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  1. How long should i keep my 5 month old pitbull puppy outside this time of year?
  2. Names for a male yellow lab puppy?
  3. Australian Cattle Dog tips? (Toys, activities,etc)?
  4. i need a good puppy name?????????????
  5. Pregnant dog???????????
  6. Why is my puppy walking and running without her back right leg?
  7. what should i do about my dog?
  8. Can dogs give you ringworm?
  9. Do all pet stores get their puppies from "puppy mills?"?
  10. My dog is dieing?! Help!?
  11. Ill dogs and "no money" questions?
  12. Dog broke nail far back to paw, acting tired?
  13. how do they get the cats and dogs to act in "Cats In Dogs"?
  14. What will happen to my puppy if....?
  15. Plz help!! Dog hurt itself very bad and has large haemotoma what do i do?
  16. when do you let your puppy sleep out of his crate?
  17. Would you trust this dog advert?
  18. Why has my dog forgotten everything she was taught about being potty trained?
  19. What do you think of "Hair Of The Dog" by 'Nazareth'?
  20. What happens when young small dogs eat chocolate?
  21. First dog pregnancy advice?
  22. Tell me what you know about great pyrenees dogs!?!?
  23. help me educate my friend about dogs?
  24. My dog has all of a sudden started peeing?
  25. Do puppies go on sale on black friday?
  26. Moving house...Best order to pack in (Two children and two dogs) ?
  27. what should I do after I have neutred my dog?
  28. green terrier porcelian dog circa 1940?
  29. Dog won't eat... any suggestions?
  30. What's your favorite dog and what kind of dog do you think you would be and why?
  31. Can your judge a person by their dog's breed ?
  32. When you shave a puppy's belly fur, why doesn't it grow back completely?
  33. Why does my fully potty trained cockapoo puppy only go potty at home?
  34. How to make a dog go away?
  35. what is that one dog called?
  36. puppies or kittens??????
  37. What should i name my brown/yellow female pitbull puppy?
  38. Pregnant dog has blood in urine?
  39. hybrid dog question ?
  40. how old is my dog in dog years?
  41. What could be the cause of my poor dog's "belly problems" ?
  42. Is it normal for a puppy to shake like this?
  43. what are some very small dog breeds that are good around animals and kids?
  44. Preventing dog bloat?
  45. My Dogs will not stop fighting- 2 y/o male Pug and 10 m/o female French
  46. how do i know if my dogs leg is broken?
  47. What kind of chew toy should I get my dog?
  48. What is the soul of a Corgi? Especially Welsh Pembrokeshire Corgi puppy. How do
  49. Can a laser pointer drive a dog to the point of insanity?
  50. What could i do to strengthen my puppy?
  51. My dog slept with me for 10 months and now she refuses, why is this?
  52. Does anyone know a good dog obedience school in St. Louis?
  53. Do babies and dogs see ghosts?
  54. what song should i use for my next dog agility video?
  55. my dog keeps whining & we think its because she ate a chewy tendon tat u
  56. Is Long Island, where the Wal-Mart worker was crushed to death by rabid mad dog...
  57. Tek-no Dog? easy 10 points!!!?
  58. Just got a puppy HELP !?
  59. Does anyone know of any small dog breeders in albany new york?
  60. What do do when your dog eats...?
  61. How do you get yr 7 year old cat to come into the house again when there is a new...
  62. Help please is this a puppy scam?
  63. My dog got bit by a skunk. does he have rabies!?!?!?!?
  64. why doesn't jerry the king lawler scream puppies anymore?
  65. In what order should I train my new puppy?
  66. Is it okay for dogs to eat peanut butter?
  67. How long does it take for a dog to dehydraite?
  68. okay so my dogs pregnant can you tell me how many months or even weeks she is?
  69. Why does my dog run in circles?
  70. my dog is foaming at the mouth and has red eyes and wont eat or drink ?
  71. what is the best dog?
  72. my dogs has the runs?
  73. My puppy is sick please help?
  74. Puppies as Christmas Gifts?
  75. if a dog has had parvo once can they get it again?
  76. Dog acts wild in backyard?
  77. I can't sleep at all.....because my puppy.....?
  78. My puppy has a small cut on his ear...?
  79. Why does my dog do this?
  80. Will My Dogs get depressed??
  81. Should I get another dog?
  82. how do you make puppy chow?
  83. Puppy name for big dog?
  84. how to keep my dog from jumping the fence?
