shes 3 months old?
  7. What can i do for a lonely puppy?
  8. Is this name for a female or male dog? What do you think?
  9. How specific should I be when training my puppy?
  10. my pitbull puppy..bloodline?
  11. How do I stop my dog hating large dogs?
  12. how do i get over the loss of a dog that was very close to me?
  13. What do i do about the dog my step dad owns?
  14. what is my dog learning?
  15. what herbal or home treatments can i give my dogs for yeast infection?
  16. puppy vaccination......?
  17. how to get a fallout 3 dog?
  18. What are your thoughts on Guillermo Vargas "Habacuc" who starved a dog for 'ART'?
  19. Puppy training / crate training? Anyone an expert?!!?
  20. Puppy Keeps Scratching...?
  21. My older chow cross shepard has just started hating little dog, and attacks them,
  22. what can i name my new puppy?
  23. What can I do about my dogs infection?
  24. What kind of dog is this?(pic included)?
  25. Poll: Peaches or hot dogs?
  26. 14 week old puppy has conjunctivitis?
  27. Weird smell from my dog, is it normal?
  28. How to stop my dog from being dog-aggressive? ?
  29. Any ideas for a sled dog kennel? Dog Run Kennel Ideas?
  30. Maltese Puppy hunted by Rat?
  31. Housetraining my puppy?
  32. Where the hell is my dog in Fable 2?!?!?!?!?
  33. Do You Feed Your Dog(s) BARF (biologically apropriate raw food) Diet?
  34. I found a dog a week ago what do i do?
  35. What do I do if my lab puppy wants to play when she meets a dog while she...
  36. What breeds do you think my 6 week old puppy is?
  37. how many shots does my puppy need?
  38. so there is no such dog or what? ?
  39. House Training My Puppy?
  40. What kinda dog breed is this?
  41. Were is a place in VA I can go to get a dog to foster?
  42. My dog keeps throwing up on a consistent basis, why?
  43. What will help my cat get along with my new puppy?
  44. whats wrong with my dog? i don't think its mange..?
  45. My dog Is going vets tonight but keeps being sick and his sides near his...
  46. how long does it take for a puppies broken leg to heal?
  47. My dog is on the clavamox 250mg and she is not eating because she got the...
  48. Why does my dog shake?
  49. my dog had her first puppy 8 hrs. ago,still large and still in labor,why has
  50. Puppy Food for 2 month Miniature Pinscher?
  51. My puppy is peeing a lot!!?
  52. Does anything help a dog's grow hair?
  53. How can I have a puppy and still go to work?
  54. Does my dog want to eat my new kitten?
  55. Please HELP** I washed my dogs ears with equal parts applecider vinegar
  56. Will this puppy turn out ok? Can you rate/predict her future?
  57. My 6 yr old wants to name our puppy....?
  58. what gets rid of bad smell out of the fur of dogs?
  59. Does she feed her puppies? is this kinda neediness normal? ?
  60. What Brand is this Baby teething toy? Where can I find this Baby teething puppy toy?
  61. How do I safely adopt a puppy from overseas?
  62. Comfort for a friend whose dog just died?
  63. What is the best puppy food?
  64. puppy name suggestions!?
  65. How do I teach my dog to defend herself from other agressive dogs or should I?
  66. a bit concerned about my puppy?
  67. I have a small breed dog who just turned 1. I haven't gotten her fixed
  68. My Puppy had surgery tuesday, and now he is coughing, is this normal?
  69. Yorkie puppy weight question?
  70. What's the problem with my puppy?
  71. Does anyone have a dog allergic to purina puppychow ? ?
  72. Jonas Brothers to star in 'Walter the Farting Dog' ?
  73. Puppy pretty much housebroken.. but how to get her to "ask"?
  74. my puppy is refusing to go outside because its raining,what should i do?
  75. Can i feed this to my dog?
  76. I am looking for puppy / dog obedience / training in the Haverhill, MA...
  77. Is Puppy love of another person wrong when you're in a relationship?
  78. My dog is acting funny with my new cat?
  79. Good name for a gundog Labrador puppy?
  80. What is your dog's breed?
  81. Any solutions to puppy flatulence?
  82. what type of dog should i get?
  83. i just got a puppy a month before my birthday and then my ipod nano(second...
  84. whats wrong wit my dog?!?
