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  1. Dog breed quiz....mix up.?
  2. Can I give my dog a human pregnancy test to see if it is pregnant?
  3. what would make puppy mills illegal?
  4. What type of small dogs do not shed?
  5. whats you favorite breed of dog?
  6. should i name my stuffed dog stuffed cow?
  7. Can my dog get pink eye from another dog?
  8. What's the successful result of potty training a puppy?
  9. dog's health question?
  10. i want to show my dog but hes head shy, how do i beat that?
  11. HELPP MEE PLEASE !! with my dog?
  12. What sickness does my dog have?
  13. Is PETCO Original Puppy Biscuits OK to give to my puppy?
  14. is this normal for my puppy to sleep alot?
  15. My dog has Kidney Disease...any advice?
  16. My dog will not pee outside. I need help. I've tried crate training and...
  17. How can I get my new rescue dog to stop chasing my cats?
  18. How much is an 8-week puppy should eat for one meal?
  19. My dog doesn't eat and pee, makes me so worry, can anyone give me advice?
  20. What can I feed my dog to prevent him from eating his poop?
  21. How much do you weigh in dog pounds?
  22. my 14month old great dane puppy, has had blister like lumps.before we start i have...
  23. My puppy is constipated, I think?
  24. Can a puppy swallow and digest tennis ball string/yarn?
  25. What colour is the best for this dog.......?
  26. is someone here willing to send me a pet dog??my parents dont want to buy me...
  27. Christians: Yea, but doesn't the dog deserve the bone?
  28. How can I get my dog to be quiet while I am away?
  29. thinkin about gettin a puppy?
  30. Rescuing puppy mill dogs?
  31. My pit bull puppy acts like she is going to faint?
  32. My dog had puppies this morning...?
  33. My dog is a 10 old beagle he is gimping only using 3 feet?
  34. i want to buy a labrador puppy how much are they in uk?
  35. Dog hauling problem, Not pleasant.?
  36. Should I get a puppy or a kitten?
  37. What are 10 favorite things humans can do for a puppy?
  38. Why does my puppy take sooo long...?
  39. Dog problems... please advise... ?
  40. What breed of dog can I get that won't try to kill my Cockatiel?
  41. where is a good place i can get yorkie or small dog?
  42. name some famous dogs?
  43. Does white chocolate poison dogs?
  44. Female dogs go into heat?
  45. What is your favorite breed of dog ?
  46. how much is a king charles spanial puppy?
  47. what do you think is a good puppy name?
  48. Puppies have TERRIBLE GAS?
  49. Is it ok to give Pitbull dogs Protein Bars to build their muscles?
  50. my dog just had puppy how long does it take till i could ttake her a bath?
  51. How do you get a dog to tolerate his nails being clipped?
  52. My dog got stepped on by my horse.?
  53. What are good puppy toys for a really strong puppy that likes to chew on carpet?
  54. Why is my dog bleeding even though she has been spayed?
  55. my dog is acting weird?
  56. What happens when a human and a dog make love?
  57. what should i call my puppy?
  58. My dog constantly pee's! Help!?
  59. Why is my puppy afraid to go outside on a leash?
  60. Guys: Do you ever use the word cute to describe something outside of a
  61. Can someone fix the flash in my dog's eyes?
  62. Three Horny Dogs....?
  63. Puppy Sick...Please Help ASAP?
  64. Why doesn't my 7 month old puppy bark?
  65. Question about my great dane puppy?
  66. My Dog bit another dog!!!?
  67. a dog question please answer?
  68. what is that one movie with the puppy named tiny and there was the little...
  69. My 5 month old puppy bred with my 8 year dog. Will they have puppies and...
  70. why did my dog die all of a sudden?
  71. How do I keep my dog from chewing on everything?
  72. What to do about puppies worms?
  73. Dog hit in the eye with tennis ball?!?
  74. Is it normal that my dog's head is feverish?
  75. I've been told Innova Evo is the best food for dogs...any thoughts?
  76. how do you get a jealous dog to stop marking his territory in the house?
  77. Why do girls sometimes call them Puppies ?
  78. Should i let my puppy sleep with me?
  79. Help my puppy is aggressively biting!!!?
  80. Washing a 7 week old puppy?
  81. Would my dog be too old to.....?
  82. If I were a dog and you were a flower, I'd lift up my leg and give you a shower?
  83. What type of dog is this?
  84. why does my dog scratch the ground after going poo?
  85. both my dog pull while on lead?
