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  1. What specifically were the qualities that made you choose your dog?
  2. So when two men fight, is that considered a DOG fight?
  3. How do I hold my puppy properly?
  4. My Dog ate carpet, but she regurgitated it out. Is she ok? Will she need to
  5. what kind of dog do you think this is?
  6. What sort of dog should I get? ?
  7. is there any way i can breed my dog and he is castrated?
  8. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I went for a walk with my dog and she ate a...
  9. How did my normally calm shephard mix dog *know* it ws a burgular and not a visitor?
  10. why do some dogs scratch at area rugs?
  11. Can you tell me if my dog is a wolf hybrid?
  12. Buying a puppy............?
  13. could my dog have hives?
  14. My Dogs Is Loosing His Fur?
  15. Was given a chihuahua owner ill with cancer, table fed dog will not eat...
  16. Has anyone delayed taking their dog to the vet?
  17. My dog has scabies. What do I do to ensure that I dont get it. Am already itchy?
  18. dog allergies, who knows more ?
  19. What emotion do you see in the following two photographs of my friend's dog?
  20. my almost 11 week old puppy is throwing up constantly and is drooling alot, what
  21. ????????Declawing a dog?
  22. Dog arthritis........?
  23. Does anyone like Victoria Stillwell as a dog trainer?
  24. What are the Dog Laws in the UK ?
  25. What does it cost in American Dollars to ship a puppy from Sweden?
  26. A dog is out there to be mine?
  27. "My puppy has had diarrhea{pudding like} for The last two weeks ,been to the
  28. How long do you think I am going to be looking after my sisters dog?
  29. puppy's face is swollen?
  30. Puppy Potty Training?
  31. Has anyone used a porch potty for their puppy/dog?
  32. Please please please help me with my history -puppy dog eyes-?
  33. Theres something wrong with my dog but i cant tell what?
  34. My puppy is training well without the use of treats soooo.?
  35. helpppppppppppppppppppppp about dog stuff?
  36. Look @ these puppies which is the cutest to you?!?!?
  37. Jumbaliyah of Questions (Dog)?
  38. My dog is very sick!?
  39. Medication after having dog spayed?
  40. Yippeee i get my puppy tomorrow, help with food please?
  41. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  42. Puppy Vomiting In The Morning?
  43. Yorkie puppy and potty training....?
  44. will my dogs be alright if i give them away separately?
  45. Is it okay to feed 3 week old puppies canned food?
  46. What to get a rottie, german shepard, and big fluffy dog for Christmas?
  47. how long does it take for a 6 week old puggle puppy to be potty trained?
  48. Whats wrong with this dog?
  49. is it right to castrate a dog?
  50. anyone know about hunting laws, and penalties for shooting a pet dog in PA?
  51. could my dog have a cold?
  52. Is my dog really depressed?
  53. why dogs eat poop then eat snow? you can email me on this one! :)?
  54. How old are you in dog years?
  55. how do i get my puppy too stop crying in the crate?
  56. Will 2 male dogs of different ages and breeds get on? ?
  57. Aren't loyal dogs supposed to bring you your slippers ?
  58. If you had a chance to save one dog would you.......?
  59. my dog bit my friend but im not so sure i need some help?
  60. making money of of homemade puppy treats?
  61. my stray dog is a bully?
  62. What is a natural flea deterrent for your dog?
  63. where can i find a dog like this?
  64. Stop Doberman puppy from chewing on its tail?
  65. please answer people with nolige of dogs?
  66. When I leave my 6 month old puppy(to travel to Mexico) for 2 weeks, will...
  67. whats the one thing your dog wont eat?
  68. My maltese puppy......?
  69. When to switch from puppy food to dog food?
  70. how early can i take my dog?
  71. My dog has cancer of the spleen - what can I expect over the next few weeks?
  72. Why is my puppy running from me?
  73. ing a dog daycare,your opinion.?
  74. Video of dog dragging injured dog to safety thru traffic?
  75. which puppy..??????!!?
  76. How do i draw a picture of the theme of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in...
  77. I have an English Bulldog puppy that likes to stick her tongue out when she...
  78. Dancing dogs? Seriously?
  79. the shelter said my dog was spayed but i don't think so please help ?
  80. If your dog could talk, what would it say?
  81. does anyone know or have a free small puppy. something cute for a 15 year
  82. Puppy Fur???????????!?
  83. Help my dog!!! ?
  84. how do i get my dog to come to me when she runs away?
