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  1. My boyfriend's dog drives me nuts. Should I stay?
  2. Has anyone dealt with a small, fairly young dog with kidney failure? Levels BUN
  3. my dog has skin irritation on his neck, what can be causing it? ?
  4. My Westie puppy just went into her first heat.. is there anything special I
  5. What is your favorite kind of dog and why?
  6. i need help for my dogs name!?
  7. "what is a very good brand of puppy food???"?
  8. will my 5 year old dog be ok with a new dog? Are 2 dogs much more difficult to take
  9. dog behaviour query, what do i do now!?
  10. My puppy does not listen!?
  11. Need help to cope with dog's death and insight into dog reincarnation!?
  12. is this illegal in PA?dog related question?
  13. Should I trim the hair between my dogs toes?
  14. My little puppy of 11 weeks won't stop biting my one year old dog's ear!?
  15. What is the newest Purebred dog?
  16. Where can you buy a letter 'catcher' to stop puppy chewing post? (UK-based)?
  17. will hairspray harden dog poo?
  18. How to train a dog to attack on command?
  19. Dog Poll (stupid 20 character rule)?
  20. does your dog (s) do this?
  21. House training a puppy?
  22. Zero the ghost dog from Nightmare Before Christmas?
  23. Pitbull rednose puppy?
  24. how can i convince my boyfriend to let us get a puppy?
  25. Puppy Parvo Question?
  26. What's your favorite dog?
  27. Why isnt my dog sleeping?
  28. POLL: Do you have a cute or funny name you use in reference to you puppy...
  29. what kinda dog is this?
  30. My breeder is declawing my puppy?
  31. How to make my dog poop in one place?
  32. Are puppies cuter than babies?
  33. Why do dogs like playing fetch so much?
  34. My dog ate a fist of( maybe a little more) chocolate yesterday. I didn't know....
  35. We have a new puppy (Pike!). He's 17 weks old. When should we discontinue his crate?
  36. at what age do dogs mature?
  37. Is there any vets signed on as mt dog has a problem...?
  38. how to tell my puppy she is adopted?
  39. how much do check ups cost for yorkie puppies?
  40. for a dog's registered name, where does their kennel name go?
  41. Need Help with puppies!!?
  42. Do you have any advice on how to "cage up" a dog without a kennel?
  43. How do I keep the fleas off my 7 mo. old puppy?
  44. How big will my dog get; at 5 months he was 50lbs and now at 10 months he weighs...
  45. Whats a good name for a puppy begins with a Z?
  46. Would you judge me if i eat sick puppies?
  47. supplied by puppy mills?
  48. how much is the 5 in 1 shot in the puppy in the philippines? what is the...
  49. What type of pit bull is my puppy?
  50. okay im worried for my pitbull puppy if he has any diseases?
  51. What kind of dog is this?
  52. need help chosing a bichon name for my new puppy?
  53. Can they take away my dog?
  54. What breed of dog is it when they say "release the hounds"?
  55. I am taking delivery of a new puppy tomorrow. Would you trust a monk to handle...
  56. why do hot dogs come in packs of 8 while buns come in packs of 6?
  57. 8 week old puppy making coughing sounds then she is gagging.?
  58. modeling a dog????????????????????????
  59. How long can a 22 pound dog run without stopping? ?
  60. What do i need in my house if i am getting a dog?
  61. My puppy has giardia?
  62. THIS IS SO DISTURBING...A 2 yr old boy was raped by a dog?
  63. How can I stop excessive shedding in my dog!?
  64. Is it possible for me to de-sex my two dogs (both male and female) myself...
  65. help getting ready for a puppy!!?
  66. if you have kids what is the friendlyest dog to have as a puppy to adulthood?
  67. My female dog had puppies 2 days ago...is there anything I can do to make
  68. Alaskan Klee Kai puppies for sale in Indiana?
  69. Feeding schedule??? Puppy?
  70. which large breed of dog lives the longest?
  71. How do I help my dog when I don't have the money to help her?
  72. Does anyone have Border Terrier dogs?
  73. The English way ? Deny all. 'it was his dog'. I'm pepared to take care of it.?
  74. What kind of dog should we get?
  75. I have a white bully puppy who gets sunburnt around his eyes - HELP!?
  76. I need help naming my new puppy...?
  77. Can I get my puppies rash?
  78. My dog ran into the window will he be ok?
  79. How often to take a puppy out?
  80. I am looking for a dog. ?
  81. My puppy has.................?
  82. what is a puppy mill? ?
  83. My new 5 month old puppy is humping my 3 year old dog?
  84. what happends if a dog consumes too much aloe vera?
