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  1. What is your favorite Van Halen song ever?
  2. 8th Grade Trip to Savannah with all my friends :)?
  3. I need a translation for the phrase "daughter of the land" from English to
  4. My Ragdoll cat is cute and then all the sudden she goes evil!?
  5. How long before a leftist says Van Jones' free speech rights were violated?
  6. What country did Vincent Van Gogh call home?
  7. does anyone know where i can buy a siberian husky pup in london or surrounding areas?
  8. is it true that there is a dead munchkin in the background of Wizard of Oz?
  9. "girl you look so sharp anytime you pass in your poom poom shorts" Reggae Ragamuffin?
  10. Who would win in a fight between a Bear and a Siberian Tiger?
  11. Who will replace Mark Wood in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra since he won't be...
  12. Help with a Devon Rex kitten who is a PIG?
  13. i have a maine coon and he seems nervous?
  14. what is the best food to feed my new ragdoll cat?
  15. Cat issues, my Maine Coon cat keeps bringing in baby squirrels! What do i do?
  16. Led Zeppelin "Kashmir" vs. Queen " Bohemian Rhapsody" This is a toughy...
  17. How can I get my Exotic shorthair ready for a cat show?
  18. After the Kashmir Earthquake 2005, how did people attempt to manage the threat
  19. Do Sphynx cats act like dogs?
  20. How do i make a face on a ragdoll?
  21. what is strong a siberian husky or pitbull?
  22. Where can I find plastic shelves or light weight shelves for my 2005 Ford
  23. Why isn't there a butternut donut or munchkin from dunkin donuts here in America?
  24. Munchkin __________?
  25. what is stronger a Border Collie or a Siberian Husky?
  26. i have a himalayan kitten i got about two months ago he is 6 months old...
  27. How do you change transmission fluid on 1994 dodge ram van?
  28. Police radar van took a photo while I was speeding in a rental car?
  29. What is the best Somali restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul?
  30. What is a good formula for a van's uphill speed versus or comparison downhill speed?
  31. where can i buy a Scottish fold munchkin kitten at on the internet? i am
  32. devon-rex or siamese cat?
  33. For anyone who has or has owned a Siberian Husky Dog?
  34. How will my 10 month old neutered male Himalayan react to a new cat in the house?
  35. Found my new ragdoll kitten behind my tv, now he is acting weird. Help!?
  36. russian blue meows alot and follows me everywhere?
  37. I am looking for devon rex in colorado?
  38. Up to how many kittens can a Maine Coon cat have?
  39. Where can I find free violin sheet music for Kashmir by Led Zeppelin?
  40. Is the wizard of Oz hanging munchkin thing real?
  41. I have a 1995 gmc safari van. Everytime i try to start it the battery is out...
  42. Kashmir question...help please?
  43. Fisher brand Honey Bear wood stove insert info needed! Please Help!!?
  44. How will my 10 month old neutered male Himalayan react to a new cat in the house?
  45. At what age to russian blue kittens...?
  46. I have a Maine Coon about 5 months old...?
  47. what kind of foods can i put in a munchkin fresh food feeder for my 6 month old?
  48. Ragdoll / Moggy cross kitten...?
  49. I recently adopted a Russian Blue what should I name her?
  50. why do somali men not respect me?
  51. If I were to travel to Somali, would I need a passport?
  52. How do I drain the power steering fluid from my 1990 chevy G20 van and how
  53. Would two Siberian Huskies do good on a 10,000 acre ranch in Tennessee?
  54. What cat has a nicer more loving temperament, the British Shorthair or the Exotic?
  55. Were can you adopt ragdoll kittens?
  56. How do you feel about the neocons spreading misinformation about Obama health care
  57. I have a Siberian Husky and i was wandering if he can pull me?
  58. How can I teach my siberian husky how to howl?
  59. How canI get my Exotic shorthair ready for a cat show?
  60. Sophisticated name for a british shorthair female lilac cat with gold eyes?
  61. Where are colorado Devon Rex Breeders?
  62. what do call a person from isle of man? A "Manx"? As in a person from France is a...
