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  1. Puppies and snow. Can they handle the cold?
  2. please if thier are any vets on here or experts?i just gave my dog an adult
  3. Question about the course of my dog's Distemper?
  4. im looking for a puppy dog in the norfolk suffolk area in the uk?
  5. We got a new puppy, What kind is...?
  6. My dog needs to be potty trained...?
  7. My dog is sneezing blood please help?
  8. For those who have large breed dogs and young children!?
  9. Whats a good dog name for a girl Jack Russell?
  10. My dog wont jump all of a sudden?!?
  11. My dog seems to have a hairball or is clearing her throat??? What the?
  12. I think my dog may be having seizures?
  13. How do you train a stubborn puppy?
  14. What are some dogs some people consider breeds that really aren't? What are they?
  15. Has anyone seen a cream mini Schnauzer grown? Are they pretty? Pic of the puppy...?
  16. Psychotic behavior in my dog?
  17. How often should a dam be with her puppies?
  18. Best Uk Labrador Puppy Food?
  19. now im thinking of getting another dog?
  20. How can I feel more comfortable and confient walking my dog rather than
  21. They want to take my puppy back!?
  22. Why does my new puppy cry?
  23. What do you feed your dog? ?
  24. how to fix my dogs eyes?
  25. Puppy digging in garden... Advice please!?
  26. Name my puppy~ I have had her for going on 48hrs!! ?
  27. my boyfriend wants a puppy for christmas?
  28. My dog is sick? Opinions please?
  29. My dog is weary and doesn't want to eyes?
  30. Help with my 14 week old puppy :( PLEASE PLEASE read! 10 points to best answer :)?
  31. Where's the best hot dog in LA? ?
  32. Raw/barf diet cost, dogs?
  33. Can a dog's dirty ears cause them pain?
  34. what can uyou use in a dog bath to stop him diggind himself no fleas?
  35. Stop dog from jumping on and over the gate when we leave or when people come?
  36. Why are purebred or pedigree dogs worth hundreds?
  37. Is my dog menstruating? ?
  38. new puppy need advise?
  39. Can dogs sense ghosts or spirits?
  40. What's a good name for my dog?
  41. how much should i feed my 9 month maltese puppy?
  42. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? ?
  43. what kind of dog do you have?
  44. Have any Puppy names not commonly used?
  45. I just got a bichon/poddle puppy, he's 7 wks old-this is my q?
  46. Will A Coyote kill or eat Chihuahuas or any type of Small Dog?
  47. I want another dog. My dad won't let me get one. Any suggestions?
  48. What is a good low fat dog food for pancreatitis?
  49. Which is a better dog for a family of 3 living in a 1800 sq ft
  50. my dog wont go #2. We just moved but she has never had this problem before....
  51. DOG LOVERS: How much do dog breeders make?
  52. my daughter wants a room that is puppy and kitty themed i cant find any...
  53. What kind of dog is this?
  54. Potty training puppy at night?
  55. Dog fleas and how to get rid of them?
  56. Encouraging new dog to go potty outside in the snow?
  57. Should Obama choose a cat instead of a dog?
  58. What's a good name for a stray dog that wont go away?
  59. dog eye problem ?
  60. giving puppies a bath?
  61. How to fatten up our rescue dog without making her overweight?
  62. Which breed of dog is..."Better" for me? ?
  63. Seeking advice on my dog's quirky behavior? ?
  64. my housemate is dog-sitting and the dog killed my bunny?
  65. Will be getting 3 puppies (small breeds) and im wondering...?
  66. whats the best way to train a new puppy to not pee pee and poppie and the house?
  67. my dogs become really spoiled?
  68. What is the breed of this puppy?.?
  69. How should I convince my dad to let me get a puppy?
  70. Need Help With My 8 Week Puppy?
  71. My puppy just ate chocolate, what should I do?
  72. How do I stop a dog from peeing when she sees me?
  73. 8 week old puppy, will it test positive for parvo?
  74. How many times a day should I walk my dogs?
  75. Why does my dog poop right in front of her house???!!! HELP?
  76. I have two dogs and the smallest is older , How do I get them to stop fighting?
  77. why do some mean people do this to dogs?
  78. dog section: is this normal?!?
  79. How to train an aggressive dog?
  80. Why does the Left think the gay minority tail wags the majority hetero dog?
  81. why did my dog run away?
  82. Cairn Yorkie mix... possibly cutest dog ever? (pics)?
  83. What Do You Do When You're Interested In a Boy And He Likes Your Dog More?
  84. Help! My puppy is starting to whine and cry and bark at night?
  85. i wanna crate train my puppy, but having hard decisions on which crate to get...?
