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  1. Dog itches; what to do?
  2. Dog teeth?! recipe for teeth cleaning homemade?
  3. What do I feed my dog?
  4. I think my dog has worms!!!!And my baby who is just 10 months old always...
  5. Which Will Keep My Dogs Coolest. ?
  6. what to do if a dog eats bad, raw meat?
  7. Any advice for settling dogs into new home?
  8. do worms eat the food i give my puppy?
  9. Trying out some dog names?
  10. shipping my dog on airline.?
  11. Cats interacting with a new dog?
  12. I need to know a local dog trainer that is reasonable?
  13. Adopted dog and behavor problems.. !! ?
  14. puppies in Africa free to good home ?
  15. Is the Jack Russell terrier dog the best dog on the planet or what?
  16. My dog caught Parvo...?
  17. How much should I ask to walk a dog?
  18. my puppy is throwing up in her mouth?
  19. What do you feed a puppy that's around 3 -4 weeks old?
  20. Should I change my puppies name?
  21. when a dog flea bites human does it hurt......?
  22. Why aren't my dogs enthusiastic about eating anymore?
  23. Does anyone here let their dogs sleep in your kids room and if not how do you...
  24. Kind words for departed dog :(?
  25. feeding my 7 half week old puppy?
  26. i think my puppy is sick? =[?
  27. How can I get my dog used to other dogs?
  28. Looking for a dog behaviorist in northern Michigan?
  29. What do I do I gave my puppy 1/2 cc too much wormer?
  30. If you rescued you dog does it favor one breed or the other?
  31. How do you train your puppy not to pee in their crate?
  32. What is the name of the breed of the dog used in "Friends" season 7?
  33. how do you stop your dog from chewing your carpet?
  34. Local Dog Food companies in Portland, OR?
  35. I Want To Keep My Dog But My Parents Dont. Help?!?
  36. Just got a new puppy?
  37. new puppy questions,..........?
  38. What do i need to ask breeder before getting labrador puppy?
  39. how long does it take for dogs to have pups?
  40. How cold is too cold for a dog to be outdoors for the day?
  41. My sister's dog is in labor and my mom gave her motrin. Will this hurt...
  42. Can't wait but must wait for the right dog.?
  43. Hi, my name is James im 20 years old and looking for a free puppy in
  44. If a dog pees on a slab floor will that?
  45. Is My Puppy A Girl Or Boy?
  46. what is the best food for a dog with pancreatic insufficiency ?
  47. Is my Dog pregnant? pls read below for the signs?
  48. How do I know if my dog is getting better from kennel cough?
  49. is there a dog that looks like a bernese mountain dog, only its smaller?
  50. Do this dog look mean?
  51. Is a ferrets nose meant to be wet like a dogs?
  52. in the uk how much are dog innoculations?
  53. How do I stop my dogs pee fetish?
  54. What is the maximum amount of dogs you can have in one house?
  55. My 15 week old puppy was dewormed this morning. Does that mean she is now worm-free?
  56. What the heck is wrong with this dog?
  57. How can I stop my dog from shedding so much?
  58. Please Help! I need some home remedies for dogs and their tear stains!?
  59. What may cause soft stools in my puppy?
  60. How can we get a dog certified as a service dog?
  61. Puppy questions, Help!?
  62. Looking for a family dog with certain characteristics?
  63. 3 week old puppy constipated?
  64. my dog is really starting to get over weight, what should i do?
  65. If your a vet please read! My dog stepped on something and her foot is
  66. I need a name for a girl havanese puppy. :]?
  67. Trying to decide between 3 dog names...?
  68. What to do for a dog 1st birthday? Hes a shih tzu?
  69. best toothpaste for a puppy?
  70. Got puppy from animal shelter. What does brown pee mean?
  71. Help!!! Does anyone know how to get my dog to eat!?!?
  72. My dog needs to be rehydrated... advise please?
  73. I get jealous of my little sister with our new puppy?
  74. When/why did people start using the term "hypoallergenic" with dogs?
  75. How much water/liquid should a puppy/dog consume in a day?
  76. Will our pregnant *itch's puppies be ok even though she was dewormed 3 weeks ago?
  77. How is the best way to get my dogs use to a doggie door?
  78. How do I make my puppy obey commands on Nintendogs?
  79. Is an Australian Shepherd a good dog?
  80. Please Help! My dog's eyes seemed to be infected after gotten blinded?
  81. Is it advisable to breed my dog, its a bichon frise and is about 15lbs?
  82. My puppy is not eating or drinking and hes puking PLEASE HELP!?
  83. are dogs born knowing how to swim?