  85. would your dog be taken off you ?
  86. What are some other jobs that work with dogs a part from vets?
  87. What are the cutest dog hybrids?
  88. What do you think would be an unusual and great new breed of dog?
  89. My mom is about to throw out our dog...?
  90. what would you do if someone stole your puppy?
  91. Help me decide on a dog! Easy 10 pts?
  92. How cold is too cold for a dog?
  93. What breed of dog is this?
  94. my dog has little white worms in his BMs?
  95. Dog and cat fur hand bags? Would you buy one?
  96. Radar dish around dogs' neck?
  97. What should I do when my puppy is bad?
  98. Dog obedience and agility?
  99. can my dog catch my cold?
  100. How can I train my dog from not chewing my books? ?
  101. my 7 week puppy is standing in one place and does not want to move. I think he may...
  102. My dog is pregnant, we can feel the puppies and even see them move?
  103. Do you have a favorite photo of your dog ?
  104. whats wrong with my dog?
  105. my puppy is in heat and humping everything and everyone?
  106. Help! my dog had puppies 5hrs ago and there's a big string coming out of "there"!?
  107. Charcoal biscuits for stinky dogs?
  108. Why Do Small Dogs Shake?
  109. MY DOG does not like that much, HELP!!!?
  110. Has anyone had a dog that had peripheral (or old dog)vestibular syndrome?
  111. cutest small dog breeds(:?
  112. why wont my puppy bark?
  113. what happens when buying a dog from a rescue place?
  114. my maltese puppy loves to eat but he pooh 5x a day...?
  115. What would be a good Dog Breed?
  116. Bill jac Dog food question?
  117. My dog Ernie? ?
  118. Do dogs like it if you sing to them? Will it help them fall asleep?
  119. My Dogs Just Split a Chalupa... will they be okay?
  120. My dog is sick, what's wrong with her?
  121. how can one straighten the dogs tail?
  122. dog breeds that would be a good choice?
  123. Should I breed my dog? ?
  124. How old does a puppy have to be to get his shots and wormer, etc?
  125. My puppy chihuahua growls & bites. Saying NO doesn't work.?
  126. How do I get my dog to stop nipping people?
  127. What type of dog is this?
  128. Can you bring dogs on airplanes?
  129. What kind of dogs are these?
  130. My two puppies keep fighting?
  131. what dog breed for me?
  132. what is the best kind of dog?
  133. Help!!! adopted dog help?
  134. Dog chases tail and catches it. Now he is depressed.?
  135. Should the puppies leave?
  136. why doesnt my dog eat?
  137. is this a good strategy to get my dog 2 roll over?
  138. How do you get the smell of dog pee out of hardwood floors?
  139. do dogs get charlie horses?
  140. If Your Dog / Cat Could Talk........?
  141. what is safe to use on my dog's "hot spot"?
  142. Black Dog of Fate, by Peter Balakian, on the armenians; can anyone provide...
  143. POLL: Has your dog ever casually walked up to you with a slice of spaghetti stuck...
  144. My chihuahua/poodle puppy has stains around it's eyes?
  145. Weight Gain Suggestions for a Puppy?
  146. What breed of dog should I get? (read description)?
  147. What type of dog is on the Australian Barina Ad?
  148. can you guess what my dogs name is ?
  149. my dog died of ammonia and my family is sad and i dont know what to do she was...
  150. My dog is throwing up her bones what should I do?
  151. How to pottty train a puppy?
  152. Is it okay to let our new puppy sleep with us?
  153. What is wrong with my dog?
  154. how many times a day to feed my puppy?
  155. Housebreaking Puppy Question / Problem?
  156. What do you do about red spots on a dog?
  157. Why dont people like Akita dogs??
  158. How often do you give a puppy Nutri-cal?
  159. My puppy SNAPS...!!!?
  160. where can i find an alaskan klee kai puppy in/near michigan?
  161. I have another puppy problem?
  162. Why does my puppies still have worms after 2 negative fecal exams and dewormer?
  163. How many puppies do mastiff generally have? ?
  164. What's the new puppy rule?
  165. I just bought a puppy! What do i need?
  166. Poll: What are hot dogs really made of?
  167. to import a dog from America?
  168. Whats your dog's name in Fable 2?
  169. 8 month puppy has multiple bald patches on face/body?
  170. Abbreviations for dog champions on pedigree certificates?
  171. how do i get a dog???
  172. what can i do to stop my puppy from eating.........?
  173. does your dog require a shot before it can be groomed?
