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  1. Are there any diseases that dogs have that are contagious to domestic cats?
  2. How can I stop my adopted dog from biting me when scared?
  3. Why is my dog pacing and panting?
  4. how early can my bitch akita saftely deliver her puppies??
  5. How come my dog is going pee and poo on my bed?
  6. Does my puppy like the outside too much?
  7. How do you stop a dog from biting in the car?
  8. If my puppy is barking aggressively at people across the fence, does it
  9. what is the name of the main dog in the movie snow dogs?
  10. Puppy Planning!Help?:(?
  11. Please Help: My Dogs Fight Right Before I Feed Them!?
  12. how do you play with your dogs or whatever pet you have?
  13. Shar Pei puppy - Any help welcomed.?
  14. What are these different dogs like?
  15. oh please help me...its about my old dog?
  16. Come inside little puppy!?
  17. is it ok to leave a 10 week old puppy alone in the house for 6 hours a day?
  18. Why wont my puppy go to the toilet outside?
  19. So I just got a new dog.?
  20. What is the best type of puppy food to feed a shiba inu?
  21. how do i mke my puppy smell better?
  22. What do you love more a Hot dog or Corn Dog?
  23. Please help me 'bout my puppy?
  24. is my puppy normal or not?
  25. Engraved name tags for my dogs ?
  26. Why can't I get my dog to smell clean? ?
  27. My Shushizle dog has long finger/toe nails. can i clip it off?
  28. do u have a puppy.....?
  29. My dog ate half a bottle of Tylenol last night...?
  30. What legal issues is Dog the Bounty Hunter's "brother" Tim Chapman facing? ?
  31. Can I give my puppy benadryl after a shot?
  32. I need puppy help please?
  33. What kind of dog could i get that is very cute but doesnt grow big as it will
  34. At what age do dogs become teenagers? ?
  35. I was DENIED by a dog rescue to adopt 2 pups..?
  36. Can a Flea infestation get bad enough where a dog would need to get put down?
  37. my puppy has parvo...where can i find 24 hour pet care? ?
  38. does anyone know of a dog breeder in N.S.W (sydney) that breeds pugaliers?
  39. Is It Ok To Feed my Dog This?
  40. My puppy is really sick & I don't know what's wrong! Please help!?
  41. Help ASAP! Something is wrong with my dog?
  42. Im Getting A Puppy!!!!?
  43. Should I punish my dog for something he did while I wasn't home?
  44. My exhusband gave me our dogs after the divorce, now he wants them back?
  45. Canada's Dog Breeders?
  46. How do I make my puppy like me?
  47. when can a puppy control it's own body temperature?
  48. what does white dog poop mean?
  49. why does my dog pee on the floor?
  50. How long after being fixed does it take for a dogs hair to grow back?
  51. Am I A Bad "Puppy" Mom?
  52. contest: can you find a caviler king charels speniel that looks like my dog ?
  53. how many times does a 6 week puppy suppose to poop?
  54. Please help name my new puppy?
  55. what type of dog should?
  56. Why is my dog sneezing red liquid?
  57. Wheaten Terrier, Bouvier or Portuguese Water Dog?
  58. qestions about pedigree dogs please answer?
  59. what do you do when you find the dog dead?
  60. Is it mean to tie my dog up?
  61. What would be the best dog to look for?
  62. How can I stop my dog biting ?
  63. Puppy house breaking problem?
  64. why does my dog keep scratching himself and bitting his leg?
  65. what dog is good with kids and is hypoallerginic?
  66. What to do when a puppy is stuck in a glue trap...?
  67. my dog is still pooping worms after 13 days pl help.........?
  68. I'm watching The Soup and Joel keeps showing this clip of a dog on The View?
  69. Who has seen Escape to Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain?...
  70. Whats the easiest way to teach a puppy to go potty outside?
  71. "Puppy love" girlfriend dream...?
  72. how to make my dog stop biting!!? PLEASE HELP!!?
  73. fun games for a puppy?
  74. My jack russell had puppies 2day and lost them unfortunatly, does anyone
  75. My dog has been having diarrhoea lately - could she have a virus? What should I do? ?
  76. I have 1 yr old red nose male and my girlfriend wants to get a small dog asap,?
  77. Can you register a dog if the parents aren't registered?
  78. Does anyone know the likely cost of x-rays and an operation for a dog with a
  79. Why is my puppy dragging his booty against the floor?
  80. My dog is haveing nightmares !?! PLEASE HELP?
  81. Based on an answer I received from another question that I asked,is it...
  82. what can i name my dog?????please help?
