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  1. What is a good hairspray to use on African American hair to hold a curl?
  2. Javanese Spells or Religion?
  3. Norwegian Forest Cat?
  4. Egyptian Mau Kitten Name?
  5. Help! Ragamuffin cats!?
  6. where can I find himalayan salt in cincinnati?
  7. what to do with a new burmese python whom hisses and strikes a lot?
  8. Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp!?
  9. Can Someone Get Me The Persian Lyrics For Tabasom Mahtab By Pouya Bayati & Sami
  10. what`s you`r toughts on Persians?
  11. Why do Somalis and Ethiopians hate each other?
  12. Why do people say Whites want to claim Ethiopian and Somali people?
  13. Should I get an Ocicat?
  14. I really need help from Ocicat owners!?
  15. Is an American Shorthair cat right for me?
  16. My new ocicat kitten hasn't used gone to the bathroom at all since I bought...
  17. Russian Blue/Maine Coon mix. Does he need to lose weight?
  18. Can my cat be part Maine Coon and part Tabby?
  19. Could this cat be a pure bred maine coon?
  20. Could my kitten be a Maine Coon?
  21. were is the best place to buy a maine coon..or is someone selling a baby cat..?
  22. Why was the Abyssinian crisis do disastrous for the league of nations?
  23. Egyptian Mau and Ocicat breeders in Cali ?
  24. Why does my 4 year old Maine Coon cat chew wood? He has chewed the corners off most
  25. Is This an Abyssinian Guinea Pig?
  26. why will Allah let an Abyssinian leader with thin shins destroy the Kaaba....?
  27. how big will my maine coon cat get?
  28. Where can i find an abyssinian guinea pig?
  29. My spayed female American Shorthair pees EVERYWHERE!?
  30. three day trip with a maine coon cat.?
  31. What sheds more a Beagle or an American Shorthair cat?
  32. Huge Maine coon cat, needs a diet?
  33. What is the best cat food to give my Maine Coon?
  34. Is my cat a Maine Coon?
  35. Is it possible my cat is part Maine coon?
  36. Maine Coon cat that's aggressive,its a huge problem?
  37. Can anyone give me a SIMPLE explanation of the Abyssinian Crisis?
  38. Has anyone ever owned a Maine Coon cat?
  39. Why is my Abyssinian cat chewing on everything and making things fall?
  40. Do you think my cat could be a ( or part ) Maine Coon?
  41. price range for purebred ocicat?
  42. How long will a male Maine Coon cat live?
  43. breeding a teddybear guinea pig with an abyssinian guinea pig?
  44. Bengal vs ocicat - opinions?
  45. My Maine Coon is acting up... What do I do?
  46. I have a Maine Coon kitten and he is an absolute bully to the "cat cats."?
  47. For a male Maine Coon, what age would he be considered as an adult?
  48. Which cat should I choose Siamese, Abyssinian or Bombay?
  49. Is this cat an abyssinian mix?
  50. Ocicat or Egyptian mau breed?
  51. Maine Coon W/ Runny Stool?
  52. Does anyone have an Ocicat or an Ocicat mix?
  53. Can you buy replacement mouth pieces for Munchkin sippy cups?
  54. Have you heard about the Somali family at a head-start in Minnesota that...
  55. What are the differences between the Arctic hare and Snowshoe?
  56. HELP how can I convince my mum to allow me to get my hair cut from a bob...
  57. Exotic Shorthair Kittens?
  58. How can I inexpensively trade stocks on the Bombay Stock Exchange?
  59. What are some good Norwegian Forest cat breeders in the southeastern united states?
  60. what happened to tiffanie on girlicious?!!?!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!?
  61. How do I determine how much my Meyers Manx is worth?
  62. can you add a heel lift to a snowshoe?