  174. Where can i get personalized dog tag chains online?
  175. Free Dogs near York Maine?
  176. Name This Dog - Pic Included - Easy 10 points?
  177. My seven month old puppy has stopped eating but doesn't seem ill?
  178. I had to put my dog down, but I still cry for her...?
  179. My brother hates dogs! What should I do?
  180. Are BYBs better than puppy mills?
  181. I have female boxer And she is about too have puppies in a few weeks How many
  182. Dog makes strange "smile" at certain scratch-spots.. Why?
  183. Should I feed my dog feces - he seems to like it?
  184. is innova evo good for 13 week pitbull puppy?
  185. Do dogs and other animals have souls?
  186. What is the best way to clean up dogs dung if you are holding two leases?
  187. Should a senior buy a puppy? Since there is always a chance that the dog will...
  188. If you are traveling for Christmas, what do you plan to do with your dogs?
  189. Weird question about my dog?
  190. Why does my 9 month old puppy sit on other dogs and people?
  191. Puppy/floor help? How to keep it warm enough?
  192. What to do for a dog in labor...?
  193. games to play with dogs?
  194. My dog keeps licking her paws?
  195. are there any breeds of dog or cat from the Caribbean?
  196. Which name should I pick for my dog?
  197. how can i make my dog fat?
  198. www.exoticpetwarehouse.com in yonkers do you reccomend it for a xmas puppy?
  199. my dog pushes his face into his own poop?
  200. my dog is lactating due to a phantom pregnancy has any ideas of how i can
  201. I have a few questions about dog pregnacy. ?
  202. Does anyone know who potty trains dogs in the searcy little rock area of...
  203. How much and what should I feed my dog?
  204. how do i help my 3 year old dog trust?
  205. Is a pit bull a good dog for my 4 year old?
  206. I was shaving my dog and he wont sit still anymore. Help!?
  207. Dog in severe pain.. perhaps broken rib?
  208. how much protein needs do be in puppy food for st.Bernard's.?
  209. Hi i taught my Husky Puppy tricks, but he wont listen?
  210. What kind of puppy should i get? must meet most of these qualifications?
  211. The Black Dog of Fate fable/tale meaning/interpretation. possibly an armenian tale?
  212. My dog of 13 years is gone what do I do now?
  213. My dog has a poop problem.?
  214. What kind of dog food should I use for my lab puppy?
  215. What kind of dog is this?
  216. how do i train my 5 week old puppy?
  217. Where do smart hot dogs live?
  218. My dog had puppies 5hrs ago, she is bleeding black? whats wrong?
  219. My Dog Died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  220. what do you call those fat hairless dogs?
  221. I got robbed by gun point thanksgiveing eve and i want to get a big watch dog do
  222. Wat is the deadliest dog?
  223. looking for a dog that i can trust?
  224. My dog ate a whole pack of Extra Bubble Gum w/ Xylitol PLEASE HELP?
  225. Can you help with my OCD dog?
  226. If adopting a pitbull/mix would it be better to adopt a puppy or a young adult
  227. Travelling with a Puppy?
  228. from puppy pads... to the garden asap ?
  229. Is it possible for a Husky and Malamute to produce an entirely brown puppy?
  230. should I feel bad if I have to leave my dog in a crate all day when I go to school?
  231. Please tell me what breed puppy I have.?
  232. How much benadryl can I give my dog?
  233. What is the safest way to travel with a young puppy?
  234. Why does my dog howl when I play my flute?
  235. What is wrong with my dog and what should I do?
  236. Haha look at this advertisement on kijiji.com for pit puppies?
  237. Are seeing eye dogs allowed in nudist resorts?
  238. How lazy should a lazy dog be ... to get that special .....?
  239. is letting the dog out every 10 hours ok?
  240. My dog keeps pooping and peeing in the house and there is blood in her urine........?
  241. I have raised puppies before and have had no trouble potty training.. ?
  242. My dog in in labor and I have no clue what to do!!?
  243. Where can I get a corn dog in Berkeley, Ca?!?
  244. Our puppy had Worms, is our yard infected?
  245. How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas On 2 Week Old Puppies?
  246. My dog had a tick on his eye this morning, but then i saw him rubbing his
  247. My dog has recently begun guarding his poop. Why?
  248. My dog gave birth to ten treeing walker coonhound/ wolf mixes. What do you...
  249. My dog always pees in house-no medical issues-no good reason?
  250. Was my dog's breeder irresponsible?