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  1. Looking for a puppy name?
  2. can a dog break it's tail?
  3. Why does my dog vomit stomach bile?
  4. what is this about my dog?
  5. What do you know about dog kenneling?
  6. Guess The Dog Breed: This ones hard.?
  7. how do i train my dog to go on a newspaper at night but outside in the daytime?
  8. My mom's always dogging me about my eating habits! I'm 5 foot 2 inches and 103
  9. My 11wk old puppy keeps peeing on the floor, HELP??? She goes outside, and has...
  10. loved puppy with parvo?
  11. Did you know that the Dogs Section...?
  12. Wild dog please help?
  13. when you kinda baby talking to a dog or puppy and someone catches you. . . . . . ?
  14. puppy has runny nose and diarrhea?
  15. dogs eye all swollen ?
  16. My dog, how do I keep him from getting out of the yard?
  17. do they make tracking devices for dogs that are cheap?
  18. my dog has dry nose and itchy eyes.?
  19. what is the best age to get my puppy fixed?
  20. My Dog is growling at her pups when they feed?
  21. my 3 dogs just tested positive, starting treament. I was always told...
  22. Béarnaise Mountain Dog?
  23. What should I do- puppy has loose stools?
  24. what to look for when buying a red nose american pitbull terrier puppy?
  25. 5 month old puppies. Eating everything. Can I give them rawhide? Please...
  26. What should I do with a very sick dog?
  27. Where do I get one of those supermarket doors so I don't have to keep ing the
  28. How many licensed dog breeders are in the US? ?
  29. My dog is being weird!?
  30. my dogs toenail is ripped? ?
  31. why does my dog like to steal the spot i sleep in everynight?
  32. Question about socializing a dog...?
  33. Should I stop the rough housing between my two dogs?
  34. What puppy food do you think is better?
  35. If my dog had puppy's and 6 of them died but 2 lived will they be effected?
  36. puppy pad or outside?
  37. My Dog Keeps Yelping?
  38. My dog is starting to bite me?
  39. Traveling 2000 miles with a dog, Need help.?
  40. My dog threw up three times tonight and has thrown up about 7 times this...
  41. Female Puppy name Ideas?
  42. Any border collie owners out there? Or herding dog owners?
  43. Why do you think all dogs need to be champions to be breeding quality?
  44. Dog Riding Stories Pleasee?
  45. Is my puppy sick?????????
  46. What is a good conditioner for a silkese dog?
  47. How safe is spaying a dog?
  48. What is a safe way to dye adogs fur. my dog is alot of white and I think it would
  49. have you ever gotten a dog from a pound?
  50. how to introduce 2 puppy dogs?
  51. if my dog is a different breed?
  52. Where can I buy a "puppy's 1st Christmas" t-shirt?
  53. dog been sick a few times tonight?
  54. I have to leave my dog out in the storm...?
  55. would you do this to your dog?
  56. do attack dogs have a weakness?
  57. What's the best method of introducing a puppy to a playmate?
  58. how much does it cost to taxidermiey a small dog?
  59. how big will my dog be when its around 2 months? Red Brown teacup poodle.?
  60. Puppy Food???????Help.....?
  61. what can i put in my puppy's kennel for him to not be lonely?
  62. which dog is better for a sedentary family,a cockeranian or a chihuahua?
  63. Can dogs digest chicken bones? ?
  64. Is it okay to use dog shampoo on your cat?
  65. my puppy hit his head on the ?
  66. They say dogs have a sixth sense...well what is it?
  67. Whut is the best type of dog to hunt squirrel with i use a jack rustle is...
  68. How can you change an old dog new tricks?
  69. Can I give my puppies steak bones? ?
  70. what do you think is wrong with my puppy?
  71. Which animal is smarter, dog or cat? I have 2 cats now and have had dogs in past.
  72. How can I tell if my dog is lazy?
  73. Why is my older dog afraid of 6 week old puppy?
  74. Crating a Puppy Mill Rescue?
  75. Does your dog ever just sit and stare at you?
  76. what would be a good dog breed for me?
  77. Is it possible to deliver a puppy to someone in another location?
  78. Best way to get the dogs the exercise they need when unable to be outside?
  79. First time dog owner questions?
  80. Would you give your dog to an elderly person?
  81. Ideal Air/Room Temperature Range for Dogs?
  82. I have a chihuahua that gave birth to 5 puppies 3 weeks ago. she has...
  83. i have a german shepherd puppy about 4months old i dont no whats wrong with his
  84. PLEASE HELP! How can I house train my two puppies?
  85. If my dog s her legs everytime I talk to her (yes, she shows me her vajayjay)...
  86. Girls, what exactly do you mean when you say men are dogs?
  87. Will my dog's eyes change?
  88. what is you favorite dog in each of the groups listed below?
