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  1. Do you think Obama will blast these Somali terrorists out of the water?
  2. If you husband or wife, son or daughter was kidnapped by Somali pirates, (see below)?
  3. What is Obama going to do about the Somali terrorists that have
  4. Why is Obama having such difficulty dealing with the Somali pirates?
  5. Is it troubling that HUSSEIN o(s)bama has more in common with the somali...
  6. what happens to a Somali pirate ,when they try to hi-jack an AMERICAN vessel?
  7. Why did Barry Obama not order our snipers to shoot Somali pirates?
  8. Why are our brave military heroes so powerless against the ragtag Somali pirates?
  9. Day 82: Somali pirate hostage situtation on Day 3. If Obama cant deal with...
  10. a smaller cage temporally for a chinchilla?
  11. Why do so many kids get left in daycare vans?
  12. My new ragdoll kitten keeps licking me? Why?
  13. Does Obama's Promise to Always stand by my Muslim Brothers include the Somali...
  14. Are the Somali pirates a good example of what life in the US would be like?
  15. 2001 chevy astro van no air out of vents?
  16. How can I get my room like Serena van der woodsens? pic included.?
  17. Why does my persian cat enjoy carrots so much?
  18. chuck norris vs jean claude van damme?
  19. what religion are the somali pirates?
  20. Are the Van Doos the only ones that go to Fort Bliss?
  21. Maine Coon Kitten Sneezing? (9 Weeks)?
  22. Can some one please help me remove the serpentine belt on my van? I can't even...
  23. Can the death penalty be invoked on the Somali pirates who kidnapped Captain
  24. Should the US government begin recruiting ninjas to combat the Somali
  25. Where could I find a Van Halen t-shirt?
  26. What is the Jean Claude Van Damme movie where he's in prison?
  27. Team Twilight or Team Tyler's Van?
  28. I'm writing a paper on Van Gogh's starry night, help real quick?
  29. How much does it cost for a single person to rent a property in Ankara?
  30. white converse / vans?
  31. Did you know NATO refused to help with the Somali pirates ?
  32. Song from the Matrix (Kashmir by Led Zeppelin) ?
  33. My siamese fighter has what I call 'lazy moments'?
  34. Somali Pirates?..how's this solution?
  35. (Van) Need the name of a part on the trunk lid.?
  36. A Question for Iranian/Persian people?
  37. Are the Somali pirates an example of unregulated free market capitalism
  38. Ludwig van Beethoven or John Lennon?
  39. please can you translate this into persian?
  40. Obama's team will end the Somali pirates reign horror....?
  41. When will Captain Jack Sparrow William Turner Jr. comment on the Somali...
  42. I have a question on a 1978 Dodge Ram Van. can anyone help?
  43. For those who drive mini vans?
  44. Should the world take somali's hostage every time they do?
  45. what are the dimensions of Jan Van Eyck's painting, Man in a Red Turban?
  46. Why did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laugh and cackle hysterically about
  47. Have you had any problems with Chinchillas?
  48. Question about the Somali pirates?
  49. POLL: Scarlett vs. Savannah?
  50. Can the Unites States call upon Cap' n' Crunch in order to negotiate with the...
  51. Is it true that USS Bainbridge has been captured by a two dozen Somali pirates?
  52. If army rangers couldn't catch a Somali warlord,how can they catch the pirates?
  53. For those complaining about Bush's spending on the Iraq war; how much is...
  54. Is it okay to put a fixed male chinchilla with a female?
  55. Why was Hillary giggling while talking about an American who is currently being held
  56. How do I run a diesel van on biodiesel?
  57. can someone buy a Royal White Bengal Tiger baby and raise it?
  58. Could an unmarked black van with a fake website on the side be from the...
  59. Why is the U.S. Government trying to punish Somali pirates' for their success?
  60. What are some interesting things to do in Ankara, Turkey in the summer?
  61. can i use an oil burner in the same room as my chinchillas?
