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  1. Why is my husband not as interested in our puppy as I am?
  2. Can you be allergic to just one particular dog?
  3. Whats your dogs name and age....(THERES A CATCH)?
  4. My new puppy "got angry" how do I handle this?
  5. Why my 2 year old dog stopped peeing on her wee wee/ training pad?
  6. Do you think this would work as a temporary puppy crate?
  7. How can I get my dad to buy me a dog?
  8. puppy Boston Terrier HELP !!!?
  9. Good Female Puppy Names?
  10. I have a mutt dog; and I need help figuring out his breeds?
  11. How would my 14 yr old dog handle a puppy?
  12. My 3 month old puppy has an upset stomach?
  13. which of these dogs would you choose?
  14. how does my dog look?
  15. my dog scratches herself continue sly the vet said she had allergy's and
  16. For those of you that are knowledgeable about cancer in dogs?
  17. My dog is really gassy, can i give her anything to help it?
  18. My Dog has a mark on her chest?
  19. Has anyone ever heard of a dog having a worm in it's eye?
  20. My dog is dead. What do I do?
  21. What Kind Of Puppy Is This?
  22. is my dog experiencing a false pregnancy?
  23. What's a good name for a dog?
  24. What is making my Dog limp?
  25. My husband and I work 9 hours and have a dog, we create him but feel horrible? HELP?
  26. Is there such kind of mixed breed puppy called MalChiPoo?
  27. Dog Yipes out of no where and is not eating and is drinking a lot of water?
  28. Hey! The old dog here is really getting old. What do you think of that?
  29. How much chocalate does it take to kill a dog?
  30. Dogs barking with mohawks. How does this happen?
  31. why does my dog cry with her toys?
  32. Can a dog become more friendly if not still a puppy?
  33. I cannot seem to potty train my German Shepherd puppy. What am i doing wrong?
  34. What brand and how much to give my GSD puppy?
  35. How can I get my puppy to eat more?
  36. my dog is constipated what I do?
  37. Prices for Lab Puppies?
  38. why is my puppy being really violent at such a young age?
  39. ok heres my dilema, I have a 3 month puppy GSD mix, he goes "potty" outside.?
  40. Why is my dog watching me have sex?
  41. It is possible for the Obamas to bring a cat to the White House instead of a puppy?
  42. Any ideas on dog shampoo?
  43. my dog has bumps on his skin that keep getting bigger and bigger?
  44. Help with my new puppy! ?
  45. I know two dogs that are being abused by their owners, which are my neighbors...?
  46. is teddy bear and blacky a good name For my Dogs?
  47. We are getting another dog soon and was looking for some advice on a breed...
  48. How do I know my dog is pregnant? ?
  49. Can my dog eat processed ham?
  50. How do you train a "licky" dog?
  51. dog size help.......................?
  52. Norfolk Terrier Questions, right dog for me?
  53. how do I get my dog to bark?
  54. Im thinking of getting a husky puppy ?
  55. Why do people kiss their dogs?
  56. is my yellow lab puppy a dudley?
  57. Having a jealous dog. Need advice.?
  58. what kind of breed is this puppy?
  59. how much is Peruvian Hairless Dog? i can't find a price for them ?
  60. How do I teach my dog to speak? She never barks!?
  61. What breed is my dog ?
  62. My puppy is scratching more than usual?
  63. Can someone help me read my dogs' body language?
  64. when can i bath my puppies?
  65. my 3 month old puppy's left eye is red and small amounts of eye puss comes out of
  66. How can I stop my neighbors dog from barking?
  67. How do i know if my "supposedly" german shepherd puppy is mixed with rottweiler?
  68. my puppy ate 6 ferro roches?
  69. If You crossed a comedian with a dog?
  70. dog help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  71. What is wrong with that dog's eye?
  72. my dog is acting really weird??? pacing/sniffing back and forth?
  73. Puppy questions????????!!!!!!!!!!!?
  74. Have you ever had your dog stolen from you?
  75. How can I amuse my puppy?
  76. Can you describe the good and bad of a yorkie puppy?
  77. Is this ugly or cute for a puppies name...?
  78. My dog has bumps on her and I dont know if it is just an infection or cancer?
  79. Estimation on the cost of a puppy..?
  80. My three month old puppy still cries in the crate.?
  81. Names for a lab puppy?
  82. Quick question about Children and Dogs?
  83. Where can I get a puppy for cheap?
  84. dog collar for my mastiff?
