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  1. my dog gave birth 4 days ago and.....?
  2. new puppy name???????????
  3. What does your puppy/dog like to do the most at dog parks?
  4. How to get a one year old dog used to gun shots and being off leash so I
  5. Dog shit keeps appearing in my yard and I don't know whos doing it!?
  6. What kind of dog was on the daily show on november 5th 2008?
  7. Large breed dog diapers for 80 lb Doberman?
  8. My dog lay down at my feet and always put one front paw on my feet. Why?
  9. Looking for a hunting dog for northern MN.?
  10. How do you help separation anxiety in a puppy?
  11. how much would you spend on a dog coat?
  12. Dog groomers...rashes? Help?
  13. I just got my puppy spayed and now she is leaving little spots everywhere...
  14. What Should Obama Name His New Dog?
  15. please answer if you actually know.....why is my dog's noses moist and cold?
  16. we have two small dogs one a toy and one mixed. one weights 4 lbs and one weights
  17. how do i keep my dog freom chasing my car out of the gate?
  18. Is my maltese dog Pregnant?
  19. my dog had 6 puppies only one male is that weird?
  20. help with fireworks and my dog please?
  21. Lab Mixed Puppy?or A Siberian Huskie/sheperd?
  22. Are fog machines bad for dogs?
  23. My dogs temperture is 99.6 - 99.8 degrees F. Is she getting ready to have her pups?
  24. What's a puppy mill pet shop?
  25. My new puppy is turning very aggressive!?
  26. My dog has a weird scar?
  27. A puppy off the leash who's lost and maybe needs a girlfriend so he'll leave me...
  28. Where can I adopt or get or find a puppy in Sligo, Ireland?
  29. What kind of dog do you think President-elect Obama will get his girls?
  30. what can you give a puppy to make it go poop?
  31. How to convince my parents to let my dog sleep with me in my room?
  32. how cruel do u think dog fighting is!!!!!?
  33. How do I get my dog to calm down? ?
  34. should i be concerned of my 6mo.old puppy getting along with a new puppy?
  35. 15 Week Old Puppy Stopped Drinking Water?
  36. I'm wanting to get a dog?
  37. Puppies sleeping with toddlers?
  38. Do lizards make dogs sick?
  39. What is the best dog repellent for a yard?
  40. My Boxer dog thinks that he is my husband and is very controlling of me?
  41. My dog goes potty when I walk her or watch her outside but when she is alone
  42. Problems after dog got neutered.. HELP?
  43. Can roundworms be passed from my puppy to me?
  44. How do i become a dog trainer. I dont no were to start?
  45. Do kittens lose baby teeth like puppies?
  46. Dog owners, is your dog protective? Yes or no?
  47. Maryland dog bite law?
  48. is a flap over a female dog genetic?
  49. is this normal after dog being spayed?
  50. Please Help My Puppy?
  51. how can i teach my dog to heel?
  52. When is it too late to socialize a puppy?
  53. Housetraining My Puppy?
  54. why do some Dog owners still think it's O.K?
  55. dog collar???????????????????
  56. Itallian Greyhound Puppy Info?
  57. My puppy is vicious, how can I train her to be nice?
  58. is using an electric collar effective on a dog?
  59. Puppy problems!!! What do i do?
  60. HELP I can't keep my puppy from eating his POOP....?
  61. How do you keep a burglar from getting in the house if you have a dog door?
  62. my Min-Pin had puppies how long do i have for tail docking?
  63. First dog..who else think it would be fantastic if the Obamas adopted a dog from a
  64. i have a new puppy and i am having trouble with house training and more?
  65. three month old jack russel puppy hurt back leg ?
  66. HELP! Puppy name ideas?
  67. Hi! do you think my dog sounds cute?
  68. could and did the dire wolf ever crossbreed with other species such as domestic
  69. Should we find a home for 11-month old puppy with twins on the way?
  70. Why is the McCain campaign dogging Palin now?
  71. You remember my dog flopping around well now shes climing up laters and ing bags?
  72. my dog keeps putting his paw on my hand?? why?
  73. I have a puppy who is too young to be away from her mother what should I do.?
  74. Should i get this dog?
  75. Does anyone know of books and information on puppy Mills?
  76. For dog's stronger bones?
  77. Are dog tags considered legal identification?
  78. Is a labrador the right dog?
  79. Breeding a puppy that came from a chocolate mother and a black/tan father what...
  80. Please Help, I have a sick puppy?
  81. Can I take my dog to Hong Kong and what do I need to do?
  82. Is all white fur a sign of in breed dogs?
  83. Question about turning in a neighbors dog?
  84. How do I socialize a dog that hasn't been around people?
  85. how do i get my two dogs to stop barking?
