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  1. is my dog just gross?
  2. What happens to your dog if you are in a car accident?
  3. Dog tumors in breast?
  4. can you stop pregnancy in dogs?
  5. Are Papillon dogs good with Children ?
  6. Is My Dog Full Husky?, And How Big Will She Grow?
  7. What are hot dogs made of?
  8. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. How do I keep our smaller dog from getting our cats food?
  9. Help, my girlfriend lets her dog lick her mouth?
  10. What kind of dog is this?
  11. My dog might have got our neighbors dog pregnant. Do I have any responsiblitiy?
  12. A really strange curious behavior my dog developed?
  13. What breed of dog should the Obamas get, and what should they name it?
  14. Remove Ubuntu and run Puppy linux?
  15. help please, there is something wrong with my dog's eye?
  16. My dog hates me, and I don't understand why?
  17. i think i love my dog?
  18. "What kind of puppy will the Obama's select?"?
  19. My puppy has diahrrea and has been throwing up since last night after eating a
  20. puppy help please? :3?
  21. my grandaughter wants a puppy?
  22. Does your dog prefer walks or dinner?
  23. Can a small dog be given aspirin/Tylenol?
  24. Dog ran outside and won't come in!?
  25. Adult dog attacking a puppy?
  26. how can i get my dog to poop on the same area of the back yard all the time?
  27. Puppy Question? Please comment!?
  28. Spitting Dog? Seriously? i mean, what the fck?
  29. my dog is having digestive problems?
  30. How much would I charge for dog walking?
  31. How do I get my 7 month old dog to stop barking at the neighbours dog?
  32. Does my personality affect my puppy's personality?
  33. Not sure what my dog's pain is? ?
  34. I have a new puppy which turned out to be something else?
  35. I am almost fed up! What do I do with my puppy?! How do I sleep at night? He has...
  36. where do you apply the flea killer drop on puppies?
  37. How do I put my puppy in a cage?
  38. When do female dogs start their period?
  39. Puppy with gimp leg!?
  40. Do you have a maltipoo puppy?
  41. Dog eating ferret poop?
  42. Should I get dog booties for my Lhasa Poo puppy for the winter?
  43. can a goat get parvo from a infected parvo puppy?
  44. are the puppies fingernails to long for mom?
  45. My dog ate about 25 hot red peppers. will she be o.k.?
  46. My dog is rubbing its bottom on the floor?
  47. my dog has greenish discharge?
  48. Dog has itchy skin scratching biting.?
  49. Which of these dog names do you like best?
  50. Is it okay to let my dog watch TV when i'm gone?
  51. Where can i find a small puppy in Northern Va?
  52. What dogs go good with beagles?
  53. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs?
  54. How do i teach my dog to locate objects or search?
  55. an older dog or a puppy ? 10 points ! please answer?
  56. why is my dogs skin so ichy?
  57. wouls albertobalsan be ok to was a dog with?
  58. Argos the dog in Homer's the Odyssey?
  59. my dog has the worst gas ever!! what do i do?
  60. How can I get my dog to stop it?
  61. My Blind Brothers Seeing Eye Dog Died--We need a new one.?
  62. How to own a dog in the US?
  63. Does a dog that is Pomeraian/Chihuahua bark a lot?
  64. Why don't the Harvey's people put ketchup on your hot dog?
  65. My 4 Month Old Toy Poodle Puppy Ate Frosted Flakes?
  66. Is a puggle the right dog for me?
  67. i have an akita x puppy. but crossed with what?
  68. Wht type of Dog should I get?
  69. the dog that I got yesterday, the previous owner got her spayed?
  70. Does your dog eat his/her dinner quicker than mine?
  71. What are some good things about cats and dogs?
  72. What is the best way to potty train and punish a puppy when it comes to training?
  73. Any memories of that old dog from your childhood?
  74. how long does it take for a fluid like pedialite to be absorbed by my dogs Body?
  75. i own a female dog chuhuahua, shes about 2 yrs old, i seem to have a problem
  76. what is obama going to name his new dog?
  77. How Did You Teach Your Dog To Sit?
  78. My dogs when they are sleepin [bostan terrier] they cheeks get red and...
  79. Is it dangerous to power walk my 6 mos old puppy?
  80. Hypoallergenic dog for those who have allergies.?
  81. I have an 8 week old Shiba Inu puppy and a lot of the time when I put her into her
  82. My lab puppy is very sick and might die so if you know anything abut them plz...
  83. Do you think the name Orion or Othello is a better name for a dog?
  84. stud dog do i need a licence to rent my dog for stud?