  85. i have a dog food question?
  86. My dog is vomiting his food I changed his food from the hard stuff to canned
  87. are grapes bad for dogs?
  88. How do I get my puppy to stop chewing important things?
  89. What breed makes a good guard dog?
  90. Want to hear a shaggy dog story?
  91. Has anyone out there lost a pet? I had to put down my dog of 15 yrs this
  92. what kind of dog should i get?
  93. Should I Sell my puppy?
  94. Can i left my puppies in gargage ?
  95. Story about Laika (the space dog)?
  96. is your dog wearing a sweater?
  97. 12 week old puppy keeps drinking a lot of water!?
  98. what was the dog scene about in the movie "Seed" ?
  99. Does Intellipet Bark Solver work on puppies?
  100. How do you feel about dog clothing?
  101. am i ready for a puppy?
  102. Do you have a puppy mill dog? How old was she when rescued?
  103. Is it difficult to have a puppy in an apartment?
  104. does anyone know how much it is to get a microchip for your dog?
  105. Advantages/disadvantages to adopting vs. buying a puppy?
  106. Is this true about coyotes, do they lure dogs away to eat them?
  107. Dog rolled in poop, still stinks!?
  108. Where i can buy dog ?
  109. could this be worms in my new puppy?
  110. Is there puppy mills in Alberta?
  111. i accidentally stepped on my dogs foot what do i do?
  112. When is the right time to let a dog go outside?
  113. I have a chihuahua what breed is best for 2nd dog in house?
  114. why does my puppy follow me everywhere i go even outside off lead?
  115. Does anybody know if Shanty Creek allows dogs?
  116. Dog obedience help! ?
  117. About How long does a dog live?
  118. Do you have any ideas for new tricks I can teach my dog?
  119. Brother is allergic to cats/dogs, what about Ferrets?
  120. How can I help my new, scared puppy?
  121. How do you earn new breeds of dogs on Nintendogs?
  122. Puppy cut his nose pretty bad plz help!?
  123. How long does it take for newborn chihuaha puppies to their eyes?
  124. I have two dogs at home and today...?
  125. where do i stand regarding a contract for my puppies?
  126. whats a good dog to have?
  127. Something wrong with my dog!!!?
  128. What are everyone's opinion of dog parks?
  129. My new puppy has been up every two hrs like a newborn baby wanting to eat,...
  130. Painting dogs.....................What kind of paint?
  131. Why is my Dog having White Poo's?
  132. What breed of dog (part 2)?
  133. Do you think this 11-13 week old puppies ears will stay floppy?
  134. Dog dog's nails damage hardwood floors?
  135. New dog tricks? Best answer tomorrow / tonight ... ... ...?
  136. what kind of dog is this?(pic)?
  137. dog bit through battery?
  138. Is it normal for a dog to shake while having contractions?
  139. What breed of dog is this?
  140. can i give my dogs the giblets?
  141. Are you counting your blessings (from my rescue dog to yours)?
  142. is my puppy in pain???
  143. Animal Abuse Against A Dog?
  144. Are their any flowers or plants that deter dogs and cats from relieving
  145. How do I stop my dog from messing in the house?
  146. will i get a dog for christmas?
  147. Do you think it's gross for a dog to eat off of a plate?
  148. what would happen if a human uses dog shampoo?
  149. Does anyone have a scared puppy?
  150. How Long! Do dogs.....?
  151. My friends puppy is becoming aggresive and doesn't know how to make it stop?
  152. i have a dog but what should i name it?
  153. Do dogs kill spiders? And if so what sort of breeds are more likely to be
  154. How strong are these dogs compared to.....?
  155. Is is okay to take a puppy away from its mom at 6 weeks old?
  156. Our 13 week old puppy goes outside to potty, but when we go to work she...
  157. if u kill 3 dog how do u get a lead on ur dad again?
  158. How do i stop my nervous dog from barking at everything?
  159. How to stop dog play biting?
  160. Can a dog eat a turkey bone?
  161. Why is my dog is trying to pull of his dewclaw!?
  162. Is It Okay To Keep My Dog in A Crate?
  163. Dog Bites on The Bumper?
  164. Can dogs get pimples?
  165. What breed won the dog show?
  166. My dog has not been eating, and his eyes are crusty and red. What could this be?
  167. For puppy socialization, does seeing but not meeting help?
  168. what breed of dog do you prefer and what is your gender...need asap answers?