  86. What is the average price of pug puppies with no shots and no papers?
  87. having my dog put to sleep?
  88. My dog has started peeing/marking things in the house?? He's potty
  89. why is my puppy twitching?
  90. what kinda dog is this puppy?
  91. I caught my wife and dog together what should I say to her?
  92. How old were you when your first dog died?
  93. Does your dog bark when you "sneak around"?
  94. Can puppies die of shock?
  95. My dog has a lump on her leg?
  96. Our new puppy is 10 weeks old, we are concerned with whether or not he is...
  97. I'm fostering a Great Pyrenees this is 5 and has heart-worms and on medication for...
  98. Bichon puppy biting. ?
  99. What are some good names for 4 Weimeraner puppies, 2 male 2 female?
  100. ZOMG i think my dog is PSYCHIC!!?? serious question?
  101. How much would you pay someone to stay in your home and walk your dogs.?
  102. What does a self healed aural hematoma look like on a dog?
  103. What do the lyrics of the song All The Same by Sick Puppies mean?
  104. What kind of dog should I get?
  105. IS there a dog food brand with NO corn at all in it?
  106. My dog ate my earring!?
  107. How much is it to take a puppy to the vet for a checkup?
  108. What breed of dog do you think this is?
  109. Would A German Shepard X Rottweiler Be The Best For A Gurad Dog?
  110. My rescue puppy likes to hold her half of the leash in her mouth...?
  111. Can anyone tell me how there Akita gets along with their small dog and small
  112. What would cause my puppy to stop digesting his food properly?
  113. my dog will not poop, can you help plz?
  114. my puppy went into heat at 10mths old ?
  115. my puppy went into heat at 10mths old 3rd week of nov.?
  116. A while ago I asked for advice on dogs that did not get on together?
  117. What dog should i adopt?
  118. Dog theft.. can someone help me?
  119. do u pay a stub befor or after the puppies are born?
  120. my dog is a manchester terrier and she has been nibbling at her leg but i
  121. what breed of dog is this?
  122. Are oranges *fruit* good for *aprox* 3 month old puppies?
  123. Is this ok? my puppy.?
  124. How do you really house train a dog?Please read further?
  125. Should I get an Australian Cattle Dog or a Chocolate Lab? ?
  126. Sheltie puppy 4 months, second testicle hasn't dropped....?
  127. How many calories do dog rawhide chews contain (on average).?
  128. I want to provide a foster home for dogs.?
  129. We just noticed an abnormal sudden bump on our dogs foreleg that looks
  130. Puppy question.......?
  131. whats the best way to potty train my puppy?
  132. What do I say to friends and loved ones who tell me I need to get over or move on...
  133. How do i get my dog to stop jumping on people?
  134. Potty Training A Puppy in Bark/Inside?
  135. what type of dog should i get?
  136. Please, help! My dog's leg is messed up!?
  137. how can i tell if my dog is bleeding after being neutered?
  138. Are the roots of a tree poisonous to dogs? ?
  139. could my puppy be blind?
  140. How to train my dogs the basic. (sit,lie down,stay)?
  141. what is the spray that is use on furniture legs to deter a teething puppy chewing...
  142. Help me pick my dog name. What name do you think is good?
  143. Ugh...Need help with a new puppy.?
  144. Why do dogs lick belly buttons?
  145. what should I have done when my puppy got attacked?
  146. Should yobs be banned from owning dogs?
  147. help with puppy training?
  148. What breed is the dog in Turner Hooch?
  149. how do i beat level 11 on in the dog house?
  150. How can I correct my dog's TMJ occlusion problem?
  151. How do you properly puppy-proof a room?
  152. How do I get my old dog to get along with the new puppy?
  153. Our dog, less than one year old shitzu jack russell cross ?
  154. Help with potty training dog!?
  155. Take a guess!! Guess my fave dog breed. 10 points!?
  156. how can i make mom get me a chi puppy?
  157. If you keep one puppy from a litter will it prevent the mother from going
  158. 13 week old husky puppy -housetraining- please help!?
  159. is it a better idea to neuter my male dog than to spay my female dog?
  160. I recently got a dog that is half chihuahua half beagle, so i wonder what...
  161. Why does my female dog choose to urinate on me?
  162. What was the name of that Yahoo RPG game where you are a boy and you get to pick a
  163. how do i get dog snot out of fabric?
  164. My new puppy likes to chase our other animals, how can i make him stop?
  165. I have a 7 week old labrador, and he's been bitting me and my sisters lately. is it
  166. how can i and where can i get a dog in fable 2. ?
