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  1. Indian military should kick jammu and kashmir muslims who always create trouble?
  2. Are there any siberian husky breeder's near houston out there?
  3. We have a ragdoll cat thats fur is matted every where. What is the best way to
  4. albino colorpoint shorthair kitten ?
  5. Does The Himalayan Cat Breed Change Color Over Time?
  6. Why is my siberian husky trembling?
  7. Which would you choose from my cupboard: Bacardi 151; Bombay Gin; Makers Mark?
  8. Dictionary or book to help an English-speaking person learn Persian/Farsi?
  9. what is the word for 'LIKE' in somali?
  10. Does anyone breed German Shepherd or Siberian Husky Puppies in Virginia...
  11. How do i say ( the real alternative) in French, German, Italian, persian, spanish?
  12. Does Paula Deen have a brother who also has a restaurant in Savannah?
  13. How did they catch the Somali Muslim American terrorists living here in the US?
  14. Good names for a Siberian Husky puppy?
  15. How much is a daihatsu hijet ice cream van worth?
  16. Why do cat shows disqualify polydactylism in Maine Coons?
  17. Can someone tell me if my cat a Bengal?
  18. why is my bengal kitten bleeding from her vagina?
  19. Somali American terrorists ?
  20. Do you think Mark Van Bommel was the dirtiest player of the 2010 World Cup?
  21. sphynx kittens & FIP in Quebec?
  22. Why are russian blue cats so aggressive?
  23. oh no vey: does anyone have a half siamese cat named sloane that i can have?
  24. Why do people say that Somalis are Arabs?
  25. Ragdoll kitten wont leave me alone?
  26. If there is a 'god', how do you account for siamese twins?
  27. Prong collar for my Siberian Husky dog?
  28. What is a better vehicle for moving: cargo van or pickup truck?
  29. How do you start a VAN RENTAL COMPANY ?
  30. finding a tour on the russian trans siberian train?
  31. Small siamese man growing out of stomach?
  32. What do you know about PERSIAN girls?
  33. Why does my Maine Coon cat like to smell her..?
  34. help breeding siamese or himalayan cats?
  35. My chinchilla is urinating on people?
  36. About my 'ragdoll' kitten?
  37. Any info on Sphynx cats?
  38. Where can I find reasonably priced Persian rugs?
  39. I need help with colors with my persian/himalayan kittens!?
  40. Which is the best ? Trading with BSE Bombay stock exchange? Intra Day tips ?
  41. How do I identify a meyers manx?
  42. My Bengal Kitten doesn't like me!?
  43. How do persian peole get their eyebrows so nice?
  44. I Want A Purple Siamese Fighting Fish Any Offers?
  45. why dose my Friend savannah make-out with her boy barbie?
  46. Can you curl an american girl doll's hair if it's straight?
  47. I want to own a Chinchilla, however, they don't sell chinchilla
  48. how old should i buy my chinchilla?
  49. What does this mean in english (its in Javanese)?
  50. Help my Siberian Dwarf hamsters hate me?
  51. Why is my chinchilla scared of me?
  52. Are the chinchilla ultra bites fruit and nut treat Blend healthly for them?
  53. I'd like to adopt/buy a Bengal kitten?
  54. lotsa maine coon questions?
  55. Is the Tea Party the Bengal Roach Spray of political parties?
  56. Judy Garland's Munchkin quote?
  57. My sisters siamese fighting fish just died after 1 week? and we do not...
  58. I wanted to make a sally the ragdoll costume (From the Nightmare before...
  59. pictures of somali beauties in guntiino?
  60. Persian baby names that are somewhat simple?
  61. Hindu Army slaughters 9 Muslims in occupied Kashmir, What are your thoughts?
  62. Vacation help? ATL, Savannah, & Charleston?
  63. How will the new Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) affect tourist revenue in Nepal?
  64. About what time to siberian huskies shed?
  65. What is a good but affordable brand of snowshoes?
  66. What is a good free program I can download from the internet that will
  67. Why do persian/iranian girls in losangeles not like asian men at all?
  68. why "West Bengal" of India is called West Bengal and not East Bengal despite
  69. Should I buy a chinchilla from a breeder or pet shop?
  70. what is love in greek, thai, sanskrit, and bali (balinese?)?
  71. How can Siberian huskies control their metabolism?
  72. why does my chinchilla nibble some times?
  73. where and how do people catch wild Betta's (Siamese fighting fish) ?
  74. What kind of dance would you do to Van Morrison's Moon Dance?
  75. can siamese fighter fish live in cold water?
  76. why does my chinchilla cage still smell after I have changed it?
  77. Is there a cancer link in Maine Coon Cats. A friend has lost 3 now and all to the...
  78. i heard some balinese guy got caught having sex with a cow?
  79. Do hispanic culture and persian culture totally different? What would be...
  80. Can I drive my u-haul cargo van over the Verrazano bridge, going from...
  81. Do Persian cats cost more than Himalayan cats?
  82. Egyptians: How often do you see Somali/Egyptian Relationship?
  83. How long do Bengal cats live till?
  84. bengal breeders near manchester?