  62. I have a van with a hatch back window that is stuck. How in the world
  63. What's so funny about Somali pirates holding a US vessel? Can anyone
  64. Does anyone know where to find Vans Lo Pro with the peace signs? In womens size 8?
  65. How organized are the Somali pirates?
  66. which good player to replace van persie in fifa 08 ps3?
  67. Wouldn't one guy in the crow's nest with a sniper rifle solve the entire somali...
  68. Himalayan RAbbits as a pet?
  69. What are some products that could be hauled with a cargo van?
  70. Another Bengal has been arrested. Do you think they should use their first round
  71. Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and
  72. Which shoes would you recommend? Vans SK8 Hi or Vans Slip-on?
  73. Will the US and/or UN do anything more about the Somali pirates?
  74. Do chinchillas have to be the same color to have kits?
  75. Slash or Van Halen??
  76. POLL: Converse or Vans :D..?
  77. Where can I buy vans (the shoes) in Edmonton Canada?
  78. converse to vans???? HELP!?
  79. Does obama have the backbone to deal with the somali pirates, or will he
  80. How should I make a 3d representation bengal tiger?
  81. Somali pirates. Why don't we just sink them?
  82. Can a van be cleaned in a drive through car wash?
  83. how can i have fun with my chinchilla?
  84. Who is the stylist for Jacqueline Bracamontes on the novela Las Tontas
  85. Why does it take just twenty Americans to stop Somali pirates?
  86. What was so funny? Hillary had a laffing fit while with the Morracan Amb....
  87. Why is the FBI heading to Somali deal with the pirates?
  88. How long will it be before Obama apologizes to the Somali pirates?
  89. what is the buzz about trig paxon van palin on tyra show?
  90. Vans gift card balance?
  91. Van Persie has hit the woodwork 15 times this season!?
  92. Early Van Halen , Foreigner , Judas Priest, FNM , or Early Metallica?
  93. 2001 chevy astro van dual air lacking blowing pressure on front AC.both AC
  94. 1988 Dodge Ram 250 van, 3/4 ton, 5.2 ltr.....?
  95. Somali Piracy and the United States?
  96. Is 1000 for a Singapura cats reasonable? I really one and?
  97. Speed Camera Van on Opposite side of road. Has it caught me?
  98. Does anyone have an Ocicat or an Ocicat mix?
  99. What poem in English is equal to this Persian poem?
  100. ok i getting a chinchilla and i need to find a way to get money helpp plzz..?
  101. How can we stop the Somali pirates?
  102. What is the safest van?
  103. Is there any way someone could tell me whats wrong with my chinchilla?
  104. Somali Pirates just hijacked US Cargo Ship????? why the hell isn't the US Navy down
  105. Was anyone else as shocked as I was to find out that Greta Van Susteren was
  106. Persian/Iranian facial feautures?..?
  107. Anyone going to the VANS Warped Tour '09?
  108. Ineed a name for my Himalayan kitten I want it to be original?
  109. Is jungle bed good for savannah monitor?
  110. When Edwin van der Sar leaves United...?
  111. My van has 2 radios in it. Both have TVs. What is going to happen to them
  112. how far is Monticello to Savannah?
  113. Serena Van Der Woodsen?
  114. Is It 72 Virgins, Or A 7 Foot 2 Persian?
  115. Somali pirates seize an American cargo ship and hold captain hostage?
  116. Is the Ware 4 level indoor hutch safe for chinchillas?
  117. Somali Pirates?? Wtf are they gonna do with that big azz ship?
  118. Can someone find me an English to Persian translating website?
  119. Cute, Unique siamese kitten names?
  120. Poll (vans warped tour!)?
  121. can someone explain to me how ships are getting hijacked by Somali pirates?
  122. i got really bright colored vans for christmas? sholud i wear them?
  123. is there only going to be one stage at the vans warped tour in cleveland hio?
