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  1. how do you get a labrdor puppy to stop eating its own poo?
  2. What is the average puppy count per birth?
  3. I feel so bad,,, I'm giving my dog away :(?
  4. Whats a good strategy on how to house break a dog?
  5. what kind of dog do you like i should get!!!?
  6. My dog is sick? What can I do for her?
  7. I would like to know whether a cocker spaniel puppy can swim naturally?
  8. Emergency!!!! - dog ate medication?
  9. Dog help please!!!..........................?
  10. What do I do with a puppy who did not grow up with a mother?
  11. Is there any pet store that sells puppy huskies in Illinois?
  12. puppy Parvo Question?
  13. is it possible to housebreak a 3 year old dog?
  14. What's your favorite breed of dog?
  15. I need to know---can this harm my dog?
  16. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hot dogs?
  17. help with puppy peeing problem?
  18. Why is my dog twitching while she sleeps?
  19. What are some good dog beds for Camping?
  20. ABC Dog/Puppy Toy.....?
  21. Why does my puppy have bad breath?
  22. Could a young puppy need his glands expressed?
  23. can you use chex mix instead of chex cereal for making puppy chow?
  24. dog has blood in urine and is shivering, please read extra info for more details.?
  25. Know any good places to purchase a puppy in Florida?
  26. How old should my puppy be?
  27. pug vs puggle shelter dog?
  28. If You Got A Rottweiler Puppy (a Girl) What Would You Name Her?
  29. When dogs do there buisness?
  30. Messing with my dog...is this safe or harmful?
  31. How long does it take to house train a 8.5-9 week old Corgi Puppy?
  32. Best way to remove tarter from my dog's teeth?
  33. do you think that eating a dog/cat is evil?why?we eat cows which are considered
  34. My Puppy is having her second vaccination tomorrow?
  35. Advice on how to soothe the irritation on my dog's skin..........?
  36. what kind of dog is this?
  37. Is it ok to feed puppies similac?
  38. old puppy, new puppy...?
  39. Puppy house training?
  40. is this normal for a dog?
  41. Dog advice please!!!!!!???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  42. How can i get my dog to go to the bathroom faster?
  43. does anyone know if there is a cure for the red mange on dogs?
  44. How do you teach dogs basic tricks, cool tricks, and useful tricks? I just...
  45. I lost my dog and i found out that the police took him to a shelter who
  46. what are the symptoms that a dog would get if he ate poinsetia plant?
  47. Does anyone have any advice on getting my cat to get along with my new puppy?
  48. what do I do if my puppy cries when she goes to the bathroom?
  49. I just caught my nine week old puppy eating his own poop. What do I do (besides...
  50. I waited 5 years for a dog...???
  51. my dog is chewing his back what do i do.?
  52. Where does the movie My Dog Skip take place?
  53. Puppy nipping (hard) - is it bad?
  54. which puppy out of the litter?
  55. my puppy has been sneezing and breathing rapdly lately what do i do about it?
  56. What kind of milk can I give a 1 1/2 month old chihuahua puppy?
  57. My puppy and I have gotten really closee.....?
  58. 2 questions 1. am I to young to date? 2. is it ok to try not cry about my...
  59. I really need advice on my husky dog! Please help me?
  60. My 1 and 1/2 year old dog has really sickly smelling breath!!?
  61. Can you help me name my new puppy?
  62. Hello all, we are getting a dog tmrw we need help with names!?
  63. how can i get my dog to stop peeing in the house?
  64. Dog Help Black spot under Fur?
  65. my dog is losing weight losing hair on his tail?
  66. How Come Trailer Music Companies [Such As X-Ray Dog, Immediate Music etc,etc]
  67. Its me again... the one with the swollen dog vagina question...?
  68. my fiancee matted our dog she hasnt had any puppies yet. she has all the
  69. I have 10 orphaned puppies that suck on each other (the genital area). Any
  70. what kind of blood line do you think my pitbull puppy is?
  71. scared what kind of gender is my puppy?
  72. I'm torn between two dogs - see the link?
  73. Which one: dogs or cats?
  74. i have a few questions about a dog i adopted today?
