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  1. What type of dog is she?..I'm confused!! ?
  2. How do I stop my dog from whining for attention?
  3. I got a new puppy and he has a bad cold but not that bad to be taken to the vet.?
  4. www.preciousmaltipoos.com ? do the eyes on the puppies look ok. was wondering....
  5. Why does my dog growl at me and not my dad?
  6. My dog won't shake anymore?
  7. young adult or puppy?
  8. my dog ate cooked onions!?
  9. can cats and dogs eat cooked vegetables such as carrots and potatoes?
  10. I need some items for my new puppy in spring any people know what you need..i...
  11. How could someone do this to their dog?
  12. I need input! Help me to make a decision:::Should I get a wiener dog puppy or a
  13. is euthanizing the right thing to do for my dog?
  14. my dogs eyes are red and sensitive to light.?
  15. I spilled spot remover on my dog.?
  16. Am I selfish or what? I hate puppies.?
  17. is this a puppy mill dog seller?
  18. my dog has a balloon shaped black thing on her neck?
  19. Today I got bitten by a dog...?
  20. which dog name is cuter?
  21. Is it possible to say "I showered my dog"?
  22. Fostering cat or dog?
  23. Help! Puppy is still peeing in side the house!?
  24. What Inside dog should i get out of......?
  25. Names for this puppy?
  26. Would you crate your dog all day? Do you think its fair to the dog?
  27. Do your dogs hate disco music from the 70's? ?
  28. 8 week old puppy with no prior human interaction?
  29. is there any way to get my dog to bark once to go out and twice when she is...
  30. What kind of breed is my dog?
  31. Political Name for new puppy!?
  32. Dog section: What time is it in your time zone?
  33. Does your dog do some...?
  34. Riding your horse around dogs?
  35. kidney failure in dogs?
  36. Do guys that are 'puppy dog cute' turn out to be hot?
  37. How can I teach my dog to learn smell...?
  38. Is everyone in urban areas like New York City basically walking on...
  39. I need to call up references as Iam interested in taking dog grooming courses..?
  40. can children get fleas of dogs?
  41. Ladies, would you change your clothes if your dog was in the room? Even if he...
  42. How do I get my dog to stop eating my hydrangea?
  43. i just got a new dog but they are both 2 girls and they are not getting...
  44. why has my dogs behaviour become worse after his castration?
  45. how was it like for you when your puppy first got sick?
  46. Please tell me the best way to crate train my 8 week old puppy?
  47. What dog breed meets these standards?
  48. What is Courage the Cowardly dog in Japanese?
  49. I want a Dog but I don't know what to do!?
  50. what is a good name for a cute dog, a soft coated wheaten terrier?
  51. What breed do you think my dog is? Pic inside?
  52. Why is it when dogs....?
  53. HELP! Someone sold me a 4, now 5-week old puppy. I know that's too early, but...
  54. What have to I do if my puppy have allergy reaction to the Bordetella vaccine as
  55. If a dog pees on a concrete floor?
  56. How can i convince my dad to let my puppy live in the house?
  57. What would be a good dog for this family?
  58. Do You think a Cat would notice if the owner then introduced a Dog into the
  59. A few questions about being allergic to dogs?
  60. Has my puppy potty training efforts been ruined?
  61. Can I get welfare for my dog?
  62. do puppies sleep more during winter?
  63. Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time?
  64. We are going away for 1 night. Where should we leave our 15 week cocker...
  65. how do i stop my puppy pulling on the lead?
  66. Why is my dog peeing randomly?
  67. What do you think the cutest kind of puppies are? ?
  68. Suggestions for a Boxer puppy name?
  69. animal complaint/dog barking in atlanta/decatur, GA?
  70. Does anyone no any dog biscuit recipes in grams ? ?
  71. What is the most overweight dog you have ever encountered?
  72. why is my puppy so trained?
  73. My puppy threw up worms?
  74. My Puppy won't leave my Mum alone when she visits!?
  75. What kind of dog should I get my 3 and a half year old niece?
  76. how can i teach my dog to pee outside his only about 3 months?
  77. Dog question please help?
  78. whats the matter with my dog?
  79. My puppy whimpers when left outside. Will he get over it?
  80. My puppy's stressing me out?
  81. Is my dog leaving us?
  82. When can I get my Cane Corso puppy spayed?
  83. If i leave a dog far away from home, will it return by himself?
  84. Dog owners, did you know the AVMA opposes cosmetic tail docking/ear cropping?
  85. Flying dog to Oregon?
  86. I'm after a small dog, and was wondering which breed is best?
  87. my puppy labrador and her life.?
