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  1. Help! We have a 6 month old puppy that just will not housetrain!...?
  2. Have dog owners gone too far?
  3. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY PUPPY? HOW CAN I FIX IT? He's about 9 months old
  4. What is the best type of dog to have in your home as a pet for small children?
  5. My dog bites my husband and I don't know why...?
  6. If my puppy has a sprained front leg, how can he go potty?
  7. what dog breed is this dog?
  8. Curious about what happened to my dog...a seizure?
  9. How do I make the mother bond with her puppies?
  10. Why do dogs sniff butts?
  11. CSI Gill Grissoms dog?
  12. Why is my female dog doing this?
  13. What is a good breed of dogs to buy?
  14. My dog has started to bark at night?
  15. Dogs marking territory?
  16. I believe my parents dog may have been poisoned by their neighbor. How do I...
  17. What kind of puppy/dog is this?
  18. Stop dogs from barking at the door?
  19. Why is my dog acting drowsy, she can't walk very well, and wont eat?
  20. What kind of dog should I get for a second floor of a aparment?
  21. Do dogs really smile?
  22. I need cute puppy names :]?
  23. Best food for a Cockapoo puppy?
  24. Here are the lastest animals that I like: Cats, dogs, gorillas, owls, cows, ?
  25. My Puppy wont sleep at night...?
  26. Is it ok for a dog to eat their puppies poop?
  27. How do you crate train a puppy?
  28. I think there something wrong with my puppy.. what could it be?
  29. What is a good type of dog that is good with high and low altitudes?
  30. fighting dogs.................?
  31. What do you think my puppy is?
  32. Does anyone know a good place to get a Pomeranian puppy in Atlanta,GA?
  33. How do I excercise a husky...?? Puppy?
  34. Puppy cut his nose pretty bad plz help!?
  35. The neighbor's dog killed our kitten..?
  36. Why does my puppy poop too much?
  37. whats your favorite type of dog?
  38. where did blake lively get her dog?
  39. help! there is something wrong with my dog!?
  40. Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten and hot dog buns come in packages of eight?
  41. how do I train my pitbull puppy to bite on command?
  42. is my friends dog sick?
  43. How do I stop my dogs from using the bathroom in the house?
  44. pit bull puppy...aggressive?
  45. anyone interested in caring for a dog? or know of someone that is willing to?
  46. Did Michael Vick get ripped off by that dog rehabilitation place?
  47. Does anyone know a POSSIBLITY of a type of dog this may be?
  48. Agility Training for dogs?
  49. I have a min pin, & now I got a puppy labrador. my min pin fights with the
  50. Weird Dream about my deceased dog?
  51. Can dogs get the flu?
  52. what can I use to treat dandruff on my dog?
  53. whats a good dog to have?
  54. Congested Cocker Spaniel Puppy?
  55. Grieving over my dog's death....?
  56. Why does my dog stare at nothing?
  57. My dog has a lump on her back just below the base of the neck?
  58. I want to lock up my puppy for about three days for the holidays. ?
  59. When choosing puppies out of litter?
  60. Shepherd dog any idea what?
  61. Would you heat milk for a puppy on a stove or in the microwave?
  62. Am I allergic to cats or dogs?
  63. my dog ate molded burritos!?
  64. Is the dog park on holidays?
  65. My dog is so hyper and has so much energy.. especially when he sees other...
  66. How much does a bone fusion for a dog's toe cost?
  67. got a 7 week old bichon puppy. what is the best way to make her smell good besides...
  68. potty training a puppy?
  69. I think my dog is allergic to grass?
  70. Ok ppl help me out.When i was in grade 1-4 i had a little bf u know the little
  71. Will a flea/tick treatment for a dog get washed off with a bath?
  72. My puppy looked lethargic at first (won't get up) but then she became
  73. 10 year old dog with tumor on his leg.?
  74. why does dog turn 3times before they laydown?
  75. HELP! my dog won't stop whining in the kitchen!?
  76. What Is Better A Cat Or Dog?
  77. How to pick the right dog and where to find it?
  78. When you are in a pack consisting of people and a dog/dogs..?
  79. Can i use bengay on my dog?
  80. How can i make a Dog trust me?
  81. My dog has started Orijen dog food as he has allergies (skin and ear)...problem
  82. Even though the "no dogs allowed" rule has been around for ages...?
  83. my dogs paws are red and sore i think she is licking them raw.?
