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  1. Cat food or dog food?
  2. when should puppies have there first round of shot's ?
  3. does anyone know about dog/puppies adoption in Philadelphia?
  4. How to confront mom about a dog?
  5. Easy 10 points for puppy names.?
  6. my puppy (4 months) prefers it outside but winter is coming.?
  7. I want to add a question about if I shoud get a new dog?
  8. Joke of the day about dogs?
  9. Can I still bell train my puppy if she uses pee pads during the day?
  10. At what age can you put your puppy on pure dry food?
  11. My puppy plays under the bushes?
  12. What to do about me potentially food aggressive puppy?
  13. eliminate dog odor/hair idkk..?
  14. Puppy Just Got Diahrrea What Should I Do?
  15. what is the definition of puppy love?
  16. What are some funny things your dog does?
  17. Is it Normal for puppies with valley fever to have a runny nose?
  18. getting dog to lay down?
  19. How do you fix and prevent bad breath produced by a dog?
  20. I just got a golden retriver puppy and she is 6 weeks old.?
  21. Why is my puppy chewing everything?
  22. dog has congestive heart failure and wont eat anything. what kinds of
  23. Did you know in the shadow of election losses Bush's Dog, Barney, ?
  24. Is my dog fat or not?
  25. Why does my dog drag his whole body across the floor when he's exited?
  26. Lost or stolen puppies?
  27. my new puppy was playing and now has a scratch on it face that may scare
  28. Which dog clipper is better?
  29. Why did my dogs nose stay pinkish?
  30. Why was my puppy afraid of his sister?
  31. How much of an adoption fee for mixed breed puppies that have not had...
  32. Agggghhhh Cruel dog owners!?
  33. House train a puppy without crating? ?
  34. I think my puppy hurt his tail.?
  35. Stitches from puppy being spayed seem to be irratated?
  36. Do you think my 8 week old mixed puppy will have a long coat?
  37. my dog ate a resses cup..?
  38. How do you potty train a puppy?
  39. Will a new mom reject her puppies if another dog keeps stealing them?
  40. HELP! What to do with my dog? ?
  41. how can i convince my mom and my step dad to get a dog?
  42. What is the best kind (brand) of dog food for a small breed?
  43. house breaking a puppy - going insdie and outside?
  44. My dog is shaking, panting, and his heart is racing (help)?
  45. I wonder what my dog is up to?
  46. Dog questions (2) cleaning under eyes, making coat really white?
  47. 7 month puppy sneezing?
  48. My dog keeps jumping on the fence?
  49. How can I convince my mom to get me a dog!?
  50. My puppy liked to ride on my shoulder and she fell a couple days ago on a...
  51. Why do my dogs keep getting fleas?? help?
  52. me nd my family are thinking of getting a border collie,i am good with dogs i would
  53. What do you like more cat or dog?
  54. my dog needs a job. help!?
  55. How can I engage my dog?
  56. Collie/Mountain Feist mix puppy information?
  57. How Do I No If My Dog Is Defiantly In Labor ?
  58. Does sterilizing dogs settle them down?
  59. 5 week old puppy about to die!!!?
  60. What type of dog should i get because i live in an apartment?/?
  61. Has anyone used that pedi-paws for dogs nails?
  62. What's the best thing about your dog?
  63. 10 pts, does the akita make a good family dog?
  64. what kind of puppy is this?
  65. Puppy Treat Recipe!!?
  66. What should I name our new puppy?
  67. how to calm a toy dog ?
  68. im getting our puppy tomorrow afternoon?
  69. Chiwienie vs Havenese??? I have an option of getting a choice of one of these...
  70. Question about puppy eye color?
  71. Really shy puppy?
  72. how much does a dog cost a year?
  73. Sims 2 pets: How do you build a male dog and a female dog's relationship so...
  74. What can i do for a sick puppy?
  75. I just adopted a Scottish Terrier/Rottweiler mix puppy...?
  76. should we get another dog?
  77. Designer Dog Questions...?
  78. my dog ate some chewing gum!!?
  79. What dog breed is your favorite out of these?
  80. Is this guy joking when he wants to name his dog, Herpes?
  81. How can I stop my puppy from biting my son constantly?
  82. Flea problem on small 7lb dog?
  83. 2 Male dogs under the same roof ?
  84. If you neuter a bouvier des flanders or any guard dog will it take away...
  85. How much would a Vizla puppy be!?
  86. Reputable breeders, what do I look for in an Alaskan Malamute breeder and puppy?
  87. The BEST dog names :)?
  88. My dog has died WHO is to blame?
  89. Why does my dog always whine?
  90. Small dog and big dog...?
  91. blind dog see after parvo?