  63. ...........................half Somali not sure?
  64. Is my cat a Maine Coon?
  65. What started the Somali Civil War in 1991 , and which parts were fighting it?
  66. is it true that purebred maine coons have very easy coat to maintain (Matt wise)?
  67. Himalayan cat wont stop meowing?.?
  68. What could Van Buren have done to have a more successful time as president?
  69. How to brush a Russian Blue cat?
  70. Does anyone know where I can find a Ragdoll breeder in or really close to Maine?
  71. Is my cat a maine coon?
  72. Names for a Singapura cat?
  73. How do you make a ragdoll go crazy in gmod?
  74. How long (if ever)do you think it will take for obama to explain him having
  75. The Conditions Required for breeding a Ragdoll CAT?
  76. Would a Bengal kitten be a good companion for my 12 month old Birman?
  77. Will Allah forgive the Bali bombers if He wants to, but not forgive the innocent...
  78. Is this cat a Doll Face Himalayan Persian?
  79. Why did Obama not voice concern about Van Jones affiliations and past actions?
  80. Human rights violations in Kashmir, why no one bother?
  81. Im Somali who lives in sweden as a refugee and i want to know haw it takes me to...
  82. What should I name my sphynx kitten?
  83. Devon Rex, Russian Blue or Siberian cat owners,could you tell me both negative...
  84. Which led zeppelin song is better:kashmir or immigrant song (if you dont know...
  85. There was this one anime about a mouse that had to seek out a manx cat that...
  86. My van hesitates when I am driving and then a puff of black smokes comes out of
  87. what do you call a cat which is a cross between ragdoll and american shorthair?
  88. What do I NEED to know about female Himalayan and their first litter of kittens?
  89. Urgently need to know any himalayan cavy breeders in Queensland!!!?
  90. help with my 2 year redbone coon hound and new ragdoll kitter?
  91. Why is the president allowing Van Jones to continue to embarrass us all?
  92. Can a Malay, a Javanese and a Sundanese understand each other?
  93. Why is honey served in bears?
  94. how much would an ocicat cost to purchase?
  95. What's the difference between a car and a van in looks?
  96. Should I adopt a young kitten, or a 2 year old Maine Coon?
  97. How do you spell "blue" in russian?
  98. What breed is my cat? (I think Its cornish rex)?
  99. What's the fallout of 0bama having hired and then fired the communist
  100. My van hesitates when I am driving and then a puff of black smokes comes out of
  101. idea for homemade scary ragdoll?
  102. When I turn on my car amp when the van is running you can hear the motor...
  103. Found my new ragdoll kitten behind my tv, now he is acting weird. Help!?
  104. How is Van Jones even allowed to work for the federal government still?
  105. About a maine coon cat?
  106. Where do you rank Eddie Van Halen in all time greatest guitar players?
  107. How are ionic bonds and van der Waals forces similar? How are they different?
  108. How old do Ragamuffin Cats live to be?
  109. How much does a alternator cost for a 1995 gmc safari awd van cost?
  110. Is a Vauxhall Vivaro Van a good reliable choice?
  111. Stock Market, Somali pirates, Afghanistan. What is the link?
  112. Who's informed enough to tell me the real truth of why Van Jones resigned?
  113. Does anyone know where to buy cheap ragdoll kittens?
  114. I have a 17 year old Himalayan cat...?
  115. Birman boy kitten name?
  116. how to start a van sitting for 25 years?
  117. what kind of blind spot mirrors work best for my new mini van?
  118. Balinese Translation?
  119. Where can I find marble cake with chocolate icing in New York City?
  120. What did Obama know about Van Jones and when did he know it?
  121. What is the difference between dwarfs, little people, and munchkins?
  122. What is the difference between Javanese and Sundanese?
  123. Was the hanging munchkin in The Wizard of Oz real?
  124. is there any place i can ADOPT a FULL BRED russian blue kitten?