  85. What do you love most about your dog?
  86. i use a crate to potty train my dog but lately he's been using it in his
  87. Can i buy a copy of the B.B.C.s documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed?
  88. What breed of dog is a not so active one?
  89. Dog was fighting with Raccoon, should I be worried?
  90. My dog keeps licking his side? IMPORTANT 10 PTS FOR BEST ANSWER?
  91. Dog's Life (PS2) Sountrack?
  92. Helping Two Depressed Dogs?
  93. Victoria's Secret dog fashion line?
  94. What's the real difference between regular, large breed and small breed dog food?
  95. Dog breeds that make a purring noise....are there any?
  96. can u litter train puppies?
  97. My dog wont stay calm when he is in the living room and he plays too much.?
  98. my puppy hops like a bunny when running on back legs?
  99. can a shitzu have puppies from a yellow lab?
  100. Is it normal for a 4 year old Westie (dog) to sleep all the time?
  101. My dog always whines when she's alone?
  102. Our Dogs behaviour - Dominance or Aggression?
  103. What type of dog is typically best for this task?
  104. kennel dogs and schools?
  105. New Dog! What should I get?
  106. What's wrong with my dog?
  107. my 3 month puppy seems to be eating fine but he's just not himself, he's...
  108. Do you know where any Puppy Mills that HAS NOT been shut down at?
  109. I need to know whats wrong with my puppy please help?
  110. puppy with sore on eye-lid?
  111. what type of vitamins do you give ur dog?
  112. My Dog Continutes To Bark?
  113. Dogs for her project?
  114. sims 2 pets puppy cheat?
  115. Newborn puppy keeps crying - Can't figure out why?1 WEEK OLD and all other...
  116. What would cause pain in a dog's head? (no cuts or lumps)?
  117. use a paragraph proof to prove triangle CAT is congruent to tiangle DOG.?
  118. What should i name my puppy's?
  119. Name suggestions for a 3 week old puppy!?! (boyChihuahua)?
  120. Puppy with swollen tummy?
  121. What kind of dog should I get? I have allergies! ?
  122. Karley puppy killed by fireman?
  123. how can we stop our dog weeing in the house?
  124. Help i cant get my 8 month old puppy to eat his puppy food..?
  125. how do I stop my nine week old puppy yelping and whining when we go to bed?
  126. iiiHelp with dog naming!!! PLEASE HELP?
  127. there is something wrong with my puppy.?
  128. ok is this worth $60 bucks for my puppy?
  129. Female Malamute puppy 12 weeks?
  130. My dog is chewing at her skin?
  131. Where can I get some good sweaters for my dog?
  132. Is Innova Evo bad for my dog?
  133. Blood in Dog Stool, please help!?
  134. Growth of Female Dobie Puppy?
  135. how far along might my dog be?
  136. Slow irregular heartbeat in 9 month old puppy?
  137. 6 Week old Rottweiler puppy help?
  138. Why do people think that insisting on only bringing quality puppies into...
  139. is there a website that u can look at dog emotions?
  140. how is my "fighted dog"pome...? otteri selvakumar?
  141. What if you dont groom your dog?
  142. What are some food ides for a puppy who has very small teeth and has trouble chewing?
  143. My dogs are driving me crazy?
  144. Is it normal for my puppy not to like pecans?
  145. can u help me name my puppy?
  146. my dog had a castration yesterday? ?
  147. my dog ate an ink pen...?
  148. Have you seen a cuter dog?
  149. How to take care of a dog with clipper burn?
  150. My puppy ate some avocado. Will she be okay?
  151. How do I stop my 1 month old german shepherd puppy from biting me and my
  152. Dumbness...How much WAS that puppy in the window?
  153. is it right for my dog to pick up her new born puppies in her mouth and...
  154. Is my puppy breeder responsible for parasites?
  155. Have you ever seen 2 dogs take down a deer?
  156. puppy won't toilet train?
  157. Anyone giving away a dog near Cottonport, Louisiana?
  158. My nine week old puppy has a habit of biting...?
  159. How can I make my chihuahua puppy not bark when I put her in the kennel?
  160. What is the best way to crate train my puppy?
  161. can my hormones affect my female dog? I just had a baby and now she is
  162. What examples of the "tail wagging the dog" have you encountered?
  163. my yorkie had puppies last october it has been over a year now and she has
  164. Living with a big dog?
  165. Good mix breed dog for me?
  166. Dog should not be left for extended periods of time?
  167. Why would a dog wet the bed?
  168. Do you know how would a Half St. Bernard Half Boxer dog will look like?
  169. are beagles a smart dog?
