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  1. Any one with boxer puppies?
  2. Do all dogs need their anal glands emptied?
  3. Scratch on my dogs face is infected. I NEED HELP.?
  4. Finding a dog from someone honest?
  5. Can two dog's from the same litter mate?
  6. everyday my pitbull puppy...?
  7. What's the best way to prepare my dog for the new baby?
  8. New puppy in a house with a dog! Help me please! :)?
  9. Whats A Really awesome partially shedding Dog?
  10. What dog breed is this?
  11. where can i get a cheap puppy?
  12. my dog keeps marking his territory EVERYWHERE?
  13. Inquiry about puppy mills?
  14. Does anyone know of any hair regrowth products for dogs?
  15. How do you discipline a puppy?
  16. Help! My puppy Nips, and then Pees indoors!?
  17. How to stop a 2 yr old from acting like a dog?
  18. Is there any type of little dogs that are not loud an yappie?
  19. my puppy won't eat sleeps all day and is vomiting and occasionally has...
  20. good dog names for a black terrier <---misspeledd?
  21. Does your dog do handstands?
  22. rat terrier puppy question?
  23. How to convert xl dog crate into ferret cage?
  24. my maltipoo is pregnant? shouldnt she have had the puppies already?
  25. How to stop Corgi puppy from biting?
  26. Where can I buy dog footy pajamas at a reasonable price?
  27. New foster vs Fear aggressive dog.?
  28. My dog keeps on jumping on my little sister!?
  29. my dog keeps leaking milk why is this?
  30. i really want a puppy. My dad said its fine but its up 2 my mum.?
  31. Inexpensive Dog sweaters/coats for BIG dogs?
  32. how long does rabies vaccination last in a dog?
  33. Can a medium size dog give birth to a large dogs puppies without hurting the...
  34. what are good dog websites about their smell?
  35. dog needs to be put down...?
  36. Where's the best hot dog in LA? ?
  37. how do you know if the male dog and female latch together while trying to breed?
  38. what does it mean when one of the dog's ears sticks straight up and the other one is
  39. Dog sores on underbelly?
  40. Why doesn't my dog recognize me or my family at times?
  41. my dog just ate all my slice of pizza...what should i do?
  42. little puppy with a little cough..what could it be?
  43. whats the best way to train a new puppy to not pee pee and poppie and the house?
  44. I got a new puppy, and need a name. :D Have any suggestions?
  45. Labrador puppy sisters?
  46. will the spray flea and tick hurt my dog if he licks it?
  47. What should I name my new puppy (girl)?
  48. How do you put a dog crate together?! Does your crate have the...?
  49. Easy Dogs to live with?
  50. My dog has blood in his vomit and stool?
  51. My neighbors won't keep their dog on their property.?
  52. Why doesn't my dog listen to my husband? She listens to me but not him...?
  53. dogs like cats but cats hate dogs?
  54. I want to become a dog walker so that I can always be with my lil' pooches....
  55. How do you know if your puppy is potty trained?
  56. I recently took in a stray and she is as sweet as can be the only thing is her...
  57. house training my puppy....?
  58. cats vs. dogs???????
  59. Does Cesar Milan create unrealistic expectations with aggressive dogs?
  60. how do i stop my puppy attacking her mother?
  61. my puppy and her fur?
  62. Why do dogs have tails?
  63. Reliable dog breed intelligence website?
  64. Is this dog a Volpino Italiano?
  65. country song about a dog that dies?
  66. What kind of dog would suit me?
  67. My dog keeps licking his wounds - any natural remedies?
  68. is it possible if you have a cold to get a puppy sick?
  69. My 7 year old sister cut off my dogs whiskers?
  70. Did any one watch Inside out last night about the dog breeder?
  71. Do you think my little puppy is cute?
  72. why does my pregnant dog attack the male?
  73. I found this dog..What can i do?
  74. Is there anyone in Indiana looking for a beautiful dog?
  75. how old does a puppy have to be before it can be adopted or taken away from its mom?
  76. When do puppies normally finish teething?
  77. Can i have a dog while in the air force?
  78. Is the breeding of different kinds of domesticated animals like dogs...
  79. puppy getting bumps below his bottom lip?
  80. how much should i sell my puppy for? i have a 3month yr. old dalmation terrier mix?
  81. Possible ear infection on my dog?
  82. Can I fix my puppy's upset stomach problem?
  83. Do dogs go to Heaven?
  84. can girls call guys dogs or is that just weird?