  84. What do you think are the top ten dogs rated highest in intelligence? 1
  85. I want to know if its cold and a dog dies not asleep but w/ the eyes , he...
  86. When do male dogs become fertile?
  87. my dog won't let me cut her nails. what should I do?
  88. Have Dog With Oral Cancer, Bringing In New Dog To Home Help Needed Please~?
  89. My dog has a very strange habit?
  90. help!!! pregnant dog here!!!!?
  91. Are house accidents common if a dog is going into heat?
  92. my dog's head started wobbling back and forth today for about 2 minutes.
  93. My dog had a heartworm treatment on Monday..?
  94. Puppy Training, How to stop sniffing and eating stuff on walks?
  95. Slumber party tonight? But im allergic to dogs and cats....?
  96. What's a dog that is hypo-allergenic?
  97. Puppy Wont Go Potty Outside Help?
  98. Where can i get my child and puppy's picture taken at? ?
  99. How can i stop my dog barking at night?
  100. Is there any training that will help my dog be more dominate?
  101. Possible name for German Shepard puppy: Pickles La Rue?
  102. How can I teach my dog to talk, the guy I bought him from said he was smart?
  103. PLEASE Need HELP with my dog before she chews her leg off?
  104. My dog has hairless spots around her face above her eyes and muzzle, she...
  105. What Breed of dog is this?
  106. dog starting to pee in house?
  107. my dog got hit by a car right and i saw her get hit, im lucky she died a quick and
  108. when should i stop feeding my dogs puppy food?
  109. My dog ate a chocolate mini 100 Grand bar. ?
  110. Does anyone have information on Beneful dog food dangers? Heard that there
  111. Where can i get this dog? ?
  112. what do you think of my puppy...Moca?
  113. What do I do for a tired, unactive puppy?
  114. Every Time i take my dog for a walk he never pees unless he sees a cat, WTF
  115. My dog has a small cyst on the tip of his penile area. There is no discharge, pain,
  116. My husbands is concerned about the dog sleeping in my sons room.?
  117. My dog has a dry cough and coughs more when up and about. He has an app. at the
  118. What is my dog? It's freaky?!?
  119. my dog hangs his tail and shakes?
  120. What are some good dog names?
  121. Puppy going insane in crate?
  122. New Puppy :-) Can you help us with names?
  123. why does dogs eat deers when there hungry?
  124. How many Dogs do you own?
  125. My dog keeps shaking, please help?
  126. Dog is making a hacking noise?
  127. dog groomer/trainer questions??
  128. Do you allow your dogs to roam ?
  129. Bordetella shot in puppy being shipped via airlines?
  130. How to become a service dog trainer in CA?
  131. Why do you crate your dog?
  132. my dog just had a head tremor. is this serious?
  133. Im getting a dog tomorrow and...?
  134. How to adopt a dog at 16?
  135. I need some creative ways to keep my puppy exercised...?
  136. Why do dogs (in general) lie on their back, growl and act silly?
  137. Do you know any info on dogs and can help me?
  138. Can I feed my dog potatoes?(bought from Wal-mart)?
  139. How will i train my 7 week old puppy to now go out side?
  140. Has anyone Else Noticed how The Dogs section has Changed from being pitbull obsessed?
  141. Dog section: What time is it in your time zone?
  142. Help! I need a way to housebreak my puppy?
  143. Question abt feeding canidae to a puppy once they hit 6 months.?
  144. When to neuter a puppy?
  145. Taking my dog with me.?
  146. Is there an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter when....?
  147. What would cause my dog to leak milkbesides being pregnant?
  148. Where can I buy Heinz hot dog dressing?
  149. Dog house plz help!!!!?
  150. What kind of puppy am I?
  151. I am buying a puppy... what does the breeder mean by papers?
  152. Dog eating gingerbread?
  153. My Puppy Is Doing Something Wierd!?
  154. A dog or fox - what do you think?
  155. is my dog to old to mate?
  156. "The New Jim Jones" & "I Hate You With a Passion" what are your favorite tracks
  157. How to I put weight on my dog. ?
  158. where can i find puppies for sale in my area? ?
  159. Is Bonnie a good name for my new puppy?
  160. Do you think a dog can recognize....?
  161. Am I walking/running my dog too much?
  162. My puppy is being weird...?
  163. helping a dog through labor?
