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  1. My 8 month old puppy peeing blood?
  2. what is the best why to Potty train a puppy?
  3. My puppy has a weird rash on his tummy?
  4. I need some serious puppy help!!!?
  5. price of yorkie puppies?
  6. My dog all of a sudden got really tired to night. What could be wrong?
  7. What is your fave cartoon dog....?
  8. How do we stop our puppy from biting our daughter?
  9. My neighbour has left his dog on her own for the 8th night in a row now. She
  10. People who have housebroken their dogs ?
  11. Why do dogs react to different sounds like clapping, whistling,patting
  12. linux Puppy 4.1 full install?
  13. Can dogs sense pregnancy?
  14. Potty train for dogs?
  15. What is warmer to sleep in for a dog?
  16. How to become alpha male to a puppy? ?
  17. Dog has a hoarse bark?
  18. Thinking of getting a rottweiler dog?
  19. help my dog is scared of water?
  20. Ways to help me get a puppy?
  21. Does anyone know where to find a large gift box for a puppy? (Pull off lid and
  22. What can I give my dog for his bad breath?
  23. My dog has a little white spot on his foot.?
  24. Name for a female sheltie puppy?
  25. What dog breed is this?
  26. Neighbor has a dog-breaking lease rules?
  27. I'm getting another greman shepherd puppy it's a female i really don't what
  28. What Big Dog should I get?
  29. Problem with my jack russell puppy?
  30. My dog still isn't potty trained,?
  31. i just got a puppy NOW help !?
  32. Am I Giving My Dog Enough Food?
  33. dog taring for a 7 week puppy ?
  34. If my puppy is always being chased, what does this mean?
  35. Should I enroll my pup in puppy classes before he has all of his shots?
  36. How much did it cost you to get your cat/dog spayed or neutered?
  37. What are all the foods that are bad for puppies?
  38. is it weird to put pieces of hot dog in an omelette?
  39. Blackheads on dog's vagina?
  40. 2-3 wk old puppies have diarrhea... do you think its parvo?
  41. I can put a microchip in my dog and its a creation of The Lord. What about you are
  42. I ran over my neighbor's dog. What do i do?
  43. I rec'd a email this mornin from a lady indicatin her mom passed & lft puppies &
  44. My dogs are acting weird. Any help?
  45. why dogs sneeze on backs?
  46. My Puppy Ate My Cats Crap, Is He Gonna Be Ok? D: ?
  47. What do you believe is the cutest breed of dog?
  48. What do I do about my puppy?
  49. can a dog help with socializing a schizophrenic?
  50. Puppy is frightened VERY easily. Will this help or hurt?
  51. Hard lump on puppy's snout....?
  52. i need ideas for a name for my new dog :)?
  53. i need to find a dog a more suitable home, but i have become smitten with him!...
  54. Can we register our puppy again?
  55. why my dog shivers when i take him for walk outside?
  56. I'm getting another pup will my other dog hurt her?
  57. SUPER DOG EXPERTS NEEDED!!!!!! someone help me figure out what kind of dog this...
  58. How do I get my dog to stop destroying my house when I am not home?
  59. My dog doesn't like strangers?
  60. My dog has brown paws?
  61. Puppy is starting obedience classes today. How do I handle her excitement
  62. Question for Dog Groomers?
  63. what dog for flat? that is ok alone for 5 hours?
  64. Can the microchip help me find my dog?
  65. When buying a puppy, what things should you look for?
  66. top 10 skinny puppy songs?
  67. Reason for puppy's loss of appetite?
  68. my puppy vomits after eating carrots, could she be allergic?
  69. why wont my dog stop peeing!?
  70. What does my dog want when he paws me?
  71. ok how do u stop a dog from snoring ?
  72. My dog bumped into my leg, will he b ok?
  73. any info on pomeranian puppies?
  74. what is a a dog that will stay small and grow up to be docile?
  75. How can I prevent/reduce scarring on my dog after a surgery?
  76. I wanna socialise my dog?
  77. Is microchipping a dog/puppy worth it?
  78. How do I help a 1 yr old adopted dog get settled into my home?
  79. Finding pet/dog via ones zodiac sign?
  80. Help! puppy problem!?
  81. Dog with joint problem?! HELP!!?
  82. Puppy Christmas Dinner...?
  83. i want to know how to train my dog what should i buy and do to train her?
  84. Small Dogs Beggng............?
  85. how can I tell if a mama dogs milk dried up?
