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  1. do you think that somali is a beautiful or an ugly language?
  2. i got two devon rex cats a few days ago and one, supposedly a "grand...
  3. How can I make my 4 month old Himalayan#Persian kitten a little fatter like...
  4. which is more a more loving cat russian blue or birman?
  5. Can chinchillas have box elder branches?
  6. What are the coastal states of India which are between Gujarat and Bengal ?
  7. war over kashmir, I really don't know what the war is over. and what
  8. Can anybody tell me the meaning of the song Kashmir?
  9. what water source does the Original Bombay gin have in it?
  10. pixie cut or bob? pictures inside, HELP PLEASE!!?
  11. Translate please - English to Persian?
  12. Blue pointed birman or seal pointed birman kitten?
  13. Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon?
  14. How would a male Norwegian forest do with a male Persian?
  15. Where can I find or get an Egyptian Mau Cat/kitten?
  16. burmese python help please?
  17. How to look Persian or Pakistani?
  18. What is the future of Kashmir?
  19. In search of Ragamuffin cat?
  20. I have a a two year old cat, short hair and is a manx cat. She has been
  21. Should I have the lion cut done on my himalayan?
  22. Why is my chinchilla making weird noises when it breathes, kinda like it has...
  23. do Birman cats like water?
  24. Chinchilla Dust Bath Overuse?
  25. a-line vs. bob vs. pixie?
  26. What Do I Feed My Bengal Cat?? He's 6 Months?
  27. What is lebanon's opinion on the kashmir conflict?
  28. Do Bears Actually Eat Honey?
  29. My room has been taken over by little munchkin siblings...How can I get them out?
  30. What two climate factors affect mombasa, kenya and bombay, india?
  31. Norwegian Forest Cat size.?
  32. Is my cat a manx breed?
  33. Settlers of Catan or Munchkin Quest?
  34. does anyone know about manx tailless if they are playful?
  35. Can I feed my guinea pigs chinchilla food?
  36. when did the kashmir conflict come to an end? When? How?
  37. What is the best raw diet for a bengal cat? and where do you buy the food for the...
  38. my cat is a burmese...would his colors be considered champagne or sable?
  39. what's a good mix for bombay sapphire?
  40. when do bengal cats start chattering?
  41. Breeding chinchilla questions?
  42. How the hell aren't Ethiopian and Somali people mixed?
  43. Is my kitten an egyptian mau?
  44. Two chinchillas together?
  45. Chinchilla Rescues in Michigan?
  46. Two baby chinchillas?
  47. What would win in a fight Full Grown Kenyan Sand Boa (3 feet) or Young...
  48. In the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, what's the current situation...
  49. How can I make a chinchilla wheel?
  50. Should I get a pixie cut... or a bob?
  51. Is it true you don't need to run very fast if chased by a bear, just faster than
  52. I have a bengal cat i found..Please help?
  53. Pregnant Ragamuffin Needs Help!!?
  54. My chinchilla wont eat anything other than hay and pellets, no fruits or veggies!?
  55. Devon/Cornish Rex Vocal?
  56. Advice for caring for my new Himalayan Persian cat.?
  57. Who is the artist of the album Dr Bombay?
  58. Was Herodotus alive during the Persian Wars?
  59. My mom's 23lb ragdoll cat bites her when she leaves ..is this normal ?
  60. British Shorthair OR Russian Blue?
  61. What aesthetic qualities does a chinchilla need to have in order to be...
  62. Munchkin Card game - Europe?
  63. Norwegian Forest Cat - to roam or not to roam?
  64. Bengal fans,How would you go about fixing the team for next year?
  65. Do you believe that Javanese can change mango into gold?
  66. Want to built a mechanised brick industries in West Bengal, South 24 Parganas?
  67. Spiritually Speaking: Do you believe what is reported about Somali pirates?
  68. Looking for translations of "monkey" in different languages; for a name...
  69. If you were to guess, on average how much would it cost to take 1 chinchilla...
  70. Four-letter-word for "Mysterious Himalayan mountain creature"?
  71. Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand vs. Stairway to Heaven vs. Dazed And Confused vs.
  72. I am African American and wondering if I can plait or twist my hair in singles AND...
  73. Why does my half Greek/half Somali friend look full white?
  74. What do Muslims in Kashmir want? do they want to be part of India? Pakistan or...
  75. Looking for Egyptian mau in MN area?
  76. The Norwegian forest cat?
  77. Would i look nice with a pixie haircut or a bob haircut?
  78. Who should control Kashmir India or Pakistan?
  79. Birman cat question.?
  80. i am looking for a charcoal bengal kitten?
  81. What do we feed a Burmese cat?
  82. Complicated Situation.. About birds! and a bengal cat...?
  83. Do wolfs exist in the Himalayans?
  84. stairway to heaven or kashmir?