  85. does your dog scream?
  86. 6 month old shepherd mix puppy with a cold?
  87. what kind of things does a black dog symbolise.?
  88. I think my puppy has mange. How can I be sure that he has mange?
  89. Dachshund and Feist mixed breed puppies?
  90. Is it really necessary to bring a dog in out of the cold?
  91. if your dog ran on thin ice would you?
  92. We're getting a new puppy in a couple of days. He is 8 weeks old and has not had
  93. Is it bad for my dog to eat wood chips?
  94. What are some possible causes for my dog throwing up?
  95. Im am confused, puppy questions?
  96. What's the name of the film set in Finland where a dog saves a sick girl?
  97. why does my dog scream when shes mating?
  98. A new puppy with 18 month old dogs?
  99. repost on Puggle Puppy HELP!!?
  100. Is my dog depressed? help please!?
  101. looking to get a puppy for my daughter for xmas ?
  102. What's your favorite & least favorite Dog breed?
  103. What name is nicer for a dog Treacle or Truffles ?
  104. Dog chewing on roasted pork bone, broke off piece and crunched it up and...
  105. My 4 month puppy ate a half a stick of aloe vera plant!!?
  106. I need info. about Rat Terrier Puppies !!!!!?
  107. Do your dog like this? (Here's video of my dog)?
  108. What should I bring on a road-trip for my 8 week old puppy?
  109. my dog began limping this morning for no reason, he was asleep then woke up and is...
  110. One More Pregnant Dog Question?
  111. What Dog should I get?
  112. How can I make my dog less aggressive to her siblings while having a treat?
  113. What is a small dog that stays small?
  114. Where can I eat dog in the UK?
  115. whats wrong with my dog?
  116. Strange dog behavior, what do you make of this?
  117. Do you know of free puppies or kittens?
  118. I have a new puppy bulldog/beagle mix. He has had diareaha (sp) since I got him
  119. give me a name for a german shepard female dog?
  120. My dogs are both vomiting. ?
  121. Sick Shih tzu Puppy Please Help?
  122. Which Name to Pick for My Puppy?
  123. Should I bring anything special for an hour drive for my eight week old puppy?
  124. What is the best way to get my 2 dogs and my cat to stop fighting and just get along?
  125. My puppy bites me and I don't know why. What should I do?
  126. My older dog is jealous of the dog i got today?
  127. Why does my dog chew her feet?
  128. How to train such a small puppy?
  129. How do give my dog liquid medicine?
  130. Dog depressed?????????
  131. i need a feed dog for a simplicity sewing machine model# 1250. ?
  132. Dog Breeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  133. when you get a dog Dewormed do it still use it out worms in till the worms all gone ?
  134. how do you get dog hair out of clothing?
  135. Im planning on getting a house dog but not sure what breed to get? Any ideas? ?
  136. How do I keep my 7 month old puppy calm on an airplane?
  137. What's an ironic name for my new chihuahua puppy?
  138. Why does my dog eat horse crap?
  139. Question about my Dog?
  140. If you put "spot" remover on your dog what happens? ?
  141. Can someone help me on some tips on how to train a puppy?
  142. Why are people so against Boxer dogs having tails?
  143. My 11week old puppy wont stop howling at night :(?
  144. If Jesus and the Taco Bell Dog got in a fight, who would win?
  145. What kind of dog is this?
  146. I think my puppy is part wolf?
  147. how do I discipline my dog when she doesn't come when she's called?
  148. name 4 puppy ??!?!?!?!?!?
  149. looking for pomeranian puppies for sale in louisville kentucky?
  150. When being attacked by a dog that has a good 10 pounds on you, what runs...
  151. How many of you have actually accepted the triple dog dare....?
  152. ok my puppy is 3 months and 2 weeks old.. he has not going to the...
  154. WHy would Blagojevich insist upon a "hypo-allergenic puppy" as part of the Senate
  155. Going on vacation for a about 10 days leaving dogs at home....?
  156. If my dog sleeps at my feet?
  157. Is it ok to give my dogs flea & heartworm meds on the same day?
  158. why can't my dog poop?
  159. does anyone know what dogs mark own has?
  160. What is the Breed Of The Dog's In The Lady Gaga Poker Face Video Clip? Doe's...
  161. I'm planning to get a dog?
  162. Does he have rabies? Whats wrong with my puppy?
  163. How to approach suspected dog thief?
  164. When Dogs are under stress...?
  165. 12 yr old dog in liver failure.....what do I do?
  166. i dont know what my dog has :(?