  167. My dog didn't eat for three days then had small amounts of blood dripping from his
  168. Where can I buy a Protection Dog?
  169. Is it possible in Yellow Dog Linux for PS3 to turn the ps3 into a wireless...
  170. my dog died.. how do i get over it?
  171. Where does a Hot Dog get it's name from?
  172. what's the best way to deodorize your carpet from dog smells?
  173. My dogs had a fight, can they be left alone together?
  174. dog needs tooth pulling, how long does it take?
  175. How can I make my dog's nose darker?
  176. what would be a good name for a dog?
  177. is it strange that a dog eats chocolate and doesn't get sick?
  178. Do you think this little puppy is cute?
  179. Dog Frisbee Clubs in Ohio?
  180. Hey I was wondering what a great dane/american bulldog mix would be like?...
  181. How do I get the dog smell out of my house?
  182. My dog's left eye just sunk in and is watery..?
  183. What is wrong with this puppy?!?!?
  184. Opinions on *TV dog shows*? ?
  185. my dog bit me for some reason?
  186. i have a 3 yr old lab and she has never had any puppies. yet she looks like she
  187. Do you think getting a dog will help me get over my ex?
  188. Good Website to Buy Dog Security Signs?
  189. We have a new puppy, a pug/terrier mix, 6 wks old. Can we take him out in
  190. dog research labs........?
  191. Did anyone see what humans are passing to their dogs on Jan. 7, 2009 at 11pm on the
  192. Please Answer!!!!!! Is my puppy sick or is this normal?
  193. so finally got a puppy?
  194. Should I take out my dogs puppies out with their mom ?
  195. Dog tear stain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  196. If I paper train my puppy...?
  197. why shouldn't you buy from puppy mills?
  198. How do you crate train a puppy with separation anxiety?
  199. what do i do with my new puppy ? ?
  200. are hops dangerous for dogs?
  201. what dog do you recommened to a experienced owner?
  202. will grey hound let me take a puppy on the bus?
  203. I have an older puppy and he wont stop?
  204. My dog constantly pisses on my carpet.?
  205. Are These Names Good For A New Male Puppy?
  206. How can i make my puppy with Parvo stop vomiting?
  207. How do I potty train a puppy??(:?
  208. what would you do to make your parents like a puppy more at christmas?
  209. Would you rather adopt---Puppy or Adult?
  210. What do you think dogs dream about?
  211. Name that dog breed game ?
  212. Poll: Cats Or Dogs....?
  213. what dog should I get?
  214. My 5 week old puppy has a wierd nose?
  215. Is Sammi Jo a good name for my Black Lab puppy?
  216. Will my 9 month rat terrier be ok to have puppies?
  217. What do i do about my dog chewing corners?
  218. How much should my puppy eat?
  219. Does every dog owner hate this commerical as much as I do?
  220. Is my older dog a bad influence to my puppy?
  221. What is the best dog food?
  222. New Puppy, Need Help.?
  223. children's book about lady and dog:?
  224. My basset is 5.5 years old and is an indoor dog. He has rapid breathing and...
  225. the video of the lady stepping on the puppy to death?
  226. my puppy sits strange.. is this normal?
  227. has any one else experianced this with their dog....?
  228. My 3 month old rott puppy wont eat anything!!?
  229. how do you train puppy's?
  230. Does it seem to you like like the colder it is the more your dogs want to be walked?
  231. How can you tell what kind of Jack Russell puppy you have?
  232. ok i need help its for my puppy ?
  233. What do you guys think? puppy?
  234. is it normal for my 8 week old puppy to hump everything?
  235. My dog is sick and i do not know what is wrong with her. please help.?
  236. Why do puppies do this?
  237. Can my 8 month old boy dog get my 1 year and 4 month old girl dog pregnant?
  238. How do you get poo off dogs hiney?? ?
  239. can i purchase a yellow/purple dog from a bull dog groomer?
  240. **URGENT**if you get a puppy from someone, they still have the papers, can they
  241. Where are the majority of puppy mills located?
  242. Where can i get a Yorkie puppy in pennsylvania?
  243. is this having three pups bad for dogs?
  244. can someone press charges on a dog for self defense?
  245. what is best way to house train 10 month puppy?
  246. Why is my puppy eating her poop?
  247. Can you help me out with a little puppy problem?
  248. Another puppy question!?
  249. Orphaned puppy born 2 day, Will my 3 year old yorky harm the puppy?
  250. How do I get my dog to stop barking at my dad and guests?