  84. What should I name this puppy?
  85. is it ok to feed my dog ham?
  86. Dog is sick. She doesn't have papers but she may need medical attention. Where
  87. Is a dog suppose to be hot when she is in her heat cycle?
  88. When I walk my dog I always wear Wellington Boots, but the last few pairs...
  89. how should i start a dog?
  90. Merrick Puppy Plate | Where can I buy it cheaply online or in stores?
  91. Are Cranberries Okay For My Dog To Eat?
  92. Border Collie puppy. ?
  93. I have just bought a 13 week old male puppy?
  94. I am looking for a dog but I don't know which one to choose.?
  95. How can i entertain my dog while im at home working?
  96. Whats The Best Things You Can Do For A Puppy?
  97. Advice on how to look better after dog bite. Pics.?
  98. Dog twitches and eyes roll back while asleep, after surgery?
  99. how do i introduce a new puppy to my alaskan malamute adult?
  100. I need help with this Snoop Dog song !?
  101. if i get a citation for not registering a dog do i have to pay it even if i
  102. Is my dog really sick?
  103. How can I stop my dog barking at the cats like mad?
  104. what to do if dog is feeling stomach ache?r=1227787289?
  105. why is my new puppy sad ?
  106. What is a good diet for my Boston Terrier Puppy so she doesn't pass gas so much?
  107. can I rent a cat or a dog?
  108. Help me please! I adopted a dog & I am a first time dog owner! Why does my...
  109. Drawing a dog - eye help please!?
  110. Is a boxer a good dog to get with a pit & staffie mix? ?
  111. i want to adopt a dog but dont know where?
  112. Puppies and Breast feeding?
  113. Should I push him to put his dog down?
  114. What can I give my dog for her pain?
  115. What is a good diet for my Boston Terrier Puppy so she doesn't pass gas so much?
  116. we are thinking about getting a black lab puppy,just wondering if it is a good...
  117. if you scold a dog by speaking loudly to him, does he get the message?
  118. do you feel sad when you see a dog got ran over by a car?
  119. What are some good tricks to train your dog to do?
  120. When should I spay my dog?
  121. Survey....... Please take! Cat/Dog names, how many, and brand of food! I...
  122. Why does one of our dogs have eyes that shine red in the dark, while the...
  123. How to housetrain the adult dog? How to get him to ask to go out?
  124. recommend a dog breed that is short haired, indoor, medium size, calm,...
  125. How can I discipline my dog?
  126. Is there a site I can go to for free puppies?
  127. puppy poops on cement instead of grass?
  128. can I give my dogs the the giblets?
  129. How do I convince my mom to get me a puppy?
  130. When I Bring My Dog Home....?
  131. should i get another pitbull puppy or a english bulldog? (only people who own a...
  132. dog breeders/experts HELLP!?
  133. I have newborn puppies and I would like to know when should I bathe them because
  134. I feel bad becasue my husband dog is still depress?
  135. my kitten acts like a puppy, is that normal?
  136. How can I get my 8yr old son to understand that he can no train his dog by
  137. how do i get my mom to buy me a puppy?
  138. Looking for a chihuahua puppy?
  139. where to find a stud dog?
  140. if Im not able to feel the puppies dose that mean their arent any?(In her...
  141. What do you think of people who treat dogs as babies?
  142. Is dog food safe to eat?
  143. My puppy's paw is sore !?
  144. Do female dogs have an orgasm "spot" ? ?
  145. Is it safe for a dog to sleep with e- collar on in crate?
  146. Mother dog killed a pup....What action should I take ?
  147. Dog Diabetes in Senior Dog?
  148. puppy dragging her hips?
  149. what kind of dog does aly michalka have?
  150. I'm not normally allergic to dogs, could I be allergic to this one?
  151. I need cute puppy names :] ?
  152. Which Puppy Name?! 10 Points!!!?
  153. Bump at the base of my Dogs vulva?
  154. Why doesn't my dog like mirrors?
  155. does anybody have suggestions on what can make a dog have diarrhea alot?
  156. POLL: Dogs or cats? (and other questions!)?
  157. What is a good, small, dog?
  158. my 9 wk old puppy is not eating or drinking what can i do to keep her
  159. my dog got into a fight with my other dog now she's limping.?
  160. I'm worried about my dog's weight?
  161. I just adopted a dog from the Humane Society and he has a tattoo of N27 on his
  162. Border Collie puppy. ?
  163. where do i stand regarding a contract for my puppies?
