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  1. WHO WOULD WIN PAKISTAN OR INDIA AND PLEASE Explain?!?!?!? and kashmir i?
  2. Is it okay to get a chinchilla from PetSmart ?
  3. Would a sphynx cat be ok with allergies?
  4. Did a munchkin really kill themselves in the Wizard of Oz?
  5. Somali pirates are taking over the sea; WHAT WILL YOU DO?
  6. I'm looking to buy a balinese kitten and can't find one. Anyone have advice,
  7. Maine coon not coming home!!! But food is gone?!?
  8. What passenger trains served Savannah, GA in the late '50's and early '60's?
  9. do you think persian food is generally loaded with calories? I will be...
  10. How big is a Maine coon cat at 6 months old?
  11. What are the min/max altitude of inner and outer Van Allen belts?
  12. How do you repair a damaged ignition on a 1987 Ford van?
  13. am I the only one who knows who Trans-siberian orchestra is?
  14. what light bulbs do i use for my Savannah Monitor tank?
  15. Egyptian Mau, any information?
  16. when Kashmir gets its freedom?
  17. Can someone recommend an experienced dermatologist in Savannah, GA? Preferably
  18. can i put a siamese tiger fish in my fish tank?
  19. Travel/tourist tips for Savannah, GA., please?
  20. question about himalayan rats?
  21. Looking for a good russian blue breeder?
  22. Indian Muslims: what are your views on the violence in Jammu & Kashmir: do you FULLY
  23. how do i get my siberian husky dog trained?
  24. Why Persian girls prefer Korean guys ?
  25. Can anyone find me a picture online of a hindi, urdu, arabic, or persian wordsearch?
  26. Are manx cats deformed?
  27. Indian Muslims: what are your views on the violence in Jammu & Kashmir: do you
  28. My cat is half Himalayan/Main Coon?
  29. where can i find a Siberian husky/German shepherd?
  30. What other vehicles have the same bumper mount points as a 1987 e250 Ford
  31. Do you think this cat could have any maine coon in her?
  32. Can someone give me a website that has the steps of taking care of a Somali cat?
  33. a teen ?? or a munchkin fatty?
  34. How long does it take to go from Savannah Georgia all the way to hinsville Georgia?
  35. Was there some real life event where a VW van was found with a decades old...
  36. What was the song called that Kevin van der Perren figure skated to tonight?
  37. I have a 12 y.o. American shorthair. He seems to be getting skinny. He has a good
  38. what are some things to keep my chinchilla busy at night when im sleeping?
  39. Indian Muslims: what are your views on the violence in Jammu & Kashmir: do you
  40. any experience with keniakats in Oh, breeders of sphinx and devon rexes, and...
  41. are there any ginger style self help hotels in bombay?
  42. Who would win in a fight Pakistan or India? Who should rightfully own Kashmir?
  43. Where can I find two Siamese Rats male and female?
  44. How can Monica in Friends be allergic to a Sphynx cat?
  45. What are some key differences between Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies?
  46. Indian Muslims: what are your views on the violence in Jammu & Kashmir: do you FULLY
  47. What does your Chinchilla cage look like and your Chinchilla?
  48. Where can i rent a hippie van in oregon for cheap?
  49. How did the recent "Himalayan snows aren't melting" hoax get started? Is it just
  50. Has the Himalayan snow melt reports been discredited?
  51. Do you think my cat's a bengal?
  52. Indian Muslims: what are your views on the violence in Jammu & Kashmir: do you...
  53. What do i do if my chinchilla's fur is giving me hives when i play with him?
  54. Somali pirates are taKING over the Sea, what will you do about it?
  55. Does anyone know a breeder for Piebald Persian Rat Snakes?
  56. What are your 5 favorite songs off 'Siamese Dream (1993)' by Smashing Pumpkins?
  57. What are female bengal cats like?
  58. How will cat litter affect my chinchilla?
  59. Help Finding Affordable Bengal Cats.?
  60. What other vehicles have the same bumper mount points as a 1987 e250 Ford
  61. Does any body know anything about the grammar of Old and Middle Persian language?
  62. How do i get my African American hair to go back to its natural curl?
  63. What is a good website for purchasing Siberian Husky's?
  64. are somali people arab?
