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  1. My dogs feet get cold when I take her on walks?
  2. have you ever wished for a puppy and gotten one i have been begging and i dnt know
  3. why can we get in trouble for killing dogs but not for killing insects?
  4. Two Dogs vs. One: I have Questions?
  5. could my dog have a tape worm?
  6. puppy ate rotten raw hamburger meat?
  7. dog help- only people who know about dogs ?
  8. Owning a dog, should you already have a plan and know what your getting into? ?
  9. Is it okay to bring home a 5-6 week puppy?
  10. Is it bad to feed my adult dog philadelphia cream cheese?
  11. cold winter night and i have no animals and i hear and dog / wolf howl we live in
  12. how old does a puppy have to be to turn into a adult?
  13. senior dog breathing weird, help?
  14. What are top 5 most popular dogs in US?
  15. How do I get my 4 month old puppy to go potty in the snow?
  16. Does anyone Have a cheeky cat or dog webkinz?
  17. PLEASE help; new puppy/fleas question DESPERATE!?
  18. What would happen to my dog(read detail)?
  19. anybody know where i can adopt a new puppy in tempe az?
  20. How to ease dry skin on puppy?
  21. 9 week old golden retriever puppy urinating and pooping frequently?
  22. When is the best time to breed a dog?
  23. Why do hot dogs taste so good?
  24. why does my dewormed puppy have worms?
  25. Dog shivering after spay. Is she cold or is it nerves? ?
  26. How much attention should I be giving my 3 year old dog?
  27. Dog+digging out of fence=?
  28. Puppy is so lethargic?
  29. Has anyone used Bark Busters dog trainers?
  30. Dog in heat? How do you know? My female Pit is around 6 months old. ?
  31. How do I get my dog down the stairs?
  32. Will a dog cry if it broke its nose,what are symtoms that there in pain?
  33. What does this dream about dogs mean? ?
  34. Leash training my dog?
  35. Is baby allergic to dogs? What should I do?
  36. male dogs mounting each other?
  37. i need help picking a name for my new puggle puppy.?
  38. Question about dogs????
  39. Should I get a puppy?
  40. Question about my puppy...?
  41. what should i do about my dogs?
  42. Any good puppy advice?
  43. Who else thinks dogs are simply the best!?
  44. Why does my dog's breath smell SO horrible?
  45. what the best dog food for small breed ?
  46. how to convince mom to get another dog?
  47. My puppy is on a flight delayed right now..?
  48. I've got the flu, can i eat hot dogs or other foods that aren't soup?
  49. Puppy Biting and Leash Training?
  50. My dog barks and i need help!!! plz!?
  51. my dog is breathing real heavy every night what is wrong?
  52. Wat dog is fluffyest?
  53. What should I call my new Bulldog puppy?
  54. What do you think of not registering purebred dogs?
  55. is skyler a good name for my new puggle puppy i can't decide and i need someone
  56. Is human feces toxic to dogs?
  57. Do dog's shed more than cats? Or is it about the same?
  58. any advice about a puppy ?
  59. Does my dog know i'm mad at him?
  60. will Obama take a dog to the white house as pet or CHANGE and ...?
  61. How can I get my lab/pit mix puppy to stop biting?
  62. how do i convince my parents in letting me get a puppy?
  63. is there any way to make a 8 month old puppy calm down a little bit? hes a
  64. Need a German Girl name for our new puppy...?
  65. what should you do if your dog wont eat her food?
  66. Ways to prepare for a puppy coming home during winter time?
  67. whats should i name my new puppy?
  68. How big will my puppy get(pics)?
  69. My Puppy Ate A Piece Of Rotten Chicken?
  70. what's better? Celebrating Christmas with my Dog? or Celebrating Christmas with
  71. Is it normal for dogs to sleep on their back?
  72. can i take my puppy on vacation even though she has had all her shots yet?
  73. Help with service dog training?
  74. How big will my 20 oz 7 week old puppy get?
  75. I need info on the disease my dog died from... see below..Any info?
  76. Training my husband to train the dog?
  77. Where can I find Scoodle Puppies in Alabama? Thanks?
  78. How can i convince my mum to get a puppy?
  79. Any tips on puppy training?
  80. Do you ever see the dog abuse/dog fighting reports on the news?
  81. how much is a cup of dog food?
  82. Whats going on with my Dog!?
  83. sitting next to my dog?