  170. Does my dog need to go back to the vet?
  171. How do we know dogs see in colour?
  172. i am a dog lover and i want to be a dog breeder can yu help me and tell me
  173. What's the most amount of puppies you've heard of in one litter? What breed was it?
  174. Lumps on dog's forehead?
  175. are golden retriever puppies easy to train?
  176. Puppy question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  177. Dog Question ?
  178. What kind of puppy should the Obama's adopt ?
  179. where do you apply the flea killer drop on puppies?
  180. What does PA law say about finding a stray dog?
  181. Dog name ? oH AND ALSO MAYBE CAT / KittY Puppy Names PLZ? tHANX!!?
  182. vet for my new puppy?
  183. I need to know what's wrong with my dog.?
  184. Training puppy to use puppy pads?
  185. How to Clean out dogs nose ?
  186. What should i do first to let the bond of me and my dog back?
  187. Why is my 7 month old Pomeranian dog throwing up an has diarrhea?
  188. I got a ticket on the subway for having a dog. Will it go on my permanent record?
  189. Wasn't the Central Topic "Qualifications for First Puppy" at Obama's First News...
  190. dog section: obamas dog search-what is your opinion?
  191. can you help???? what dog is?
  192. can a puppy live from parvo?
  193. what are the chances of my dog recovering?
  194. Where can i find white pomeranian puppies in southern california?
  195. Getting my dog back!?
  196. What does "follow around like a neutered puppy dog" mean?
  197. why are people making such a big deal about the white house dog?
  198. why is my chihuahua so timid with strangers and other dogs?
  199. Help with a dog name?
  200. Can a dog get pink eye from you? ?
  201. why do female dogs express their anal glands?
  202. Short term side effects of neutering a dog?
  203. What is the best way to get the smell of strong dog urine out of carpet?
  204. what can i give my dog to help her sleep at night? ?
  205. Should a dogs life be routine or unpredictable?
  206. Why does my dog eat his first bite of food on the carpet?
  207. What is the name of the cartoon from the 70's With the dog that almost got...
  208. question regarding impregnation of a dog?
  209. My friend's German Shepherd dog killed a bird on a walk - is this normal?
  210. I have a 45lb Catahoula Leopard dog, she is pregnant and is 41 days into it,...
  211. Strange Puppy Aliment?
  212. OBAMA is getting a MIXED BREED puppy for his daughters! Do you think other...
  213. hopefully getting a new puppy soon!?
  214. Should a 9 week old puppy live in a garage?
  215. My cousin wants to marry her dog...?
  216. What should a 13 year old charge for a dog-sitting service?
  217. my puppy has echma - any advice?
  218. my puppy was born without a tail ?
  219. What should i name my new puppy?
  220. How serious is Obama about changing the tone when he hires Clinton lap dog
  221. What age do you lose puppy fat at?
  222. When a dog shows its teeth, does that always mean its showing aggression?
  223. My puppy wheezes and pants heavily while resting or sleeping. Should I worry? ?
  224. HELP! my dog is a HOUDINI!?
  225. my dog trys to use it outside but doesnt and eventually uses it in his crate?
  226. How to teach dog command "be quiet"?
  227. How can u prevent your dog from shedding?
  228. My puppy playfully nips other dogs when she's playing. WIll this piss
  229. Is a puppy a good idea for newlyweds? ?
  230. What stores or sites can i get puppy sales on?
  231. Why does my dog cock his head to the sides when I talk to him?
  232. My friend wanted a dog and I had two so I gave her one of mine last week.The 2
  233. What would you name this dog? (pic) (male)?
  234. can dog dog have a stroke i have a 8 yr old great dane who is showing signs of
  235. Help? my dog has an ear infection? vets?
  236. HELP! My Dog is attacking other dogs.....?
  237. Why do people think it's morrally wrong to eat a dog?
  238. Is it legal to Tranquilized an Escape dog?
  239. What kind of puppy will the Obamas be taking to the White House?
  240. Where can I find a Doberman puppy?
  241. why do mother dogs do this?
  242. my dog has a low RBC count? help him please?
  243. How does a male dog learn too...?
  244. to dog doctors: what are these for?
  245. Dog has a lump on his throat, what could it be?
  246. my dog keeps getting crusty in her crotch. How do you fix this?
  247. How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy When She Sees Another Dog!?
  248. The curious incident of the dog in the night time?
  249. What breeds of dog howl?
  250. Does Just puppies(the store) abuse dogs?