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  1. how i know if my dog need to go bathroom: whine or bark?
  2. What else could I feed my puppy?
  3. dog has heart failure. what should i do to help her live longer nd happier?
  4. Why is your dog the best doggy in the world?
  5. How many dogs have you owned in your lifetime?
  6. What kind of dog did Sun have on Lost?
  7. Is my puppy ok as she was sick?
  8. How to decide on which dog breed shall i choose ?
  9. has your dog had its cruciate ligament fixed?
  10. What can "I" actually do to get my dog to be more protective of my property?
  11. the neighbors dog and my dog?
  12. 3 year old terrified of dog?
  13. Question for dog experts please, Puppy problem! Please help! ?
  14. My dog overall seems healthy but she sleeps a lot...what do you think?
  15. I put some flea treatment on my dog, can i still bathe him?
  16. I think my puppy has mental problems?
  17. Do u you think my dog is ugly? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SNslW9DG05A?
  18. Anyone ever had a dog with Parvo?
  19. Ways to get exercise for my dog when it's nasty outside?
  20. is my dog gonna be ok?
  21. My dog has really horrible skin allergies!?
  22. my 2 month old shitzu puppy is sick HELP!?
  23. should i start giving newborn pit puppies extra vitamins ?
  24. How many weeks should my puppy be before I feed her puppy food?
  25. Do you think it's safe to leave two small dogs guarding your home?
  26. Do dogs have shoulders?
  27. Any suggestions on how to walk a dog while pushing a baby stroller?
  28. do you have more then 2 dogs and the council dont allow them?
  29. My dog stopped eating this weekend and developed a painful sensitivity above his
  30. why does my dogs fur turns red wherever she licks herself?
  31. Does my dog have coyote in him?
  32. Is choosing a dog the most important decision Obama has made in his career?
  33. How can I feed my dog who only has a few teeth left?
  34. When can my female dog get pregnant?
  35. omg is my dog puppy going to be alright my mum by acident pushd the lounge...
  36. Why do dogs get stuck when mating?
  37. Is it normal for the black nose of the dog to turn pink?
  38. Holidays for dogs? I heard ?
  39. Are all guys you meet at a bar dogs or what? Should I bother with this one?
  40. what kind of dog this is? I think he may be a beagle/foxhound mix?
  41. How do cats find their way back home? Do they... backtrack?..follow the...
  42. if you were in a relationship with a man and you know he is a real hound dog ?
  43. What breed of dog would be best for me?
  44. Why does my dog fart all the time?
  45. What would you do dog lovers?
  46. will you name my puppy? Pic included?
  47. IS THIS NORMAL??? >>> my dog has a scabby head?
  48. How do I make sure that my Dog does not end up in "Puppy rehab"?
  49. What breed is this dog?
  50. Pittbull or Australian Cattle Dog?
  51. jack russell puppy....?
  52. Dogs Vs. Bread is it true?
  53. How to get my puppy to stop pooping in his crate?
  54. Would you make the dog leave too?
  55. All dog owners please answer!!!!!?
  56. What was the stupidest dog behavior you have ever seen?
  57. What are the names of the fist shots a puppy should get in california?
  58. When you were little, what breed of dog did you always want? And did you...
  59. Can dog's tails be broken? how do you fix that? ?
  60. where can i get my dog nice knitted sweater vests?
  61. Welcoming Home A New Puppy!!?
  62. Hi, I have a 3 month old boxer puppy that I cannot get to stop growling and...
  63. My kids are into rap music and all I hear are N words and women refered to as female
  64. if you can easily feel your dogs backbone and ribs does this mean your dogs
  65. Get girlfriend a puppy for one year anniversary?
  66. Is it wrong to purchase a 4-5 week old pit puppy?
  67. My puppy cannot have a poo he is trying and trying what should i do please help!?
  68. Dog jumped right on my stomach this morning...34 weeks pregnant?
  69. when will puppies start to grow there teeth?
  70. Is my dog ok he ate frozen pork?
  71. Dog loosing weight due to age?
  72. what should i do with puppies that have worms?
  73. dogs that are in-heat are they more aggressive??
  74. Ladies I was walking my dogs in the woods and a man said 'Their an excitable...
  75. Did you know the rottweilers are actually nice & are well behaved dogs? (I...
  76. Would you still consider me a good Christian if I was to get my gay son and his
  77. I need a doctors letter for flying with a dog mental assistants animal? ?
  78. I got a puppy he weighs 9.3lbs at 12 weeks how big will he get? He is 9 inches...
  79. My Little Dog is possessed by a child who died in 1945.?
  80. How do your keep your dog's ears pretty and pink?
  81. What kind of puppy is this?
  82. Dog started biting me?
  83. Is my dog a toy or minature?
  84. do i keep water in my puppy's crate or no?