  84. My friends mixed breed dog is bleeding after being tied? ?
  85. Hello im put in a situation where i lost my job its really hard to pay my...
  86. Wellness dog food problem?
  87. 6 easy steps for adopting a dog?
  88. What kind of puppy is right for me?
  89. I think she may have potential Dog OCD?
  90. M caviler puppy jumps up and steals food......?
  91. Where to get decent, cheap dog booties?
  92. What are the dogs in call of duty 5?
  93. Why does always seem that the dog owners who are responsible and pick up after
  94. Is it normal for a dog to be put under for leg and hip x-rays?
  95. What Is Wrong With My Dog?
  96. my dogs are so obnoxious! HELP!!?
  97. Easiest way to travel with a puppy?
  98. How do you make puppy chow?
  99. Is my dog having nightmares about me?
  100. I NEED A dog name; ANY IDEAS?
  101. any ideas on how to build a dog kennel out of wooden pallets?
  102. 8 week pit puppy walking funny?
  103. anybody know how to speak dog?
  104. Why does my puppy do this?
  105. How to convince my dad shedding is NOT a reason to not get a certain breed of dog?
  106. Do you know the one about (the late) PAVOROTTI's DOGS?
  107. I think my dog is dumb ?
  108. Why do some dogs love to eat cat poo?
  109. my puppy has worms can he still sleep in our bed?
  110. situation -muslim taxi cab driver wont let blind man with guide dog into a...
  111. A Serious but worth while Poll. Me and my Girlfriend are starting a dog rescue
  112. Is it possible for dogs to give humans ringworm?
  113. What to do with Collarless Dog?
  114. Should I seperate my dogs?
  115. question for female dog owners?
  116. Help me choose a dog bed?
  117. Has Your dog / puppy ever had Ocular injury?
  118. Why does my Dog eat my hair?
  119. how much will it cost at the vets' to have my dogs ears cleaned ?
  120. Is it possible for me to de-sex my two dogs (both male and female) myself...
  121. Does any 1 know a good Great Dane Breeder that's having puppies in Missouri?
  122. how do I show my parents im ready for a new puppy!?
  123. Will they put my dog to sleep?
  124. Is this name right for my puppy?Help?
  125. looking to get a puppy for my daughter for xmas ?
  126. What's wrong with my dog. Please help!?
  127. I will be getting a puppy in 4 weeks, In UK how many injections do they have? &
  128. How do you get a dog a license fee?
  129. Do dogs have the same type of feeling that humans do?
  130. Bullmastiff puppy is scratching/chafing under front legs (armpit area)?
  131. what kind of dog is the cutest dog in your opinion?
  132. My dog needs an antibiotic and I have flagyl?
  133. If a guy is in love with puppies and thinks they are perfect and cute?
  134. I was told this week that my dog is a hermaphrodite. She has female parts on the
  135. Skin problems on dogs...Any suggestions or remedies?
  136. What is the best way to remove dog urine stain/odor on carpet?
  137. Do you do agility with your dog? ?
  138. the puppy mother die when the puppy is only 5 weeks old.. what should i do to save...
  139. how do i stop my dog chewing my daughters toys?
  140. Hi im santa puppy what would your dog like for the holidays?
  141. Husky puppy warm nose?
  142. Help with picking dog for autistic brother with siblings that have allergies?
  143. What kind of a dog is this? (pictures attached)?
  144. Female Mix puppy names?
  145. At what age can I get my dog fixed? last dog question :) ?
  146. how do you register your dog(pibull)?
  147. PUPPY what should i do?
  148. how can i stop my dog from becoming jealous?
  149. my dog (pitbull) stoped eating eat?
  150. Am I a dog or cat person?
  151. Has anyone tried the Pedipaw nail trimmer on their dog(s) and what was your...
  152. How Do I Stop My Dog from Pulling?
  153. My dogs strange problem.?
  154. my dog ate a half a Chocolate chip cookie that had marijuana in it?
  155. What's a good way to start my 4-wk old puppies on potty training?
  156. What's a cute puppy name for a baby pug?
  157. How to get the dog to stop chewing our furniture?
  158. Large lump/facial growth on dog?
  159. What should I feed my puppy?
  160. what are some good dog names?
  161. is it normal for a puppy not to eat when you first get them?
  162. Is it wrong to feed my dog boo gers? She seems to really like them.?
  163. Why does my puppy do this?
  164. how do i keep my dog from digging in the trash?
  165. How do I deal with a dog that interrupts intimacy?
  166. Could an x-ray affect Puppies hair growth?
  167. what type of dog is my dog? and how much should she weight?
