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  1. Do dogs get depressed? How do you know?
  2. Survey: Can you reconcile on puppy training?
  3. My puppy is fighting Parvo?
  4. Where can i find shitzu puppy in mississippi?
  5. Types of dog allergies?
  6. My dog pees any where when peek up?
  7. Problem with puppy and Christmas tree?
  8. What is the best way to deal with rescued dogs that are scared, run from you and
  9. Dogs and the violin?? =P?
  10. My Dogs Cant Stop Fighting ?
  11. My Puppy has Parvo :[?
  12. how much do i feed my puppy?
  13. my black dog is turning pink?
  14. Would DAP be any good for my scared dog?
  15. am i the only one who does not like dogs? my g/f got a puppy and its driving me
  16. How to get puppy to stop barking and scratching to come in?
  17. five week old puppies, eating?
  18. how much would it cost to send my dog by plane?
  19. Puppy obedience lessons?
  20. Does anyone know what kind of puppy was on that new movie, Get Smart?
  21. Can anyone provide footage of pound officials drowning dogs?
  22. Can I cross from Canada to the US border with my 8wk old puppy? ?
  23. My question is about election problems and CNN as a watch dog.?
  24. Could I report my neighbor for letting his dog leave his waste on other peoples
  25. We have had three dogs come up missing in the last few weeks. What should we do?
  26. HELP..my dog just gave birth and she dont have no milk and the puppy keep...
  27. why is my puppy being really violent at such a young age?
  28. Why do Dogs Chase cats?
  29. Anyone know how to make homemade yummy yet organic treats for puppy or dogs?
  30. What is a water dog or muddpuppy?
  31. when should i neuter my blue nose pit bull puppy?
  32. How do you stop puppy biting?
  33. Is this dog a purebred Husky or mixed with something else?
  34. Ok so i'm getting a puppy tomorrow, what should i name it?[poll]?
  35. My dog got a rabies shot yesterday morning & he is still sore. Is this normal?
  36. Did you hear about a group of gay men who adopted a bunch of puppies and saved them?
  37. puppy/dog essentials price.?
  38. What book is this? (It's about how to train dogs)?
  39. Why is my dog sluggish and her stomach gurgling?
  40. I have a 21 day old puppy and I can't tell it's gender how can I tell?
  41. Is Rudie a good name for my maltese puppy?
  42. why are my dogs legs so week after spay?
  43. Is there anyways to keep a puppy out of the road?
  44. I live in a relatively small sized apartment (no yard) and want to get a dog. What...
  45. Why did the dog die? :(?
  46. Why does the retarded world care so much about what dog the Obama's get?
  47. Puppy jumping problems?
  48. A PUPPY > walking the stairs??? is this okay?
  49. 7 week old puppy has bad gas?
  50. What do you do with consipated dog?
  51. What is your favorite breed of dog and why?
  52. What would be some good spanish names for my female puppy?
  53. Hamburgers or Hot Dogs?
  54. What Kind of Dog is Best for Me?
  55. Puppy eating under the chair?
  56. I keep dreaming my dog gets run over?
  57. My neighbor has a problem with my dog barking when she is outside. What can I do?
  58. Spayed dog producing milk....?
  59. Bad puppy! jumps on tables,counters etc. HELP?
  60. puppy is always hungry?
  61. I'm thinking of getting a dog but the breed i want my be a bad choice help?
  62. Isnt this a rip off for puppies?
  63. What kind of breed is my dog?
  64. I can't potty-train my dog!!!?
  65. What are some GOOD female dog names?
  66. Please help us name our Puppy! ?
  67. What breed of dog will protect my family?
  68. If the fox is a dog, why was it never tamed? ?
  69. my puppy is whimpering in pain plz help?
  70. Prosecuted for posession of outlawed dog?
  71. Puppy's ear infection help?
  72. Why is rabies, primarily in dogs, more common in the summer than in the winter?
  73. How can I get a scared dog to approach me?
  74. Dogs acting werider than normal?
  75. Is their something wrong with my dog's appetite?
  76. Any suggestion on training my dog?
  77. I need help with my friends dog?
  78. i am looking for n organization that specifically is looking to help pit bulls and
  79. cute dog names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  80. I am looking for a new dog.....?
  81. What do you think of those working class dogs?
  82. How does an invisible dog fence work?
  83. Who let the dogs out?
  84. What's a cute dog that stays small?
  85. My dog vomitted on my car seat and floor.?
  86. Any Dog Lover Gifts Ideas?
  87. If Dog is Man's Best Friend..?
  88. ITS US OR THE PUPPY???? friend said?
  89. Answer Plz Answer Friends Say Us Or The Puppy Plz Answer Easy 10 Points Best Answer
  90. do dogs/puppies eat birds?