  85. Why does my new puppy hate me so much!!?
  86. My dog disappeared and i dont know where he went.?
  87. i need puppy help....?
  88. why does my female dog hump people's legs?
  89. could I have dog allergy?
  90. Socialization of puppy?
  91. Dog sick after eating a bone..?
  92. Can NEWBORN puppies be born with hiccups?
  93. How old does a puppy have to be before given away?
  94. should i be worried when my dog does this?
  95. My dog is having an asthma attack? help ?
  96. 4 more questions about dog registration...?
  97. What can I give my dog for diarrhea?
  98. My 15 week old Puppy just started peeing when she sees me?
  99. My small mix black puppy has a lump on her lower stomach that has been growing .?
  100. Why does my dog howl at sirens?
  101. How can you train a dog that hasn't been trained?
  102. Does my dog have rash or not? ?
  103. my dog wont stop chewing up everything?
  104. Type of worm on my dog's skin?
  105. My puppy has a bald patch?
  106. My dog eats raw diet and doesnt drink hardly any water?
  107. I have a few ?'s, what are reasons a dog would do the following things?
  108. How harmful can a tiny piece of chocolate cake be to a dog?
  109. 2 dogs (loud sleepers)+1 husband (light sleeper)=no sleep at all for me! how do
  110. What is the cutest type of dog?
  111. A new Chihuahua puppy! How to introduce her ?
  112. Did Geogre Bush get punished for his dog biting that reporter?
  113. My Dog growls and flinches when you touch her stomach?
  114. What will happen to my dog?
  115. shipping puppies, bad right? or is it ok? does effect the pup's behavior?
  116. What does it mean when a dog licks you?
  117. Should we get a female dog?
  118. How can I stop being such a dog in heat?
  119. When I'm not home, my puppy that I rescued from the pound about a month ago, still...
  120. Why do some dogs have stiff ears that go up while others have floppy
  121. allergy! can I still keep dogs as a pet?
  122. How To Introduce a small puppy to ferrets? ?
  123. How can I get my dog to allow me to clip his claws?
  124. how do i make my puppy grow faster?
  125. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  126. Where can I find a cheap price for Blue Buffalo puppy food?
  127. need a name for my puppy?
  128. Do dogs get colds? I don't think I have ever heard a dog sneeze and cough?
  129. remides for puppy with parvo ?
  130. why is my newborn puppies losing hair in dry patches?
  131. Do dogs have a certain smell when horny?
  132. my dog ate chocoate!! somone help!!?
  133. Canidae Dog Food Question?
  134. A step son and unwanted dog are driving me crazy, I can't stand it anymore!...
  135. My Dog whines when he scratches his ears. and he also bites his fur off on his back ?
  136. Are allergies in a dog a sign of bad breeding?
  137. What is a better word for "owner" when it comes to dogs?
  138. whats your favorite dog?
  139. Why is dog man's best friend?
  140. My father just ran over a dog with his car?
  141. What is a good dog name?
  142. my birds been bitten by a dog what can i do?
  143. I ran out of dog food. stores not . what can i feed my dogs until I can
  144. Trouble housebreaking puppy!?
  145. Free Yorkie Puppy Scams?
  146. Why are some dogs harder to train?
  147. Why does my dog chase slippers?
  148. Does a hernia stop my dog from being a stud?
  149. How can I protect my newborn puppies from the threat of an alien abduction?
  150. Does this puppy look like a Bullmastiff mix to you?
  151. puppy got sick!!!HELP!!!!!!!?
  152. New Dog with Old Dog?
  153. Dog problems Please Help!!!!!...?
  154. My dog is licking too much!?
  155. Helping A Puppy Whilst Teething?
  156. Peru offering Obama family a dog?
  157. I would love to start a kennel for unwanted puppies and dogs?
  158. Can anyone tell me what kind of puppy i have?
  159. Our black lab puppy is about 3 months old, we are trying the crate training
  160. How do I get my puppy to be less antsy/nervous around new dogs?
  161. where is the best place in Detroit to get a coney dog?
  162. What dog is considered to be a good guard dog, but can also be good with children?
  163. anyone know what type of my dog is? i upload pic..?
  164. Has any one gotten A pedigree for there dog from the CKC?
  165. My neighbor brings home new dogs every couple of months, they disappear...
  166. do all puppies have to have their first injection at 6 weeks?
  167. how do you cure dog diarrhea? ?