  167. We have a PETtrac microchip in our dog but cannot find where to update our
  168. of shots a puppy should have?
  169. what makes a dog....??? PLZ HELP!!?
  170. what kind of breed is this famous dog?
  171. How can i stop my dog being scared?
  172. Isn't this the cutest puppy ever?
  173. trying to find miniature bull terrier puppies!!!!!!?
  174. Who has the best obedience training system for a dog? ?
  175. Can You Clone A Dog????????!?
  176. Dog pees whenever someone pets her and the original owners aren't around..?
  177. Just a nice place to walk the dogs, or are people using my school as a
  178. how much do check ups cost for maltese puppies?
  179. How much is too much to pay for a puppy?
  180. How to deal with In-laws who insist on bringing their dog to my home.?
  181. I adopted a blind dog- he refuses to be lead on a leash unlike my other
  182. Do you like the smell of puppy breath?
  183. Big Bumps On My Puppy (PLEASE HELP!)?
  184. when do puppies begin to there eyes?
  185. Dog needs surgery help!! Do you know any organization?
  186. Dog is scared to walk on floors?
  187. My puppy has worms!!?
  188. How to stop a new puppy from crying...?
  189. Brewers Yeast in home made dog treats?
  190. My dog has a fever! How can I make it better?
  191. How would one start a petition, present the info to state senator get a law passed...
  192. Need a name for my new puppy????
  193. tip of my dog tail has been hurt. the vet said to cut it. but i wanted to try heal
  194. How often does a 9 week old puppy pee?
  195. MY dog bites my fingers. Thinks I'm PLAYING?
  196. when should i switch my puppy from canned puppy food to dry puppy food?
  197. What dog should I get?
  198. my dogs feeling sick , help.?
  199. can puppies on the sims sleep in the same bed?
  200. Is my dog going to die?
  201. My Black Lab Just Had A Puppy What Do I Do?
  202. Why is My Female Dog Humping Everything?
  203. Dog peeing in house. Spayed 4 days ago. ?
  204. My dog chews........?
  205. How can you tell if a dog is a house dog or not?
  206. We're thinking of getting a daschund puppy and we want a cute name relating to...
  207. I am traveling by air with my puppy, however she hates to get into her crate.
  208. If i am muslim and get a puppy what would happen?
  209. Stories about your lab puppies?
  210. Was the film Digby the Biggest Dog in the World based on a true story?
  211. Why is the song "All the Same" by Sick Puppies explicit?
  212. Puppy after the lose of a beloved dog?
  213. How To Get Your Parents To Allow You To Have A Dog?
  214. 10 week old chihuahua puppy?
  215. Found these quotes and thought they were quite err...., i have a problem...
  216. I need help with DOGS!?
  217. when u clone a dog will it have the same personality as u 1st one?
  218. Dogs scraping the ground w/their back legs after pooping?
  219. Is it bad if my dog is addicted to whiskey?
  220. I am looking for a dog tag for an actual dog in the shape of a lightning bolt that
  221. My dog has a cold can anyone help?
  222. Is this name right for my puppy?Help?
  223. canadians traveling to buy an american puppy, your experiences?
  224. Dealing with putting dog to sleep?
  225. my dog skippy is in pain ?
  226. My dog is on steroids?
  227. Is there such a product I can buy to stop my puppy (6 week old yorkiepoo)...
  228. I'm getting a new puppy, but I don't know what type to get. What's your opinion?
  229. What happens if you feed your adult dog puppy food?
  230. How can I get my puppy used to being alone for short periods?
  231. My Mommy and Daddy won't let me get a puppy what can i do?
  232. How i can train my westie to respect the other puppies space?
  233. do you like this name for a puppy?
  234. how can i get my puppy to stop biting?
  235. 14 Month old Dog was Neutered on Monday, spraying blood, help!?
  236. What is in a Hot Dog?
  237. My dog wont eat! what should i do!?!?
  238. Does playing tug-of-war game with puppies teach it to bite and not let go when...
  239. "puppy" Passport!?!?!?
  240. dog behaviour query, what do i do now!?
  241. Is putting your dog in the back of your pickup against the law? ?
  242. Should I name my dog Jesus?
  243. Please help! Most difficult puppy ever!?
  244. How old is your dog(s)?
  245. How much should I feed my dog?
  246. How can dog eat and drink?
  247. Are my dogs ok if they ate A and D ointment?
  248. How do I get rid of Tapeworm and other worms/parasites in my dog?
  249. My dog has an itch. its all over his back and hind legs he is really bugging...
  250. My dog as a swollen belly does not appear to be in pain any ideas?