  125. Im looking for a Siberian Husky in Pennsylvania. Any idea where to look?
  126. My ragdoll is anti-social?
  127. will 2 year old labradoodle and a birman cat get along.?
  128. Do you think this can resolve the Kashmir issue?
  129. Maine Coon,14 yrs.Under coat matted due to weather.Never before.Mat splitter or
  130. Are Jamican Girls Attracted to Somali Men?
  131. I will have a pair of Siberian hamster on monday! Any tips?
  132. Is Van Jones only the tip of the Socialist iceberg in the 0bama administration?
  133. Is Jesus buried in Srinagar, Kashmir?
  134. Ragdoll cats...Is it OK to keep one Ragdoll cat on It's own?
  135. Ragdoll Cat fur problem, help?
  136. maine coons..............?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?
  137. Is the left calling Van Jones a quitter since that is what they called Palin?
  138. What Balinese legend involves a moral?
  139. Is a Maine Coon considered an expensive breed of cat?
  140. What do Somali women think about Pacific Islander men?
  141. Can a Siberian Huskey/ Timber Wolf be a good dog?
  142. Post to Kashmir question....secure method?
  143. Kashmir conflict: what is your opinion?
  144. Ramadan. China is claiming more parts of Kashmir.?
  145. Both of my long haired Ragamuffin cats are suffering from severe fur mats. Help!?
  146. how do you control diarrhea in Maine Coon Cats?
  147. Can a Malay, a Javanese and a Sundanese understand each other?
  148. How long will it be before 0bama throws Van Jones under the bus?
  149. What is the top amount a van houtte driver can make?
  150. Is anyone willing to adopt a male seal bi-color ragdoll older kitten?
  151. Is Van Jones further evidence that this is an Affirmative Action government?
  152. Where are good places to meet Somali women?
  153. How much do Ragdoll-Ragdoll Mix Kittens go for?
  154. What assurances do we have the Van Jones will no longer have the presidents ear ?
  155. How do I know if I have a Nebelung?
  156. What kind of art did Chris Van Allsburg use in his book The Polar Express?
  157. what do you think of the name saskia for a blue russian female kitten?
  158. How old does a Ragdoll kitten have to be, to have its own kittens?
  159. How many kittens can a sphynx cat have?
  160. Why is Eid missing in Kashmir?
  161. Should i wait for a Ragdoll kitten?
  162. Can i carry my Car no claims bonuses over onto my Van insurance policy?
  163. Where can i find a pattern for a kids munchkin costume?? HELP PLEASE?
  164. Help me name my new Maine Coon cat?
  165. I need help naming my Maine coon?
  166. who sings dus bahane i would like to get the cd and the movie my fiancee...
  167. How do I find American Shorthair breeders? (Yes the name of the breed is...
  168. driving by swift car from cochin to kashmir with my family?
  169. Is a Siberian Dwarf Hamster compatible with a Gerbil?
  170. Who killed the Somali terrorists?
  171. Pc games with ragdoll physics?
  172. What do you think of Van Jones making himself the victim?
  173. can you tell what type of house cat by their dna,maine coon,calico and etc?
  174. i have two cats himalayan and persian they both eat only dry food. the himalayan
  175. Has anyone here ever been to The Manx Grand Prix?
  176. Ragdoll cats and ages?
  177. How much should i feed my siberian husky? (diamond chicken and rice)?
  178. What is the impact of the Siberian tiger becoming extinct?
  179. what do call a person from isle of man? A "Manx"? As in a person from France is a
  180. whats up with Snowshoe WV?
  181. does anyone have a tonkinese cat?
  182. help with russian blue kitten mixes?