  85. Do you know when its time to have your dog put to sleep?
  86. I am moderatly allergic to dogs and I really want one, any breeds that will not...
  87. What are some cute puppy names?
  88. Is my 4 month old puppy in heat?
  89. A lump on my puppy's neck?
  90. Anybody knows Why is this dog Gay?
  91. How can I get my dog to stop biting? please help!?
  92. Puppy freaks when collar is on...?
  93. How do you break food aggression in a dog?
  94. How Do You Know If A Chiuahua (the Dog) Has Already Had Babies? How Can You
  95. Crate Traing a Puppy?
  96. can dogs get shingles from humans yes or no?
  97. newfoundland dog suddenly becomes fearful after seeing thunder. why?
  98. I'm looking for a puppy of a specific breed.?
  99. Why is my dog coughing?
  100. Puppy Formula Help Please?
  101. Do white dogs attract fleas?
  102. 2 questions in one....puppy eating adult food and what/when is senior food?
  103. Why is my 7 month old lab puppy confident with ALL human beings but
  104. Why does my dog love cats?
  105. Why is it that my dog is chewing on his paws?
  106. My neighbors' (more than one) dogs bark a LOT. How do I fix this problem?
  107. What are the "fingers" on the bottom lip of a dog called? And what is their purpose?
  108. how do i make my dog sleep outside at night and behave!?
  109. Puppy Potty Training?
  110. What Is The Best High Quality Food For My Puppy?
  111. What causes ruptured eardrums in dogs (both ears)?
  112. Which one do you think is the better game Monopoly game?: Horse Monopoly, or Dog
  113. why is it that if you say something about destroying a dangerous dog your answer...
  114. i have a 4 month old puppy who cries bumps into walls did not do that when we got
  115. What kind of dog do you like better, pure breeds or mutts!?
  116. What kind of dog would be good for me?
  117. Selling Puppies at christmas?
  118. Basic dog care ? ( toy poodle care to be exact )?
  119. I think I may have gotten scabies from my puppy?
  120. I am getting a dog?SUGGESTIONS!!!?
  121. cooked or raw hot dogs?
  122. Has the media stopped being the watch-dog of government, only to become the
  123. is my puppy okay? :(?
  124. people docking puppies tail there self?
  125. does your puppy enjoy chasing its tail?
  126. Do dogs have a umbilical cord when in the womb?
  127. How do I register my puppies?
  128. What can I feed my dog on?
  129. Ok, I have my dog in the laundry room with a gate up and the door ...now what?
  130. How long does it take to train to go on puppy pads?
  131. what are hot dogs REALLY made of?
  132. What would happen if I fed a bag of popcorn to my dog?
  133. Need help with training a dog and other questions?
  134. Whats a name for my new puppy?
  135. pokemon firered: hunting the legendary dogs?
  136. i just got a new puppy?
  137. i want a yorkie puppy!!?
  138. what kind of dog should i get?
  139. Puppy biting ankles best way to stop it?
  140. Have you ever looked at anyone with HUGE puppy dog eyes to get what you want ?
  141. Where Can I Get A Free Puppy.. Or Adopt ?!?
  142. i need to give away my dog,what should i do?who do i give him to or where?
  143. My Dog Is Constantly Itching ?
  144. who says "you touched my hand, you sly dog"?
  145. My son needs a lawyer to get his dog back from the city after a man jumped on her...
  146. Giving a dog a pill...?
  147. does anyone know why my 12 week old puppy keeps biting me iits really anoying?
  148. i am getting a dog in a few days. and im going to the store today, what should i
  149. My dog ate chocolate. help!!!?
  150. My dog wont come please help?
  151. NAPDR, AKC puppies- Difference?
  152. What kind of Dog Shampoo can I buy for my puppy in British Columbia ?
  153. Is my dog pregnant? sorry for the repeated question lol?
  154. Help! I cant handle my puppy?
  155. Do dogs think? for example...?
  156. How do I convince my dad to let me and my mom get a puppy?
  157. How do you get your dog to use his doggy house?
  158. Blue Dogs How are you voting this year?
  159. how much can an adult typically make pet sitting and dog walking?
  160. my 2 month old puppy has a runny nose and the sniffles what do i do?
  161. When I got my puppy a year ago I did not have a fenced in yard.?
  162. Milk n' Cereal bar for a dog?
  163. Do you eat hot dogs in the privacy of your own closet or are you some kind...
  164. Dog + Stairs = Problem?
  165. I live in Michigan and I want to sell my puppy to someone living in Canada?
  166. Can my neighbor sue me to get my dogs pups although I did not want her dog...
  167. can someone please send me a link to a description to a dogs nervous system?
  168. What's wrong with my dog?
  169. want to take my dog to no kill shelter?