  91. Dog names for both a girl and boy..?
  92. where can i take my dog to get her shoots for a resonable price in Los Angeles?
  93. what should i do with my dog when i go on holiday? i can't afford a kennel?
  94. Please help us with some dog advice?
  95. My puppy keeps biting my other dog...?
  96. whats the weirdest thing that your dog has brought to you?
  97. i need a hug :(:( please????*puppy eyes*?
  98. How can I hep my puppy with his car sickness?
  99. Dog & Puppy Songs???
  100. World's Strongest Dog?
  101. New puppy is deaf, how to care for him?
  102. My dog has a problem. she won't eat out of the food station but will eat
  103. My puppy is foaming at the mouth and seizing, what should I do?
  104. puppy pain problems help!?
  105. Why is my pit bull puppy weak and odd?
  106. my dog licks his dick all the time .....?
  107. what is that cartoon where the girl has a dog named button and says "don't...
  108. how can I help my malnourished puppy get strong?
  109. Has anyone ever heard of the store Dreamy puppy in Chantilly, VA?
  110. Puppy nibble/biting problem!?
  111. i have just got a puppy and i called him?
  112. why wont my dog stop crying?
  113. what requirements do i need to take a puppy to ireland from the uk?
  114. What breed of dog is this?
  115. please tell me my dog isn't pregnant?!?!?!?
  116. What is a dumb, albeit cool dog trick? ?
  117. Serious Question About Male Puppy?!?
  118. We pick up our dog's poop, why don't mounted police pick up their horse's poop?
  119. What to do about the neighbor's extremely loud barking dog? ?
  120. which of thesse puppy names do you like best?
  121. Can you take your dog on holiday with you from the USA to Europe?
  122. Is Sirius, the dog planet, visible in the SoCal Skies yet? ?
  123. Can you help me with shih tzu puppies?
  124. How can i get my 13wk, apt dwelling, lab puppy to stop barking in his...
  125. is the stuff inside an ice pack toxic to a dog?
  126. Puppy had dead mouse in his mouth and...?
  127. my dog has white stuff comeing out of her nipples?
  128. My Sick puppy? Please help!!?
  129. whichis your favorite puppy name of thesee?
  130. what is wrong with my dog?
  131. What type of dog is this?
  132. Do you know what type of dogs these are?
  133. I need ideas for dog names?
  134. Dog Problems...hes In Pain Plez Help.?
  135. Have you got a good name for a cream-coloured Labradoodle puppy?
  136. My dog has something on his lower back. I looks like a rash but i dont know what
  137. Please help! My brand new puppy ?
  138. im afriad of dogs i wont go running when i see them they make me nevrous...
  139. I have 6 puppies under 3wks.and their mother died.The puppies r only 2wks old.What...
  140. Isn't he the cutest DOG you've seen?
  141. What do you think. Dog question?
  142. Can I give potassium pills to my dog? PLEASE HELP!!!?
  143. I am looking for a small breed dog and I don't know what to get. I do not...
  144. good name for new dog.......?
  145. can dogs have really fast metabolisms too?
  146. what should i do if im being sued for a dog bite?
  147. How do I get my dog to bite my sister?
  148. My puppy wont eat, what should i do?
  149. My puppy was diagnosed with parvo 4 days ago he got meds and we are giving him...
  150. Where does your dog sleep?
  151. I love puppy dogs :) ?
  152. How do I get my dog to stop?! Please answer.?
  153. What is up with this dog?
  154. Dog injured at the groomers shop....who's liable?
  155. will my dog be ok after eating some vegetable oil?
  156. Why does my dog (Buster :P ) go INSANE after having a poo?
  157. what dog breed is this?
  158. How do dogs get tapeworms?
  159. What are common off-standard traits that BYBs and puppy mills use to profit on?
  160. Compatible dog breed for my husky?
  161. I need to get ear drops in my dogs ears, even with another person helping...
  162. What dog chewing products do you recommend others to use and what do you use, Why? ?
  163. My dog is people-aggressive, is there a way to fix this?
  164. Do you think my puppy is cute?
  165. Bringing an 8 week chow chow puppy home soon! Advice?
  166. How do I get our dog to stop peeing on our carpet?
  167. Do you have a Dog? a greyhound? HELP PLEASE X?
  168. What breed/breeds is my puppy?
  169. Dog keeps itching, and causing himself to bleed..?
  170. Why Dog foams at the mouth?
  171. on the car ride home my puppy pooped on me. can anyone help me?