  63. We are looking for an ocicat kitten or older cat in MN.?
  64. Will my african american hair curl with a diffuser?
  65. My van sputters as Iam driving down the road can you tell me what is wrong?
  66. How can you know if you have a russian blue cat or a grey/blue domestic...
  67. Is there a cross breed between a Maine coon and Savannah cat?
  68. Pixie bob breeders in Florida ...?
  69. Does bengal spice tea have a sweetener in it?
  70. Where can I buy Brown Havana Joe Chukka boots online in the US?
  71. l'oreal Havana brown?
  72. Does anyone know where I can find tonkinese cat breeders in British Columbia(BC)?
  73. I searxh for photos, poems,info, anecdotes with wild felines and sokoke
  74. What Snowshoe West Virginia discounts are available this year?
  75. Singapura vs Singapore?
  76. How do Somali pirates escape after they collect ransom money for the ship...
  77. What do you think of Tonkinese cats?
  78. How do I Intruduce 4 year old Siamese female cat to a 2 year old Persian male?
  79. I want to give my new Snowshoe (looks kind of Siamese with big blue eyes)...
  80. What is the latest age for Persian and Himalayan male cat to become sexually matured?
  81. What to do about an aggressive 11 week old female Tonkinese kitten?
  82. where do you find a munchkin kitten to breed?
  83. which is the better hairless cat the sphynx, devon rex, cornish rex? this are the...
  84. Is it okay to let my Himalayan outside with a halter and leash?
  85. What shampoo should I use for my sphynx?
  86. why is it that the balinese are so forward when it comes to relationships?
  87. Besides uluwatu, any other shops for good balinese silk? Is uluwatu...
  88. what is the best way to tame a juvenile savannah monitor lizard?
  89. Which area of Savannah Ga would be a great place for a single young hairdresser
  90. How to paint around a van door frame on the van body?
  91. Is my cat a snow sokoke cat?
  92. whats the difference between a munchkin and an oompa loompa?
  93. How Long Does It Take To Get From Ankara Airport To Bala, Kesikkopru?
  94. How to make persian rice dish with crispy potatoes on the bottom?
  95. How to contact Tiffanie Bakich? She is a makeup artist in Orlando, Florida.?
  96. Exotic Shorthair question.?
  97. When I try to start my van, all I get is some clicking noises. What could be...
  98. Where can I find a Norwegian Forest cat?
  99. Can you find Gu chocolate pudding from europe in New york or anywhere in the...
  100. What will happen to the young Somali pirate that we captured?
  101. Cats. Anyone have an Egyptian Mau, Singapura or Siamese?
  102. I think my cat is a full blooded Birman but how do I find out? Bloodwork at the vet?
  103. Can you train a Siberian Husky to be a search and rescue dog?
  104. What exactly is in (or not in, rather) a Devon Rex's pouch?
  105. Are Ragdoll cats prone to build up in the corners of their eyes?
  106. Are honey bear hamsters syrian?
  107. How much does it cost to get a Singapura cat from a breeder?
  108. got a 87 aerostar van & last 3 wks hard to start the shop say its the gas...
  109. What is the life expectancy of an ocicat?
  110. What are some good activities i can do with my honey bear hamster?
  111. California Spangled Cat?
  112. what do you think of the bob/pixie hairstyle?
  113. Where should I buy Chocolate Truffles in New York City?
  114. Is my cat a Chartreux mix?
  115. what does ragamuffin mean?
  116. Spiritually Siberian: Why did God specifically create the different...
  117. Any one have a Siamese or tonkinese cat?
  118. How much is an American Shorthair cat worth at pet shops?
  119. is"Tiffanie" a nice name every body makes fun of my friends name?
  120. whole foods market in new york chocolate bar -salt & almond-with kind of spooky
  121. i got my hair cut in a short pixie after having it in a chin length bob. it
  122. Does anyone know the story behind the Balinese dance performed at their courts?
  123. Anyone have a Cornish Rex cat?
  124. What kind of high protein, raw food can i give to my Bengal cat?
  125. does anyone out there know what a ragamuffin is?
  126. why did the kashmir war between India and Pakistan start?