  92. Is it ever too late to get a dog spayed?
  93. My dogs stomach keeps gurgling does this mean she has to go?
  94. Which breed is more loyal: Bernese mountain dog, or the jindo dog?
  95. Hairless dogs rescues?
  96. do fire stations give out free puppy vaccinations? and where can i find cheap
  97. What type of dog is Obama getting for his daughters?
  98. My dog isn't feeling well?
  99. My dog isn't eating or moving around?
  100. How do i convince my mum and dad to get a puppy?
  101. my puppy always licks power outlets. why does she do that? ?
  102. My dog has been dragging his but on the floor HELP!?
  103. my boyfriend got bit by a police dog!!!?
  104. How can I get my dog in shape?
  105. What is the best food a 7-8 week old puppy should eat? What do they eat at that age?
  106. My dog is limping, shaking, and acts tired.She is in pain, yelps when...
  107. Why is my dog scared of all* dogs?
  108. my dog had puppies this morning and has yet to finish...?
  109. What is wrong with my dog?
  110. How can I help my dangerous psycho dog?
  111. im watching dog whisper and im amazed!?
  112. My dog won't eat his food, but poo instead?!!?
  113. what does my dog have?
  114. Does anyone have tips for leash training a puppy?
  115. Vets or people with plenty of dog experience only please!!?
  116. Puppy Adoption???????
  117. Any one giving away a Pomeranian puppy or a Chihuahua?? ?
  118. What is chemical castration for dogs?
  119. help-----dog problems?
  120. at what age can a pomeranian have puppies?
  121. what could happen if my dogs pups were to big for her?
  122. How can i train my new puppy not to run away with no fence in the back yard?
  123. The Best Family Dog.? =]?
  124. dog overpopulation statistics? (how many are euthanize/stray/etc. yearly)?
  125. What Kinda Of Puppy Will Obama Get For His Kids?
  126. What should I feed my german shepherd puppy?
  127. In the Dog Island for the Wii?
  128. Would putting a muzzle on my dog at night keep her from barking? She keeps me
  129. do you need a certian type of fishing pole to walk the the dog ?
  130. Insurance for rescue dogs?
  131. My dog has kidney problems will not eat drink and brings up phyegm chest is
  132. 7 month old Labrador Puppy a nuisance?
  133. Are dog is making a noise like she has something stuck in the throat!?
  134. What Kind Of Dog Should I Get?
  135. My dog has been peeing in my bed?
  136. How to get dog to stop whining?
  137. What happens to my fire dog protection now that circuit city is closing?
  138. is it ok for an 8 wk puppy to...................................?
  139. Is my friends dog in labor?
  140. My puppy has hit his head is he okay?..?
  141. Can roundworms be passed from my puppy to me?
  142. My dog has a problem with puppies...?
  143. how do I set up a live cam in my dog kennel showing a dog with her...
  144. Does anyone have experience with canine distemper in a puppy? ?
  145. What is a good breed of dog for small children?
  146. can angry spirits do to dogs what they do to humans?
  147. what should i do first to let the bond of me and my dog back?
  148. what is the first thing i need to teach my new puppy ?!?
  149. dog laws?????????????????
  150. why does my dog scratch herself?
  151. My dog is exactly 8 weeks pregnant and appears to be going into labor?
  152. My boxer dog has something going on with one of his eyes ...( please
  153. Has anyone's dog ever had CMO(Craniomandibular Osteopathy)?
  154. Help I want a new kitten but i have a dog?
  155. i just got a puppy and his area where his umbilical cord was is like inflated...
  156. How do i keep my puppy from herding me?
  157. Can I use polysporin in a dogs eye infection?
  158. In Nintendogs, how do I make my dog 'hold' tricks for longer?
  159. dog grooming?!!!!!!!?
  160. any free puppies?
  161. My dog poops little sacks. They look like bubbles full of poop. I've never had
  162. Anyone besides the 'savior' or the 'rescuer' think I meant to suggest letting...
  163. My dogs have fleas, how do I get rid of them? We've tried everything!?
  164. Anyone got any good links/video about Puppy Mills and Why you shouldn't...
  165. My dog is about to have puppies will it be at def be at night?
  166. Need help with Corgi Puppy fur?
  167. favorite hot dogs and why?