  168. Dog Question....What breed to accompany me for christmas?
  169. How can I stop my dog from destroying my blanket?
  170. Whats really in a hot dog?
  171. When can I start crate training our little lab puppy?
  172. what dog would look nice with a yorkie?
  173. How to Get rid of diarrhea in my dog ?
  174. What's the best & quickest (lol) way to house break a puppy.. Big dog ..pees little
  175. dog food.... required help...?
  176. Do puppies tend to drink too much water?
  177. my dog keeps biting help me ?
  178. My Poor Old Dog Duke.?
  179. Do dogs shake when they are in pain or could it just be that shes cold?
  180. How many hours away from your puppy is too much?
  181. One of my puppies has a weird convulsion thing..?
  182. can sesame crackers harm my dog?
  183. my dog's mad... at me?!?
  184. Puppy rearing by its parent?
  185. can dogs see things we cant?
  186. At what age do puppies start?
  187. What do you think about people suggesting that chickens are as smart as cats
  188. when i crate train my puppy can i use the bell training method also?
  189. what dog does this person look like?
  190. How can you get a petition started, bill get signed by senate my dog died...
  191. my puppy might have ate sum powder with glitter in it. shes vomiting, not eating
  192. How to bust puppy millers!?
  193. Is it okay to feed my almost 8 month old springer spaniel adult dog food?
  194. why does water make my puppy go loopy?
  195. 12hr drive with 2 dogs! Help please?
  196. Dogs: How do they react to blood? ?
  197. I want my dog to bark when someone is at the door. i want my dog to bite intruders.?
  198. i have an wound in my hands and my 2 mos old puppy licked it, ?
  199. can my puppy yorkie walk on the floor? ?
  200. help, "Mr.Smarts", my pet dog got a hold of a huge box of bubble yum gum,he can't...
  201. How can i convince my mum to get a puppy?(parents teenagers please help)?
  202. My dog cleans her nails 2-3 times/day; we spend full hour at dog park
  203. What are some good and affordable dog breeds?
  204. What kind of dogs do you like?
  205. My dog is playing with her toy and she..?
  206. having some puppy trouble...?
  207. what should i do regarding my dogs nail?
  208. My dog has a wart/cyst that is secreting...?
  209. Are trader Jose's meatless corn dogs vegetarian.?
  210. looking for teacup chihuahua puppies for sale?
  211. Please help me with training my puppy?
  212. A little girl, her dog and cat....?
  213. How to introduce a new akita puppy to labrador in the house?
  214. What can I do about my dogs breath?
  215. Can mustard harm a dog? I ate a soft pretzel and the dog licked ?
  216. What do I feed my dog?
  217. How do I Housetrain my puppy?
  218. Don't dogs come from b****es?
  219. Adopted a new Dog and my existing dog is jealous ?
  220. (PiCS iNSiDE!!) Any suggestions on training my puppy not 2 walk me while
  221. how to remove motor oil from a dogs coat?
  222. how to make up a potty schedule for a puppy ?
  223. Help to a new dog owner. What is best?
  224. Can I feed my puppy a little scrambled egg?
  225. What breed of dog should I get?
  226. my bestfriend is a dog! not literally?
  227. My dog has a really senitive stomach & gets rice/ chicken breast. wot...
  228. Why are puppies and dogs scared of high-pitched sounds?
  229. What to do about career in dog grooming?
  230. What does a dog in heat mean?
  231. Names for my new puppy?
  232. mailling a puppy to my little sister?
  233. can my dog be too old to have her tail bobed?
  234. Is the first case of a police dog handler being a pimp?
  235. Dog Names (pic included)?
  236. What is the best Ceasar Millan book for training a new puppy?
  237. My yorkie puppy doesnt really seem to like me ...any suggestions?
  238. I'm donating for a old man and his dog from a Community Service Christmas Tree?
  239. how do i teach my dog to stop barking?
  240. dog food question.. is this really good ?
  241. How can I tell my puppy she is adopted?
  242. Poll: Do you know why your dog really does outside?
  243. What is considered a high quality food to feed a pregnant dog?
  244. Doberman Dog training..please help?
  245. Why does my dog scratch a lot behind his right ear?
  246. Type of food to feed a puppy!?
  247. My dog wont go on walks and keeps being sick , what is wrong with her ?
  248. My dog completely destroyed the remote and now I am remote-less?
  249. does anyone know the dog show rules?
  250. Do you think dogs dream? Why?