  88. my dog almost (read to understand) ate Chocolate, help :( ?
  89. What is a good name for this dog?
  90. How can I stop my dog from eating shells when we go to the beach? and is it bad...
  91. Children's book-Ridiculous Nicholas, prairie dog saying "why is the sky?"?
  92. My dog keeps going in the house and will not poop outside he just wants...
  93. Whats that moviie on cartoon network about a dog who thikns she a reindeer?
  94. What's the best way to find good prospects for your puppies?
  95. Do you think this puppy's cute?
  96. When can we breed our male dog?
  97. my almost 4 month old puppy is acting strange. she has been very tired since she
  98. is euthanizing the right thing to do for my dog?
  99. Is a dalmation a good dog to have under these conditions?
  100. Why has my answer in dog section been removed as violation?
  101. has your puppy/dog been in a dog fight or been attacked?
  102. Puppy teeth crowding adult teeth in 6mo old GSD...Normal?
  103. What should I name my other puppy?
  104. Dog wont walk when on lead? help?
  105. My dog has been throwing up?
  106. Can you help me deal with my new 3-year old dog?
  107. My rescued dog is a sweetie..?
  108. Should I get a dog on my own?
  109. collie puppy ? im just writing this to waste space?
  110. Best dog feedstuff? (food!)?
  111. Dogs: How do they react to blood? ?
  112. Name This Dog - Pic Included?
  113. Puppy has swollen toe. What do i do?
  114. Help!!! Dog/Puppy problem ?
  115. What to do about dog doo doo?
  116. Has anyone seen or raise the breed of dog Beabull?
  117. My dog has a really senitive stomach & gets rice/ chicken breast. wot...
  118. My bulldog puppy just ate some brownies?
  119. dogs that childmiders can and cant own?
  120. I needed to give away my puppy........?
  121. What Kinda Dog To Get?
  122. is this cruel can i get a puppy?
  123. Will you look at this puppy?
  124. Does anybody know of a GOOD orthopedic dog bed?
  125. Where can i get a shiba inu PUPPY in arizona?
  126. ring worm infection is caused due to dog... required help..?
  127. Help me I need advise with my puppy?
  128. My puppy's stressing me out?
  129. I have a puppy that just got over parvo can he get it again?
  130. Should I be worried about this stray dog?
  131. Why won't my 8 month puppy go outside or walk on leash?
  132. Our "Rescue dog" had Giardia. Took Panacur, now symptom free. However, our 3
  133. Is the movie kavik the wolf dog true story?
  134. Dog Behavior and Cold Weather?
  135. How do you teach a deaf puppy?
  136. Dogs and breaking up... Who gets to gets to keep the puppy?? ?
  137. My dog hates people under 17?
  138. How would you handle inhumane treatment of neighbors dog.?
  139. Worried Pug owner, puppies sick?
  140. Looking for a Yorkie Female Puppy?
  141. Does Target allow dogs in the store?
  142. how you persuade mum nd dad for puppy?
  143. If a puppy has already had a de-worming, will he need another one?
  144. why is my dog is licking herself and liquid is discharging?
  145. I'm Canadian, and I ate the best Hot Dog ever at Yankee stadium. Where can i get a
  146. Fable 2 Xbox 360 Question how to get rid of your dog?
  147. Im looking for invitations for a dog party?
  148. Has anyone got a good recipe for home made - oatmeal dog shampoo?
  149. My dog just had a red thing popping out of its penis?
  150. Im looking for a breeder of mini chihuahua puppies in st. louis?
  151. Why can't I take my dog a shower more than a couple times every other month?
  152. Dog afraid of new puppy?
  153. What kind of dog is in the bissell pet hair eraser commercial?
  154. How to build a dog sled?
  155. My dog bit me?! help!?
  156. Poll: Cats or dogs.....?
  157. Other Long-bodied dogs?
  158. Dog with paw injury, at my wits end what is next?
  159. how do I stop my dog from urinating in his crate?
  160. looking for a pitbull dog in nc if someone is willing to give 4 free a...
  161. POLL: Wouldn't it be funny if you told your teacher my dog ate my homework...?
  162. i am looking for chris logan in mt libby mt if any one seen him let me no ok ?...