  75. All of the sudden my puppy does this:?
  76. I need help!! Dogs ate chocolate!!! PLEASE!!!?
  77. When will dachie puppy stop chewing?
  78. My 3 year old chihuahua is shaking and terrified of our brand new pitbull...
  79. What does it mean if my dog has blood in his urination?
  80. How much would it cost to get my dogs teeth surgically cleaned?
  81. Help me solve my puppy problems!?
  82. How can I stop my puppy yapping?
  83. What kind of dog do you think Obama should get?
  84. Anyone have tips for a barking dog?
  85. What are the two little moles on the side of my puppy cheek?
  86. What kind of dog did the lead character have in the Korean movie "Humming"?
  87. What kind of dog should I get?
  88. Two week old puppy stepped on; please help!?
  89. Why do my shih tzu puppy's ears stand up?
  90. How do I stop my dog from chewing & scratching the door and door frame?
  91. Puppy Rottweilers Question?
  92. Any idea what breed of dog this is? (Lots of pictures)?
  93. My dog got in my trash and ate the little bit of the chocolate pudding left..
  94. How can i tran a shih tzu puppy on my own?
  95. I am registering my dog with the AKC and I need help with her name?
  96. My dog is upstairs and won't come down how can i get him down?
  97. What are laws regarding putting a dog down?
  98. My dog growls at everyone he meets?
  99. Have you had a dog with a crusted over nose?
  100. my pregnant dog is bleeding?
  101. What do you think of this dog name?
  102. What causes non viral gastroenteritis in fully vaccinated dogs?
  103. What toy breed dog has the best temperamant?
  104. White to Merle dog breeding?
  105. What should I name my puppy?
  106. How to handle a puppy toy poodle?
  107. I need to know what could have killed two dogs in my house?
  108. My dog just had puppies! They are ADORABLE!?
  109. Does my dog have worms?
  110. are dingo munchy stix good for 2 month old puppies?
  111. What kind of dog is this?
  112. when am i going to find the dog in fallout 3?
  113. Getting a dog from the shelter..?
  114. Do most people get their puppies at 3 months of age?
  115. Dog Supplements for a Nursing Pitbull?
  117. what should i name my beagle puppy?
  118. Poll Dog Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  119. Do dogs have a keener sense of loyalty than humans?
  120. How do you teach a dog to display aggression on command?
  121. an older dog or a puppy ? please answer !?
  122. My hyper dog is very laid back and relaxed tonight. How come?
  123. Is my puppy gonna die?
  124. what kind of dog do you have?
  125. cute/meaningful,puppy names!!! HELP!!!?
  126. My dog just had puppies, when is a good time to pick them up or play with them?
  127. My puppy just started wheezing real hard and then stopped whats wrong?
  128. Guess the breed of our puppies.?
  129. I am planning on getting a Dog?
  130. What to name my puppy?
  131. Neighbor's dog problem.. what should I do.?
  132. I am giving away my puppy?
  133. When should I start my puppies on puppy food?
  134. Help! Fight with husband over dog - he hits him for discipline?
  135. Allergic reaction to my dog's Promeris?
  136. What would be the proper crate size for a small 11lb dog?
  137. When Obama is impeached will his daughters have to give back the puppy?
  138. What is the protocol if your dog kills a farrel cat?
  139. I just got a puppy and he keeps mouthing me and biting me, how can i make it stop?
  140. Pupil Dilation/Constriction in 6 month old puppy?
  141. what are cute boy names for a puppy?
  142. I need names For my very tiny black pug puppy=]?
  143. 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy bites and nips a lot?
  144. My puppy died last night, and I can't believe it.?
  145. at what age do dogs stop going into heat?
  146. is my puppy cute or not ?
  147. Is it safe to use a irrigation bulb/syringe to clean a dog's ears?
  148. i found a stray puppy dogf and she is seriously injured, but cant afford
  149. Why is my dog barking at thin air?
  150. help on dog breeds please?
  151. What breed of dog is this?
  152. what should i name my male maltese puppy? ?
  153. What to do about jealous dogs?
  154. What kind of dog would suit our family?
  155. My girls want a puppy and my husband and I want to get them one for Christmas?
  156. Why does my dog bring toys into the bed in the middle of the night?
  157. About to adopt a dog that is 2 years old...where to began?
  158. My GF's dog has diarrhea! Help! What should I do?
  159. How To Stop My Puppies From Fighting?
  160. Can dogs eat instant noodles?
  161. I'm 13 and broke. Any ideas for homemade stocking suffers for 1 kitten 1
  162. My puppy won't stop whimpering and barking?
  163. whats you favourite dog breeds?
  164. Where to find German shepherd dog?
  165. Australian Shepherds as Hunting Dogs?
  166. I hurt my puppy by mistake. Will she every forgive me?
  167. What can I do to stop my dog from biting his leash every time he goes on a walk?
  168. my 1 year old dog will not sleep ?