  85. Do you view these Christians as under dogs really?
  86. How can I tell if my dog is pregnant or not ?
  87. I baptized my dog, is it a child of God now? I hope so...?
  88. how do i tell if my dog is a labador retriever?
  89. If satin balls add weight what can I make for a dog to lose weight?
  90. MY Dog talked to me yesterday?
  91. my dog pulls when we walk him, aloot.?
  92. What type of dog is this?
  93. My new Bullmastiff Puppy, some advice please?
  94. How much and how often do you feed a puppy?
  95. Need Info on Crate Training our Puppy?
  96. my dog was lost and showed up at the pound. she was adopted out when i found
  97. How do i get my dog more friendly towards other dogs? ?
  98. My uncle's young dog all of a sudden started vomiting and is very lethargic.
  99. My puppy wont stop...?
  100. How do you potty train a dog if they're peeing out of protest? ?
  101. Why does my dog become sick (diarhea or vomits) after I clean her ears? ?
  102. why does my puppy use his nose to push away or cover things up?
  103. what kind of dog did miley cyrus get for her 16th birthday?
  104. Why is my puppy not eating as much as he used to?
  105. My dog stole my car and crashed into another car.What do I tell the insurance
  106. Why does my dog have green stuff coming out of his penis, and why is it red?
  107. I am concerned my dog may have diabetes?
  108. what is it when my puppy eye is white and red help ?
  109. my male dog peed on my trash can?
  110. Do you discipline a dog or only encourage good behavior?
  111. my dog was spayed 2 wks ago, and has now started bleeding as if she were in heat.?
  112. Can a 4 pound dog have puppies?
  113. Why does my dog always do this...?
  114. Dog sitting this week?
  115. My dog just got spayed 3 5 days ago and she is licking. We tried tshirt...
  116. my dog has fleas, i have tried everything including front line. i need help!...
  117. How do you recommend people evaluate their abilities and limitations when
  118. Can i give my dog his parvo shot myself?
  119. How do I sooth or treat my dogs itching?
  120. How can I make a dog use the restroom outside?
  121. Which dog should I get for my family?
  122. What mix of breeds is my dog?
  123. is cornbread bad for dogs?
  124. can i feed my dog peas?
  125. What kind of dog is THIS one?
  126. What type of dog should i get?
  127. i need a name for puppy?
  128. how do i get my puppy to stop barking when i leave her alone?
  129. Looking For A Puppy In Wisconsin?
  130. How long does a dog have puppies after passing brownish and clear discharge?
  131. Why is my Dog doing this?
  132. why do dogs bark..wag tails...etc?!?
  133. Bullmastiff puppy food?
  134. emergency ! my 9 week old puppy !?
  135. Are these normal symptoms when your puppy gets spayed?
  136. do you have a puppy what kind?
  137. How long can shih tzu puppies hold there pee?
  138. Do you think my new puppy's cute?[poll]?
  139. Will this be animal cruelty (is it fair to the dog)?
  140. Dog breed Quiz! 10 points to the right answer or closest answer!?
  141. How much to get rid of tapeworms and get first shots for puppy on a first vet visit?
  142. How cool is this dog?
  143. is it safe to wrap a 10 week puppy in a blanket when it's resting? its 60
  144. Would you like to help identify what breed mixes my dog is?
  145. worst things about having a dog?
  146. Does dog toothpaste expire ?
  147. I gave my puppy Mucinex for her Kennel Cough!!!!!!?
  148. Why does my puppy eat rocks! I cannot make her stop because I have a
  149. could you give me a cute name for my coming puppy?
  150. Dog's and Cat's diary?
  151. My dog is very noisy! What should i do????? ?
  152. what breed of dog is this??? Pic included!!!?
  153. What could be wrong with my dog?
  154. how to stop dog from trying to climb sofa?
  155. How much should I get paid to dog-sit two full-sized dogs?
  156. why does my dog act like he doesn't know where he is after having a seizure? He is
  157. how do i get my dog to eat?
  158. I've got a golden retriever puppy and need housebreaking help?
  159. I Kissed My Dog, Help Am I Mental?
  160. is a dog a man's best friend or his soulmate?
  161. Your views on Pedigree show dogs?
  162. My puppy is a picky eater when it comes to his food?
  163. Did my dog have Parvo?
  164. Does a dog after c-section have milk right away.?
  165. My roomate has a 16 year old dog?
  166. whats the best way to train a puppy pitbull?
  167. What is the best way to get rid of fleas on a puppy?
  168. Help me! My mom said I could get a puppy, and I need help with one little thing....?
  169. How do you stop a puppy from biting/nipping?
  170. dog was gentle-now a bit mean?