  172. my dog has red eyes, whats wrong?
  173. Mixed or purebred dog? Which should I get?
  174. is it ok to give a puppy milk?
  175. what is going on with my dog?!?
  176. Aren't these puppies cute? (LIVE VID!)?
  177. Searching for a dog trainer ?
  178. What are traits often marketed as "special" that are a sign of a BYB/puppy
  179. Do you agree with gay marriages? If so, will they allow me to marry my dog?
  180. Is it normal for an old lay to wear a necklace of puppy dog tails?
  181. lump on my dog's throat what could it be?
  182. What is wrong with my dog? He has balls on the side of his throat... ?
  183. can female dogs hump u ?
  184. How do I get over my puppy?
  185. what should i name my puppy?(pics)?
  186. I need a name for this dog?
  187. Dog bit me out of fear because I was angry...how to better deal with this
  188. Can I give a dog pills?
  189. HELP!!!We woke up this morning and my dog was laying there lifeless. She...
  190. pitbull and yorkie puppies.?
  191. Do dogs and cats dream?
  192. How long do you think a 20 lb of California Naturals dog food would last my two dogs?
  193. can i feed 3 week old puppies plain goats milk?
  194. Why does my dog pee/poop whenever she's in a particular room in the house?
  195. Cats or dogs and why?
  196. How do I get puppy to stop using training pads?
  197. my dog has a cough, what can it be?
  198. parvo puppy, cant pay vet in full!?!?
  199. Whats wrong with my dog?
  200. What is wrong with mini and teacup dogs?
  201. My dog's name is Cobey..?
  202. what should i line the bottom of my dog house with cedar chips or hay? wich...
  203. My dog ate chocolate and idk what to do...?
  204. My neutered dog humps regularly and seems to ejaculate ?
  205. I think its funny a future president would call a dog hyperallergenic, dont you?
  206. Anyone Know When A Puppy's Ears Stand?
  207. I Have a 7 and a 2 year old Sheltie and my 2 year old male dog keeps...
  208. hey, wat do u think of this puppy?
  209. i have a 4 and 1/2 week old puppy and she has worms?
  210. How to help them be good houseguests (first trip with the dogs)?
  211. Is it bad that I like to caress my puppy dog all through the night?
  212. im thinking about buying a small dog?
  213. Can you leave a puppy home while you go to school?
  214. why do dogs sniff each others butt in the wwe?
  215. dog throwing up and developed diarreha as well?
  216. Why do my Dogs keep on shaking their heads?
  217. How old does a puppy have to be to start training him?
  218. Have you seen the Puppy Cam?
  219. My dog just came back from the kennel and he has yellow liquid coming from his...
  220. Is there anything I can do my dog is soooo hyper!?
  221. Someone please help! I need help with my dog!?
  222. Causes of dog vomiting blood w/ bloody stool?
  223. Should the owner of this dog be charged with animal cruelty?
  224. Dog running around shaking and itching?
  225. Stalking & Growling Stray Dog?
  226. do any body know where i can find a dog?
  227. Are Xmas puppies (on average) poorly adjusted and given away, or can it work out?
  228. my friend droped someones bakpack in dog poop by accident.?
  229. Where can i find an ear stance aid for my dobe puppy's ears?
  230. help.. spaying my dog dangerous?
  231. What do you think about snoopy? Charlie Brown's dog?
  232. Will are dog miss us and be happy somewhere else?
  233. Can Someone Please Tell Me How To Keep My Dog From Escaping?
  234. any help for my food aggressive dog?
  235. is my dog really pregnant?
  236. Do you trust your dogs to walk off leash and not run away?
  237. how do i make my puppy stop barking?
  238. Can someone help me with my Shih Tzu puppy?
  239. Is 2 years enough jail time for the brutal torturers of a 7 month old puppy?
  240. Are kosher hot dogs blessed by Rabbi's?
  241. Puppy clothes ?????????????
  242. why is my dogs lead like this?
  243. is Ivy poisonous to dogs?
  244. I can't enjoy my property because of the smell from my neighbors dog feces?
  245. What breed is Miley Cyrus's new dog?
  246. Blood is dogs fecies?
  247. Can anyone provide me with their experiences with ACL Extracapsular surgery in dogs?
  248. My dog has a bleeding condition and has been suggested spaying would be...
  249. what dog food make the big and tall? someone said that some dog food
  250. How do I stop my 5 year old dog from peeing in our basement?