  127. question about my mom Norwegian Forest cat?
  128. Does anyone like these names? Claire, Maya, Tiffanie, Nicole, Alexis, Zannah,...
  129. lion cut for norwegian forest cat?
  130. Ragamuffin Rag trombone solo?
  131. Singapura Kittens?
  132. Balinese guys wearing sarong,udeng, saput to temple ,do they wear underwear...
  133. I have a two year old Ragamuffin cat that just started to run to the litter
  134. What American Boxer breeders have Steynmere bobtails?
  135. Anyone else have a Ragamuffin or Ragdoll?
  136. Does my sphynx hairless cat need shots?
  137. Japanese bobtails, can anyone give me a cat fancier's website or number?
  138. What saved the American captain from the three lawless Somali pirate thugs?
  139. Ebony Oriental Shorthair kittens?
  140. Can you curl american dolls hair?
  141. what happen to tiffanie when she got kicked out of girlicious?
  142. Whats the difference between a savannah monitor and an iguana?
  143. All things being equal and the animal being like an American shorthair,?
  144. What activities can i do with my Honey Bear Hamster?
  145. Singapura cats...where int he heck can i get one?
  146. needed a really good name for a Pixie- bob kitten?
  147. How long does honey bear hamsters live for?
  148. What district or section of Ankara is Emek in?
  149. What would you get if you bred an albino and a regular burmese python?
  150. How much can i buy a Bengal kitten for in the UK?
  151. Where can i find Snowshoe cat breeders?
  152. What is the biggest and heaviest Siberian Tiger on record? How big and massive...
  153. Has anyone ever been to snowshoe ski resort?
  154. What is a Pixie hair cut in the back and a bob in the front?
  155. How can i tell what colour my siamese cats are?
  156. Are Devon Rex cats as active as advertised?
  157. Can blue point be an accepted burmese color?
  158. What makes a Tonkinese cat a real Tonkinese?
  159. I think my cat is a Japanese Bobtail breed, but I'm not sure?
  160. Chartreux cat?
  161. What is the average weight for a 6 month old bengal kitten cat please?
  162. How do I find a job in Burmese Refugee Camps in Thailand?
  163. What do you think of Singapura(Singapore)?
  164. I read somewhere that Burger King delivers in Ankara?
  165. Where can I find a Sphynx (hairless) cat? I live in Austin, Texas, and I am...
  166. Should I go for the pixie or stick to my inverted bob?
  167. Any1 have info on Maine Coons or Japanese bobtails? any1 own any?
  168. How do I charge the van battery with positive and negative?
  169. Has any one heard of giving Clavamox to a British Shorthair Cat for better digestion?
  170. I have a pedigree Chartreux cat that would stand up like a penguin and
  171. What is the need for LOC.we won against pakistan in Both the wars and why...
  172. Can someone say which is more physically affectionate /lap cat a Russian Blue or...
  173. What does it mean when a chinchilla vibrates only his head?
  174. How can I book classified ads for Kashmir Times?
  175. Are there any classes in Bombay that teach the Pandanallur style of Bharatnatyam?
  176. Where can I get Himalayan Kittens in Northwest Missouri?
  177. For Cornish Rex owners only!!! how much did you pay for your rex???
  178. What is the averge price for a sphynx kitten?
  179. What are Birman cats like to live with?
  180. What kind of cage does a Honey Bear Hamster need?
  181. where can i buy a honey bear hamster? out of petco petsmart or buckles?
  182. Does anyone know how to pronounce Chartreux?
  183. how do i get my himalayan cat to stop peeing on my carpets?
  184. Oriental shorthair out crossing?
  185. What is a good siberian cat breeder near the rhode island massachusetts area?
  186. What are the differences between Farsi Persian and other Persian
  187. Ocicat with swollen eye and sneezing... see details?
  188. Anyone own the Circo wipes warmer or a Munchkin one?
  189. How does one get recruited as a Somali pirate?
  190. How long will my Russian Blue cat stay in heat?
  191. Can anyone tell me what a Lynx-cat, Ocicat or Bengal's personality is like?
  192. Japanese Bobtail.... again?
  193. what would have happenned if kashmir was given to pakistan after partition?
