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  1. My dog got a bee sting a while ago, how do you know if they are allergic to it?
  2. I'm Looking For A New Puppy?! Help?!?
  3. My dog eyes always wet and have eye dirt.?
  4. could i use paper training and crate training for my puppy ?
  5. My puppy is recovering from parvo.?
  6. My puppy has a weird?
  7. Have you ever been chased by a dog?
  8. My dog has worms? What should I do to make her more comfortable?
  9. How can I have two puppies who always fight when together to get along
  10. What's a good name for my new puppy?
  11. I'm thinking of getting an indoor puppy, about 6 weeks old..?
  12. Naming your dog? How did you do it?
  13. Pitbull puppy commands?
  14. How do i get my dog to stop wining?
  15. i have 8 pit bull puppies that got parvo and im broke does any one know any
  16. My puppy ate part of packing peanut...?
  17. Please! My Dog is 10 years old and she has fleas but is bleeding a lot and is...
  18. Any idea what could be wrong with my puppy?
  19. what would be a good name for a blue pitbull puppy?
  20. My parents dog bites my dog on the neck and shakes his head is this normal?
  21. What's wrong with my dog?
  22. I think my puppy are blind?
  23. I Have to Euthanize My Dog-Where?
  24. Any similar dogs to what a mini siberian husky would look like?
  25. dog aggression help!?
  26. A friend of mine has Schizophrenia, should she be allowed to get a service dog?
  27. if i have a small dog that is wee wee pad trained ?
  28. My 10 month year old puppy sounds like she's wheezing and gasping for air, what
  29. Does anyone know what kind my dog is..?
  30. what to teach/train my puppy?
  31. What do you think is the best name for my new puppies ?
  32. Can a puppy stay alone that long?
  33. When do I start to walk my dog outside?
  34. Can my 8 week old year husky puppy have a bone?
  35. My dogs leg is swallon after she had surgery to remove a fatty tumor in her
  36. when will my yorkie get out of her puppy stage?
  37. What do i need before i bring a puppy home? ?
  38. Does anyone know whats wrong with my dog?
  39. how do i get my dog not to bark?
  40. my puppy is sick how do i help him?
  41. Can I Leave A Puppy OutSide At Night?
  42. Why wouldn't a breeder let two dogs of the same litter go to the same home?
  43. What can I do to feed him???? : Dog food? ?
  44. help should i bother telling my mate about my puppy?
  45. Why are my dogs bugging each other so much?
  46. where can i fine a free toy poodle puppy?
  47. My puppy is pooping liquid?
  48. Puppy with an Upper Respiratory Infection?
  49. Trouble with my dog help?
  50. How much time do you spend with your puppy?
  51. what are the hard lumps on my dog?
  52. My neighbor's dog is left outside 24/7 and it's currently -10 degrees outside..?
  53. Need help with rescue dog...?
  54. How can I teach my puppy to stay in HIS bed, not MINE. ?
  55. What to do about Giardia in my puppy? ?
  56. What changes will I see in my dog once he's neutered?
  57. Therapy dog question - help!?
  58. Why does my boyfriend's dog want to bite me?
  59. to dog owners or breeders...i have some questions?
  60. what should I name my new puppy?
  61. Help my dog wont walk on lease in street?
  62. Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" or Squeeze's "Cool For Cats"?
  63. My dogs stomach is making loud gurgling noises, any advice on what it may be?
  64. ive just moved to the usa and left my dog back in the uk?how do i go about...
  65. whats the breed of my dog?
  66. What chemicals or ???? to put down on dogs grave to stop coyotes digging?
  67. What type of dog should I get?
  68. Could my puppy already be done growing?
  69. puppy has ermm........ read on!!?
  70. are maltese dogs easy to take care of?
  71. My Dog is limping around, I looked for cuts and bruises on his leg and I see...
  72. about how big does a pure bred eskimo dog get?
  73. How long do you think my dog would live..(pic ) ?
  74. dog wont stop licking me and sleeps in my bed at night?
  75. Puppy Won't Stop Biting Me?
  76. I was wondering why dogs do that?
  77. Ok, my dog is blind...?
  78. why my dog stomach swells up after he eats?