  89. can i wait on my puppies shots for a couple weeks?
  90. Will a dog be okay if they are in 20 degree weather for ONE night?
  91. I found a dog, who do I contact?
  92. Letter to Santa from puppy?
  93. My dog is 4 years old and she throw up ?
  94. Is Lucky a girl dog name or a boy dog name?
  95. Dog question.... please answer!?
  96. why is my dog acting out?
  97. How can I convice my dad to get a puppy?
  98. How do I get my dog to use his dog house?
  99. When I get out of the shower, my dog licks my feet. I make her stop, but...
  100. Chihuahua Puppy Biting?
  101. Puppy Fear Period 8-12 Weeks?
  102. Help me please my 8 week old cocker spaniel puppy is VERY attached to
  103. Do you have a solution to the great need for more designer dogs? Tell me your mixes!?
  104. 2 year old dog acting out?
  105. Dog aggression led to an attack what should i do? ?
  106. How old should a puppy be before taking them outside?
  107. Why do you think mainecooon cats act like dogs?
  108. My sister s dog had 2 b put down afew months ago.N it took her awhile 2 get over it.?
  109. Dog trainers current or past, pls answer?
  110. I have two dogs and they seem to have just about no manners.?
  111. had chip inserted today on my puppy & she seems to be in pain. Has anyone had
  112. How soon after you feed a puppy should you take for a potty walk?
  113. I have dog problems?? Help??!!!?
  114. My puppies have a minor case of mange. What is the best treatment I can give them?
  115. Dog has a Bald Spot and Yellow Vomit?
  116. How do I get dog to respect me so I can control his behavior?
  117. My housemates have two dogs which they rarely take for walks...?
  118. Could I have gotten tapeworms from my dog?!?!?!?
  119. Help with dog breeds!!!?
  120. what is a good way to get rid of dog's flea?
  121. Where to get a dog collar for Mastiff ?
  122. female dog name bichon?
  123. Which are the top fierce attack dogs?
  124. What Happened With My Dog!!!!!!!!!!?
  125. Why does my dog stink after giving him a bath?
  126. how can i make my dog come when i call him?
  127. is my pekingese worth anything as a stud dog?
  128. How to dogs deal with anal gland issues in the wild? will raw diet help?
  129. Do you think half a blackberry would harm my dog?
  130. Cure For Dogs Ear Infection?
  131. Problem dog...HELP!!?
  132. My puppy wont stop biting. Help?
  133. why is my 10 year old older dog urinating all the time expecially during the night?
  134. if dogs can talk what would?
  135. Whats your favourite breed of dog?
  136. How can a dog be harmed by eating "people food" on a regular basis? Also...
  137. Is my dog dying? Please!?
  138. the best campanion dog?
  139. How to make my dogs and cat stop fighting?
  140. how can the repiratory infections of the dog can be cured?
  141. I just found out my boyfriends dog has blood cancer. Anyone ever had a
  142. Help Name my new puppy?
  143. Toilet training puppy with a leash?
  144. Large dogs that will do well in Louisiana?
  145. why does my female dog pee on my bed?
  146. Do Teacup Maltese make a good carry-around dog?
  147. our dog just had ONE puppy why?
  148. Stop Puppy Mills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  149. What type of dog should i get?
  150. Whats up with my dog?
  151. Keep a dog from scracthing an incision?
  152. how do u tell how old a puppy is?
  153. How to deal with my dog dying?
  154. We adopted a puppy, can you help me with his name? Pic included?
  155. What kind of mix/breed is my dog?
  156. What is the coldest temperature I can walk my dog in?
  157. PUPPY - Conflicted Emotions & Family Problem - HELP!!!!?
  158. do you think they should be stronger laws about people not cleaning after...