  85. Humane Society and Dog Bites?
  86. Dog breed advise please Pomeranian look a like?
  87. Raccoons and small dog?
  88. B pollen shots for dogs?
  89. Safe for dog to ingest human hair?
  90. Dog throwing up!! what would be the reason?
  91. Raw diet for puppy. Am I missing something?
  92. Help! My 9 week old puppies won't stop snapping at me!?
  93. Is the Dog Whisperer a God, a Saint, or just a regular human?
  94. do dogs see in black and white?
  95. What do you think is the cutest breed of dog?
  96. Labrador puppy, training help??!?
  97. My dog is always getting infections!?
  98. Design ideas for a dog tag gift?
  99. I finally got myself a new dog...what's the next step?
  100. What kind of behavioural changes will I see, when my dog loses her hearing?
  101. Is bird dogging, scouting, or property locating illegal in Oklahoma?
  102. Puppies.. Any extra advice?
  103. My dog had the parvo virus and now her leg looks like a ballon why?
  104. Why did my puppy started to pee in the house again?
  105. after all the trouble i had keeping two dogs split up from breeding......?
  106. Be honest, have you ever sacrificed comfort in your bed or sofa, so your dog
  107. Would this be okay for my dog?
  108. what to do kill fleas for a puppy?
  109. Which do you think will work out better for me? I need a dog colored carpet, or a
  110. Treadmills for dogs....?
  111. My dog has one ear canal that's too small!?
  112. why am i hearing teacup dogs are bad?
  113. how cute is this dog?
  114. how do i stop my dog from making holes on my lawn?
  115. dog licking / is it dominance?
  116. My dog is a mixed breed but what kind?
  117. What is that IDIOM that goes something a long the line of.. It's not about...
  118. Looking for healthy dog treat suggestions...?
  119. My dog has epilepsy (20 characters)?
  120. Can a cat with ear mites spread the mites to a 4 month old puppy?
  121. would you microchip or tattoo your dog?
  122. How much would it cost to have my dog neutered?
  123. what is the best thing for a puppy that is 7 months with fleas?
  124. My puppy ate half a cherry my neice left on the floor?
  125. How much food to feed a puppy?
  126. Online dog breed determiner?
  127. What does it mean "to name the puppy" in a relationship.?
  128. Where can I download Power of One by X-Ray Dog?
  129. Would you smash and kill a bug who bit you? What about a tiny, bug-sized
  130. how long do mother dogs eat their puppies poo?
  131. Is Sugar Cane good for dogs?
  132. Should I keep the dog?
  133. What is my dog trying to do?
  134. Why does my dog..............?!??!?
  135. I thought it was good for my dogs... what do you think?
  136. whats a cute small adorable playful dog?
  137. Are pigs ears bad for dogs?
  138. Adoption...adult dog or pup that is the question.....(info inside)?
  139. My Dog is coughing alot?
  140. Will it be safe to leave the new puppy alone with the new Chief of Staff?
  141. What could be causing my dog to vomit?
  142. Did a ouija board kill my dog?
  143. my puppy is bleeding like she has her period, what do I do?
  144. How hard is it to house break a dog?
  145. what breed of puppy did miley get for her 16th birthday.?
  146. IS Pedigree dog food?
  147. Why Is The DOG Attracted To The Scent Of POPCORN BALLS ...?
  148. when will my 2 month old puppy calm down enough to let him rolm alone?
  149. Can my dog eat right after spaying?
  150. My dog has all of a sudden started pooping and peeing in the house during the...
  151. My dog always barks! What can I do?
  152. Are there legal ramifications for a shelter that allows the adoption of a...
  153. How do I convince my parents to get me this dog?
  154. What kind of dog should I get?
  155. why do dogs sniff the ground for the perfect spot?
  156. What kind of dog do you have?
  157. is asking if there are genourous understanding dog owners to much to ask for...
  158. what does it mean when a dog rubs his but on the floor ?
  159. how to stop my puppy froming chewing on funiture?
  160. New name for our female dog?
  161. We have two dogs, Molly & Maggie.Please help us name the newest addition,...
  162. Do you know ur dog breeds???
  163. Anybody ever had any contact w/ therapy dogs?
  164. spay and neuter dogs, whats the benefit?
