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  1. is it ok to bring my puppy outside in the fall?
  2. Where do puppies come out from the mother dog during birth?
  3. What should I name my new puppy?
  4. Is my dog a ventriloquist?
  5. Poll : Do You Ever Wish You Were a Dog?
  6. My dogs sleep in my bed and I cant find bedding that does not show every
  7. Using dogs as livestock. What are your views?
  8. What monster would dress their dog or cat up like in a costume?
  9. need dog help.. i don't know what my dog is?!?
  10. Help my dog bites! It's getting bad?
  11. Help - this is not a joke, if I type in dog on my computer, it comes up god -...
  12. will my dogs wound heal if...?
  13. does anybody in the philippines have a registered japananese spitz puppy/dog?
  14. Please help my puppy!!!! ?
  15. How can I show my dog that i love him?
  16. can dogs eat clam chowder?
  17. does any one know where i can get a Baby (puppy) yorkie for adoption?
  18. How do I get my dog to come back in the house??!!!?
  19. Puppy With Fleas 8 Weeks Old?
  20. why is my 9wk puppy poo loose and like jelly with a bit of blood?
  21. gahh my dogs!! help me please?
  22. Did you all see the picture of the dog that just may be the perfect choice as...
  23. How can I make my dog not growl at strangers?
  24. if 2 dogs are fighting over a toy, what must one of the dogs do in order to
  25. How to make homemade dog toys?
  26. why doesn't my dog learn to pee outside?
  27. How can I stop my dog from using the guest bedroom as her personal bathroom?
  28. Spaying/neutering a WORKING dog (protection, etc?) Why or why not?
  29. is she fit do do so my dog?
  30. my 10 week puppy tape worm continued...?
  31. I have a puppy and I'm wondering...?
  32. just got a dog my son say he is a pitbull mixed but with what we don't know. can...
  33. my dog has a lump on his butt?
  34. Drug dogs should alert to everybody with money right?
  35. hairless dog breeds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  36. Can I leave a pee pad in the puppy pen?
  37. Which makes a better pet : A dog or a cat?
  38. Yorky Puppy Info????
  39. What do I do about getting my dog back from my ex?
  40. How does my dog do beg?
  41. How do I paper train my 3 month old puppy? ?
  42. how do you tell a 4yr. old that his dog is not going to be with him anymore?
  43. Tell me what kind of dog do I have?
  44. ma dog iz given birth!!!!!!! wat do i do?!?!?!?!?
  45. My mother dog isn't taking care of pups?
  46. Occasional mucus in urine from puppy - is this normal?
  47. My White German Shep. Puppy Keeps throwing up..?
  48. what kind of bedding would be best for a tiny 8 week old puppy?
  49. What Does Her Dog Do That?
  50. Can someone give a concise list of all the documents/certificates I should expect
  51. Nick Jonas Dog Tag? ?
  52. My Dogs problem that I don't know if it will stop.?
  53. What are the silliest dog myths you have heard?
  54. What does the phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" mean?
  55. How to deal with a destructive puppy?
  56. Why does my dog bark in his sleep?
  57. Which breed of dog has breeds called Welsh, Scottish and Irish?
  58. If your dog bites a person that harassed you , what do you have to expect?
  59. how many drops do i give to my dog?
  60. How do you house train a puppy not to pee and poop everywhere?
  61. I just got a 6 mo. old puppy.... KNOWS NOTHING.?
  62. Do you think my dog is ugly? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SNslW9DG05A?
  63. Did I get Worms From My Dog?
  64. Where did the saying "Raining Cats and Dogs" come from? ?
  65. So what do you like on top of your Hot Dog?
  66. What Can I Do? (Neighbors Dog)?
  67. Should Obama get a German Shepherd or a German Shepherd mix as the first dog?
  68. how much food should i feed my dog?
  69. Serious answers only. I am very serious about my dogs and I had an accident...?
  70. Is it possible to become friends with a dog you do not own?
  71. Do you think this dog would be a good choice for the first family?
  72. have you ever seen puppies this cute?
  73. Possible liver shunt puppy?
  74. Dog Won't Stop Whining?
  75. My puppy- how much room should he have in his crate for stretching?
  76. Going to the vet- dog pooing massive piles of diarrhea? ?
  77. Do dogs get aggressive at the smelling of blood?
  78. My puppy has just been sick?
  79. What's the best breed of dog for our young family?
  80. Would You Use Puppy Pads Or Newspaper?
  81. I Got a Puppy Jack Russell Today 9 Weeks Old.?
  82. what do I have to do with my dogs ?