  164. hey guys need some help getting a dog!?!?!?
  165. What is a reasonable price for a Border Collie puppy?
  166. Is it ok for my dog to eat pine cones?
  167. Pregnant Dog Possibilities???????
  168. looking for funny dog names?
  169. My Puppy Wont Poop?!?
  170. We are getting a new lab puppy and need help with a name!?
  171. Will My Cat Cat Eat My New Puppies?
  172. witch one would be better for me and my dog?
  173. POLL: My dog farting....?
  174. My dog is itching himself so bad he has a bare spot above his tail!?
  175. Why do dogs like to lay near sun? ?
  176. Do pregnant dogs get diarhea as well as sick stomachs?
  177. How much does your dog hate getting baths? ?
  178. How much baby asprin to give a 90 pound dog?
  179. new born boxer puppy?
  180. can dogs eat the dental chew bones you purchase in store?
  181. Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with? I got attacked by A dog?...
  182. What's wrong with my dog. Please read.?
  183. Does your dog and your significant other share any similarities?
  184. how do you get a dog assistant certified?
  185. Why is my pomeranian puppy losing his fur?
  186. Is it bad that I get more upset when a dog dies than when a person dies?
  187. Does a dog have a memoery for time?
  188. my dog bit my friend but im not so sure i need some help?
  189. how to give a dog a shot?
  190. does nuetering a dog calm him down?
  191. my dog is 8 months old and has not gone into heat yet is something wrong ?
  192. i just saw a very small brown and black beetle looking bug crawl down my dogs leg!?
  193. where can i post an add to sell puppy's?
  194. I want a puppy but can't decide which breed, Help me choose?
  195. my puppy has a broken paw what do i do?
  196. Why won't my puppy learn to use pads?
  197. How do you get a 6 month old puppy to stop biting me?
  198. My dog mite have a tumor?
  199. Advice on intoducing a new dog?
  200. How long does a puppy have to be with it's mother?
  201. 2 year old dog?......?
  202. How do I stop my nine month old lab mix puppy from chewing and destroying my house?
  203. what is a good name for a boy beagle dog ?
  204. im looking to get a puppy to compleate my girlfriend and my first house
  205. My dog has something in his eye?
  206. Is there anything I can do or my dogs shedding? A special kind of shampoo?
  207. POLL: Do you have a dog, cat, both, or neither?
  208. anybody kno what type of dog this is i really want one!?
  209. Why wont my dog stay off the couch?
  210. Potty Training Apartment Puppy?
  211. Nathan's hot dog eating contest, do the contestants fully digest their meals?
  212. My dog seriously injured another dog.?
  213. Is it ok to take my dog for a walk in the cold when she's shivering?
  214. What's more important to a dog breeder, show standards or temperament? ?
  215. what are the symptoms if you cath roundworms from the dog?
  216. My Dog ate Desitin...?
  217. Do cats like other dogs?
  218. Trying to decide between 3 dog names...?
  219. I need a girl name for a dog!! :]?
  220. when male dogs get fixed?
  221. % of nutrients needed in dog diet?
  222. How to leash train a difficult puppy...?
  223. Whats my dog mixed with?
  224. Dog has high respiration rate?
  225. How do I take care of a 5 leged dog?
  226. What's a good name for my new black pit bull puppy?
  227. Why are dogs extremely greedy - (silly question i know)?
  228. Is there any type of non-toxic solution I can put on puppies for fleas that...
  229. I have a question about crate training puppies?
  230. Limping dog - only after a walk ?
  231. Can I get roundworms from the dog?
  232. My dog has an anal infection.. ADVICE ?
  233. How can I house train my puppy?
  234. are sib huskies great best friend dogs?
  235. What happens to the working dogs that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan
  236. if i get my puppy neutered, will it stop him from marking?
  237. When Do I have To Take My Puppy In For Second Shots?
  238. please help my puppy?
  239. Are the "designer dogs" really becoming more popular, or are the supporters just
  240. my dog ate a crayon will he mb okay?
  241. what is the funniest thing your dog/puppy has done?
  242. How can I get my puppy to stop barking on walks?
  243. My dog has bumps on her tongue... what are they?
  244. Why is my dog acting like this?
  245. Chihuahua puppy... is $500 realistic? ?
  246. old raw meat for dog food?
  247. I'm Curious, How Old Is My Puppy?
  248. My dog died last night, help?
  249. What is the best dog for me?
  250. My puppy is forced to go outside to Poo?