  165. Another question about my new dog?
  166. Now that Obama has won the election, what kind of puppy will he take to the...
  167. Question for a dog expert. My dog keeps urinating in my room?
  168. Puppies and dogs purge themselves with grass?
  169. Know any Good dog kennels/runs for BIG dogs?
  170. My puppy growls aggressively at baby carriages?
  171. Question About Stopping Puppy Mills?
  172. When is it too cold to leave your dog outside all day?
  173. My dog had some very small spaghetti-like worms in her poop today. What kind...
  174. What kind of breed is my new puppy?
  175. Dog Diarrhea with Red Blood?? ?
  176. my dog has red eyes. what does this mean?
  177. suggest changes in this dog van?
  178. Am I the only one who thinks Obama should get the White House dog from an...
  179. How much does your puppy weigh?
  180. Does your dog make you laugh?
  181. Puppy for my boyfriend? ?
  182. How to calm a hyperactive dog to receive treatment?
  183. how much can you sell pitbull puppies for?
  184. We are thinking about getting a puppy?
  185. How do I convince my dad to let me get a dog?
  186. My dog gets scared when I teach him obedience for no reason, what should I do?
  187. Give my new puppy a name ?
  188. what could cause the death of 7 puppies that were born almost 4 weeks ago?
  189. My 7 month puppy, will someone help with this?
  190. How do i make my dog not constipated?
  191. Unusual Dog Behavior While Eating - Please help!?
  192. what should i not feed a 2 month puppy?
  193. My 2 yr old Pitbull attacked my neighbors dog..?
  194. Im trying to download "102 Dalmations Puppies to the rescue" but it keeps saying:?
  195. how to retrain puppies?
  196. my dog has crusty stuff in near his eye what do i do!!!!!!!!!help!?
  197. Dog on treadmill for winter?
  198. why dont dog owners clean up well?
  199. Can a Cat and Dog have babies?!?
  200. How do you train a Maltese dog?
  201. My boyF tried to kill me with the dogs leash!!!!!?
  202. life expectancy of a dog when deprived of food water or air...?
  203. What color puppies possibly would a Buff female and a Chocolate cocker spaniel have?
  204. Help me name my dog please?
  205. My dog is afraid of the dark when she sleeps.?
  206. why does my yorkie puppy turn her butt twords me and shrink to the ground when...
  207. Why is my 6 month old puppy pooping constantly?
  208. Do you tip a dog groomer who owns the business?
  209. Who's better dogs or humans?
  210. Is it normal for puppies?
  211. male or female puppy? sheltie?
  212. Whats a good name for a male dog im not a animal lover or anything just hate its
  213. PEDIGREE HEALTHY START® Food For Puppies ?
  214. in fallout 3 is there more than one dog that helps you.?
  215. Small business ideas? Maybe mobile..ie. Mobile dog wash, lawn mowing?
  216. A weird dog question...?
  217. can a hawk eat or grab a 5pound, 5 month yorkie puppy.?
  218. Any free puppies/dog in NYC?
  219. Puggle puppy question!?
  220. Coping with death. dog.?
  221. What kind of puppy should I get?
  222. When should my dog have her babies?
  223. Right dog for us....?
  224. hi,i have a pitbull puppy,i want to bath her but have no dog shampoo at...
  225. What kind of breed is my puppy!?
  226. Any suggestions for puppy name?
  227. Question for dog breeders, why are my puppies fearful?
  228. Adding a Male Rottwiler Puppy to my home?
  229. Yo live on the eart at sea level. you go to the top of a tower that is 0.23
  230. I've lost my dog show judging books and c.v. How can I get the information I need?
  231. Can my vaccinated dog get distemper from my rescue?
  232. Do dogs have shoulders?
  233. Two men are walking down the street and see a dog licking his balls. One man
  234. What to do when a dog dies?
  235. What to do with a deaf dog?
  236. puppy mills selling dogs with parvo?
  237. does my puppy have parvo?
  238. What is your favorite trick that you taught your dog and how did you teach...
  239. What is the CUTEST dog you have ever seen ?? ?
  240. My dog has gas. Should I feed him beano?
  241. how to crate train my puppy?
  242. when a dog gets scared can there anal glands be expressed?
  243. is your dog good with other...just a few fun questions?
  244. Im getting a dog for christmas what should i ask for on my christmas list for it?
  245. why is my dog coughing ,it sounds as his trying to cauch something out but he cant?
  246. Does anyone have pictures of your border collie lab mixed dog? I'mnot sure if that's
  247. teach a dog to go in her dog house?
  248. Dogs outside in this weather?
  249. What breed is this dog?!? (pic)?
  250. How much do you exercise your dogs?