  65. What are the best gay clubs to go to in Atlanta, Savannah, Columbia, and Charlotte?
  66. Half Arab half Somali?
  67. How much are Siberian Huskies?
  68. I have a british bombay and he is very shy?
  69. if Siamese twins share the same "thing" and one gets pregnant,is the baby
  70. How do you line the inside of a van with plywood?
  71. I need to sell my male chinchilla but i dont know what websites to post him on?
  72. How many heats does a chinchilla have per year?
  73. Help .....my 17 month old is off the bottle completly but he will only drink milk
  74. A Van de Graaff generator is charged so that the magnitude of the electric field at
  75. What does "The muse has just struck Savannah" mean?
  76. Im looking to buy a lizard and im stuck between an Argentine Tegu and a
  77. a friend of mine wants to breed manx cats?
  78. What is the best kind of cat litter for a siamese?
  79. How do I make an ice cream van?
  80. Siamese fighting fish and tanks?
  81. Somali pirates,is it time for a bit of good old gun boat diplomacy from the UK Gov.?
  82. What are the Geographic Grid Coordinates for Bombay, India?
  83. How much is a car wrap on a Meyers Manx Buggy?
  84. Is there an audio version of Lucia Micarelli's version of "Kashmir"?
  85. Is savannah a good choice to move to if I'm 30, single, female?
  86. Here comes another munchkin...?
  87. How was it possible to travel to the Moon in the sixties, passing through the...
  88. how i can add new international calendar like persian or arabic calendar to my
  89. What's the best collar and leash for my 8 month old siberian husky who
  90. Is Savannah, GA a better vacation destination than Charleston, SC?
  91. How do I tame a albino burmese Python?
  92. Where can I download this Somali Song?
  93. What do you think of persian girls in losangeles?
  94. Snowshoe Resort, WV.......?
  95. What do you think can be the solution for Jammu and Kashmir problem?
  96. Does anyone know where to find the Munchkin in the 1938 Wizard of Oz?
  97. What does Savannah say in her very last letter to John?
  98. what do people generally think of persian girls in losangeles?
  99. What can you tell me about "Himalayan Salt"?
  100. Getting a ragdoll kitten next week! Any advice?
  101. What is the minimum age a female chinchilla needs to be before she gets pregnant?
  102. any one use a NETI POT or HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT INHALER ????
  103. What are good speakers for my Renault Kangoo van and are they easy to fit?
  104. Are Bengal tigers currently the largest subspecies of tigers in the wild?
  105. What do you think about Savannah's the hybrid cat?
  106. How do I tame a chinchilla?
  107. Where can I get chinchilla dust bath at?
  108. How do white bengal tigers adapt to the loss of habitat?
  109. where can i find a Siberian Husky pup in San Antonio, Texas under 300?
  110. religiously pondering,If we all get together and pray to Poseidon,will he...
  111. what size dog kennel for a siberian husky?
  112. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, is a sphynx an option?
  113. How can I chinchilla proof my room?
  114. I live in losangeles where there are alot of persian girls?what do
  115. my 4 month old himalayan kitten has rapid breathing, she takes over 70 breaths a...
  116. Why did the IPCC lie about Himalayan glaciers? Where is the credibility going?
  117. I think I am going to get a devon rex cat, is there a litter out there that won't
  118. What would you say if i told you that we just took in 6,000 Somalis?
  119. Is Savannah Georgia an expensive or cheap place to live?
  120. Names for the runt of a Siberian Husky litter?
  121. Ragdoll owners, I have a question!?
  122. I want to confirm that my cat is a Bombay?
  123. Wat are signs of a respitaory infection in a albino burmese python?
  124. How long will my van last and how many miles is on your car?
  125. Hi. I need a good website with info of the Burmese mointain dog.?
  126. Where can I find Trans-Siberian Orchestra spring 2010 tour dates?
  127. What animals eat beta splendens/Siamese fighting fish?
  128. Why does the Van De Graaff generator first attract an aluminum can, and then
  129. I have a two year old siberian husky and am interested in breeding her
  130. Why does chinchilla sand make 1 of my 2 male gerbils go mad?
  131. Do Himalayan Crystal Salts work on severe acne?
  132. how do somalis make money?
