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  1. Do yorkie puppies hair thin out ?
  2. my dog is wineing and i dont know why?
  3. Is it often if a dog fights its mother?
  4. Puppy Mills......? Petland?
  5. Should i get a boy or girl puppy?
  6. Do dogs think about things?
  7. How do I make my puppy stop bleeding?
  8. how many times does a dog have to breed before shes pregnant?
  9. Has anyone ever told you when you were considering having kids to get rid or your...
  10. How much should I feed my Siberian Husky puppy?
  11. Changing a dog's name?
  12. So I am getting my first puppy and.......?
  13. My 9 mo. old female Daschund bit my other dog... why?
  14. The real dog food fillers?
  15. Dog dogs only hump males leg?
  16. CHEEZE-IT'S AND DOGS & chocalate?
  17. Why do all dogs hate and try to attack my dog?
  18. Puppy issues..... Puppy has diahreahh for 2 weeks... Done almost everything...
  19. Is this a Male or Female name for a Dog?
  20. what kind of dog is this?? pic included?
  21. male puppy names plz.?
  22. what breed of dog is this?
  23. Should I ~ OR ~ Should I not ... politely dispute a charge on a bill I received
  24. I have an Akita HUsky girl dog and were getting a male cihuahua, are
  25. Which dog breeds are most suitable for farm life and living with livestock?
  26. I'm moving back to the states need to ship my dog?
  27. I have a puppy question?
  28. My puppy ate a lot of clumping cat litter. ?
  29. where should i get my dog vaccinated?
  30. what is a good breed of dog that get along with cats?
  31. do wolves and dogs howl sound scary to you all?
  32. My mom doen't like dogs and i want 2 get a dog.?
  33. well my puppy that is 1 1/2 he can not poop n he is not feeling good he just
  34. How can i tell my best friend that feeding her dog greasy eggs is wrong?
  35. Help my puppy is sick after vaccination. I need quick advice.?
  36. Our puppy coughed up a little blood, what could it be?
  37. How do i make a dog ramp???
  38. Do you take your dog to PetsMart?
  39. whats the BEST DOG to get in a carpeted apartment???? read details?
  40. My dog ate milk chocolate. what to do?
  41. Do puppies sneeze a lot?
  42. Was going to get a dog from a breeder, but now I can't..?
  43. why is my pet dog ( on runescape )?
  44. What do you think of dog parks?
  45. can you help me emotionally cope with my dog's death, and provide spiritual...
  46. How can I keep neighbor dogs out of my yard?
  47. How can I get my puppy to stop chewing on things!?!?!?
  48. Can cats and dogs eat the same food?
  49. Do you think dogs can talk human talk to their masters?
  50. How do I convince my parents to get a second dog?
  51. Dog-Boarding or at home service, what's better?
  52. 1.5 yr old dog spayed while in heat ...?
  53. What kind of dog should I get if my yard doesn't have a fence?
  54. where to get Boy Dog Clothes?
  55. My brother's dog is blind?
  56. my dog wont stop peeing on the floor and doing terds please help!!!?
  57. what kind of dog should I get?
  58. Why wont my dog chase the birds that are eating his food?
  59. Yes or No to neutering a dog ?
  60. How do you feel about puppy/kitten mills?
  61. how can i make my dog pee while she is outside?
  62. Does anyone have any advice for housebreaking a puppy in the winter?
  63. Who likes dogs these days?
  64. My dog is coming to work tomorrow?
  65. where can i put a dog up for adoption?
  66. What hadith says that dogs can be kept for protection?
  67. How do you turn into a dog?
  68. our dog loves to run... (logic question)?
  69. Please help me choose the best dog toy gift from this list:
  70. Why do large breed dogs like saint bernards and great danes salivate so much?
  71. Why is my dog so big?
  72. Why are my dogs chewing and how to stop?
  73. how long is a dog pregnant?
  74. Trying to decide between 3 dog names?
  75. Very unsocial dog!! Please HELP!!?
  76. What items do you suggest for bringing my new 8 wk old Labrador puppy home!?
  77. Do mi ki long coat dogs usually have down ears? ?
  78. What can I do to help my dog feel better?
  79. What are some good names for a puppy golden retriever?
  80. what do you think of this pic of my lovely puppy Oreo?