  194. How active are snowshoe hares during the winter season?
  195. Is it true that the oriental shorthair cat is hypoallergenic?
  196. need help finding someone(breeder) or somewhere to buy an ocicat in Nevada?
  197. Why do seal point siamese cats tend to like one person over others?
  198. How were the Peloponessian and Persian Wars alike and different?
  199. Why do people snowshoe, and are there any benefits?
  200. Is it normal for my sphynx cat to like the water?
  201. want to buy a kitten but cant decide between a devon rex and a ragdoll?
  202. How will Rush blame Obama for the Somali pirates?
  203. I have a 1999 Plymouth van and want to start a courier business. Is commercial...
  204. Looking for an exotic shorthair baby kitten in Houston, TX.?
  205. What's the difference between a Leprechaun and a Munchkin?
  206. What does it mean when neighbor copies you. I bought a van last month and
  207. What is the Mayanmari/ Burmese government doing with the aid they HAVE accepted?
  208. What's the difference between a munchkin kitten and a napoleon kitten?
  209. Where do Chartreux Kittens breed and would i be able to get them down to Australia?
  210. What is the DNA code of the bengal tiger?
  211. How do i stop my pure burmese from whizzing occassionally on furniture, blankets etc?
  212. What is up with the rumor about the munchkin hanging in the Wizard of Oz?
  213. Where can I adopt a white female chinchilla persian kitten in texas?
  214. Where in Minnesota can I adopt a norwegian forest cat?? ?
  215. my honey bear hamster just ate rat poison what should i do?
  216. How to make a goth ragdoll costume?
  217. What is the correct way to refer to a "brown" Oriental Shorthair cat ?
  218. Where can I get hold of/buy an Egyptian mau cat?
  219. I was wondering... if you curl the American Girl Samantha's hair would it return
  220. Can a russian blue and a short haired stay in the same cage?
  221. Does anyone know how to pronounce Chartreux?
  222. What is the difference between seal point and chocolate point birman cats?
  223. Will a Bengal cat be ok with my regular short hair domestic cat?
  224. Can a Devon Rex be happy as the only pet in an apartment?
  225. What kind of kittens would a Siamese and and orange tabby produce?
  226. How breakable are the Munchkin glass bottles?
  227. Does anyone know where to adopt a sphynx cat?
  228. a ragamuffin or a ragdoll?
  229. How much is Australian Mist(cat)??
  230. Is it a good idea to visit Kashmir now since there is much tension?
  231. How did the Somali government collapse in the early 2000's?
  232. How long many years can Birman cats live for?
  233. How often should I feed my Siamese Fighting Fish?
  234. How do I get my Ragdoll kitten to love me and be loyal to me?
  235. Where can I find a Sphynx cat. and how expensive are they?
  236. when did the Indian army move into Kashmir to fight the Pakistani and Kashmiri...
  237. On average, how much are Norwegian Forest cats and kittens?
  238. How do Egyptian Mau cats behave?
  239. What cooking methods do balinese people use?
  240. How do you tell the difference between a Somali pirate with inocent fishermen?
  241. My honey bear hamster bites my finger, is it unusual or normal that it does...
  242. Whats the difference between the muffin man and the munchkin man?
  243. How did the Egyptian/Persian and Assyrian civilizations expand to become great...
  244. Is the Habitrail ovo loft a good cage for my honey bear hamster?
  245. How much would a Snowshoe kitten cost? And, how much would a Japanese
  246. can i mix an adult siamese with two tonkinese kittens?
  247. What were the causes and effects of the partition of Bengal in 1905?
  248. What do you know about the Selkirk Rex cat?
  249. How often should i give my chinchilla a dust bath?
  250. Singapura vs Singapore?