  133. Where can i get a siberian husky in Los Angeles that is not so expensive?
  134. Are Israel war ships heading for the Persian Gulf?
  135. Do you know good sharia law layer in Ankara who specialize in internet?
  136. How do you install an aftermarket Pioneer stereo into a 2000 Ponatic Montana van?
  137. where can i adopt a kitten himalayan near Damascus, MaryLand?
  138. Why is my himalayan cat so strange?
  139. Black Bump on Burmese Python Snake?
  140. Which name do you like better for a withe Siberian Husky ?
  141. Sneezing accompanied with excessive mucus in Ragdoll breed cat.?
  142. I am just wondering if my cat is a blue russian?
  143. What is a good website for purchasing Siberian Huskies?
  144. Use the van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by?
  145. I heard that Manx cats are more cuddly and loyal than Tabby cats....is this true?
  146. I Have A Male Chinchilla But Want To Get A Female One?
  147. What do you think about the Kashmir issue?
  148. Is this kitten (link to pic below) what is called a "Bombay cat"?
  149. Why is my abyssinian Guinea pig biting me?
  150. Just curious of height and weight of Siberian Husky owners.?
  151. What made the Persian Gulf War different from all preceding wars?
  152. my savannah monitor lizard sucks man iv had her for about a month?
  153. What is the best, inexpensive way to add Air Conditioning to my 1993 Chevy G10 Van?
  154. What dogs look like siberian huskies?
  155. how come my chinchilla barks when i touch is butt?
  156. Does anyone know if the Trans-siberian Orchestra is going to do a 2010 tour?
  157. We are Looking For a BIRMAN Cat Breeder in Oregon or Washington State.....?
  158. Do i need to insulate the floor and walls of my van?
  159. Are there any siberian huskies for sale close to richmond,tx?
  160. I wish to get my EPF balance a/c. I am from West Bengal? My PF A/C no. is...
  161. What's a good brand of snowshoe?
  162. What is the song in Dear John that plays throughout the scenes of Savannah and...
  163. Can anyone think of an amphibian that lives in the savannah?
  164. Information on the Norwegian Forest cat?
  165. What started the Persian War between Mesopotamia and Persia?
  166. Shall I get this Birman kitten? even if seemed a bit shy.. Help!!!?
  167. Is my male Siamese cat too thin?
  168. which kind of dog is better a siberian husky or doberman?
  169. similar cat varieties to Himalayan cats?
  170. who knows which pointis the deepest part of the persian gulf?
  171. Can Manx cats jump on high surfaces if they only have a stump for a tail (or...
  172. What should I do with my Blue Russian and Tabby males?
  173. What is the best brand of cage for a chinchilla?
  174. I am not sure if my cat is Bengal.?
  175. Can anybody give me a character decription of John and Savannah from the BOOK Dear
  176. my Sphynx has wattery eyes, what to do?
  177. Is there a site for a RELIABLE AND WORKING download for welcome to savannah and
  178. Cross country ski / snowshoeing near New York City ?
  179. Re North American utilities that employ Bombay telephone reps: U think its...
  180. Where are Oriental Point Siamese originated from?
  181. What could have happened to our baby chinchilla?
  182. please help me with the real Persian of this Rumi "My home is beyond place p and
  183. i have a 17 foot burmese python............?
  184. Cats,how can u tell the different between a persian cats & a regular cat?
  185. Siamese Fighting fish needs a heater?
  186. where can i find a site whose selling himalayans/persians online?
  187. what is a ragdoll mix kitten?