  168. Is it unhealthy to cook or heat my 6 mos old puppies canned food in the microwave?
  169. Can you bring you dog back if he dies in fallout 3?
  170. What can I put on my dog's sore? Is vitamin E okay to put on animals?
  171. i REAally need help!!!!my puppy is sick i cant afford a vet.. he is...
  172. I Found A Tick On My Dog Today Need Help?
  173. Have you seen dogs when they..?
  174. My puppy has Coccidia and my parents aren't home so i cant take him to the vet!!?
  175. How much for a Newfoundland dog?
  176. What kind of dog will Obama get as a White House pet?
  177. How can i convince my parents to let me get a puppy?
  178. Can I use advantage flea control for cats on my dog?
  179. What is the best kind of puppy ?
  180. Do hamsters have the ability to bond with their owners like a dog or cat or...
  181. I think my dog's incision (after being spayed) is infected, help?
  182. Can the dog play outside? It is 45 degrees out there?
  183. Dream about my dog dying.?
  184. My dog doesn't bark...?
  185. kate moss what a dog?
  186. my dog will not go outside to the bathroom when its cold or rainy? How to I fix this?
  187. My puppy is eating EVERYTHING!!!?
  188. Is it normal for my dog to pee blood after being neutered?
  189. Is it possible for a dog to...?
  190. Dog owners, is your dog protective? Yes or no?
  191. a big change for my dog?
  192. why is my puppy still throwing up?
  193. Help with an aggressive puppy?
  194. my puppy got a hold of neosporin?
  195. Would you rather have Wheat Thins or a dog that wags her tail (even if...
  196. What Kind of Dog is this?(Pic)?
  197. sudden aggressiveness between my dogs?
  198. For those of you who had to put down a dog?
  199. how can i potty train my yorkie puppy?
  200. what is a good name for my new puppy?
  201. How do I get my dog to stop running with other dogs?
  202. what do i do when its raining and my puppy is really bored?
  203. how can i make my dog speek?
  204. How to train a puppy to walk along side you not in front of you?
  205. My puppies are almost 3 wks old and have fleas badly, does anyone have any advice?
  206. my dog died and i want to keep her memory alive?
  207. Which kind of dog should I get?
  208. what food should i feed my 8week old puppy?
  209. What is this type of dog? (pic inside)?
  210. How often do puppies need to pee?
  211. number 2 Puppy Pooing issue?
  212. What are some cool names for a dog?
  213. My dog's eye popped out more than it should from his socket!!!! HELP!!?
  214. Why did I hit a puppy coming home from work today?
  215. How much is dog shots and stuff in alabama?
  216. What do I do with a Person that is calling me a Dog in the Public ?
  217. this makes me mad !!! what do you think about this puppy ad?
  218. HOw do very old dogs die?
  219. Black lab puppy needs name!! Easy 10 points!?
  220. Puppy whining while sleep?
  221. When can I start training my puppy to an Invisible Fence system?
  222. What's the best way to teach my dog how to jump through a hoop?
  223. How soon will a puppy sleep through the night?
  224. is it ok for my 11 week old puppy to lick beer off the ground? what will happen?
  225. How much does it cost to buy a puppy from the spca?
  226. Old dog trying to learn new tricks. Can you help?
  227. What to do about my roommates dog?
  228. I am planning on flying internationally and would like to fly my 1 year old puppy.?
  229. Should I be worrying about my dog?
  230. should i stop feeding my puppy wellness puppy mix?
  231. how can dogs get hookworm when theyre on interceptor?
  232. Is my dog going to die, I'm really scared?
  233. Does my dog look like a german shepherd/ norweigan elkhound mix?
  234. How did my dog die? I have no idea.?
  235. my puppy gags and has watery eyes.?
  236. hey guys, 1 more question...my dog Twist seems to choose who she wants to...
  237. My dog has been spayed and is really swollen?
  238. Dog plays with own poop?
  239. where to adopt a dog.?
  240. why is the first thing i see change is that obama buys a dog?
  241. Martinsville Hot Dogs?
  242. what is my puppy mixed with?
  243. my puppy has swolen eyes and im not quite sure what it is. please help.?
  244. We are fostering a 4 months old black lab puppy from the SPCA. She barks
  245. What do i need to travel out of the US to Mexico with my dog.?
  246. Newborn puppy feeding problem? ?
  247. What is the best way to house train a dog?
  248. Hartz flea collars and big dogs.?
  249. A few questions about a puppy...?? XxX?
  250. Dog Skin Problem pug mix?