  81. Having A New Puppy While Having To Go To Work....?
  82. I'm looking for a dog!?
  83. I want to get a wolfdog in British Columbia, but are there any rules on
  84. Puppy worries... Please help!?
  85. a way to fit 3 names into one dog name?
  86. Does your dog watch television?
  87. Dog Gone Crazy? HELP!?
  88. Why is my dogs poop green?
  89. I have 3 questions about my new puppy i just got! HELLPP ME!!! please?
  90. what happenes 2 someone if thet get worms from a dog?
  91. Where can I find puppy breeders from?
  92. My dog's puppy money?
  93. How to sell puppies?
  94. How long will it take for my dog's "pouch" to heal after being fixed?
  95. Dogs tooth is bleeding. Why?
  96. How can I keep my dog from shedding as much? ?
  97. Any way to discourage dogs from fouling my garden?
  98. Do you think President-Elect Obama should adopt this dog?
  99. My puppy is looking boney can someone tell me wny?
  100. why breed is my dog?(w/pics...duh)?
  101. My dog got scratched in pupil!?
  102. how can i ask for a dog...?
  103. ear and tail croping dogs?
  104. How should i train a squirrel dog??
  105. My dog has bleeding gums!?
  106. Cute puppy? i was online yesterday night and looked at this cute puppy. is this...
  107. Should you walk or make your dog run on a walk, in nintendogs?
  108. Wheres the best place to look for free puppies?
  109. Dog Breed - Labrador?
  110. How do I upload a pic of my dog?
  111. Does anyone ever got problems getting stuffs for your dog? Especially caused by
  112. What kind of dog is this?
  113. Can animals, especially dogs and cats, have a sense of humour?
  114. puppy urination problems!?
  115. Can you name a song title containing the word "dog"?
  116. My dog is dominent, and im getting a puppy in the next few weeks?
  117. dog collars whats good for a 50 pd puppy?
  118. What is the breed of dogs roaming in the streets?
  119. when can a puppy socialize w/ other dogs?
  120. No Idea How to Train My Puppy? HELP!?
  121. Dog urination on owners bed?
  122. what name do you prefer for my puppy?
  123. How do I get my outside dog to use his dog house?
  124. how is sexing done with dogs?
  125. Can a dog get rabies by biting?
  126. What is your favorite kind of dog?
  127. Just wondering about your first dog?
  128. is using an elevated dog food bowl bad for my dog?
  129. dog toys ?
  130. my puppy needs your help?
  131. do you like this name for a female dog?
  132. How can I make my dog transform?
  133. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is (picture included)?
  134. My dog has had 2 other liters and she had 7 puppies in 12hrs but she won't...
  135. Dogs: Any tips on how to make dog clothes yourself? ?
  136. What kind of bed would a german sheperd puppy prefer?
  137. tricks to help dogs lose weight?
  138. I don't know if my gf love is puppy love or real love..?
  139. What breed do you think this dog is?
  140. Puppy temperament question?
  141. dog obediance trainer certificate?? what other jobs can i get using that?
  142. I have a new puppy :] Suggestions ?
  143. Do dogs grieve when they lose a puppy or another dog?
  144. help... my dog is in heat, any ideas?
  145. Why do the call it "a hot dog" if it's not dog's meat?
  146. my puppy has an inguinal hernia?
  147. My Dog has little white stones in here urine....?
  148. i really really really want a puppy?
  149. 5 month old puppy is having liquid-soft stools again...?
  150. My mother would like a companion dog. A snuggley lap dog, not yappy, very loyal...
  151. My dog will not go down the stairs anymore?
  152. My dogs are fighting (one had puppies 1 week ago) what can i do?
  153. my dog bit a mouse! help! and chewed it up.?
  154. dog is infected.. help required..?
  155. How long does it take for a new puppy to establish it's territory?
  156. is my dog in season, or ill?
  157. How can TX get pit-bull dogs BANNED?
  158. What to get my dog for its birthday?
  159. What's wrong with my dog. I'm worried?
  160. New Puppy HELP!!!!!!?
  161. What Is The Ingredients And Percentage Of Vitamens And Protien In Eagle Dog Food?
  162. What to name my new puppy?
  163. does innova puppy build muscle for my pitbull puppy?
