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  1. is it weird to not be taken into the exam room with your puppy?
  2. how long does it take for a vet to pull a dogs tooth out?
  3. My dog forgot his potty training?
  4. shih tzu puppy/adult coat?
  5. dog question ?
  6. Where can I find a puppy and please read the extra info?
  7. What to do if you accidentally fed a chilled puppy?
  8. Do you think my dog is alright?
  9. whats the eldest a dog can have pups?
  10. new puppy, house training issues?
  11. How come Advantage is ok for cats and dogs but I'm supposed to avoid skin
  12. My puppy has eaten a lot of tinsel?
  13. My dog's eye is bloodshot and red?
  14. Why is my two-year-old dog still peeing in the house?!?
  15. My dog has cataracts, how much is it to get them removed?
  16. i think my dog is bored what can i do?
  17. We have a 6 month old Chi puppy named Carley.We want to give her a middle name. ?
  18. Did you know Dogs in The Womb is coming on National Geographic next ? What will
  19. Why does my dog do a handstand when she pee's?
  20. New puppy is really fat?
  21. Unique dog names for a boy?
  22. what are some good female and male dog names ?
  23. Do you think a kid should have a dog?
  24. My dog is really skinny?
  25. does anybody know whats wrong with my dog?
  26. Is there a danger in breeding vaccinated adult dogs if parvo has been discovered
  27. Yorkie puppy name HELP!!?
  28. when is america's greatest dog coming back?
  29. Is it normal that my puppy...?
  30. how can i find a Rottweiler puppy in my area? I live in Houston Texas.?
  31. is it ok for you dog to lick your burn?
  32. A question about dog toys?
  33. Why is my dog snippy and what can I do about it?
  34. A Natural Sedative for My Dog?
  35. Alaskan malamute puppies for sale?
  36. does anybody know what species my dog is?
  37. i want another dog but not sure ?
  38. What puppy should I get.?
  39. how to stop my dog from barking so much ?
  40. puppy scared of being picked up?
  41. how often should a puppy be bathed ?
  42. Trying to vaccinate my dog-question about mixing serum?
  43. My dog is very possessive of me...?
  44. Should I keep a puppy or sell him?
  45. what was the breed of dog on the new episode of the dog whisperer?
  46. two dog questions please answer?
  47. Dog aggression and castration?
  48. Why would my two 4 month old puppies do this?
  49. Can my dog live with one Kidney?
  50. German Shepherd Puppy food?
  51. puppy names for poodle?
  52. What should I do with my four month old puppy who barks at everyone?
  53. What should I look out for when choosing a boarding kennel for my dog?
  54. Where's the best place to get dog supplies at?
  55. Puppy Problem Sickness?
  56. i need help!.... with pug puppy training!(8 wks old)?
  57. My dog has REALLY dirty ears?
  58. please help asap my dog is sick!?
  59. what should i name my dog?
  60. why is my puppy so aggressive?
  61. What color is Courage the Cowardly Dog?
  62. when you got your dog, did you pick the runt of the liter?
  63. I need a puppy (: Could you please help me ?
  64. what is the most cute dog and horse ?
  65. Why do people say The Dog Whisperer's methods are outdated?
  66. Smartest things your dog does?
  67. What are some inside games/toys I can play with my puppy?
  68. do you let your dogs on the couch?
  69. Why does my dog waddle when she walks?
  70. Is it ok for my dog to eat raw vegetables?
  71. Is my dog going to get taller?
  72. Housebreaking my puppy?
  73. Any tips on Labrador Puppies?
  74. please help me get a dog?
  75. Why does my dog lay down when i try picking him up?
  76. how do i get dried ink off my dog!?
  77. My dogs temp is running 100F to 99F and she is 60days pregnant is this normal?
  78. why cant dogs or any mammals eat spicy food, whereas humans can eat? ?
  79. Whats your favorite breed of dog?
  80. How can i get rid of my dog's fleas?
  81. NEED ADVICE..Dog Eating Diapers Condoms. I'm being serious this is gross.
  82. Any good female puppy name?
  83. how do i stop my puppy from growling?
  84. which airlines accept small dogs?
