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  1. My dog went in her cage to go to bed last night. Now, I am trying to get her to
  2. What are some large dog breeds that live long?
  3. Difference between Samoyed and American Eskimo Dog?
  4. A 10 week old biting puppy?
  5. Need a name for my new puppy????
  6. how can i teach my 3 year old dog to speak?
  7. My dogs breasts are starting to hang down?
  8. Thinking about getting a small dog and wondering how much work it really will add...
  9. Serious When a dog goes into heat, namely first heat, does she do really
  10. How would you find an invisible dog?
  11. Do puppies like to cuddle?
  12. my sister has really terrible dog phobia ?
  13. What is the easiest way to leash train a new puppy?
  14. Dog Diabetes in Senior Dog?
  15. Any advice on how to make my puppy stop barking?
  16. Problems Getting a Dog from Rescue Groups ?
  17. Whats Wrong With My Dog?
  18. different puppy scam?
  19. how can i get over the greif of the animal people taking my dog away?
  20. why is my dog so sad andwhiny when i get home?
  21. Dogs i am getting a 2 pet dogs so i pan on getting a yorkie and a pomerian i...
  22. Is it true all these people who adopt abandoned dogs from shelters are only
  23. Is $900 to much for my puppy?
  24. Been browsing dog Q&As?
  25. What should I name my new puppy?
  26. why does my puppy run upstairs to poo just after going out?
  27. My dog is super jealous, and how can I get her to stop?
  28. Does anyone use a sedative for their dogs?!?
  29. toilet training my 9 week old puppy ?
  30. Dog got a hold of and ate chocolate munchkins!?
  31. tips on housebreaking a puppy?
  32. How do dogs think? I sometimes wonder what my 2 dogs Tippy and Toby are
  33. how old do puppies have to be before you start giving them away?
  34. How can I get my dog's pee smell off? ?
  35. poll : hsm or jonas brothers or a pile of dog shit?
  36. What should i name my puppy?
  37. ok iam bored help lab puppy comeing too?
  38. my dog bit my friend but im not so sure i need some help! this is really urgent?
  39. how do i convince my dad to let our family get a dog?
  40. My dog had diarrhea a few times yesterday and threw up small amounts of liquid. ?
  41. Why are my 5 day old puppies making phlegmy gurgling sounds after being bottle-fed?
  42. What age should my puppy be potty trained? And do you have any tips for speeding up
  43. Isn't this the cutest picture of my dog?
  44. My Puppy Cries At Night..?
  45. How do i Potty train my puppy?
  46. Dog burps a lot. How much is too much?
  47. Why do I get a negative review on my answers when I mention that I breed dogs?
  48. My dog is afraid of men n other problems....?
  49. can i get a blood test to prove my dogs purity?
  50. is it too early to get a puppy for my son?
  51. How can I make my pregnant dog more comfortable?
  52. Is there any treatment or relief for deafness of a 12 year old pet dog?
  53. the dog is going to die..HELP!.?
  54. How to stop my dog from barking in crate?
  55. do you think my dog might be ill?
  56. My dog just got stitches on a deep cut 2 days ago and they are coming apart.what
  57. My dog had one puppy at 430 this morning none since she is 4 years old and not
  58. Why does my dog keep eating weeds?
  59. How do I pick up pets(dog) at Newark international Airport?
  60. How much banana should a small dog be allowed to eat in a day?
  61. my dog is 27 pounds and i am switching to raw foods how do i figure out of much...
  62. Raise Feeder Dogs on a Singer 8280?
  63. Burger or Hot dog?????
  64. What dog might be good for us?
  65. Confused about dog's mood swings?
  66. how do i make my dog stop throwin up in my mouth?
  67. What could be wrong with our dog?
  68. How can I train my dog to be less aggressive?
  69. I need some help extending my puppy's name?...?
  70. What breed of dogs would you think of if......?
  71. fighting dogs..................?
  72. my pug puppy is sick?
  73. How can I get my dog to exercise?
  74. My girlfriend just took her dog to the vet...?
  75. What are some good 'small apartment dogs'?
  76. Expressing Dog's anal glands?
  77. has David Mortari been killed or in jail for hurting the puppy?
  78. why does my dog either put a paw on me or lay so that part of his body is touching
  79. I am asking for a puppy for christmas 10points?
  80. Girl puppy name...there are requirements from breeder though, help!?
  81. What can I pour on my couch to keep my dogs from chewing on it?
  82. how long do you leave your dog at home?