  171. Will neutering make my puppy stop marking his territory and...?
  172. My puppy had an old fracture and his foot is slightly twisted, anyway to correct it?
  173. How to prepare raw meat for dogs! (dental)?
  174. I think my Doberman puppy has ringworm?
  175. How did people find out that dogs were color blind?
  176. My dog goes crazy when I leave.Why?
  177. How to tell if my dog has mange or alopecia?
  178. Should I give my friend one of the puppies?
  179. Dog Boarding in Nashville, TN?
  180. Is it ok to crate a dog and a bitch from the same litter in the same crate for...
  181. My dog just had puppies, what do I do? I need every single piece of
  182. A special need dog or a live in helper what do you think are the disadvantages
  183. Puppy won't stop chewing things up!!!?
  184. Whats a good dog under these conditions?
  185. do you think my dogs cute sorry cant get it any bigger ?
  186. What is the correct method for determining pinch collar size for puppy?
  187. are apples bad for dogs?
  188. can dogs get ear infections form other dogs licking it's ear?
  189. For those who crate trained their puppy?
  190. HELP my dogs tied - not in heat?
  191. how you keep your dog from peeing in your bed?
  192. I have a dog bite question?
  193. Does anyone know how much it costs for a puppies first shots & for the removal of
  194. Babymaltipoos.com is a puppy mill. How do we put it out of business?
  195. is there a morning after pill for dogs?
  196. HELP!!! I think my dog has undiagnosed mites scabies?
  197. reason why my puppy wont gain weight..help! we are worried?
  198. My dog has a redish brownish discoloration on her neck and red blotch on leg.. HELP!?
  199. Is it true that if you want to get your dog pregnant is better to have...
  200. How do you convince your parents to get you a 2nd dog when you BEGGED for a
  201. Does anyone know what breed this puppy is?
  202. Do you know how to tell if your dog is overweight?
  203. New Cats with a Puppy?
  204. what do i need to own a dog?
  205. Wienie dog owners advise?
  206. Guess The Dog Breed: Can you do It?
  207. What type of dog should i get.?
  208. My puppy has soft stools. Is this normal?
  209. Why do dogs eat poop?
  210. Do dogs and BEAVERS get along?
  211. What do you think is a good name for a Lab puppy?
  212. i got a new boxer puppy today and i cant get her to calm down?
  213. My 5 month old puppy has had Diarrhea 3 times in 2 months!?
  214. is advil dangerous to puppies?
  215. my puppy is refusing to potty outdoors?
  216. Therapy for my paralyzed dog?? Help please!?
  217. why does my dog (male) lifts his leg very high sometimes and very low at other times?
  218. Does anyone know of puppies for sale in Toronto, ON ?!?
  219. My Dogs feet smell like corn chips.. ?
  220. what do you do when you're walking your dog and she wants to sniff everything?
  221. IS it too cold to walk your puppy?
  222. What kind of dog should i get?
  223. Websites that have stories of dogs and their owners?
  224. can dog read person's mind?
  225. Is there an extent to how many hot dogs someone can fit in there mouth?
  226. My dog makes wierd noises when she sleeps,is that bad?
  227. When should I feed my puppy?
  228. I'm looking to bring a dog into the family for the first time? ?
  229. black labs puppies!!?
  230. What is making my puppy sick?
  231. What kind of breeds do you think these dogs are?
  232. Why is it so hard to adopt a rescue/shelter puppy?
  233. My 6 day old puppies are yanking on mom's teats, are they getting milk?
  234. A job that lets you take your dog with you?
  235. is anyone a professional dog breeder?
  236. How can I help my puppy with motion sickness/anxiety in the car?
  237. Is there a quarantine if bring my dogs from Kuwait to the U.S?
  238. My Puppy breath smells like %#$^?
  239. My mom just got a new Shit zu puppy, and she wants to know what to name it?
  240. I have a puppy and we have successfully trained him to go on paper. How do i...
  241. my dog keeps having severe seizures, WHAT should I do!!?
  242. Getting a second dog (which is a puppy)!?!?
  243. How can i keep my dog from thinking my kitten is a toy? ?
  244. how can you find old cartoons,like deputy dog,yogi bear and etc?
  245. What on my dogs neck?
  246. Tips on dog obedience (Alaskan Malamute)?
  247. dog foods ingredients different purina products?
  248. Where can you buy puppies from?
  249. how can i go back to the way I was with dogs before?
  250. My dogs are crazy, I need some help?