  124. Did Mr. Van Pel ever steal food from the Frank Family?
  125. Where can I get a family mini van 2006 for under $5,000?
  126. Van Nistelrooy OR Dennis Bergkamp?
  127. Somali pirates messed with the wrong ship?
  128. What is the distance between Ankara and Istanbul?
  129. how is the bengal tiger being save?
  130. What did Van Gogh think about religion? did he not believe in god, or very
  131. Somali pirates hijacked US flagged cargo ship 20 US sailors. What should Obama do?
  132. If Obama cant handle a few Somali pirates , what makes liberals think he can...
  133. What is the best Somali-English/English-Somali book to buy?
  134. dc vans adios converse or fallen?
  135. Is Obama too cowardly/scared to bomb out the ports where the Somali pirates
  136. What did you think of the movie Van Helsing?
  137. driving from Raleigh nc to Savannah Ga?
  138. When will there be a movie about the Somali pirate attack being foiled?
  139. Vampire Name from Van Helsing?
  140. my siamese algea eater goes crazy by feeding ime?
  141. Is there actually some vans that have velcro straps?
  142. What should be done with Somali pirates caught on American flagged ships?
  143. nine foot Bengal tiger vs. nine foot Grisly bear- who wins? Why?
  144. white canvas vans oopsie(:?
  145. Why doesn't the USA do something about these Somali pirates?!?
  146. Who loves Browned Eyed Girl tune by Van Morrison?
  147. what will happen if i turn in a van i cannot afford to pay anymore from jd byrider?
  148. What is our fearless, blue-lipped leader doing to punish the somali...
  149. My Ragdoll cat won't stop meowing!!!! He wants to go outside but he's an indoor
  150. Is Obama so angry at the Somali Pirates...oh...Somali Human Caused...
  151. Should Obama pay a ransom to the Somali pirates?
  152. Bedding and litter for a chinchilla?
  153. Poll:Do you guys still wear Vans?Are they in or out?
  154. What is Obama going to do now that the Somali pirates have taken American hostages?
  155. What should we do about these damn somali pirates?!?
  156. Best Van Halen Song + BQ?
  157. Van Halen, author im looking for(apparently)?
  158. where can i sell used formal gowns, brides maids dresses and a wedding dress
  159. Day 79: Somali pirates seize 21 American sailors,. Does Obama's national...
  160. What is a good middle name for Noel and Savannah?
  161. How much of global warming was reversed by the Somali pirates since saturday?
  162. Were the North American Lions, or Ice Age Lions, bigger than today's Siberian
  163. What is obama going to do now that somali pirates have captured an American
  164. Where can i rent a car/van or a automatic motorbike in Maasin City?
  165. Question about my chinchilla?
  166. If you are one of the few who learned eruption by van halen, how long did it...
  167. Do they not make the munchkin bling pacifiers anymore?
  168. There is a phrase from las tontas no van al cielo, Hay aja, what does it
  169. How to wire a guitar like Eddie Van Halen?
  170. My window broke and my Persian neighbors are blasting techno so loud, what should...
  171. how do you say nipple in persian?
  172. the cypress tree in Van Gogh's starry night?
  173. Why are the pirates of somali coast blamed for attacks on international
  174. Questions about Vans Warped Tour...?
  175. Problem with burger van near work.?
  176. i have a 95 ford econoline 150 van.?
  177. Is it hard to get into Savannah Art and Design school? DESPERATE!?
  178. Teaching a Siamese Kitten Conversational Skills?
  179. can the seats in my van be moved?
  180. How much inbreeding, or line breeding, is 'normal' for a pedigree cat, in...
  181. What do betta fish (siamese fighting fish) eat?
  182. Mom With Four Kids In College Needs Help! What Is Wrong With My Van?
  183. should i get emerica laced shoes or vans authentic shoes?