  79. Can puppies be over fed by their nursing mother?
  80. Does this dog look like a pure breed?
  81. What othe types of Selective Breeding are there apart from Wolfs - Dogs?
  82. I need help naming my girl puppy.?
  83. Poor Dog's Aural Hematoma...?
  84. I made a fence for my dog. is this okay? pros and cons?
  85. Can I bring Kennel Cough home to my dogs, on my clothes?
  86. tina pupini dog it a toy.?
  87. Help, my dog keeps trying to mark up my house, and me!?
  88. How often should I bottle feed my 1 week old puppies?
  89. what to do with neighboors who do not clean after their dogs did their business?
  90. Is it unhealthy to keep my dog and puppies in my room?
  91. Is there a way to prevent a dog from falling pregnant without desexing them?
  92. I have a puppy problem?
  93. any ideas of what to name a female maltese puppy?
  94. will this smell go away or will i have to get rid of my dog?
  95. I have an English Bulldog Puppy and he is 7 weeks old. When he goes to...
  96. Is a dog right for me?
  97. Should I wait to adopt a dog or should I get one now?
  98. If my dog is not neutered is it a good idea to take him to a dog park ?
  99. Help! Found a dog and need to know....?
  100. What kind of dog is Fang, Hagrid's dog in the Harry Potter movies?
  101. I'm Looking For A New Puppy?! Help?!?
  102. What kind of dog is this?
  103. fun games to play with a dog?
  104. How can I spend more time with my puppy?
  105. Should I be worried about my puppies biting?
  106. what kind of shampoo should i use when giving my dog a bath?
  107. my puppy is 8 weeks and not eating...?
  108. is there a music that can calm a puppy down?
  109. how long does the pakaging tape trap take to keep a dog off the table?
  110. My mum never takes HER dog out and blames me!, because I'm not taking on
  111. I need help convincing my parents for a dog for Christmas?
  112. How do I know if my dog needs to go to the restroom when he's in his crate?
  113. Dog biting... Any help?
  114. How long before I can sell my puppies?
  115. what color is seal for a dog ?
  116. can i give my puppy a little benadryl?
  117. my dog has symptoms of a cold..?
  118. Can dogs be lesbians ?
  119. Dog, Heat, Love?? Just why me?
  120. how can i convince may parents to let me have my OWN dog, easy best answer...
  121. What do I do if I accidentally hurt my puppy?
  122. Will i catch anything from this dog?
  123. Where to get a puppy?
  124. I am doing a report on training your puppy, I need valuable web pages for
  125. What do I do,my dog bit the nurse? ?
  126. Do You Like This Dog Name?
  127. What type of medium sized dog has an excellent temperament.?
  128. My dog was diagnosed with HGE -- now what?
  129. Questions regarding our new puppy?
  130. How do i potty train my dog?
  131. do worms eat the food i give my puppy?
  132. dog ACL in alot of pain.?
  133. What do I do to teach an old dog to ask to go outside to go potty? We
  134. Please Help! How do I get my dogs to stop eating cat poop?
  135. Homemade Dog Treat Recipes?
  136. Is my Puppy Sick?!?!?!?
  137. Can a big dog overdose on liverpills (vitamins)? Mine got into the bottle. He is...
  138. how can i train my puppy to listen to me?
  139. It's too cold for my puppy?
  140. Any good dog names? Plz HELP!?
  141. Where can I purchase a saddle for my dog?
  142. Getting a Puppy Neutered?
  143. I have another question about my dog and breeding and her going into heat?
  144. Dog Bath Help!!!!!!!!!!?
  145. my dog ded ware is he?
  146. who out there loves dogs?
  147. My dog has a problem with his butt..??..?
  148. Does your cat lick you in the face like a dog would?
  149. how too find out if your dog is pure bred?
  150. What kind of puppy should I get? ?
  151. New Puppy. . Potty Training And Leaving her alone?
  152. Is tinsel dangerous for a dog?
  153. FurReal biscuit the puppy?
  154. What is involved in taking care of a puppy?
  155. Female dogs, puppies, etc (very important)?
  156. Is my dogs nose infected?
  157. Is this Dog worth this?
  158. I am losing my losing my friends and my dog just died. What should I do?
  159. My dog won't eat !!!! Does anyone have any suggestions!?
  160. is this for real or just puppy love?
  161. Can I train my kitten to potty outside with my puppy?
  162. Does anyone know why my dog could be doing this? A vet, a smart person...anyone!! I
  163. would you buy these for your dog?