  85. Looking to buy Persian kitten - Cairo.?
  86. What do you think of this Birman Cat breeder?
  87. Is it just me, or does the intro music to multiplayer games on black ops...
  88. No pregnant women in Balinese temples?
  89. Growing a pixie cut to an angled bob?
  90. 'Roy' usually is the surname of Bengali.Can it be of Moslim also form Bengal?
  91. Pixie/bob/Alice Cullen cut?
  92. what is a ragamuffin?
  93. How much does a Manx cat cost?
  94. Are Egyptian Mau house cats dangerous?
  95. Does the USA really need anymore Haitians, Somalis, Rwandas, Zimbabweans,
  96. Question about Cornish Rex?
  97. why cant white women be as pretty as somali women?
  98. Bombay Sapphire or Beefeater Gin?
  99. Good food for a bombay kitten?
  100. Farsi(Persian) How to write names?
  101. Need chinchilla help?
  102. *Important * Does anyone in the Lancashire area know of anyone selling any...
  103. the fur on my chinchillas chest is yellowish and is wet a lot of the time. Why?
  104. This is for Persian speakers only. What does this mean?-- .?
  105. Need Advice for training my chinchilla?
  106. eurocentrics, can you explain to me how are we somalis ''caucasian'' or ''mixed''?
  107. Chinchilla tooth problem?
  108. Are There any Somalis in Saudi Arabia?
  109. What contributed to the formation of the Andes and Himalayan mountain ranges?
  110. How to get chinchillas to eat all their food?
  111. Are bears considered predators of bees if they don't eat them, only the honey?
  112. Are pure bengal cats larger than normal cats?
  113. What's a better pet Reticulated Python or Burmese Python.?
  114. do you classify egyptians moroccans somalis and ethiopians as africans?
  115. my chinchillas wont get along and keep fighting?
  116. What is better a ragdoll or a birman?
  117. Do you find Persians, Indians, Arabs or Turks attractive?
  118. National language of Indonesia: why is it based on Malay and not Javanese?
  119. Is my cat a Ragdoll or Birman?
  120. The himalayan color-pointed, long-haired cat is a breed developed by
  121. what to do about my himalayan cat eyes?
  122. Is the egyptian mau the only breed with spots down to the skin?
  123. Poll- Should Burmese Python become the State animal of Florida? Have you heard
  124. Albino Burmese python hissing?
  125. Albino labyrinth burmese python as a pet...?
  126. do all american curling irons convert?
  127. What is the best resource to learn Somali?
  128. Where can i get a manx kitten in Tasmania?
  129. Would a persian(himalayans/exotics) appreciate a cat tree?
  130. Is my cat a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat???(pics)?
  131. Cornish Rex vs. Siamese?
  132. Anyone Selling Egyptian Mau Kittens?
  133. Why do a lot of people who are half Ethiopian/Somali half white look like they're
  134. what is the price of a purebreed silver tabby british shorthair?
  135. Getting another cat how would my bombay react?
  136. Is this a real Snow Bengal Cat?
  137. George Bush was infuriated before the Persian Gulf conflict because?
  138. Persian - English translation please?
  139. Do u like the game ragdoll blaster for iPod touch or do u think it's just...
  140. why ankara government accepted the current partion of land in turkish greece...
  141. Do you think these days people are less serious abt Kashmir issue?
  142. Is that an Egyptian Mau ? picture included?
  143. Is Egyptian Mau fur a different texture than that of your average cat?
  144. what is happening to the earths plates at the Himalayan Moutains?
  145. where can i buy rug hugger munchkin cats(website, store,etc.)?
  146. What race are Ethiopian and Somali people?
  147. Breeding chinchillas right for me?
  148. Who was the aggressor in the Persian Gulf War?
  149. Would you eat Tyson Chicken given they hire Somalis who write "Americans must DIE"
  150. The Persian Gulf Conflict was called a "hyper-war" because?
  151. Why US Government and Media Hide Indian Abuses in Kashmir?
  152. Burmese cat agression?
  153. I just got my 4 Month old Himalayan # Persian Kitten vaccinated ...?
  154. What?? Urgent chinchilla question!?
  155. Which of these two names is cuter for a Cream British Shorthair?
  156. Ramadan. If Kashmir becomes independent will their be peace between India and
  157. Care Guide for a Ragdoll?!?
  158. In a serious predicament.. </3 [Traveling w/ Chinchilla]?
  159. Persian Translation Please?
  160. Where would I get a Munchkin Scottish Fold cat. I will not pay over 40-900 bucks.?
  161. How to define my african-american natural curls?
  162. My pixie haircut is too long can I pull off a short artsy bob?
  163. What is the Kashmir dispute about?
  164. what kind of brush or comb do i need for my birman cat?
  165. My cat (Persian) Is terribly afraid of my dog (Rottweiler)?
  166. Is my kitten an Egyptian Mau?
  167. Does anybody else have a Cornish Rex cat?
  168. How To Handle American Girl GOTY 2010 Lanie's Curls?
  169. Where can I find a Bombay kittens for adoption in the Midwestern US?
  170. Can a 16-18 foot Burmese Python eat an 8 year old child...?
  171. Question about my Manx cat?
  172. chinchilla inbreeding coefficient question...?