  159. Surveyy: what dog breed would you own if these were the only breeds left?
  160. Dog threw up yellow substance?
  161. Whats Considered A 'Purebred Dog"?
  162. Does my dogs eye injury need vet care?
  163. Dog massages PLEASE HELP!!!?
  164. Im getting a new puppy. Any name ideas?
  165. Is it really ilegal to leave a 3 month old puppy in the car?
  166. Reposting...help me name my puppy!?
  167. DOG Hair Clippers Blade Help Please?
  168. 24 hour old puppies(poms) i know nothing about puppies, but to explain before
  169. Do dogs know when you've left on vacation?
  170. My English/American bulldog puppy?
  171. Is it really a dog eat dog world?
  172. Did you feel like a kicked puppy?
  173. My dog got a hold of Smart For Life cookies. Is this dangerous?
  174. How can I kill a wild animal harassing my dog and stealing its food?
  175. Question about dog breeding?
  176. How can you know for sure that your dog is going blind? ?
  177. Why does my dog chew on EVERYTHING!?
  178. Would your Puppies Come out deformed if a brother and Sister dog had sex?
  179. Why would you get sued if your dog bit an intruder?
  180. How big will my puppy get?
  181. does sweet potatoes cause dogs to pee more?
  182. What is the best way to introduce my current 8 month old pit/lab mix puppy to a...
  183. Adopting a puppy during winter?
  184. emergency ! my 9 week old puppy !?
  185. my dog got hold of my tinned fruit cocktail wil it hurt her.?
  186. If homosexuality is unnatural, then why are some dogs gay?
  187. Puppy and Christmas tree safety?
  188. What are some life lessons your dog has taught you?
  189. Anyone know anything about Dog Anxiety?
  190. Is a cocker spaniel and a jack russell a good mix of dogs? will they get along?
  191. My puppy has diarrhea and i dont know what to do?
  192. Would you support genetic enhancement in dogs?
  193. Why can I not wake up in the morning, go out to my living room walk past my dog
  194. Can dog sence things?
  195. if a contact had your dog a while and it came back happier would you ask
  196. How can I prepare for my dog's first period?
  197. Please help!! My dog!!!!?
  198. My dog has a weird bald spot? help?
  199. Im concerned that my puppy may have eye problems?
  200. Is putting a cone around my dogs head cruel?
  201. What is my dog mixed with? Round 2!?
  202. not exactly the typical "how can i stop my dog from barking at EVERYONE" question?
  203. Yellow Dog/Linux for PS3..?
  204. My puppy has diarrhea and i dont know what to do?
  205. what breed of dog is this?
  206. House training a rescue dog?
  207. why are all my puppies getting abscesses around there throats?
  208. my dog stepped on some hot coals whats best to ease the pain?
  209. My dog died on the due date of a paper.?
  210. why do dogs tilt their head sideways while "watching" TV?
  211. Puppy Question, Please Help!?
  212. What puppy is best for a 10 year old?
  213. Why is it a dogs' silent fart is so deadly?
  214. please help with my dog?
  215. how can you tell if a puppy is sick?
  216. Does my puppy's body gesture mean that she's dominant?
  217. dog been sick a few times tonight?
  218. Papillon puppy names?
  219. my baby girl and son may be allergic to the dog?
  220. How to treat a Broken Dog Nail?
  221. I am thinking about getting a dog..please give me some advice!?
  222. Walking Your Dog With Out A Leash..?
  223. how can I take a back yard that is huge;that belong to 3 dogs(need I say any
  224. Dog is licking her drain?
  225. Physical Therapy for nerve damage? Dog is lame, quickly losing muscle tone?
  226. Can you give me a good name for my new american pit bull puppy. She is all
  227. Is this an actual dog?
  228. Why is my dog shocking?
  229. my puppy cries when im out of sight?
  230. Best places for an afro american woman with a dog under 30lbs?
  231. Cat losing fur on back leading to the base of tail? And an itchy dog...?
  232. My dog won't come up my wooden stairs what should I do?
  233. Is it safe for dogs to eat pomegranates?
  234. What do you think of the Dog Creation poem?
  235. What type of collar should a puppy wear (labrador)?
  236. Why does my dog like smelling my hair?
  237. Renaming my puppy, best answer gets 10?
  238. How can I get my dog to stop biting?
  239. Question about dog abuse?
  240. if you're selling them puppies?
  241. Why doesn't my dog act right all the time?
  242. My 9 month old puppy ate a meatball that just came out of the microwave...?
  243. puppy helpppp !!!! plzzz answer !!!!?
  244. Stray dog might have rabies?
  245. I was just wondering. What would happen if my dog got bitten by a red rock
  246. What about a dragon and dog--Are we doomed?
  247. A puppy was left for me by a friend that died, but I live in a "no pets"...
  248. can i let my dog outside rightn now?
  249. Naming my puppy. . . ?
  250. What's wrong with my dog?