  164. I want to help toilet train my puppy, is there anything like an object with a...
  165. What should I name my Italian Greyhound boy puppy?
  166. Help! I have an 8 week old puppy and I think doesn't feel good.?
  167. puppy infested with worms?
  168. How can I get my parents to agree to a puppy?
  169. I need a name for our new puppy...?
  170. What do you do when it's too cold out to play with your dog?
  171. puppy dilema?
  173. wich dog breed would suit me?
  174. New Puppy dont know what to do?
  175. What's wrong with my puppy?
  176. I need a dog name pleaz! =p ?
  177. how was your puppy his/her first day in his/her new home?
  178. my dog humped my cat...?
  179. When is a Dog Full Grown?
  180. are collars bad to wear on dogs necks? like are harnesses better? help!?
  181. What funny human behavior does your dog?
  182. how to get my dog to eat plain kibble?
  183. Has anyone ever seen a puppy farm?
  184. If a puppy has already had a de-worming, will he need another one?
  185. what are the cutest small dog breeds?
  186. are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
  187. my black lab puppy just ate a whole sheet of used bounce! Does anyone know if this
  188. Puppy Help! I NEED really good advice on what I could do to stop this...
  189. Do you think is just a coincidence that God spell backwards is Dog meaning he...
  190. can they keep her dog from her, legally?
  191. What do I do when a new puppy enters the house for the first time.?
  192. What is involved in taking care of a puppy?
  193. My dog is not eating her food.?
  194. My dog got a bee sting a while ago, how do you know if they are allergic to it?
  195. my dog is very itchy (seasonal) but has just given birth ?
  196. harrys cafe de wheels hot dogs?
  197. Info on Newfoundland dogs?
  198. Does my dog need a sweater?
  199. My two male weiner dogs won't quit peeing on things in my house ?
  200. Is it safe to give dogs fish oil pills?
  201. Does anyone else's dog get all frisky in the winter time?
  202. Would you consider adopting another dog while pregnant?
  203. My female dog has started to play more aggressive with the male dog, she
  204. why do people buy puppies so young?
  205. Why is my dog doing this?
  206. New Kitten Suckling On 12 Month Old Dog?
  207. what type of dog is it in the pic?
  208. Why is my dog doing this?
  209. My dog is limping, what do I do?
  210. What's A Good Dog Name?
  211. Which dog is better to you?
  212. Will dachshund dogs get frostbites in cold temp. (Snowing)?
  213. Why has the term "hypoallergenic" become so very common in the dog world?
  214. My dog isn't eating...what can i do?
  215. Dog loves computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  216. Is anyone allergic to dogs but has one that doesn't affect their
  217. dog lovers- fav breeds?
  218. puppy training HELP ????????
  219. I own 3 dogs, and I am considering another?
  220. Why does my dog keep barking? i hve tried everythin, ignoring him,praising him when
  221. Bleach solution that is safe for my puppy?
  222. Do Dogs go to Heaven......?
  223. I got a puppy today..housetraining?10POINTS! PLZ HELP?
  224. Should i hit my dog on the nose if he bites me?
  225. my dogs are not eating?
  226. my dog just got run over how should i get over this?
  227. Puppy Misbehaving. What do i do?
  228. Can dogs get colds from humans?
  229. How do i stop dog aggression?
  230. Who sang the song the dog barking version of "Jingle Bells"?
  231. My dog likes to eat Camphor?
  232. Is it okay to use human toothpaste(Colgate Total) on a dog?
  233. Can you explain the differences between all the dog anti-flea medications?
  234. Where can I find free puppies in Georgia?
  235. Is it OK for me to get a dog?
  236. Is my pit bull puppy sick?
  237. Why wont my dog stop licking?
  238. Need A Good Dog Breed!!!?
  239. Is this one of those puppy scams in cameroon?
  240. Do dogs get the hiccups?
  241. How do I know my dog's in heat?
  242. How long should my dog have swollen breasts after a season?
  243. Signs of Dog in Labor?
  244. Poll - Name my puppy ? ?
  245. What is the best SMALL dog?
  246. Same question?! May change your opinion?! Whats my dog mixed with?!?
  247. What dog breed do you think this is?
  248. about how big does a pure bred eskimo dog get?
  249. If your dog had a litter of 8 puppies how many would you keep?
  250. Does your dog act excited after going number 2?