  163. Why does my 13 week old puppy cry like crazy when I leave the house?
  164. Looking for a new puppy?
  165. Stuffed toy dog that has babies in its tummy? What was its name?
  166. my dog is throwing up diarehea?
  167. What kind of dog is best to get?
  168. As I stated before, I have 2 dogs, Peek-a- poos. I've noticed that the...
  169. How do I get my dog & my parent's dog to stop fighting?
  170. my sm dog is swollen in his private parts---took him to the vets?
  171. new puppy troubles, please help.?
  172. 2 Questions about my puppy, running eyes and fleas..?
  173. Raised,inflamed,red bump on my dog?
  174. how do i find a puppy in my area?
  175. can humans get worms from dogs?
  176. what to do if my dog is constipated?
  177. Question about Mi-Ki dogs?
  178. my dog has baited my HCL laptop charger chord,its broke in two
  179. Whats a good way to smack sense into a stupid stuck up selfish female dog?
  180. Why does my dog smell?
  181. Omg My Dog Ate Dry Rice!?
  182. Do dogs know that their tails are wagging?
  183. my dog peed on my bed and it wont come out?
  184. Can certain medications cause constipation in dogs?
  185. dog may be sick ! help!!!?
  186. What would be the best choice brand of puppy chow for a Black Lab/German Shep. mix?
  187. Is it normal for a month old Labrador puppy to bite and attack?
  188. i have sexual fantasies about me and my dog hooking up.. it's that okay?
  189. can a dog take tylenol or motrin. leg was broken this morning, cant get to a
  190. I have a little puppy and she needs some clean up....?
  191. What is the whole procedure for studing a dog?
  192. are st.bernards known to turn on the owners and on other dogs in the family? ?
  193. Dog Question Please Help?
  194. My puppy has a hard big stomach and diarrhea?
  195. Looking for a good dog breed?
  196. can a bear get a female dog pregnant?
  197. 5 week old puppy with worms?
  198. dog has long lack mark on his shoulder?
  199. Which dog and which name? Why?
  200. How big will my puppy get?
  201. What breed does this dog look like to you?
  202. Why won't my dog stop pooing in the house ever since we got out Christmas tree?
  203. Do puppies change their teeth like babies do?
  204. i am very worried that my dog may have worms?
  205. Dog training question?
  206. Who came first on earth Kutta (dog) or kutti (Bitch)?
  207. How long can you leave a small dog in the house by itself?
  208. getting a new puppy..what do i need?
  209. Is it real love or puppy love?
  210. how can i pick a name for a dog?
  211. What is the best way to teach a dog a trick?
  212. Is my dog having a siezure?
  213. Dog types????????????????????????
  214. How do I raise these puppies?
  215. my dog is biting out all of his hair!!?
  216. what does is mean when my dog starts humping me? ?
  217. If you are stuck in a room with a dog, a werewolf and a box of crackers, who goes
  218. Is your cat or dog ...gangsta?
  219. My dog is "out of control" she's chewing everything in her sight, help?
  220. Why Are My Dogs Eating the Tree?!?
  221. how was it like when you brought your puppy home for the first time?
  222. Why does my puppy have to be at least 6 months old to have a rabies shot?
  223. what are some good male dog names?
  224. registration papers for dog?
  225. Do you think it should be required by law for potential dog owners to go...
  226. My dog's skin problem?
  227. My dog bit my 16 yr old daughter. Should I try to keep him?
  228. why does preciousmaltipoos.com sell dogs bred each week?
  229. Adult female dog gently chews on pups. Is this OK?
  230. What breed of dog have you got?
  231. Where does your dog sleep?
  232. What is the best way to introduce puppies and kittens?
  233. Would a 5 month old puppy look like this?
  234. Training advice on a 1 year old puppy? Please help?
  235. How To Get my Puppy to go number 2?
  236. Is my dog cute?? (pics included)?
  237. How do we train a dog to not be destructive, and also want him to ignore...
  238. How often do you walk a dog?
  239. My dog has been acting weird.?
  240. What is really up with police and security dogs?
  241. Is an Alaskan Malamute a good dog companion?
  242. Whats a good name for a lab puppy?
  243. Why is my dog getting skinnier and has a lot of green streaks in her eyes?
  244. What kind of breed is my puppy?
  245. Why does my dog make a weird noise when someone holds her?
  246. Puppy aggressive towards other dogs?
  247. How do I keep flies away from my dogs?
  248. my dogs behavior..help!!!?
  249. Another puppy mill question?!?
  250. Is My Dog A Pitbull Mix?