  86. What is in a hot dog?
  87. White spots in Dog's Urine.....What could this be?
  88. Will a bitch in heat cycle be aggressive to other dogs?
  89. grief over my precious dog?!?!?
  90. What dog breed should i get?
  91. Getting dog urine out of carpet?
  92. How good of Dogs are Shih-tzu ?
  93. Ever butchered your dog's "do it at home" haircut? How do you make things better?
  94. Angelina named her children after a dog, a Transformer and a TV Network.?
  95. New puppy needs a name. Any ideas?
  96. Why dont dogs get scurvy?
  97. How do i get my puppy to stop peeing/pooping all over the house?
  98. I was tackled by a girl's dog in the park, why did it pick on me so persistently?
  99. My puppy has Parvo, we caught it early, and we are keeping her watered, is she
  100. What can be done for a dog who has severe crate anxiety?
  101. What dog breed had the weirdest origin?
  102. has anyone ever heard if you put a container of water on your lawn dogs wont
  103. My miniature pincher puppies...?
  104. Why is my dog growling at certain people?
  105. Puppy Potty Training?
  106. my puppy lost his bottom teeth?
  107. My dog has a stick stuck in his butt!!?
  108. A quick way to potty train a puppy..anyone know how!?
  109. when can puppy's have be neutered?
  110. Can i get some help on Puppy training?
  111. my dogs pads on her paws are very flaky?
  112. My dogs ate a dragonfly...?
  113. hamster with new puppy?
  114. Do you agree that it is usually a very bad idea to get a child a puppy for Christmas?
  115. Has you ever had your vet recommend that you put your dog on a low residue dog food?
  116. I Need Help With My Dog!!!!!!?
  117. Puppy problems--she won't stop biting! ?
  118. Why do rich people always have dogs? Aren't cats more 'stately'?
  119. How can I travel with my dog from United States to Africa?
  120. Dog strollers.....where to find a decent price one (reason for needing it inside)?
  121. My dog wont stop jumping...?
  122. how do you teach your dog to dance.?
  123. Why does my dog cries so much, bites and scratches her sheet and bed?
  124. Can anybody tell me what breed of puppy this is? (piks)?
  125. Do you think my dog Rambo looks cute?
  126. why does my dog chew on its tail? ?
  127. I have a poop eating dog, any tips?
  128. how many non-spayed female dogs end up having pyometra?
  129. My dog has some sort of wart-like thing on his testicle?
  130. What breed are these 3 dogs?
  131. My dog had a tic and I pulled it out with a tweezer. I don't see anymore
  132. What should I include in the disclosure agreement for my clients who I am
  133. American Staffordhire Terrior aka Pit Bull puppy?
  134. dog eye problem ?
  135. My dog is almost 3 and just now started to.?
  136. My puppies play very rough. When is it TOO rough?
  137. Does Taking Care Of A Lost Dog Make You A Hero?
  138. dose anyone have a puppy guild layout for neopets?
  139. What should I name my dog?
  140. My puppy will randomly growl or bark for no reason, is this normal?
  141. Jesus calls this woman a dog because she is not the right nationality ,...
  142. Good name for westhighland/jack russel puppy?
  143. Does your dog or cat do this too?
  144. how good is oxycoating for a dog?
  145. I like fluffy kittens and puppies. I also hate paedos. Does that make me a...
  146. Do female dogs still bleed after mating?
  147. why does my new puppy pant is it ok or should i be worried?
  148. My dog is so fat!I don't know how to get her weight down.?
  149. How is the best way to get rid of fleas from your dog? ?
  150. Where can I get a puppy name tag?
  151. Would a Hazelnut show on x ray - when in dogs small intestine?
  152. woudl you choose a dog, cat, ect! over the one you love?
  153. My dog is sick. Possibly stomach flu? Help?
  154. can provo spred to other dogs?
  155. Help blood in my puppies stool !!?
  156. red bumps on dog? (picture)?
  157. When we get our new puppy, should we crate it with the dog we have now at night?
  158. Why won't my dog stop peeing in his crate?
  159. I need help training my dog! Help!?
  160. puppy twelve week injection?
  161. Dogs leg broken/sprained? =0(?
  162. How to Kennel train my 4month old Shi tzu dog?
  163. Is the first liter of a dog always the best?
  164. how to stop my dogs from fighting?
  165. unborn 2009 movie white dog thing?
  166. how to stop dogs from chewing up furniture?