  164. Is there gonna be a Snow Dogs 2? Or has it already come out?
  165. kitten or puppies????????
  166. Help me stop my puppy from biting?
  167. Can dogs take rebirth as human beings?
  168. where to find a stud dog?
  169. I need help with my Sib puppy?
  170. How can i make my dog stop barking ?
  171. why is my puppy depressed or scared?
  172. My Dog's Foot?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  173. Service dog for MS patient?
  174. Frontline causing hair loss on my dog?
  175. Do you think that pet owners should be offered an incentive to spay their dogs to...
  176. What breed of dog is featured on "dog gone Love"?
  177. how long does a german shepjerd male dog's in-heat last?
  178. Why does my dog scavenge constantly?
  179. What puppy mix do you see here?
  180. What are some ways to cure dog obsession?
  181. can dogs die from mange?
  182. Baby Picture on Dog Tags ?!?!?
  183. How do I stop my dog from barking?
  184. is it safe to feed my dog freezer burnt meat?
  185. Dog obedience/training?
  186. What should I do about training my adult dog?
  187. Spitz? Papillon? sheltie? What breeds are in this dog?
  188. 2 male dogs Question ?
  189. How strong are these dogs compared to.....?
  190. My dog has a weird bump formed on his testicle?
  191. How do i stop my 2 dogs from fighting?
  192. My dog and her fake puppies?
  193. When I go to college can I keep my dog in my dorm?
  194. how long do dogs have to stay with there mum?
  195. what would i name my puppy?
  196. What risks will raw feeding for dogs have on a household with a baby?
  197. I feel bad becasue my husband dog is still depress?
  198. My puppy is lazy? omg please help....?
  199. my dog was recently hit by a car. she ran off and i found her at animal control
  200. My Dog Ate 86% Cacoa Dark Chocolate!!?
  201. Please help!!! My dogs gums are white??!!?
  202. How do I deal with the death of my dog?
  203. How come my dog is shedding more during the winter?
  204. My dog has purple spots on her tongue..?
  205. What do i do for my puppy????HELP!!!!?
  206. where can i find a white puppy poodle ? please need help?
  207. My 9 month puppy was neutered 2 weeks ago but no is going potty inside the house...
  208. If your husband says you absolutely can't have a dog, would you get one anyway?
  209. The National Dog Show.....what did you think of the winner?
  210. Important things to know when getting a second dog?
  211. Is 15 pounds big for a 3 month old dog?
  212. how soon can i give my 7 week old bichon puppy shots?
  213. I just got a new puppy?
  214. How to get puppy to respect me listen to me without yelling or hitting?
  215. How can I get my dog to stop going on the floor at night?
  216. can small breed dogs get a cold?
  217. What breed of Dog should i ger?
  218. When does the mother quit stimulating a puppy?
  219. im getting a puppy but what breed should i get?
  220. how much is my dog supposed to weight?
  221. How can I soothe my dogs dry skin?
  222. Why is my dog pulling off his dewclaw!?
  223. How Do I Bond With My Dogs?
  224. puppies from puppy mills?
  225. benadryl for crazy puppy?
  226. Is this a good dog food?
  227. I have a dog food question?
  228. can anybody tell me more about dappled dachshund puppies?
  229. is my pug puppy sick?
  230. websites for buying a puppy/dog? Help?
  231. Which dog breed...? 10 pts best answer?
  232. dog breeding question?
  233. when can i put my puppy staffie on adult dry food?
  234. How can I convince my dad to get a puppy?
  235. how can dogs dont bark?
  236. How do you get a 6 month old puppy to stop biting me?
  237. what month does the dog start to get milk in her belly!?
  238. what to purchase before the new puppy comes home?
  239. what do do when your dog had 11 pups 2 1/2 weeks ago and she ate them all!!?
  240. How do I potty train my Dog?
  241. my 2 shepherd mix dogs took off about 7 days ago has anyone seen them?
  242. My 5 month old pitbull puppy has lost 4 teeth but only 2 are growing back in
  243. Crate Training new puppy?
  244. Anyone know where I can get dvds for dogs?
  245. I'm looking to buy a Pembroke welsh corgi puppy?
  246. Is my puppy dying?! help me please ={?
  247. My puppy won't eat his food!?!?
  248. I got a new puppy last week, and now my older puppy isn't eatting! Any ideas?
  249. should i breed my chihuahua with this or that dog?
  250. worried about new puppy?