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  1. My dog scratches the door alot? (Vets or dog experts)?
  2. President Bush's dog Barney Attacked an innocent Reporter, should Barney get...
  3. Is there any way to make an extremely timid dog more outgoing?
  4. How would "Dog Nanny" sound on a Christmas stocking for someone who takes...
  5. Dogs VS Cats, which one relieves stress more?
  6. What The Dog And My Stup*d Aunt?
  7. my dog is 10 mths & when she was 4rm 2-8mths 1 of her ears was down while the
  8. My dog has congestive heart failure and wont eat anything. what kinds of...
  9. Our puppy is less than two months old, she is black with brindle and her
  10. Consider to explain if President elect Obama should adopt two puppies ?
  11. why does my puppy cry alot?
  12. i am so desperate to buy a rottweiler puppy ?
  13. Okay- imagine that you are a dog ( whatever your favorite kind is) so of course you
  14. New puppy saturday! Please help with names etc!?
  15. can dogs get sick from petting/contact from people that use drugs?
  16. Do you think my dog might have a fever?
  17. Help my dog is in season...worried?
  18. Did a ouija board kill my dog?
  19. What kind of pit bull puppy is this?
  20. What to do if i'm allergic to my own Dog/puppy?
  21. How can people be so ignorant about dogs and dog health and nutrition?
  22. my dogs are just so ready for new pups!!?
  23. What do you think is the cutest and smartest dog?
  24. My female dog has one red ring around only one of her nipples, is there something i
  25. which one is better dog or cat?
  26. How to really clean after parvo puppy?
  27. New Dog Likes to Chase Cat?
  28. my brothers puppy wont play or eat what do you think it is wrong with him?
  29. Will my dog still bark, whine and makes noises when she loses her hearing?
  30. How do you know when you puppy dosen't have worms anymore?
  31. Any advice on dog aggression??? Please help! :(?
  32. Any easy way to figure out if a dog is allegic to cigarette smoke?
  33. How do i teach my puppy to ...?
  34. puppies tail banding-docking what ones safer? ?
  35. What kind of puppy should I get ?
  36. The presidential dog....how in the hell can it be THIS important?
  37. Looking for a small dog for an apartment...?
  38. How do I stop my dog from trying to nibble me or others?
  39. Where can i rescue a beagle puppy?
  40. Can i have some recipies for home made dog biscuits?
  41. Which name for my puppy?
  42. What do you think costs more to take care of, a baby or a puppy?
  43. will my dog die if she had puppies before she was 1 year old?
  44. Can you bite an attacking dog on the ear to calm it down?
  45. How to choose the right dog?
  46. What kind of dog is this?
  47. My dog's tail is swollen?
  48. My dog seems to be having a difficult time breathing?
  49. What is wrong with my dog?
  50. I am getting a yorkie for christmas and i wonder what should I name my
  51. Need an indestructible dog house...?
  52. Would either of my dogs be good at agility? (video included)?
  53. What is a good name for my new Akita puppy?
  54. Why do people bring their dogs to the grocery/discount store?
  55. Whats your opinion on dogs wearing clothes?
  56. what dog am i thinking of?
  57. Can dogs understand other languages except english?
  58. I love puppies, dirigibles, and the cold hand of vengeance, is there any
  59. how do i stop my puppy from barking and biting? :S HELP?
  60. What Should The New First Dog Breed Be?
  61. What Kind of Dog do you have and What's it's name?
  62. why has my female dog become aggressive with other dogs?
  63. Do you think it's okay to make your dogs live outside?
  64. Designer Dogs........?
  65. How tall does the building have to be for the dog to fly?
  66. does anyone know this windows 95 dog game ?
  67. How seriously do you take showing your dog?
  68. Child & Puppy? Pro's & Cons?!?
  69. My dog is biting her butt hole and base of tail. Why?
  70. Would you leave your dog outside for 4 nights in November?
  71. What is the best way to toilet train a puppy?
  72. What kind of dog should i get?
  73. Which dog breed will make it to the White House ?
  74. Is Obama's choice of Dog REALLY that important?
  75. I think my 1 year old dog has issues with my new puppy?
  76. Does anyone know if there is a Korean restaurant that cooks dogs in England?
  77. my dog has peeing problems after desexing?
  78. What do I do with my male dog while the female has her puppies?
  79. My dog got fixed and now pees everywhere -- what do I do?
  80. what yogart is best choice for yeast infections in my dogs ear?