  86. My dog cries while pooping?
  87. What do you think about what this guy does to this puppy?
  88. what are some cute puppy names?
  89. my dog forgot how to be housebroken!! :(?
  90. What is the best kind of dog to get??????????
  91. guys my dog is peeing on the couch and right after comming in from out side what
  92. to the people that have a certain breed of dog?
  93. My dog is scared of the wind. He has chewed through 5 doors and 1 cage - What can I ?
  94. Help I Need A Dogs Name ?
  95. DOG LOVERS plz Help!!?
  96. Can I wash my puppy with just water?
  97. Bell training a pug puppy?
  98. Puppy doesn't know it's name yet.?
  99. free Dog Diaper pattern?
  100. How can I gain my puppy's trust AND respect?
  101. how do i stop my puppy?
  102. When I take my dog(lab) to the park to play with other dogs. One dog nips when
  103. my dog ate chocolate?
  104. What is my dog doing?
  105. Important things to know when getting a second dog?
  106. How often do dogs die under anaesthetic?
  107. how do i keep my dog occupied while i am at work?
  108. Pregnant dog has blood in urine?
  109. my dad said i can have a puppy!!! what should i call it?
  110. Stealing a neglected puppy?
  111. Puppy With New Problem!?
  112. my dog has weird bowel movements?
  113. How do I know my puppy does not have worms anymore?
  114. please help! my dog is sick! i think he has a bone stuck!!?
  115. Can small dogs get too much exercise?
  116. How can I recognize a seizure in my new puppy?
  117. if my dog is a different breed?
  118. how do i help my dog?
  119. Will a dogs dislocated elbow get better when the swelling goes down? continued?
  120. can a puppy of 7 weeks be given powdered milk as he is not touching water?
  121. Does anybody know a poem about Icarus leaving his dog behind and is just left
  122. HUSKY PUPPY FIGHTING!? .. please read on?
  123. i cant get my puppy to come when i call her?
  124. My dog has a blister on her ear. What to do?
  125. How can I tell if I need to go back to the vet with my dog?
  126. Is treating puppies for roundworm an emergency?
  127. My dog might have an ear infection?
  128. Should I get a dog? More info inside...?
  129. What is a good puppy breed that stays small?
  130. What could have happened to my dog's leg?
  131. I looked like a kicked puppy?
  132. Puppy has brown snot, acting sick.?
  133. Why does my puppy have an overbite?
  134. How to insert a "dog paw print" into a Word document?
  135. HELP! My dog peed on my mom's white couch and i have to...?
  136. 90lb dog ate about 15 oreos will she be ok?
  137. My Puppy's stomach swells after drinking ?
  138. HELP! my puppy was diagnosed with legg perthes disease!?
  139. How can i get my dog to like me more?
  140. What is wrong with my dogs tail ?
  141. Is my dog fully grown?
  142. how can I get my dog to stop bitting?
  143. excited puppy pees when a person comes thru the door?
  144. do u have a puppy.....?
  145. what kind of bed should I get my dog?
  146. What are some important things to have in a health guarantee for a border...
  147. How do to get my puppy to sleep through the night?
  148. Am I a Bad Person Cause I bought my dogs from Reputable Breeders?
  149. My puppy Chiwawa is 3.6 pounds and his paw was broken on Friday. When you
  150. Anyone know about pet medical insurance for dogs?
  151. What tricks would you really love to teach your dog?
  152. I have 2 dogs, one is really old, and may pass away soon.:(?
  153. Human's use say 10 percent of the brain, how much does a cat, or dog, bug...
  154. why hasn't my dog had any reactions after eating dark chocolate?
  155. my puppy eats dirt she has had her 1st injection and due another in a week?
  156. how can i get my pure breed pomeranian dog in to making tv shows or movies?
  157. for some reason people think my dog is weird looking lol what do u think?
  158. Can my dogs and their puppies be registered?
  159. Is it not normal for my 3/4 month old German Sheperd mix puppy to have really...
  160. What is the best medium size dog for a large home of 1800 sq ft in a tropical region
  161. Adult dog potties in house every time owner leaves.?
  162. Does the Rachael Ray Dog Food make dogs thirsty?
  163. PUPPY BREATH... why do all puppies have the same smelling breath?
  164. how do i get dog crap out of white carpet?
  165. My dog keeps turning in circles!?
  166. Looking for high fiber quality puppy food.?
  167. dog keeps pooping and peeing?
  168. Puppy Threw Up Worms?
  169. ideas on a dog for my son?