  83. Which name for my puppy?
  84. How can you tell if your dog is stupid or smart? if he is stupid, should he...
  85. Is it normal for a puppy to be afraid of a barking dog up close?
  86. Why Do Dogs Hate It When?
  87. My lovebird follows me i don't know why but it's so weird he like's eating my...
  88. Help with new puppy names?
  89. Discharge from dog teats?
  90. Vestibular Disease at 9 months dog?
  91. is this a good picture of my dog?
  92. Puppy Advice! This is my first pet ever! I have had my 12 week old shih-zu...
  93. any info on pomeranian puppies?
  94. Dog Diet Help~~Guilt Trip and Feeling Bad?
  95. Puppy troubles!!!Please help!!!?
  96. Can somebody tell me what's involved in cropping a dog's ears?
  97. my dog keeps leaving the house! why?
  98. Which puppy should we get?
  99. Can A Rott Onlly Have 1 Puppy?
  100. What kind of dog should we get?
  101. My dog had an op. on Tuesday and since then has had a cough. ?
  102. How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog? Im 12!?
  103. Is Propett Wellness Dog Food good..?
  104. getting a puppy? cost?
  105. why does my dog (male) lift his leg real high sometimes and other times real low?? ?
  106. Where can I get a Yorkie puppy in the Bay Area?
  107. How to teach ur dog to stop chewing stuff?
  108. Do you think this is far too expensive for a dog?
  109. what do you need to do when a chihuahua is trying to have her puppies?
  110. my poodle got attacked by a dog and i dont have $ for a vet .?
  111. Does anyone think the Black and White Cheeky Dog Webkinz will be really valuable
  112. Does anyone know what is wrong with my dog?
  113. my puppies skin is very dry and has white stuff in his double coat?
  114. My dog keeps marking me?
  115. How often do puppies sleep vs eating and play time?
  116. How do I get my DOG (8 months old) to stop nipping people?
  117. How many times can a dog go into heat a year?
  118. Where can I take my dog swimming?
  119. since yesterday morning my dog has been urinating all day and night his stools
  120. My 6 month old puppy has a boil on his left leg..?
  121. petite peticure work on big dogs?
  122. dos any one know where i can sell my pit puppy?
  123. Is it a good idea to own a dog in college?
  124. When do you switch from puppy to adult dog food?
  125. does my puppy have more respect for my other dog?
  126. What should I name My puppy!!?
  127. Whats the code for getting the legendary dogs for action replay?
  128. My Dog ingested 1 Imitrex 50 mg, she is 5 pounds. i am not sure when she...
  129. why are dogs afraid of vacuums but not other big and loud things?
  130. How To Become The Pack Leader To My Dog?
  131. Why is my 8 month old puppy licking anything and everything she sees?
  132. My dog likes to hump my 2 year old daughter, who cant defend herself, how do i get
  133. My dogs tore up my couch....!?
  134. How to deal with misbehaving puppy?
  135. Ok, a stupid dog-related question?
  136. Why is my dog hiding food?
  137. Why does my new Chihuahua puppy run away from my Weiner dog?
  138. What type of dog should I buy for my 8yr old son his last 3 dogs died from
  139. What are some quick and easy dog treats to make from a couple of ingredients?
  140. Can dogs get salmonella from cooked turkey that's sat out a day?
  141. Help! I dont know what to do with my dog?
  142. We set up a crate indoors for our dog to have her puppies, but she had them...
  143. How to stop a dog from peeing inside the house?
  144. what is the breed of the puppy in Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective?
  145. How to keep my dog from going on my bed and the sofa?
  146. My Dog Chewed Up My Retainer?
  147. My dogs ear, very worried any vets here?
  148. what will my dog do if i get a new puppy?
  149. my dog has cushings syndrome and she get bad urinary infections. Lately her
  150. My husband & I have decided to get a dog ... ?
  151. how to stop a puppy from pacing and whining at nite?
  152. what is a good paying job for a dog lover?
  153. I had my puppy at the Vet hospitalized Puppy ate something there! Please help?
  154. My dog peed on my bed when my new guy started spending the night?
  155. My neighbor is always kicking his dog. Should I report him?
  156. any body has a spitz dog?
  157. HELP! can i catch hookworms of my puppy has them?
  158. am I feeding my pup too much puppy food? tjoday she sicked the whole lot
  159. My dog won't stop jumping on people Help ( EASY POINTS )?
  160. What should we name our new female puppy?!?
  161. Walking dog / Neighborhood Dogs!!?
  162. can anyone tell where i can download yellow dog linux os for the ps3 for free?