  81. Help! My dog is sick!?
  82. Australian Shepherd Puppy!?
  83. my dog eats well but is losing weight. Why?
  84. What's your ideal dog?!?
  85. Who can help me name my dachsund puppy?
  86. What do you think my dog is a mix of?
  87. how do i screen potencial buyers of my puppies?
  88. How can I get my puppy and cat to get along?
  89. I need a name for a puppy?
  90. White spots on my dogs lower belly?
  91. Introducing our new dogs to a family member?
  92. My dog had worms and is still underweight and appears to be starving.?
  93. Dog toys for larger puppies that last more than 10 minutes?
  94. My puppy is going to be neutered on Jan. 10. What should I expect?
  95. My puppy is chewing on my furniture, what can i do to prevent him from chewing on...
  96. what are a dogs senses?
  97. I need to find the right food for my sick puppy?
  98. my dog keeps scratching?
  99. My dog died last night of kidney faliure... what could have caused this?
  100. My dad is SO mean to my dog!?
  101. Question about bathing a puppy.?
  102. My 9 week staffy puppy wont go out to the toilet in the rain - please help?
  103. Black and white puppy?
  104. How do you house train a puppy quick?
  105. Are Hyenas Cats or Dogs?
  106. My 9 week old puppy is desplaying separation anxiety, what should I do?
  107. New puppy troubles.. well, name-wise?
  108. When will my Sheltie have her puppies?
  109. What is the best electric small dog fence?
  110. Where can I get a puppy chow?
  111. Recipe for leftover hush-puppies(Anyone)?
  112. how do i report puppy scams?
  113. My dog ate chocolate, will she die?
  114. when do puppies start showing their personalities.?
  115. What exactly happens during a dog's neutering?
  116. Some Rare Dog Breeds?
  117. How do i make my Dog Obedient?
  118. what breeds of dog are illegal/restrained to own in fredericksburg, va and
  119. my cat thinking of getting a puppy?
  120. how do i housetrain my dog?
  121. which of these dogs fit our family............?
  122. Have you trained your dog or has he trained you?
  123. How many customers do you think a hot dog restaurant has every hour?
  124. Why does my puppy smell this bad???!!!?
  125. Is It Ok To Get Two Puppies From The Same Litter ?
  126. i found a dead flea on my puppy today ?
  127. Do you think my dog is done having pups?
  128. how can i prevent my dog from trying to attack mailmen ect, and get him to
  129. How many litter of puppies can a dog have?
  130. Is this a good price for dog walking?
  131. show me picture of dog?
  132. Have you tried Glucosamine supplements for your dog?
  133. i need a name for my new puppy?
  134. What can I do about my two dogs fighting?
  135. Can I bring dog treats on an airplane?
  136. Its raining outside and my dog will not go out to use the bathroom. I know
  137. Dog bed for a pit bull?
  138. I don't like my dad and my puppy's really mean to him, what does this mean?
  139. What type of dog do you think my little monster is?
  140. Australian Shepherd Puppy! NEED HELP!!!!! PLEASE! ?
  141. How to potty train a timid dog?
  142. I took my dog to the vet today and now her skins all red!?
  143. my daughter wants another dog?
  144. 5 week puppy doing better but...?
  145. Does your dog eat better than you do?
  146. Why do all the aggressive dogs at the dog park seem to pick on my terrified puppy?
  147. Question About My Puppy!!!!!?
  148. I have a new puppy and need advice training him.?
  149. Who treats their dog as a dog?
  150. Any advice on housebreaking my puppy?
  151. how do I convince my parents into keeping one of my dogs new born puppy's?
  152. How Can I get my puppies Registered?
  153. When a female dog goes into heat for the first or second time, are they in pain?
  154. what do u do when two big dogs fight ?? [ seriously]?
  155. my dog peeing clear not yellow?
  156. How do you mentally exercise your dogs?
  157. My Dog doesnt eat her food?
  158. whats the worst thing your dog has eaten?
  159. Does your dog ignore you?
  160. Is it true that for every star you receive on Y!Answers, Bill Gates will send me $5
  161. Help with my 8 yr old cat and my 7 wk old puppy?
  162. Is my dog depressed or is there something physically wrong?
  163. Every dog has a name. But, what nicknames do you have for your dog(s)?
  164. My racist neighbor says, if you can discriminate by breed of dog, why can't...
  165. how do you think things will go when the big dogs come
  166. Is it dangerous to stop giving my dog the lyme vaccine once I've started?
  167. have you ever owned a Dog with Elbow Dysplasia ?