  85. I have two cavalier puppies, whats the best way to train them on a leash?
  86. What DNA Dog Breed Identification should I use?
  87. My dog injured her knee/meniscus, need advice?
  88. What adjusting challenges will I have with a new dog?
  89. What is this dog breed?
  90. German shepherd dog! help!?
  91. My Dog has a Quick Growing Lump on his Throat?
  92. my puppy keeps dragging his butt...?
  93. Out of control puppy?
  94. Missing Dog in Faifley Area of Clydebank Dumbartonshire near Glasgow Scotland?
  95. Took my puppy to the vet , he was given a shot of ivermectin and now he
  96. How long can a puppy go w/o her shots?
  97. my dog is drooling a lot and drinking a lot of water!?
  98. how to stop my dogs fighting?
  99. What is a good breed of dog?
  100. Good place for my Dog? pic included?
  101. Are peanuts bad for dogs?
  102. My puppy has trouble walking.?
  103. Can you show me some pictures of small non shedding dog (10 points)?
  104. Does this count as switching dog food?
  105. Is clicker training the most effective way to train your puppy?
  106. If dogs are carnivores why do people insist on feeding them fruits and vegetables?
  107. 16 y/o dog trainer... business question?
  108. What else should be on my dog supply list?
  109. What dogs are suited for the harsh canadian winters?
  110. How can we get our puppy to stop biting?
  111. Can i get a puppy somewhere?
  112. Puppy is sick and not eating, what can I do?
  113. Do I need a permit to sell puppies on a street corner?
  114. does my dog have an itch or is it something else?
  115. what you think of my puppy ?
  116. Help deaf dog going blind.?
  117. Does my dog have eating issues?
  118. can you recomend a good dog for me?
  119. My dogs at TONS of chocolate!! ?
  120. Where's the best place to adopt a dog in arizona?
  121. Puppy Insurance for new pups ?
  122. how do i know if my dog is part great dane?
  123. Connection between cold and dog allergies?
  124. How do i know if my older dog is playing or fighting?
  125. what do dog licks really mean?
  126. My Dog has Cataracts in both eyes.?
  127. New puppy who wont sleep?
  128. HELP! What might be wrong with my dog?
  129. My puppy's ear, one up, one down?
  130. How do I let my dog know I am the master not someone else?
  131. My dog is a mutt, which breeds do you think she is?
  132. I just got a 3 month old puppy yesterday and she has been eating her poo....it's
  133. Should I let my 2 puppies fight?
  134. thinking of adopting a dog...?
  135. Is this bad for my teacher dog?
  136. At how many weeks can I start feeding my pups soft puppy food?
  137. What type of dog do you think this is? (pictures)?
  138. Will puppies from a small litter end up larger than normal?
  139. rescue dog doin' her biz in the house ONLY! please help!?
  140. PLEASE HELP!! Question about a puppy..?
  141. Puppies???????????????????????
  142. is it ok for dogs to eat sweetcorn?
  143. How do you teach a dog to fetch?
  144. I have a yorkie puppy and Im crazy for him?
  145. Why do people give their dogs cutsey names?
  146. List of ways to make yourself dominant over your dog?
  147. My dog wont come back into my house! Help?
  148. dog sleeping sounds and movements?
  149. What can I do to help this dog?
  150. Anyone have a puppy needing a good home in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PA area?
  151. omg about my lil puppy?
  152. Is Weinen a good name for a wiener dog?
  153. I am getting a female spoodle puppy ?
  154. Breeding APBT soon. Know of a good puppy insurance?
  155. What's really in a hot dog?
  156. My puppy hates being in his cage. What do I do?
  157. How can I convince my parents to let me get a German Shepherd cross puppy?
  158. Affordable dog beds, with good price.?
  159. Which breed are these puppies?
  160. My dog only had one pup is it normal?
  161. you ever walked in friends home with dogs mess on your shoe?
  162. puppy problems need help! ?
  163. I live in pinal county in Az. New neighbors are extremely noisy and their dogs
  164. Which kind of dog should i get and is the cutest?
  165. my dog barks a lot. What animal sound could I have her listen to make her
  166. good books about dogs?
  167. What kind of dog is this?
  168. has anyone had his/her dog diagnosed with a torn ACL?
  169. We have a new puppy who is sick. We brought her home 4 days ago. She was very...
  170. what kind of dog is the dog in the movie lost and found?