  86. my puppy has been fixed but?
  87. how can I get my dog to stop barking?
  88. Can dogs be bisexual?
  89. Do all Siberians have puppy dreams ?
  90. Free Puppies In Western North Carolina?
  91. I recently asked a question of my puppy being sick... they told me that
  92. What are your favorite hot dog toppings?
  93. four month old puppy - excessive drinking, does it mean anything?
  94. And they called it puppy love... :)?
  95. My 13 week old puppy with diarrhea?
  96. People who have dogs and taught them some good tricks?
  97. What was your first dog?
  98. Has anyone's female dog had breast cancer?
  99. My Boxer/mastiff lunges at other dogs while on hislead, is this playful or...
  100. How much do coton de tulear puppies usually go for?
  101. Are apples bad for dogs?
  102. My puppy keeps biting... help please.?
  103. my dog is 10 has he has brown patches of hair coming on his back?
  104. Help!Every 'walk' with my dog is really a "pull". any idea how to help...?
  105. What can i do to stop my dog from having smelly farts?
  106. My dog is in labor, is a dark colored discharge normal.?
  107. Barack Obama's "first" White House Dog?
  108. Puppy Name Help!! Easy 10 Points!?
  109. my chiahuahua dog i think it has hair problems. do you have a opinion?
  110. Can I leave my 14 week old puppy in the kennel up to 4 hours?
  111. Do people breed dogs even if they're not AKC registered?
  112. is there a home remedy for hot spots on dogs?
  113. i want a dog who's cute but should be child friendly as i have an annoying 3 year...
  114. Does my dog have tapeworms or another type of worm?
  115. What can I do for my dog with dry skin?
  116. Are chihuahuas good dogs?
  117. what breed is my dog?
  118. Puppy has been walking weirdly?
  119. help! My dog is sick... :O(?
  120. When does a puppy become a dog?
  121. A serious deep question gets no answers. A question about checking dog's...
  122. My husband & I finally got a good apt, like to run & want suggestions for what
  123. What the H3LL happend to my dog?!?
  124. Why is my dog afraid of his new bed?
  125. POLL: Have you ever considered going undercover,as a dog?
  126. Pom puppy constantly sneezing! Help!?
  127. something is wrong with my dog i need help?
  128. My 2 pound dog has the diarrhea and upset stomach. been 2 days how long
  129. If you where a dog what breed would you be?
  130. Doberman Pincher PUPPY?
  131. 2 questions:breeding and my dogs head discomfort?
  132. Small dog breed help please?
  133. dog problem!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  134. If you have a dog that is going to have puppys how do you tell she is
  135. My dog ate a compact disc!?
  136. what is the best medium to use to try to sell my pure bred puppies? ?
  137. My dog is going outside and eating grass?
  138. My dog is Shaking... Any Ideas?
  139. has prozac helped your dog?
  140. puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
  141. Where can I download X-Ray Dog Dethroned Remix, for free?
  142. Prt experts please help!!! Puppies stool is diarhea, then to watery, and blood?
  143. Should I change my puppy name?
  144. Dogs do better in packs?
  145. dog on leash the whole day. is it ok?
  146. My puppy keeps heeling over, Cant breathe, And yelps out loud.?
  147. My boyfriends dog????????????????
  148. Does my dog need a job? ?
  149. my puppy keeps bitting/scratching himself all the time now,please help!!!?
  150. If a puppy contracts pneumonia will it cause the puppy to have weakened...
  151. can you guess this dog breed?
  152. how many years is 1 dog year to 1 human year?
  153. Is this a good dog food recipe?
  154. I need help training my puppy!!?
  155. How do I get my cavalier king charles spaniel puppy attatched to me?
  156. Tips on potty training my puppy?
  157. what are some of the first signs i can be looking for to tell if my dog is pregnant?
  158. What place is the best to train your dog?
  159. what is a shnoodles,dogs?
  160. What should i expect w/ 3 wk old puppies?
  161. The kids need to go out in the backyard and pick up dog-bombs when they get home...
  162. do you give a dog a flea shot every 3 months or every month?
  163. does anyone have a puppy for sale in seattle washington?