  83. Who played a role in dog fighting with Micheal Vick?
  84. Questions about my new puppy?
  85. Why is my dog acting this way?
  86. What is the best type of dog for my 5 year old daughter?
  87. What could cause this problem in my dog?
  88. Has your dog ever embarrassed you in public?
  89. Puppy vaccination and kennels ?
  90. Can you register a dog for the AKC at any age? Also, which name do you prefer?
  91. My dog is sad...................?
  92. Peru offering Obama family dog?
  93. how old is a dog year?
  94. Why is my dog's ear over waxy every once in awhile?
  95. I really want a dog but I dont know what kind to get. What kind should I get?
  96. My neighbors leave their dog outside ALL day long.. is there anything that can
  97. Our puppy pees right away WHEN we put his leash on bc he associates it...
  98. Is our puppy too thin? I need opinions. (Pictures)?
  99. Can dog die from gastrites?
  100. Cross-breeding dogs ?
  101. Raw moose bones for my dog, any objections?
  102. HELP!!! My 15 week old puppy hurt himself!?
  103. What is the best dog backpack?
  104. my puppy doesn't like to be smoothed is this usual ?
  105. When did they start training the first guide dog for the blind?
  106. Puppy Problem! Help!!!?
  107. my puppy ate some chocolate..will he be okay?
  108. How long do dogs stay in the puppy-chew-on-everything-I-see phase?
  109. My dog broke her toenail.?
  110. What are you a dog or cat person or both?
  111. How do you tell someone you love that it's time to put their dog to sleep?
  112. My dog keeps eating fertilizer/ manure...?
  113. how can i get my puppies away from the mother?
  114. My dog keeps throwing up. He threw up 5 times during the night and once this
  115. What name should President elect Obama choose for his dog?
  116. help plz help is my puppy ok??(pic) look wise?
  117. help my dog got into a fight?
  118. SCABBY HEAD ND BALDING????? puppy needs help!?
  119. how do u housetrain a puppy?
  120. I got a new puppy he is 6 weeks old.. need help!!?
  121. What do I do if I hit a dog with my car?
  122. why my dog keeps climbing the table to sit on it?
  123. How do I convince my dad to adopt another dog?
  124. do human grow fang? like dog and cat do?(smiles)?
  125. The Dog Island game for Wii?
  126. Is it morally wrong to get your dog fixed a week after you think she was...
  127. My dog won't go to the bathroom outside when its cold?
  128. I need help potty training my puppy!?
  129. why are vegans trying to convert their dogs into veganism?
  130. I live in U.S., my family wants to go to the Carribbean? MY dog has to come, but
  131. how do i convince my mum to get a dog,my step dad has had numerous dogs so i
  132. how do you convince your mom to let you get a dog ASAP?
  133. Is anybody else looking at adopting an Arsenal puppy for Christmas?
  134. My 1 yr. old dog NURSES ON A BALL!?
  135. My dog suddenly started shaking nearly uncontrolably and constrantly. She is a rott.
  136. can anyone recommend an over-the-counter dewormer (for tape worms) for my 100...
  137. Should I get another puppy?
  138. Whining Puppy Experience?
  139. What is the difference between ADBA, AKC, UKC, ect. registered dogs?
  140. why are dogs simply the best pets?
  141. It is unethical to use dogs as a product to rent to the consumer in terms...
  142. how do i stop my puppy from peeing all over his front leg?
  143. why my 12 week yorkie poo puppy is not eating her food? she has good...
  144. What breed of puppy could this be?
  145. For how many days each month will my dog menstruate until we get her fixed?
  146. ok, my dog has fleas i give her a bath Avery week how can i get rid GO them ?
  147. whats wrong with my dog?
  148. Is it safe to take a puppy out?
  149. Fun questions about your dog(s)?
  150. would a companion be a good Idea for my dog?
  151. Why does President Obama discriminate against puppies that live in...
  152. Our puppy is 6 weeks old and she has ice-blue eyes...?
  153. My dog...A Lahsa Apso is on her period.....?
  154. Why is my dog getting small bald spots?
  155. Big dog coming into family with little dog?
  156. How to keep my dog from licking her stitches!?
  157. Does my dog know I am pregnant?
  158. How long until my dog has puppies?
  159. Puppy nipping his....?
  160. How can "breeding laws" be tailored to stop puppy mills/bad breeders, and not
  161. my mixed puppy's stomach is making gurgling noises like he is Hungry But he...
  162. What is the best dog toothpaste that will get rid of smelly breath and is edible...
  163. Why do dogs tilt their head back when they bark?
  164. Can a 10 month old puppy receive a cortizone shot for allergies?
  165. How to locate a vet in Texas who specializes in cruciate ligament treatment
  166. how can i train my dog not to pee in the house?