  184. Where can i buy vans with space invaders on?
  185. Can Vans shoes be used for bowling?
  186. Do siberian Huskies gain their undercoat back for winter?
  187. Siberian Husky Question 2 ?
  188. do u know of any cool vans shoes with laces? if so, could you please write
  189. I have a mercedes sprinter van,?
  190. does any one know any facts on Bengal Tiger?
  191. Why does Fox News employ literally insane people like Greta Van Susteran to
  192. Vans or Converse?=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]3?
  193. Vans Warped Tour 09'!?
  194. whats Bree van de camps real name?
  195. Better debut album - Van Halen or Guns N' Roses?
  196. what should i name my savannah monitor i want it to be a very violant name?
  197. I have 2 red persian cats! They have the typical red/brown tear stains.?
  198. Converse out Vans in?
  199. where can i find navy blue skinny pants in uniform style that look good with my...
  200. How much are baby savannah monitors at reptile expo?
  201. If all were fit and playing there best, who wud Wenger choose; Adebayor, Van
  202. whats that girls name in the movie van helsing ..she is the werewolfs friend..?
  203. Loss of power Corsa 1.3 diesel turbo van. 55 plate.?
  204. Who could i email a question about burmese pythons in new york to?
  205. How did Ludwig van Beethoven get interested into the music?
  206. Siberian Huskies, French Bulldogs, Portuguese Water Dogs..etc?
  207. I am planning to hire a camper van (R.V.) and drive from New York to San
  208. Can a nile monitor lizard be kept with a savannah monitor lizard?
  209. Siberian Husky Question?
  210. should I get a kitten or a chinchilla?
  211. What do i do...16 pregnant and bf living in a van?
  212. Adebayor, Van Persie or Eduardo; is'nt someone gunna loose out soon?
  213. need help with savannah monitor help.?
  214. I have a question regarding whose fault it is if a van backs into a car?
  215. anything to do with rob van dam pursuing
  216. what other instruments did ludwig van beethoven play?
  217. I need help finding vans!?
  218. Is my cats breed a bombay?
  219. Can u translate those persian phrases for me?
  220. Anyone allergic been able to keep sphynx, rex, or siberian cat?
  221. where can i get pink and white checkered vans?
  222. How do you say hello in farsi? (persian)?
  223. Should I get Vans or Nikes?
  224. 1988 Dodge Ram 250 van, 3/4 ton, 5.2 ltr.....?
  225. Could you translate from Persian to English Jay ma khali! khosh gozasht??
  226. Vans Authentic Question?
  227. help something is wrong with my chinchilla!?
  228. What are the negative effects of the Van de Graaff Generator?
  229. Poll: Rock choice: Def Leppard, Van Halen or Guns n Roses?
  230. Is earning 200/month using a private-owned van, whilst getting income
  231. What clothes shops are there in the UK similar to Vans Converse?
  232. Which episode of wonder woman does she deal with a van full of mime men?
  233. My Siberian Husky Not Eating and This Worries The Hair Off My Head!?
  234. my parents are getting me a voltzwagen van for my first car, and i need
  235. how much money is a chinchilla is ?
  236. Is my cats breed a bombay?
  237. Was 'Cornfield with Crows'/'Wheatfield with Crows' actually Van Goghs last painting?
  238. My chinchillas had 3 babies and they need names.?
  239. help on hotel in savannah Georgia?
  240. How do I insure a van for only one month in the usa.?
  241. wat can i feed my baby savannah monitor to grow huge?
  242. are manx cats and bobtails the same thing?
  243. Fun things i can do with my siberian husky!!!?
  244. My sister bought a 2000 Town Country van, has normal fuel and Hybird fuel,...
  245. Who else has a Ragdoll cat?
  246. Vans authentic and era?
  247. Persian (Farsi) to English!?
  248. is the 3id of savannah georgia going to iraq soon?
  249. What do you think of Obama's comments on Palestine in Ankara?
  250. I have a baby savannah monitor and it refuses to eat what shud i do?