  168. What breed of dog is on this streaming video?
  169. dog section: what should I do? please read on?
  170. My puppy is six months old now and he still will not go outside on his...
  171. how do I teach my dog to do "bang bang"/play dead?
  172. has anyone seen this robot dog thing on webkinz ?
  173. dog poop is like red jelly!?
  174. I just got a dog a couple hours ago?
  175. Do you get embarrass correcting your dog in public?
  176. Why does my dog bite herself all the time?
  177. my puppy may have eaten a Tussin cough suppressant. What do you know?
  178. On a lighter election note - what sort of puppy should the girls get when...
  179. can cat biscets make my dog ill?
  180. ive been so lucky with my puppy?
  181. I am making a pet (cat/dog) defininition list.. ?
  182. My dog won't walk on his walks, he just sits there and refuses to budge. What can...
  183. Dogs or cats? Which do you love better?
  184. Help me name this boxer puppy!?
  185. Pet owners with pugs or dogs that have had cancer...?
  186. I have a yorkie puppy that does not like to be alone. She screams and cries...
  187. Is this normal for my puppy?
  188. Should Puppy (in training) Wear Gentle Leader All the Time?
  189. Can I legally keep a dog I think was abandoned at my house?
  190. I had my 13 week old puppy microchipped today.....?
  191. unusual dog behavour?
  192. Why would anyone run a puppy mill?
  193. were can i foster a puppy in cali?
  194. What Should I Do With My Puppies Food?
  195. Can golden retriever eat chips and my dog ,he is 8 months.how much shall he
  196. How Often Can I Shower My 2mo. Old Puppy? ?
  197. my puppy is sick HELP!?
  198. How many pieces of sandwich can a dog hold?
  199. Anything to help weaning puppies with constipation?
  200. my brothers puppy wont play or eat what do you think it is wrong with him?
  201. what do u do when two big dogs fight ?? [ seriously]?
  202. how can i find what kind of dog that isn't a pure breed?
  203. What are some ways to show dominance to dogs?
  204. having problems with my 8 week old pitbull puppy staying his cage at night..?
  205. Where is the best place for a single girl in her late twenties with two dogs to
  206. how long do dogs stay pregnant for and when its time what can i do to help or...
  207. What animated cartoon had a dog detective constantly being told to be
  208. thinking about clicker training my dog?
  209. are these foods safe for my dog........?
  210. What should the Obamas name the new White House puppy?
  211. Which episodes of True Blood have had that (special) dog in it so far?
  212. My dog is chasing his tail, but is keeping his butt planted on the floor!
  213. My 9yr old dog won't eat and is really skinny now!?
  214. Do you think I should get a Puppy?
  215. Is it safe for humans to take Antibiotics that were made for dogs and cats?
  216. please help i have a boston terrier and she is having puppy's?
  217. i havea dog that just died from pravo what can i do to make my house safe
  218. Can you help me get rid of a dog? ?
  219. How do i introduce my two dogs.?
  220. whats a good way to make your dogs bark less when new people show up or is...
  221. My 7 month old male dog leaves trails of pee in the house. Is this considered
  222. 2 female dogs (sisters) fighting..please help!?
  223. What should I call my new puppy?
  224. Environmental settings for dogs?
  225. FINALLY, a Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dog Treat?
  226. Where do you get your dog(s)?
  227. My mam got rid of my dog :@?
  228. My dog disobeys in front of other people?
  229. My dog cut her foot and we cant take her to the vet what do i do?
  230. What does it mean when a puppy is born in 2 sacs?
  231. Training a puppy to stop nipping suggestions needed?
  232. How big do you think my Pitbull puppy will get?
  233. Puppy protective over food! Anyone got idea how to fix it?
  234. How to get kitten use to New Puppy?
  235. How do i get a dog to stay at a certain place?
  236. A dog question??????????
  237. how to train my dogs?
  238. Dog health insurance?
  239. my 13 weekold puppy is sick please help?
  240. german shepperd puppy?
  241. Have you seen my dog?
  242. Can my puppy have urges?
  243. My dog has worms, do I need to be de-wormed too?
  244. My Golden Retriever Puppy ?
  245. My puppy keeps being sick.?
  246. Could my puppy be pregnant? serious answers only PLEASE?
  247. What dog breed is for me?
  248. When do puppies have to get their first shots?
  249. (Bet she was american) Russell brand ponderland dog affair woman .. pony too
  250. new Saint Bernard puppy?