  188. What is the truth about store bought honey bears?
  189. Are bengal cats considered wild cats?
  190. we have just been given a adult persian cat?
  191. 3 questions about guinea pigs and Russian Blue cats! Urgent!?
  192. Where is the best and cheapest place in London to buy persian, indian, oriental rugs?
  193. My 5 month old Kitten is Persian Cross please help what is she crossed with?
  194. do male siamese fighting fish hide in the corner of the tank and not move much?
  195. Can someone please tell me is my cat Maine Coon?
  196. How do you feel about the Somali Pirates' plans to give aid to Haiti?
  197. Got my son off the bottle finally he uses the munchkin sippy cup even though it?
  198. You also laugh a lot if Van Helsing and Blade were part of the next twilight?
  199. What toys are best for my chinchilla?
  200. how can insure cargo van in my name? I like to start providing drywall services...
  201. Are there differences between the Persian and Arabic alphabets ?
  202. Half Arab half Somali?
  203. Can anyone help me in translating English to the Siberian Yupik language?
  204. are there any buy here pay here motorcycle dealers in savannah ga?
  205. What are ragdoll cats like as pets?
  206. Where can I adopt an Alaskan Husky or a Siberian Husky?
  207. my siamese cat was chewing at a lilly flower arrangement...?
  208. I need a crash course on buying a pair of snowshoes?
  209. My female chinchilla is attacking my sisters male chinchilla?
  210. bengal tigers??????????????????????/?
  211. Should I get a ragdoll cat?
  212. Why do people ignore this fact about Kashmir when talking about Indian Army
  213. Why does my 6 y/o spy'd fem Bombay only make one sound?
  214. Savannah College of Art & Design VS. School of the Art Institute of Chicago?
  215. I am looking for information on the care and specific needs of Devon Rex
  216. How to say "enough" in Persian?
  217. my leased van was written off in accident. i have GAP coverage yet they
  218. does any one use the munchkin sippy cups???
  219. Who are stronger in nature the black Africans or the Siberian Tartars ?
  220. my himalayan cat is about 6 years old and weighs 6 pounds is that normal weight?
  221. What is the name of Miley Cyrus and Sereena Van der woodsen style?
  222. So what is happening to the Himalayan glaciers?
  223. Lead time on Suzuki Swift SZ4 Kashmir Blue (UK)?
  224. What Is The Best Advice For Painting In The Style Of Van Gogh?
  225. does my kitten have bengal in him?
  226. where can i get reallly good NATURAL Authentic Himalayan Salt?
  227. how come theres lamas in Andes & Himalayan mtns,but there isnt any in the
  228. feeding burmese pythons frozen or pre killed?
  229. Somali Pirates. Which flags do they target?
  230. MUNCHKIN the Card Game!?!?!?!?
  231. Free Travel Guide to West Bengal?
  232. I'm half persian and half caucasian is there anyone who has that type of an...
  233. What is the difference between a Somali pirate ship and US animal rights ship.?
  234. Would a Tasmanian Devil or Siberian wolf make best second pet?
  235. 3 questions about guinea pigs and Russian Blue cats! URGENT!!!!!!?
  236. What are the pros and cons of owining a chinchilla?
  237. Where about is the east afircan savannah?
  238. LGBT, what is your opinion on the Somali pirates?
  239. How do I get rid of chinchilla dust?
  240. Where can i get a dashboard for a 1978 volkswagen type 2 van?
  241. How can I sound proof the back of my van?
  242. Is it OK that the new lift supports for my van are a different size?
  243. Red tail boa or a burmese python: which one has a better dispositon?
  244. Needy of another Russian Blue!?
  245. Do Siamese Cats live in the wild?
  246. Do you think that Britain is too weak with regard ro the way we deal with...
  247. What is the weather like in Savannah, GA in early June?
  248. What should be done about the two British people who have been held hostage...
  249. Should I get a ragdoll or a DSH?
  250. I just got a honey bear hamster yesterday what should i name it?