  169. Help with Puppy Biting?
  170. What should i get my puppy for Christmas?
  171. Is this normal for a dog to do?
  172. my dog's not well im a bit worried.?
  173. Which dog is cuter? The Pom or Yorkie? (PICS INCLUDED)?
  174. How do i know if my dog has rabies?
  175. Where can i get Howard's tale by Sick Puppies onto my iPod?
  176. Whats your favorite type of dog?
  177. Funny dog/cat issues?
  178. Help, mother dog bleeding/reddish brown dinner plate sized discharge that smells...
  179. What is the funniest or most disgusting thing your dog has ever done?
  180. Does your dog go crazy right before and during a storm?
  181. How often should you feed a 7 week old puppy?
  182. my dog is sick and won't eat and just lays around what is wrong?
  183. I need help housebreaking my 2month old puppy? She is peeing and pooping
  184. how big a puppy will be?
  185. Are tapeworms from dogs harmful if they come in contact with a human?
  186. HELP! I need to potty train my 3 month old puppy?
  187. i have got a 6 wk old staffordshire bull dog and am wonderin when do i put him on...
  188. What dog breeds are less likely to get demodex mites?
  189. Do you let your dog give you "kisses"?
  190. Puppy wont stop chewing?
  191. some questions about my puppy.....?
  192. senior dog breathing weird, help?
  193. What are safe toys teething puppy?
  194. The puppies havent ed their eyes yet?
  195. I need a dog from vegas that's small. I need the price range to be around...
  196. is it normal for a puppy to constantly scratch? does he have fleas?
  197. Grooming Dog | When to stop brushing dog's fur?
  198. Are you training your dog for herding?
  199. Dog won't stop hacking, coughing, and vomiting - even with meds!?
  200. housing a dog help me please?
  201. What kind of dog is this?
  202. How much on average does it cost to feed a small dog a year?
  203. How many hours of sleep per day should my puppy be getting?
  204. Advice on housebreaking adopted rescue dog?
  205. What is happening to my dog when i let him outside?
  206. Did my dog get a Black Widow Spider Bite?
  207. HELP! my dog has a urinary tract infection.?
  208. My dog is being castrated. Will the vet let me keep them? Is there a reason why not?
  209. what if i stick a hot dog in my vagina?
  210. How can I convince my crazy husband that our DOG does not need an Ipod for Christmas?
  211. how to convince my parents to let me buy a dog ?
  212. Rubbing a dogs nose in its poop or pee...?
  213. I cut my dog on accident?
  214. how come dogs eyes turn blue instead of red in red eye pictures?
  215. What is the earliest you can wing your puppy?
  216. Why does my dog fart so much, and the smell is awfulllll?
  217. Do dogs get that thirst for blood if they eat raw meat?
  218. I might get a puppy! But which kind?
  219. My dog hasn't been eating all of a sudden!?
  220. Can a dog really be so mixed up you have no idea the breed?
  221. Training my dog with a shock collar.?
  222. How do you stop a dogs aggressive behavior?
  223. how can i get my dog to like me more ?
  224. has your puppy/dog ever done this?
  225. What kind of puppy do you recommend?
  226. Help! Dad won't let the dog (which we havn't got yet) live inside?
  227. What can I do about my out of control puppy?
  228. Why does my 13 week old Puppy always poop and pee in his kennel?
  229. Help!?!? My Dog Has A Weird Problem!!!?
  230. Should the collar on my dog all day?
  231. How do I teach my puppy to come to me?
  232. My puppy will NOT potty outside!?
  233. what does a dog need?!?
  234. I have a 4 month old puppy, he whines a lot, is this o.k? or is something wrong?
  235. Should I dedicate a myspace web just for my dog?
  236. puppy mills what exactly is it?
  237. how to remove motor oil from a dogs coat?
  238. How can I keep my puppy from climbing the fence?
  239. 2 questions about my puppy who has distemper?
  240. My dogs feet get cold when I take her on walks?
  241. I have a 4 month old puppy, he whines a lot, is this o.k? or is something wrong?
  242. My dog has some kind of eye problem...?
  243. looking for some puppy names?
  244. is it true that any breed can be an outside dog?
  245. I need help about the I-Dog?
  246. My GF's dog has diarrhea! Help! What should I do?
  247. Just want opinions on whether I should keep a new puppy or not...?
  248. What Can I get my dog? ?
  249. Just bought a new puppy and she doesn't play and she only poos in her
  250. did you no pigs are as intelligent as dogs?