  171. Why do so few people (on Pets-dogs at any rate) not rate the Best Answer?
  172. Can dogs hear the frequencies of an intercom or baby monitors?
  173. What dog do you recommend?
  174. What are loyal, playful dogs that don't shed?
  175. Is it normal for my 4 month old dog to do this?
  176. Do older dogs that get adopted from the shleter appericate it?
  177. How to get my dog to bark?
  178. What type of dog could I get?
  179. House training a dog?
  180. Can you train a cat to behave like a dog?
  181. rough coated black and white border collie female puppy's for sale in Rochester NY?
  182. My dog barks viciously at others ...what can I do?
  183. signs of puppy in heat?
  184. Why does my dog follow me everywhere?
  185. I cant burn Yellow Dog Linux?
  186. my dog ate a mosquito repellent ?
  187. My Puppy, one ear up, one ear down?
  188. Can a 6 year old male dog have puppies with a 1 year old female or older?
  189. how to convince my parents on letting me have MY own puppy?
  190. What is your dogs favourite movie or show?
  191. Please Answer!!! Is mint safe for dogs to eat?
  192. My dog is developing white patches on his black nose, is this a sign of anything?
  193. What are your favorite types of dogs?
  194. Experiment Ideas with Dogs?
  195. What is the average age that a puppy learns its name?
  196. my dog will only sleep under the covers?
  197. This won't confuse my puppy right?
  198. How do I keep my dog from getting on my bed when I'm not home?
  199. Did my puppy's Mange come back?
  200. How can I tell if my dog is pregnant?
  201. What's the oldest you can get a dogs ears clipped....?
  202. Do I Have A Rescue Dog?
  203. Is it better for my dog?
  204. Why do dogs feet all smell the same?
  205. My puppy is having a reaction to a vaccine or deworm medicine.What do I do to stop
  206. why are people against ketchup on hot dogs?
  207. How can we get my boyfriends' dog to STOP barking when we are not home?
  208. What dog breed suits me, in your opinion?
  209. What is that song called? The one with the Puppy Dog?
  210. Getting show experience without having to own a show dog?
  211. Why are my dogs scared of the igloo?
  212. Teacup Puppies are bad?
  213. How to help a dog possibly suffering with depression?
  214. is my dog gonna be ok?
  215. Do new Bluetick Coonhound dogs gain their coloring soon after their birth or are...
  216. Whats wrong with my dogs skin/coat?
  217. Sims 2 Dogs - Puppies?
  218. shipping a dog to Alaska?
  219. Did my dog wander off to die?
  220. My dog seems to leak a clear fluid from time to time?
  221. Dog Trainer on KPIX (radio show) in the Bay Area (San Francisco
  222. How can I get my puppy used of water?
  223. my gf's chihuaua dog wont come out of its cage for me, she growls and don't like me
  224. Puppy Biting! Help!!!!?
  225. Im planning to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, how do i potty train...
  226. need help with my dogs?
  227. looking for bulldog puppy?
  228. My newborn puppies have a red belly...?
  229. Why does my dog keep crying and won't stop?
  230. What should I name my puppy?
  231. is there anyway for my dog (who lost both her eyes from glaucoma) to get her vision
  232. Is Nana a dog, or a person? (Peter Wendy)?
  233. Please tell me about newfoundland dogs?
  234. My dog is pregnant...............?
  235. the best hunting dogs?
  236. dog training question?
  237. Is there a natural cure for a small dog that has acid reflux reaction after eating?
  238. When is the best time to get a puppy?
  239. How do I train my dog to not bark at every noise?
  240. my sisters dog ed a highlighter, should i be concerned?
  241. which puppy name is cuter pic included?
  242. innova large breed puppy food for my APBT?
  243. I have a friend who gets his dog high on Marijuana. ?
  244. My two 8 month old pitbull puppies ate a tube of antibiotic ointment, will...
  245. My dog wont fetch... what can I do?
  246. Why are my dogs puppies dying?!?!?!?
  247. How do I potty Train my Puppy!?
  248. What is a fawn when dealing with dogs?
  249. Some dogs have erect ears; others have drooping ears. Some dogs bark when?
  250. My mom fed my dog some raw mystery meat?..?