  163. What's the best brand of puppy food?&why? ?
  164. What breed is this puppy?
  165. How and when will my puppy stop biting other dog's mouths?
  166. Is this normal out of my puppy?
  167. Tips on toilet training a puppy?
  168. I have a new puppy. We went to the Vet today and Mom has no mastitis but she doesn't
  169. My dog keeps throwing up slime?
  170. im thinking of building a outside dog kennel please answer?
  171. whats wrong with my dog?
  172. who does someone call to complain about a dog who wont quit barking?
  173. my dog won't stop peeing in the house ever since she had her puppies.?
  174. How much does it cost to get dew claws removed on puppy? Is it worth doing?
  175. How to stop my dog from terrorizing my other dog. Please help?
  176. Can I Tell if my dog has some wolf in him?
  177. deaf dog question please give me some info?
  178. A grass seed is embeded in the back of my dogs mouth how do i get it out?
  179. i just got new puppy and i think there is something wrong?
  180. Portuguese Water Dogs?
  181. When I take my dog out for a walk why does he have to pee on almost everything?
  182. Why does my dog wag his tail up and down?
  183. What is the most "protective" breed of dog I can get?
  184. Puppy destroys the house !! ?
  185. Names for my new dog ? : ) aha he's really big!?
  186. What is wrong with my dog? ?
  187. What would you do if your dog...?
  188. what should i do with my dogs during the day?
  189. What's a good name for a pure white pit bull puppy?
  190. What is your dogs name?
  191. My small dog will not eat!?
  192. How do i stop my puppy from running out the door?
  193. How can i tell if my puppy has gone into heat?
  194. What's wrong with my dogs boob?
  195. Left dog outside for a long time? Please help.?
  196. What to put in crate with puppy?
  197. Weim puppy heartbeat--Unusual?
  198. cleaning dog poop of my floor!!!!!!!!?
  199. My dog is constantly scratching herself....Why?
  200. How do I get my four-month old puppy to come when I call him?
  201. how can i watch Hound dog the movie with Dakota fanning?
  202. puppies after parvo ?
  203. 3 puppies; plz help!?
  204. Which puppy breed should we get?
  205. Help picking out a dog name? ?
  206. Help!! My Dog Still Will Not Eat Her Food!!!?
  207. What r some good tricks to teach a dog?
  208. General Dog Question?
  209. What breed of dog does this look like to you?
  210. What do you prefer, CATS or DOGS?
  211. Please help!!! My dogs gums are white??!!?
  212. My puppy ate Hersheys Milk Chocolate!?
  213. Checkers Fast Food hot dogs?
  214. What do you think about the fluff the lib media passes of as Obama news (i.e his
  215. Dog names??????????????????????????
  216. confused - best dog foods - 14month old dog?
  217. Restaurant that serve dog meat?
  218. i hav 5puppy 2month old 4 r male,1female.2male puppy's fights each other ,it's...
  219. when should i introduce a new puppy to my 2 older male dog?
  220. Help pick a dog for family!?
  221. Since purchasing puppies from a pet store is bad because of supporting puppy mills.?
  222. Dog Pregnancy (est. day 59)?
  223. puppies for sell need go home?
  224. Stop puppy from crying when I leave?
  225. what kind of breed is my new puppy?
  226. Is Gerber Rice food okay for puppies?
  227. my dog has a blad spot on his paw in between his toes. anyone know what that is?
  228. I have lots of puppy question, any experts out there?
  229. CHEAP DOG AGILITY SET UNDER $100.00 (tried ebay!)?
  230. How can I make my dog to not to run, just walk?
  231. any ideas of what breeds my dog could be?
  232. what is a good puppy name?
  233. Teach dog not to beg or jump on me?
  234. puppy dog not yet on rabies vac. She scratched my forearm. Is it safe to ignore?
  235. help in training and introducing my dog to our house...?
  236. My dog's wrist keeps bending in?
  237. Where can I find a Cocker/Lhasa mix puppy in N. California? ?
  238. my rottie puppy is displaying aggression?
  239. Dog Groomer in the Portland/Willamette Valley area - Oregon?
  240. Do picky dog breeders who turn down customers realize that they are just...
  241. A good dog naming site?
  242. Little puppy cough......?
  243. I need help with this Snoop Dog song ?!!?
  244. My Dog Is Having Problems On Thanksgiving?
  245. How much does an australian shepherd puppy weigh?
  246. Free puppy site information?
  247. What mix do you think this cute puppy is?
  248. I noticed, the hair on my dog's back sometimes rises. I'm concerned.?
  249. Are dogs expensive 2 care 4?
  250. why is my dog farting so much?