  167. Dog riding stories please?
  168. What is some expert's information on pros of teenage dog ownership?
  169. Pinch collar and small dog?
  170. What would happen if an AKC registered female Chihuahua had puppies with a CKC...
  171. How can i tell if my puppy is going to be a long-haired golden retriever or a...
  172. best dogs that dont shed?
  173. Questions about crate training and puppies in general?
  174. I brought my dog to the vet on Monday night.?
  175. My dog eats and runs is this normal?
  176. please tell me if this is true about my puppy.........?
  177. Is it ok to let your girl puppy play with a boy puppy?
  178. how do i get my puppy to wee outside?
  179. how does your dog react when it see's itself in the mirror?
  180. New Dog Has Fleas, Advice?
  181. Where is a good place to find dog wormer?
  182. a name for a cute puppy?
  183. why when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you? ?
  184. How many of you actually have a dog license?
  185. How do I stop my 8 month old Boxer puppy from play biting? ?
  186. My brothers dog is crazy?
  187. I have a question about my jack russell puppy!?
  188. Dog acting strange when I pet her, maybe nerve damage?
  189. I need a really good male dog name?
  190. why did you breed your dog?
  191. Re: Dogs And Treadmill?
  192. if i pay for a house-sitter to look after my dogs, who's insurance covers my dogs?
  193. My dogs suddenly stopped liking the taste of Angel Eyes?
  194. I'm worried about my dogs, they licked blood, help!!!?
  195. How did you help YOUR dog fight cancer?
  196. how do you know when a puppy is going to come out?
  197. Anyone know what kind of dog Miley Cyrus's Penny is?
  198. Can dogs eat tomatoes?
  199. 8week old puppy has bad gas?
  200. What's Wrong With My Dog's Butt?
  201. How come dogs get angry or nervous when a person is scared of them?
  202. The Income of a Dog Trainer?
  203. My dog has a bad wound what do i do?
  204. My dog bit my turtle. It has 3 holes in its shell. Nothing else is damaged....
  205. Help me ID this dog training TV show plz?
  206. My dog keeps licking everything! why?
  207. My dog likes to pee on our furniture. Even after going outside.?
  208. Introducing a cat to the house when we already have a dog?
  209. does anyone know of where i can get a Phalene male puppy from in either France
  210. what do i do with this lost dog?
  211. How to puppy proof a house?
  212. whats up with the dog?
  213. does god like dogs the best?
  214. Names for a nice little dog, can you help me? ?
  215. are hot dogs && bolonga basically the same?
  216. In the movie, Twilight, did Rosalie call Bella a... female dog?
  217. My dog is out of heat and her nipples ar Very swollen and feel like rocks.. ?
  218. Why all of the publicity over Obama's dog?
  219. Product to keep dog away from x-mas tree?
  220. does the RSPCA charge to rehome dogs?
  221. I've cut the fur around my dog's penis and it's developed an infection?
  222. if you were looking for a dog, would you rather....?
  223. wats the best type of dog to have around a baby?
  224. Can I feed my puppy Nyquil for possible kennel cough?
  225. Is your dog mischievous?
  226. How can I calm my puppy down?
  227. How to get my dog back to eating properly?
  228. Help! my dog has a red, pinkish bump on her eye lid?
  229. I Think I Have an Obsession With Dogs?
  230. Dog Breeding, Papillon?
  231. Is it normol for my 10 month old puppy to be very tired and shakey after being
  232. Did my dog die as a reaction to medicam/antibiotics?
  233. my dog has sores on her back, what can cause this?
  234. Does my dog have an ear infection?
  235. why does my new puppy pant is it ok or should i be worried?
  236. Chinese restaurant with 6 small dogs in a circle cage in Michigan?
  237. French bulldog puppies in Wisconsin?
  238. what do I need to have to take my dog to mx and bring back to us?
  239. Could I make puppy chow with just chex, milk chocolate, and powdered sugar?
  240. My Dog Just Ate Several Pieces If Not A Pack Of Gum?!?!?
  241. My Dogs Have a light brown reddish mucus coming out of their noses..?
  242. How do you train a dog to attack and intruder or a thief on command?
  243. Care for a 4 week old puppy-- Any advice would be great!!!?
  244. can you test your dog with a one touch meter for his diabetes?
  245. in the movie bolt, what kind of dog is he?
  246. Is There A Such Place Called Tolketna Alaska Because I Would Like To Go...
  247. What kind of dog is this?
  248. what should i name my new puppy?
  249. What is the snoop dog song?
  250. Euthanize Dog or Not?