  183. How in the world could ANY President approve of Van Jones?
  184. Do Siberian Hamsters roll in that powdery stuff?
  185. Himalayan cat won't stop meowing?
  186. Do you know somali???????????
  187. I have a siberian husky that just had a litter of puppies one day ago?
  188. Is Van Jones proof that liberals are only interested in enslaving free humanity
  189. What are the four little holes on my chevy express van door?
  190. About the 'Egyptian Mau' cat breed?
  191. Looking for a Maine coon cat rescue?
  192. 1.It is possible to cross two equals rabbits and produce both chinchilla and
  193. Can white vans be MACHINE WASHED?
  194. Is it ironic, tragic, or funny that the Gobi Desert is the shadow of Himalayan
  195. Bengal cat food issue, please help!?
  196. will i have an anyphylactic shock if i have a nut allergy and drink bombay...
  197. Information on chinchillas?
  198. Do Australians hate Black-Africans? like Sudanese or Somali people?
  199. How many Eggs does a Burmese Python Lay?
  200. what 2 different internal structures achieve the white bengal tigers functions?
  201. Girls PG-bombay-Santa cruz west!?
  202. My fifteen year old Maine coon cat is peeing on towels and eats her kitty
  203. Is my cat show Quality? Tortoiseshell Himalayan?
  204. Stinky Maine Coon hiney..?
  205. how can i teach a manx cat how to fetch?
  206. Does honey come from bees or bears?
  207. Is there any evidence that Russian Blue cats have more of a predilection...
  208. is this normal for a flame point himalayan?
  209. can i introduce my 3 year old female chinchilla to a younger chinchilla?
  210. Is she a maine coon? Pictures...?
  211. My Bengal Kitten is EVIL!!!?
  212. how successfully did India and Pakistan handle the kashmir issue until now?
  213. what does this persian poem mean?
  214. Ragdoll Kittens Cost?
  215. LeBron chokes in the finals! This dude should replace Van Gundy?
  216. Made a rap about the somali pirates.?
  217. How to stop a Sphynx cat from suckling?
  218. arsenic crisis in india (primarily west bengal) and bangladesh?
  219. how do i avoid my siamese twin?
  220. Why does my parents Mini van Suddenly brake automatically when it hits a bump?
  221. Siberian in labor, visible contractions. How long-?
  222. Siberian Tiger vs. Grizzly Bear who would win?
  223. how much can sell a manx kitten for?
  224. could my chinchilla have skin fungus?
  225. american bobtail cat???????
  226. Where can I buy slip on vans like this?
  227. Why can't people pronounce my persian last name?
  228. Why was our kittens born with no tail? As far as we know they are not Manx.?
  229. How come some people renamed Bombay Mumbai and Pekin Beijing?
  230. Me and my Persian girl, please ley me know if you have any idea about
  231. how much does a pack of crackers cost in burmese money?
  232. So, what is the difference between a Persian and an Arab Iraqi?
  233. Someone have an answer for my stupid question about the safety of sleeping in
  234. Is Ragdoll Cat any good?
  235. Paint job cost of Cargo Van ...?
  236. Can I give my Chinchilla salt wheels?
  237. why did tiffanie anderson leave girlicious?
  238. People who can read Persian(Farsi) please help :D?
  239. people who can read Persian please help :D?
  240. Siamese Fighter losing color?
  241. kashmir is in seige of indian forces despite UN decisions. Can humanurty save
  242. my ragdoll ..............?
  243. What kind of substrates can I use for a Savannah Monitor?
  244. I have a 1 1/2 year old female Ocicat. I would like get her a companion. which...
  245. Van Halen question. Only real VH fans please. Can you list all the songs VH
  246. May I have help from Balinese/Indonesian speakers please?
  247. will my two British Shorthair kitttens start mating?
  248. where can i get a habitat that suites a full grown savannah monitor lizard
  249. Can you buy vans at warped tour?
  250. Could I take a Siberian tiger in a one on one fight?