  169. My 9 month old puppy just went through her 1st heat...and her nipples look like...
  170. Is it illegal to bark at a dog when you.....?
  171. what is a good toy dog that is easy to house train?
  172. The Suite life of Zack and Cody : Dog - Ivona?
  173. my dog just ate a chicken wing bone?
  174. Child exposed to prolonged dog feces and urine?
  175. My dog is 1 yr. old and already had her first menstrual cycle but the last 3...
  176. Best breed of dog that would suit a newley formed couple ?
  177. Allergic reactions to Dog Vaccinations?
  178. My dog is acting weird. Anyone?
  179. What should I do, my neighbors keep dog outside 24-7 and I can hear him crying right
  180. my puppy growls in play and with his food. Does this mean hes a bully? ?
  181. Can you bring dogs on airplanes?
  182. how to deal with your dog dying?
  183. Pug wont clean her puppies?
  184. green terrier porcelian dog circa 1940?
  185. how should i train my dog when he does not listen me please help me i'm in a great
  186. Do you walk your dog in the winter?
  187. its ok for a 3months old puppy to eat sweet potato?how about sausage?can you advice
  188. My dog went in her cage to go to bed last night. Now, I am trying to get her to
  189. Why does my puppy tremble when I put her lease on?
  190. Innova Evo for Large breed Puppy?
  191. Can anyone tell me about maltese dogs? What are they like? ?
  192. How do I get my puppy to stop chewing important things?
  193. Dogs eyes gluing shut?
  194. National Dog Show final lineup?
  195. what was the name of the 80s cartoon that featured puppies dressed as knights?
  196. Hows do you teach a dog to sit at the door before you let it outside for a walk?
  197. I want to buy a English Bull Dog, but i dont know if this is a scam?
  198. What would you do: attacked by a dog vs. hitchhike a ride?
  199. What small dogs do not shed?
  200. My puppy has loud stomach noises.?
  201. Why does my dog (male) lifts his leg very high sometimes and very low at other times?
  202. What is a good way to calm your dog down when using the Pedipaws?
  203. How do i train my two new puppies?
  204. Are huskies overly-hyper dogs? ?
  205. do you like cats more or dogs?
  206. Fostering an English Bull Terrier puppy, any advise?
  207. Dog male or female which is best?
  208. Shipping time for dogs?
  209. How do i gett he pet store to take back the puppy i bought?
  210. why is my dog so aggressive?
  211. The puppy I'm adopting does not have any of her vaccines done.?
  212. crate / potty training dog?
  213. What is the best type of dog food?
  214. how do you hunt rabbit with out dogs?
  215. what kind of dog is this?
  216. My puppy thinks everything is a game.?
  217. why does my dog go on hunger strike?
  218. What is your favorite dog treat to buy your dog?
  219. Where can i get Jonas Brothers Puppy apparel?
  220. Painting dogs.....................What kind of paint?
  221. Which dog breed...? 10 pts best answer?
  222. Brushing my dog's teeth.......?
  224. my dog jumps over my 4ft5 fence and she wontstop what shold i d???(halfblack lab and
  225. What species do you like the best, Dogs or Cats?
  226. pug having pitbull puppies?
  227. Do you know this dog breed?
  228. How Many Puppies Will A Blue Heeler Usually Have?
  229. Cats Or Dogs ?
  230. my dog is developing red rashes and sores all over his body?
  231. What does it mean when your dog eats thier own poop?
  232. How do you get into a dog obedience class?
  233. What dog should i get?
  234. Is there a good dry type of shampoo for old dogs?
  235. What is the best Nintendogs dog to get?
  236. Can you figure out the breed of this dog?
  237. where can i get cheap puppies in chicago?
  238. Are you watching the dog show?
  239. my dog might be pregnant?
  240. How much should a 14 week old puppy eat?
  241. My dog's ears inside contains a lot of ticks and flea.How can I take it out?
  242. I'm looking for a cheap puppy?
  243. Why Are Men Such Dogs?
  244. i am going two pet dogs the breed i want is teacup yorkie and a pomeranian?
  245. my dogs breath really smells like fish!?
  246. What is this TV show, similar to The Dog Whisperer?
  247. How to teach my dog to speak?
  248. Whats Good And Bad About Dogs?
  249. In the dog show this year, who do you think should have won?
  250. How can i convince my parents to get me a small dog?