  173. Why should i registser my Bengal kitten with TICA?
  174. My adopted Birman cat won't eat?
  175. What's your favourite Javanese food?
  176. which language sounds the ugliest somali polish or gujurati?
  177. Taking my Chinchilla home?
  178. Did a Munchkin really hang himself on the set of Wizard of Oz?
  179. The immediate cause of the Persian Wars was?
  180. could my cat be part Somali cat?
  181. the pixie bob hair cut? too boyish? -both sex opinions-?
  182. About the egyptian Mau cat?
  183. Do u like the game ragdoll blaster or ragdoll blaster 2 for iPod touch?
  184. Does anyone know any documentries or shows on the Persian Immortal?
  185. Doll faced persian cats artwork...?
  186. Would I fit better as a persian?
  187. What Do You Think Of My Chinchillas :)?
  188. Can a person from Iran call himself Persian?
  189. I had to give up my chinchillas 2 years ago but I still think about them?
  190. How much did your himalayan cat weight at 8 months old? (or large breed cat)?
  191. my 10 wk old ragdoll has swollen red pusy eyes? what could be wrong an
  192. can u please tell me names of books from which i can learn how to invest in the
  193. Question about Devon Rex?
  194. i am planning for kashmir tour can any one suggest how many days i require ?
  195. what is the average weight for a 16wk old ragdoll kitten?
  196. i found a cat in my garden, i went to a cat's shop and saw it to the...
  197. Where do i get pandora battery for PSP in Kashmir, India ?
  198. What language(s) would be easier for me to learn if my native language is burmese?
  199. Is there any Iranians/Persian in Hong Kong?
  200. Where can I find cheap small animal cages. I need it quite large because I have
  201. How can i make my african american hair softy. and bring in my natural
  202. Should I get a Bengal cat?
  203. Love phrases in Burmese?
  204. Charity organizations in India (Bombay/Mumbai)?
  205. POLL: What kind of ethnic Canadian would you prefer: A Salvadorean one, a
  206. Any ideas on a name for my chinchilla?
  207. does anyone know where i can find a bengal,himalayan,persian or ragdoll kitten...
  208. What movie is this quote from "Who brought the bad news bear? someone get
  209. Which cat breed is better? The norwegian forest cat or the ragdoll?
  210. How To Curl African American Hair ? Help Please !?
  211. What is the difference between a Maine Coon cat and a Norwegian Forest cat?
  212. is this a good chinchilla cage?
  213. why do white men always try to flirt with our somali women?
  214. Balinese coming to stay in Australia?
  215. Did Somali model Iman really pose nude for cameras?
  216. My bengal kittens are too noisy and crazy and my grandma wants to sell
  217. blacks only, have you ever seen a black american/somali couple?
  218. Is Bengal Gram good for rabbits?
  219. British Shorthair Cat - Indoor Only? Advice Please!?
  220. HELP: Is it possible that my manx kitten is the product of a rabbit and cat?
  221. My 11month Manx cat doesn't like our new kitten?
  222. how much is american shorthair price rage?
  223. If I straighten my hair will it ruin my curls? (African-American hair)?
  224. My cornish rex starting developing black patches in his one ear. It went
  225. I notice a bald spot on my chinchilla?
  226. Is my chinchilla X Persian going to be fluffy?
  227. What does munchkin mean?
  228. I am having problems with feeding my 90 inch Burmese python ?
  229. What should I name my Himalayan rat?
  230. A question for Italian Somalis?
  231. why's my bengal at so jumpy?
  232. Birman kitten help for shows?
  233. Why did India change the name of the city Bombay to Mumbai?
  234. what cheese is used on McDonald's burgers and ragamuffins?
  235. My Tiger River Bengal hot tub is not heating. I replaced the heater (Like a dummy)...
  236. Name the character of Ramayana,Who is as:"Sengagana"[Javanese]
  237. I'm African American and want to curl my hair but my hair is uneven...?
  238. How would this pixie bob look good on me?
  239. The Wikileaks reveals India's State Terrorism in Kashmir which shows proofs of...
  240. can some one plese translate from persian to english please?
  241. Somali terrorists arrested in Nederland?
  242. any good celebrity bob/pixie haircuts?
  243. It's My Chinchilla's 1st Birthday Today :)?
  244. Places to visit at Ankara?
  245. In the movie "She's Out of My League," what is the quote that has to do with a...
  246. is my cat a ragdoll,ragamuffin, or domestic long hair?
  247. Anyone else with an Exotic Shorthair?
  248. Munchkin Cats: Is it harmful, or not?
  249. Why did relations between the Somalis and U.N. peacekeeping forces worsen in 1993?
  250. What colour hatchlings will i get when i breed my burmese pythons?