  168. My puppy is 5 months old now and still not house trained!?
  169. I have a 7 year old girl 13 year old boy and i was wondering what dog should i
  170. how do you properly price a dog mixed breed or not?
  171. Why do the puppies mouth smell so bad?
  172. My dog got sprayed by a skunk?
  173. Anyone know any small dog breeders in california?
  174. Is there a way my dog will stop peeing from excitement? ?
  175. dog breeds survey ????
  176. My puppy won't eat her Taste of the Wild dog food?
  177. Get up, and Take the Puppy Outside, Or Wait?
  178. Animal Control taking puppy because he might have rabies?
  179. after my dog goes for a swim?
  180. dog sectiom: how common is this?
  181. I ran over a dog. Should I call the owner?
  182. Help Someone Plese Give My Adivse My Dog Is Ill?
  183. what are the best puppies to get if your allergic?
  184. My Neighbors Constant Barking Dog?
  185. Almost potty trained, I think. Help with a puppy, please!?
  186. Why would a puppy give lick some people more than others?
  187. where can i buy a cheap puppy in glendale, california?
  188. How do I screen potential buyers of my puppies?
  189. What in the hell is wrong with this dog?
  190. Help, dog won't stop whining?
  191. How Old Is My Puppy? (CLICK HERE)?
  192. What is a good family dog choice?
  193. Are there any dogs that hunt and kill rats?
  194. chinese crested dogs?
  195. My Dog has a serious sharting problem?
  196. My friends dog, has bad behavior and influences mine! Help!?
  197. Do dogs recognize themselves in mirrors?
  198. What style of hot-dog do you prefer?
  199. Why can't my dog get along with other dogs?
  200. Is my dog a lesbian?? ?
  201. Dog Smacks Lips & Vomits weekly?
  202. Will anything bad happen if I smoke weed in the same room as my dog?
  203. My dog (heath question)?
  204. Dog Is Acting Odd Help?
  205. Where can I find a puppy? Maltese/tzu? Lhasa/maltese? Bichon/Tzu? Lhasa/Tzu? ?
  206. i need a job ?like dog walker or babysitter?
  207. How do I get my puppy to stop biting on my hands and feet.?
  208. my 3 week old puppy won't use bottle?
  209. When i take my 10 wk old puppy out and she notices people she cries and...
  210. Having problem's with dog and new puppy?
  211. My daughter had a 3 month old puppy. She's very perky but she has severe
  212. What should President Obama's new dog be named?
  213. About tattos on dogs?
  214. How do I keep my little dog from falling? ?
  215. How do I keep my dog in my yard?
  216. Why does my dog avoid my other sick dog?
  217. My dog keeps pacing and throwing up?
  218. When can I deworm my puppy?
  219. Crossbread dogs? Maltipoo...xx?
  220. Is it better to boil or brown meat on the stove when cooking for my dogs?
  221. My dog's really needs a coat for winter.......?
  222. Can I have my cat, fluffy, and my dog, Biscuits,together in my house?
  223. Can puppies develop kennel cough from just a change of environments? Or is it only
  224. What are good names for 2 puppies?
  225. Help Starved Dog ! !?
  227. What are GOOD puppy names?
  228. can anyone tell me what kind of puppy this is?
  229. my ratterrier dog i think was bittin by a bee 2 hours later i notice a rash over
  230. Dogs cannot taste!!!?
  231. My puppies leg is cut and swollen?
  232. Why does my dog jump on my back, bite the back of my neck and push me over?
  233. How do i get my puppy to potty outside when it is raining or cold?
  234. CANIDAE Dog food, is there any big name pet store in Canada that carry it ?!?
  235. Where can I get a chocker chain collar for a small dog?
  236. How long should a dog be fed puppy food?
  237. when can puppies start to see everything?
  238. What do you think's wrong with my dog?
  239. My dog won't be socialable?
  240. how do i tell if the puppy i have is a german shepherd mix or a doberman mix?
  241. Fluid Pocket on puppies head?
  242. How big should my white german shepherd puppy be at age 4.5 months?
  243. my puppy chihuaha....?
  244. why cant puppy mills do this?
  245. What is your favorite type of dog?
  246. what shall i call my new puppy?
  247. New Puppy Help me ! !?
  248. My puppy (the one I'm looking for a gay name for) eats homophobes...what to do?
  249. Searching for a good dog, help?
  250. What kind of mix do you think my ten week old puppy is?