  167. How many dogs are there in Barrie Ontario, Canada?
  168. Dogs..........................................?
  169. My dog's drooling.........?
  170. Are there Dog Modeling Agencies in Vegas or L.A.?
  171. I think Obama should adopt George W. Bush as his dog for the White House. Is there...
  172. ingrown hairs and dogs.............?
  173. Wanted: Dog food advice, for smaller breeds, please.?
  174. My Puppies Growth?????
  175. what can i put on my dogs feet to keep the snow freezing inbetween her pads on her
  176. Can my dogs really understand English?
  177. How do I know if my dog is from Hell?
  178. Will my dog still bark, whine and makes noises when she loses her hearing?
  179. my 5 month year dog started coughing five hours ago,& it sounds like its
  180. What is/are the difference(s) between a Hunting dog and a Hyena?
  181. Why does my puppy smell like corn tortillas?
  182. How do you pick the name for your puppy?
  183. I have a 5mo. old puppy and 5 cats w/ fleas do i need to bomb my house?
  184. is there any way to stop this dog from biting or will it have to be put down?
  185. Can anyone give me training advice on a dachshund puppy?
  186. Dog Is Being RETURNED To Me?
  187. Is my dog going to know i'm her owner even in a house with 10 other pets?
  188. Hamburg - New labrador from animal home - friendly with dogs but needs more
  189. There is a virus going around our house, vomiting and diarrhea, can our dog...
  190. Why does my 2 year old son pick on our dog?
  191. my dog WONT stop barking! help!?
  192. I think my dog may have gotten a percocet that was dropped on the floor. Will
  193. Why does my dog prefer to stay out in the cold weather?
  194. Why dose my Jackrussel dog is eating its own vomit? why is it vomiting?
  195. where can i get a dog tag necklace just like nick jonas?
  196. do you know anyone who looks like a Dog ?
  197. How do I get my mom to let me keep a chihuahua puppy that someone gave me?
  198. how long should my puppies erection last?
  199. if you found a puppy on the streets.....?
  200. What is a good name for a dog?
  201. My dog has Hydrocephalus?
  202. For those who brush their dog's teeth....?
  203. Trouble Training New Puppy, Help!?
  204. How much of a yard do my two med. size dogs need and how much will it cost?
  205. Dog Survey: Closet to mine will receive 15 points!!! Please answer?
  206. Why is my puppy behaving like this? ?
  207. My dog is sneezing like crazy! What do I do?
  208. how do you protect your door from your dog scratching to come in?
  209. Part 2 on Fluid pocket on puppies head?
  210. How can i train my dog to stop pulling on the lead when out walking?
  211. crate training my puppy?
  212. how long does puppy breath last?
  213. My 5 month old puppy is peeing in her crate. What can we do to stop her from
  214. Housebreaking a Puppy on Graveyard Shift?
  215. how to get dog urine smell outta carpet?!?
  216. Dog tired after injury?
  217. Does my dog have a tumor?
  218. When do Alaskan Husky puppies loose their baby teeth? ?
  219. My puppy ate her harness!!!?
  220. Puppy Names?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  221. Dog has bloody diarrhea what to do?
  222. 8 week old kitten attack by 2 dogs?
  223. How To Make a website for my dog?
  224. How to take my crazy dog from an outside dog into a house/outside dog?
  225. I have a male dog was fixed 3 months ago and he is still trying to hump my female
  226. How many times and how much should I feed my dogs?
  227. Is there a job where me and my corgi dog can work?
  228. how to raise a puppy?
  229. Is another female dog right for me? ?
  230. What type of dog should the Obama's get?
  231. Fixing Vistas Problem with My Puppy in search Mode Type cookies cache temp history
  232. dog proofing a fence?
  233. remember the DASANI commercial with the lady dressed in a pink dog suit sitting...
  234. What to do with dogs in the major snow?
  235. my dog keeps eating cat poop?
  236. what can I do to stop my dog rolling in poo?
  237. Fixed male dog get bi*ch preggo?
  238. My dog has been acting very strange since her puppies have gone to new homes?
  239. Whats wrong with my dog? a pacth of fur under he's ear near eye has a relly...
  240. How to care for a 2 1/2 week old puppy?
  241. How Much does your dog/puppy?
  242. Old dog? Question in the details...?
  243. What is a good dog for a 15yo boy?
  244. What sort of dog lead do you have?
  245. Dog Barfing All Day??????
  246. Is the awful smell coming from my doggie's bum area a puppy fart!?!?!?
  247. I need help picking out a name for my new puppy?
  248. hmmm, so dogs apparently turn multiple times because they are related to burrowing
  249. White flat worm like stuff in my 9 week old puppy?
  250. Do you think I should get a Puppy?