  83. If dogs continued to get neutered/spayed won't they become extinct?
  84. red mange on a pitt puppy?
  85. HELP! Do dogs get tired after their vaccinations?
  86. Question about dog food?
  87. Puppy lovers! Can it b my fault that my puppy has red mange?
  88. 7 week old puppy hates other dogs?
  89. My Yorkie's last 2 nipples are flat, but full of milk, puppies can't nurse there,...
  90. What kind of dog is this?
  91. I have a new puppy now my other dog wont eat?
  92. My Husband Thinks More Of The Dog Than Me. What Should I Do?
  93. How can i tell UKC dog papers are real or phony?
  94. I seriously don't want a dog?
  95. How can you help a dog keep it's weight while nursing puppies?
  96. dog trimmer vs clipper?
  97. why a north carolina student got a misdemeanor for killing a women APRIL
  98. what kind of mix is my puppy ?
  99. how much would it cost to travel with my dog?
  100. My horse accidently bumped into my dog with her foot and now he has an wound.
  101. How much do I feed my three legged dog?
  102. I accidentally poked my dog's eye ?
  103. what to do when your dog`s eyes and mouth is being eaten by sandflys?
  104. Colour of puppies eyes?
  105. Is it ever more humane to put a dog "out of his misery"?
  106. i liked a girl but she like her dog?
  107. I'm getting a new puppy...?
  108. How do i reduce swelling in my dogs elbow?
  109. Know of any greater swiss mountain dog breeders in new york or the tri-state area?
  110. what is up with my dog?
  111. Does anyone have a recipe using carob powder to dip dog bones in?
  112. Dog Barks @ Himself?
  113. What food is good for dogs with a sensitive stomach (human food)?
  114. How can I help my deaf and 1/2 blind puppy?
  115. Dog treats rubber squeaky toys like puppies.?
  116. I have a dog question about a maltipoo?
  117. my dogs belly is making noise is that the pups talking?
  118. what do i do ,dog lovers help me out?
  119. how to convince my mom to let me get my own dog?
  120. Puppy behavioral issue?
  121. My puppy/dog has wet poo, and almost throws up?
  122. Whats the best way to teach my puppy the stay command?
  123. why is my dog waking us up every night for the last week ?
  124. I need to get my dog neutered and...?
  125. Why do dogs eat grass?
  126. I got a new dog and i also have a old dog?
  127. Have you got any idea for my new puppy's name? ?
  128. Dog found a bone.....?
  129. Is my puppy holding a grudge against me?
  130. Do you prefer -DOGS- or -CATS-?
  131. C4 vaccination for puppies?
  132. My dog is extremely protective and she has separation anxiety! What do i do?
  133. Where Can I get a potential guide dog to train?
  134. my dog has diarrhea wont drink water just lays around what could be wrong with her?
  135. what is the easiest way to paper train a puppy?
  136. How to pick a shelter puppy?
  137. i live in portland oregon in the usa, do i need to register my small dog?
  138. How can i fix my dog's seperation anxiety?
  139. Cleaning my dog's teeth.. help! I need solutions?
  140. How do I get my dog to sleep somewhere other than the couch?
  141. kev39kram to your answer about my puppy eating dirt?
  142. What's wrong with my dog?
  143. What is a "cross over" in dog agility?
  144. please help me help my itchy puppy?
  145. My dog keeps biting around his bum area, all the time, its all red & sore?
  146. In fable 2 can your dog die? (not against the final boss)?
  147. Why dose my dog pee on the floor when i leave the house?
  148. My dog just died and I don't know what to do?
  149. Do you feed your dog supplements?
  150. How can I get my dog to stop?
  151. Sometimes my dog acts more like a cat than a dog....why?
  152. How do you made your dog to stop moving, while I'm taking him a bath?
  153. Puppy Liter Box Help!!!! Please ?
  154. Rescue Dog Walker...is it the job for me?
  155. Marley & Me, Picture of Marley Grogan [the dog]?
  156. Dog Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  157. Help! My dog ate a small piece of metal...advice?
  158. Why do people say Puppies always get adopted?
  159. what age is it good to start training a pomeranean puppy?
  160. can you change your dog's name?
  161. why is The Lady With The Dog such a famous short story?
  162. Can dogs be autistic?
  163. why does my 2 1/2 year old Bloodhound bite the female dog when we take him
  164. Is my puppy depressed or just laid back?
  165. My dog had 4 puppies yesterday 3 of them were healthy. The fourth was alive
  166. Best lotion for a dog groomer?
  167. What would you expect in a yorkie puppy you'd just gone to visit?
  168. My poor, poor, poor,poor, poor, poor, dog :(?
  169. Does anyone know anything about dogs? Please read details...?
  170. What type of dog is Bolt?
  171. what are the most popular dogs at your park?