  164. I Found A Tick On My Dog Today Need Help?
  165. Is this unusual dog behavior?
  166. How to be a leader over your puppy?
  167. Uh oh my kitten's barking like a puppy?
  168. how can I convince my dad to let me get a dog?
  169. I picked a new puppy today!!!! A red staffie boy! get him on 15
  170. I'm looking for a puppy wormer that starts w/ P...?
  171. Why are my puppies eyes red?
  172. How to train a new puppy?
  173. Wouldn't you say cats are just as loving as dogs, but have a different way of...
  174. when i get my puppy...? 10 points ! please ?
  175. Adopting a 6 week old puppy from cameroon?
  176. good food to switch my dog to instead of canidea?
  177. help with my puppy 2 months old mucus in poop!!?
  178. Please help me name my new puppy!?
  179. My puppy loves to chew on toilet paper rolls!?
  180. should i get a puppy?
  181. does anyone know of an vet in the los angeles area that does an
  182. I hate my husbands dog!!?
  183. Help please! Why is my dog acting so weird? Is she sick? Please read details** ?
  184. My dogs like to watch Spongebob?
  185. My dog (12 pound) has persistent cough ?
  186. My Puppy is 6 months old and she is very ill . ?
  187. good food to switch my dog to instead of canidea?
  188. can you guess this dog breed?
  189. Dog has a giant blister looking thing on her back. What should I do?
  190. My puppy is too needy!?
  191. Dogs are in heat, need advice?
  192. What is your favorite t.v. dog show?
  193. Do yu think this puppy is cute (with pic)?
  194. what are your 10 favorite dog names?
  195. my parents won't let me get a dog?
  196. if my puppy is drinking water on his own after being treated for parvo for 3
  197. what to feed a 4 week old puppy?
  198. If you were a cat/dog what breed would you bee?
  199. poll: In your family, who is the best cook? your mom? dad? or your dog?
  200. What is this on my dog's leg?
  201. how do you keep a puppy from peeing inside?
  202. Help with naming puppies?
  203. What type of dog would be best for our family?
  204. How to help or keep my puppy from crying for me when I leave?
  205. Why has my 7 yr old male dog started peeing in my house?
  206. Eeek! My 1year old puppy ate Halloween chocolate! will she die?
  207. Can you get a dog spayed if she is in heat? ?
  208. I need some puppy names?
  209. How long before my puppy has all her adult teeth?
  210. do you know what the quote "Last dog to be hung" refers to?
  211. how many times a day should i feed my labrador retriever puppy?
  212. Is it ok to give our 5-month-old puppy air-popped popcorn?
  213. Is my dog going into labor?
  214. My dog is dieing and i dont have the funds to pay the bill at the vets i need...
  215. Hartz + puppy= ? Will he be okay?
  216. What do you think is the top 3 things that you should teach a puppy?
  217. At what age can a puppy have a flea dip?
  218. How to get my dog to stop barking?
  219. What do you guys think of the name Link for a yellow lab puppy?
  220. puppy w/ fleas =[?
  221. OMFG my dog just came home!?
  222. Does any1 have a lhasa poo dog?
  223. My puppy ignores me all the time?
  224. Dog allergies/ sickness due to certain food/treats?
  225. My dogs have a tendancy to eat cat poo?
  226. Did a reckless "hot-dogging" young John McCain start the fire on the...
  228. will my dog make it through parvo virus?
  229. Does my dog have a tumor??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!?
  230. great dane as a first dog?
  231. switched from fish oil to flaxseed oil for my dogs....is there enough omega 3 in it?
  232. how to get daughter to stop acting like a dog?
  233. How come our new 4 mo old labrador mix puppy doesn't nip?
  234. My dog is itching ALOT!?
  235. whats wrong with my dog?
  236. I've heard people compare the differences in black and whites to dog species...?
  237. Does anyone know what to do about my dog?
  238. what should i do about my dog?
  239. dogs in heat............?
  240. What should i get for xmas ? a puppy or a phone ?
  241. Do you think that the lives of dogs today have never been better than at any
  242. i got bit by a small dog that left marks and a bruise, should i get a shot?
  243. Dog with fire ant bites?
  244. do you think my dog wants to eat my new kitten?
  245. My dog threw up all her food from yesterday what should I do?
  246. My puppy's personality changed overnight!?
  247. How can I fix my puppies infection?
  248. I woke up this morning and my puppy has either threw up or diarrhea? I smelled it...
  249. Does the dog like me the best?
  250. Help with Training Puppies!?!?