  170. how can u stop your dog from barking at halloween?
  171. Does anyone in Florida have A PomChi Puppy for sale or Free?
  172. I really need help. I have been trying to teach my 3 dogs to walk on a leash. ?
  173. bad ideal or good plan for my dog? ?
  174. getting dog for xmas dog caring tips ?
  175. breeding my dogs together?
  176. Dog eating his own stool ?
  177. can somebody tell me the breed of this dog?
  178. My Puppy hates water or will not go in to get a ball. ?
  179. Would you eat dog food?
  180. Would you rather be a cat or a dog, and why?
  181. how often should you bathe a dog?
  182. What type of dog breed is good for a family with two kids, a cat, and two adults?
  183. I have 'Puppy dog eyes' - because my eyelashes cant curl upwards? HELP?
  184. what kind of dog is this?
  185. Puppy with Hickups ALOT!?
  186. how can i stop my dog biting people?
  187. How do I train my 11 week old puppy to come when she is called?
  188. What does the 'gang' think of the two coppers who beat their dogs?
  189. What is THE worst thing your dog/puppy has ever eaten?
  190. i need a dog name!!!!!!?
  191. Have you ever used a training video to help train your dog?
  192. Why does my dog bring me a shoe or sock everytime I return home?
  193. My small dog got her rabies shot and her DHLP Parvo a few days ago. Today out
  194. High quality dog food that is reasonably priced?
  195. My dog had back surgery!! Now she can't walk!?
  196. Expensive wool rug ruined by puppy pee, help please?
  197. I Have A Chihuahua He Is 8 Months And I Am Looking For A Better Dog Food Quality.?
  198. Have you ever had 2 puppies at once?
  199. My brother's dog has weird attacks after he eats.?
  200. why is it bad to feed a dog more than recommended on the bag?
  201. My 8 month puppy keeps coughing and weezing over the weekend?
  202. Can conjunctivitis be passed to other dogs or humans?
  203. guess what my dogs name is? (it starts with a J)?
  204. What is the least dangerous breed of dog?
  205. My dog is jealous with another dog in the house?
  206. What would you do if you turned into a dog?
  207. should i take my 12 week puppy for a walk?
  208. What is a good name for a male treeing walker coonhound dog?
  209. Are all of these good dogs to be around a 4 year old? pros and cons of each dog?
  210. Abandoned puppy found, what's his breed?
  211. At what age is a dog most energetic?
  212. How long will my dog live?
  213. What sort of prescription is required for an Emotional Support Dog?
  214. Salmyia, Kuwait - Dogs living in apartments?
  215. Need a soccer quote, or something soccer-related on my dog tags, suggestions?
  216. My dog molly was spayed today and is still throwing up. 4 times since
  217. i am FINALLY getting a PUPPY WHAT SHOULD I NAME IT?
  218. when a dogs nueterd does it stop their hyperness leval?
  219. Can you use bug spray on dogs?
  220. Men's dog tag necklaces?
  221. What is a good puppy name 4 a girl?
  222. My dog ate human poo!!?
  223. 3 week old puppy with diarrhea. Please help!?
  224. My dog has had a chronic fluid secreting from his right nostril for 6
  225. Pink discharge from my dog's vagina?
  226. What should I name my new puppy?
  227. My dog has very small dark flakes on most of her skin. The flakes are also
  228. why do scientists do medical tests on rats and rabbits instead of dogs and cats?
  229. Change between Puppy to Adult Food?
  230. Im really starting to worry about my puppy can you help ?
  231. just got a 5 week old husky puppy.how long do i wait till i introduce him...
  232. What are some of methods of dog training available?
  233. Has anyone ever heard of a puppy bump?
  234. Which puppy is the cutest? [10 points!]?
  236. have you ever been in the middle of walking a dog and..........?
  237. I am dog sitting 3 dogs and one wont eat. I need HELP ASAP!!!?
  238. Puppy Potty Training Help!!!?
  239. Should I get a puppy now or wait?
  240. What kind of dog is he?
  241. how to make a puppy eat his food.?
  242. Would you eat a squirrel, raccoon, skunk, dog, or bear?
  243. At the end of the day, my dogs choose my my 3 year old son to sleep with?
  244. How do I stop my 18 week old puppy from peeing inside?
  245. thinking of gettin a guard dog?
  246. overdominant dog - with me and other dog?
  247. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my dog?
  248. what do you feed your dog?
  249. How do you keep your dogs from running cows?
  250. Is There A Site Ware I Can Find Toy Sized Puppies?