  172. What preparations do I need to make to help my dog have her puppies? What...
  173. Is Freshpet a good food for dogs?
  174. Do you bark like a big dog or wimper like a little toy pooch?
  175. Medium to large sized dog low shedding but does not have to be no shedding?
  176. Is the a owl for the ipod like the i-cat, i-dog, i-fish, and i-cy?
  177. what does it mean if it sounds like my puppy is snoring while she is awake?
  178. abused dog.......................................?
  179. this has been bothering me for a while. my next door neighbor is not taking proper...
  180. How old was Mutley when he first met Dick Darstedly? What makes a dog opt?
  181. R.I.P. TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DOG OUR PASHA .....tell mehow ?
  182. Would you get a dog if you were me?
  183. Where are the best places to take my dog?
  184. Tips for convincing my parents for a puppy?
  185. i really would like a puppy for christmas?
  186. How can I help my seriously insecure Dog?
  187. next doors dogs out side?
  188. Dog hit by car head injury Keeps vomiting?
  189. For people who wear fur: Would you walk around in a coat made of dead puppies or
  190. can a dog go for a walk she as just had one puppy but not sure if she is having...
  191. Is it possible to teach your dog to put away his toys? ?
  192. Is dog saliva healing to a dog.?
  193. How can I tell if my pup is playing or fighting the other puppy?
  194. Ways to settle a hypo puppy?
  195. I got a new puppy, and need a name. :D Have any suggestions?
  196. i need a name for my new white amstaff puppy?
  197. Should I adopt a puppy or buy a puppy?
  198. What do i need to birth puppies?
  199. My 9 moth old American bulldog puppy has no prey drive?
  200. how do i get the pet store to take back the puppy i bought?
  201. If you were attacked by a dog what kind of defense would you use?
  202. Have you ever had a dog with heartworms?
  203. Indoor dog games to play?
  204. Why do you like dogs? Tell me your reason!?
  205. can a dog be haunted?
  206. Myths About Certain Dog Breeds?
  207. What would cause my chihuahua puppy to vomit bloody foam?
  208. why must my puppy sleep like that?
  209. At what age should my puppy's hernia clear up?
  210. Did you ever watch courage the cowardly dog as a kid? and did you think it was scary?
  211. Can A Dog Use A Liter Box?
  212. Why is my dog walking to slow all of a sudden?!?
  213. Why are dogs.... good att...?
  214. I love golden retrivers what your fave breed of dog?
  215. I have had two Male Dogs to grow up together, with a female dog. Have
  216. My dog has blood in his poo. What should I do?
  217. my dog was diagnosed with chondrodystropic (leg/hip problems. Im a nurse and am...
  218. Puppy hickups??And sneezing??
  219. how much should my 8 week old puppy sleep during the day?
  220. My dog will not listen to me.?
  221. Is it time to put my dog to sleep? ?
  222. Getting a puppy, tips?
  223. My dog's...on his way out?
  224. how much should i feed my boxer puppy? i feed him natural balance, but how much?!?
  225. My 7yr old lab/1st litter had 2 puppies @ 10am its 5pm now & no more puppies...
  226. why does my dog dont take care of it new born puppy?
  227. help! my dog got tar on her paws?
  228. Help! Introducing my kittens to my dog? It's not going well!?
  229. My dogs were 'knotted' about 5 times 2 weeks ago. How do i KNOW she's pregnant?
  230. What is the smallest breed of dog?
  231. my dogs are fighting over me!!!?
  232. What kinds of treatment are there for a puppy with a nerve problem?
  233. is it ok to mix in vegetable oil with dog food?
  234. New puppy, shots, and being around other people and other dogs?
  235. Will my pc survive on the alpha dog xfx 8800gt ? help!?
  236. Does your dog ever 'want to be alone'. My nutcase does.?
  237. I have a blind cocker puppy 7wks old Help!?
  238. Lump on my dog's lower back?
  239. i'm really nervous 4 my dog please read and answer me!!!?
  240. Hello! Can My Dog Eat This?
  241. When should I start walking my puppy?
  242. A couple years ago my dog dragged herself out the woods. she had no control of
  243. HELP! My puppy is biting me and breaking skin?
  244. My dogs have different colored pupils?
  245. i need Dr. Dog help ?
  246. which i-dog kiss should i get?
  247. Dogs coughing, is it worms?
  248. why does my dog do thisss?
  249. Why is my dog suddenly becoming aggressive?
  250. What name should I choose for my dog?