  164. Help me pick my new puppies name please?
  165. How can I get my dog to quit jumping on me?
  166. Im trying to figure out what breed my puppy is?
  167. Puppy development, the correct steps?
  168. My dog is spitting up blood... Help!?
  169. I have noticed my dog has a red lump on her leg.(she is a lab). It looks...
  170. My german shepherd dog is outside 24/7!?
  171. Does my dog need a muzzle?
  172. how old should a puppy be before he can be neutered?
  173. Dogs Eye Infected Help?
  174. Training my new puppy..? 10 points!?
  175. Is it my dog's skin problem?
  176. What, in your opinion, is the best dog food?
  177. Will a puppy male breed with a female if she is in heat?
  178. Indian dog names please help?
  179. Is it ok to bathe my dog when...?
  180. Getting your dog to sleep on their own bed?
  181. What is the best way to make my parents agree to buy a dog?
  182. Which large breed dogs do not salivate all over the place?
  183. What age do puppies start lifting their leg?
  184. How often should I bathe my dogs?
  185. Should I rehome my dog?
  186. Question about big dogs living with small dogs?
  187. My dog is expecting...does she know it?
  188. What were the name of the dogs?
  189. does anyone know what size kennel series fits a husky dog?
  190. Is there anyone out there left who doesn't pick up their dogs poo?
  191. Please if you can, help me.... A newborn puppy probably just born?
  192. does my puppy have an infection?
  193. potty training my puppy?
  194. When you purchased your puppy ....?
  195. My dog is obviously old enough to be neutard shes bleeding will getting her fixed
  196. my dog ate medicine what do i do?
  197. Say yes or no if you've heard of a coton de tulear (breed of dog)?
  198. What puppy shall i keep?
  199. What can I expect from a Maltese/Jack Russell mix dog?
  200. What a miracle about the 3 year old found alive in VA woods - the family dogs...
  201. my dog has allergies. dust mites and pollen are her worst allergies.?
  202. there is blood in my dog's stool?
  203. how am i supposed to properly playfight with my dog?
  204. Dogs E-Collar broken?
  205. does any one know where i canfind a one bedroom apartment for under 650 a month
  206. How do wolves take care of their puppies or pups?
  207. a cheap but healthy puppy....?
  208. Is Gold Bond Body Power harmful to pets (dogs)?
  209. How do you know if your dog is pregnant?
  210. Which puppy ? I really can't decide .. ? ?
  211. Having intercourse with my wife is terrible, it's like throwing a hot dog
  212. My dog doesn't like her E-Collar?
  213. I recently adopted another cockatiel. This one has been hurt by some dogs and its...
  214. free puppies- help anyone?
  215. Help me.. this could save a dogs life!?
  216. Would you eat a hot-dog or a burger from a street vendor?
  217. what type of dog should i ask for for christmas?? :]?
  218. names for our new puppy!!!!!!!?
  219. How did you socialize your puppy?
  220. My dog needs to vomit. How do we induce that fast??? Fast answers please?
  221. My 6 month old puppy growls at my 4 year old daughter...?
  222. help my dog is throwing up and she is pooping a lot she is sneezing and...
  223. What kind of dog is good with kids?
  224. Dog problem and dog questions..?
  225. why dogs are barking?
  226. Has any one owned a newfoundland dog/puppy?
  227. Can Valley Fever in dogs go away by itself?
  228. We need to pick a name for our new puppy.?
  229. how will i know if my boxer dog is going into labor?
  230. What will be the color of the new puppy's color?
  231. Dogs and Garlic- appetite stimulant Question?
  232. what to do for a car sick puppy?
  233. Please help me with my 10 mth old puppy!!!?
  234. Guess that dog's breed's? Mystery mutttt. ?
  235. What happen to my dog? Something white like marble in the middle of his
  236. my puppy has kennel cough and now my other dog it not eating, what do I do?
  237. What's going on with my dog?
  238. Need Info On Travelling With Dogs????
  239. Do you crate your dog/puppy?
  240. Is it harmful to give a dog darvocet?
  241. has anyone ever seen a dog do this?
  242. do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who seems more obsessed with his/her...
  243. About male dogs marking terriorty?
  244. My puppy is missing what to do?:(?
  245. I ReaLLy WaNt A DoG HeLp! ?
  246. Can a dog differentiate between an adult and a child?
  247. What three breeds of dogs would you recommend?
  248. How do dogs communicate with one another?
  249. help on puppy names!!!?
  250. My dog just ate about 10 chocolate chip cookies.?