  170. how old are puppies when they start to pee with their leg up?
  171. Is it ok to put a 4 year old dog & a 1 year old dog in the garage?
  172. Thoughts on puppy training mats?
  173. How to stop nipping dog?!?
  174. Has anyone had a dog with a dislocated shoulder? Please read.?
  175. My dog is craving water but his nose is constantly dry? Should I be worried?
  176. Where can i get a Scottie Dog in tx?
  177. requirements for taking my dog to another country for x-mas vacations?
  178. My dog has not pooped in 3 days ?
  179. My boyfriend likes to wonder around naked and have the dog stare at...
  180. My dog and her food, is it okay to....?
  181. Can anyone identify what kind of dog this is? (Picture Enclosed)?
  182. dog what kind where should i go ?
  183. What is a small, afordable dog that would be good for energetic and good...
  184. Dog poping! ?
  185. The puppy demands a sacrifice...?
  186. Should I do a trial overnight at a kennel with my 5 month old puppy before
  187. How do you teach an adult dog to stop begging?
  188. If my male dog and female cat have sex, can they get hurt? ?
  189. what dog name is better?
  190. Do you think my puppy/dog has worms?
  191. My dog is shaking and drooling! PLEASE HELP?
  192. Dog got rabies & booster shot yesterday morning, but now...?
  193. toilet training a puppy?
  194. Whats your top two favorite dog breeds?
  195. i have a german sheperd puppy 15 weekold he has had diaree and sick ness for 1
  196. Can a 10 week old Boxer puppy who has had 2- 7 in 1 puppy shots still get parvo?
  197. How can i prevent my puppy from having dry skin?
  198. What kind of dog is this?
  199. Is there any kind of treatment that i can get for my dog, to help keep the flys away?
  200. What kind of dog is in The Clique???????? :O HELP! 10 points!?
  201. Pet Stores & Puppy Mills/Brokers?
  202. Does my puppy have seroma or is his hernia ing back up after surgery?
  203. Obama getting a puppy?
  204. Anyone upset that the brutal beating of a 6 mo old puppy is going unpunished?
  205. are they going take my dog away?!?
  206. Putting diaper on puppy for trip?
  207. Will there be a season 5 of Courage The Cowardly Dog?
  208. Is this the right registration for my dogs?
  209. question on breeding dogs?
  210. Dog problem! please help?
  211. Why does my 4 month puppy pee in his crate?
  212. What is best way to hand feed Sheltie Puppies?
  213. 3 questions about my dogs?
  214. Why do dogs sigh? ?
  215. Got any good names for a puppy?
  216. What else should I put in the "dog section" of the magazine?
  217. Can I kill my dog, please?
  218. How can i keep my dog from barking so much on walks...?
  219. Still Trouble Housebreaking New Puppy?
  220. I Got a puppy and i have some questions?
  221. What is the most expensive breed of dog?
  222. i need a toy my dog cant destroy?
  223. would a doberman be a good dog for us?
  224. what do you think i should name this puppy?
  225. What kind of dog breed doe he look like?
  226. what are the top ten dog breeds for cold climate?
  227. What kind of Dog is this?
  228. Help caring for orphaned 5 week old puppies (sisters)?
  229. If my dog performs the wrong thing for a command, what can I do?
  230. I have a 9 month old puppy who is vomiting white thick foam and shaking???Any ideas?
  231. Dogs Questions For Small Animal Care & Management 1?
  232. how come i have dreams about my dog dying and animal cruelty ?
  233. Do weiner dogs make great pets?
  234. Help, dog keeps peeing inside!?
  235. What should I name my puppy.?
  236. when your dog is in doggie jail, is it best to visit him for an hour a day or...
  237. Any Advice..dogs ?
  238. My new puppy has worms.?
  239. need help slecting puppies?
  240. Cost Of Dog Neutering...?
  241. Puppy Crate training Question?
  242. my dog keeps getting out of the dog run. He goes underneath the chainlink...
  243. I just got a new puppy yesterday. She is an 8 week old Cockimo (Cocker Spaniel x
  244. dog acting wierdly cause of rain!?
  245. Tryin to name my new puppy ?
  246. I have had my dog for 2 years....could I just now be getting allergic to him?
  247. I am looking to give my dog its shots anyone know where there are reasonable...
  248. what are those old cartoons with that pirple gorilla and that blue dog and
  249. 15 week puppy not eating his last meal.?
  250. Given that so many rape cases nowadays do you think the government should