  85. What is a good website that i can order a hammock for my chinchilla?
  86. what lizard should i get: a pair of tokay geckos or a savannah monitor. reasons
  87. somali girls? about the hiijab do you wear it or not?
  88. Where can I download this song from Van Wilder Freshman Year?
  89. What are some names for a baby chinchilla?
  90. Are the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Manx, and Cornish people ethnically related?
  91. Bengal cats- what's the deal? Are they able to be adopted or just by rich breeders?
  92. is my cat a maine coon?
  93. I'm looking for Bengal Cat Breeders...?
  94. What fashion brand would you mostly describe for Serena Van Der Woodsen?
  95. Im choosing between atmstrong in savannah and clayton in morrow, ga (close to
  96. How do I get my burmese python to stop acting hungry?
  97. what is a bombay mix safari main plug socket?
  98. How much will van insurance cost me at age 17?
  99. How old do SOMALI teens start dating?
  100. Do all Snowshoe Hares turn white in the winter?
  101. How do i find the model of a 1977 GMC HiCube commercial van?
  102. Reticulated python or a Burmese python?
  103. Can you house a chinchilla and guinea pig together?
  104. I took my himalayan cat to the groomer to get the lion cut for the summer and
  105. What is Balinese shadow puppetry?
  106. My male chinchilla squirrel is shaky and unstable?
  107. why dose my firend savannah kiss the tree in her back yard?
  108. a brief history of the burmese civil war and is it still going on?
  109. Need to know something on chinchilla genetics?
  110. russian blues, really hypoallergenic?
  111. Ideas for a trip to Savannah?
  112. What is causing my 9 week old bengal kitten's rectum to bleed?
  113. Does anyone have a chinchilla for sale for 100 dollars or less?
  114. What do real people really think about the VW Routan as a family van?
  115. What do you think of the persian version jersey shore?
  116. are Somali girls hot and do they belong with Somali men!!!!!!!!!!!! or other guys?
  117. Is this kitten a Russian Blue? Also, what breed are the orange/cream cats?
  118. Which of these cities are savannah cats legal?
  119. Need advice on feeding my ragdoll kitten!?
  120. Where can I buy a Chinchilla in NM?
  121. how should i feed a burmese python to slow grow it?
  122. I have four cats, maine coons, and the older one has done something extremely
  123. how many kittens does a Birman have?
  124. Why hasn't the Real World ever had a Siamese twin on the show?
  125. Female Sphynx Kitten Names!!!HELP?
  126. What Is Public Transportation Like In Savannah?
  127. What is a good Curl Activator For African American Hair?
  128. Guess when the fake Burmese election will take place?
  129. Culturally speaking, just to clarify something up, Persian and Iran are NOT two
  130. Himalayan Cats and information.?
  131. [Guinea pig breeding] Abyssinian(f)+American Satin(m)= ?
  132. Why does my chinchilla squeck like a rubberduck?
  133. Realistically, can i leave my Ragdoll Kitten Alone for a regular work day?
  134. How do i get my dad to buy me a chinchilla?
  135. Should I keep the light on with my chinchilla?
  136. Why is Waste Bengal so full of shit?
  137. Is there a difference between American Shorthair and Domestic Shorthair or did...
  138. IF You were the DICTATOR of INDIA, how would you deal with the KASHMIR issue..?
  139. How do you put the strips on a Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein guitar?
  140. this cat really part bombay?
  141. which gin is better ? Tanqueray gin or Bombay sapphire gin?
  142. how does bay of bengal affect monsoon in west India(guj, Maharashtra)?
  143. 10 PTS! Is there anywhere in Northern New Jersey or New York where I can
  144. Why could Spaniards never build an Empire like The Roman Empire, Byzantine
  145. how big will my maine coon kitten grow?
  146. Are there street lights on the roads in Savannah, GA?
  147. Is a Chinchilla a good pet for me?
  148. Can you please translate this Somali proverb to English?
  149. My chinchilla sometimes sneezes when i pet it whats wrong?
  150. Whats it like to take care of a chinchilla?
  151. What's a good middle name for Savannah?
  152. I have a male himalayan and a female persion ...?
  153. Somali Engagement Party?
  154. Should I go for an A-line bob or a super short pixie cut?
  155. What is the best Chinchilla pellet brand in the UK.?
  156. I have bought a light grey female kitten (British shorthair) Name help?
  157. i have a stray modern siamese kitten that has green goop in her eyes and her
  158. How to you say and write "inspire" in persian/farsi?
  159. Is it a full blooded Himalayan Persian if it doesn't have a flat face?
  160. How much would it cost to paint an 87 Ford Econoline Van?
  161. Has there ever been a Siberian Tiger that weighed near 1000 pounds or a little over
  162. Why does my Bengal hate everyone?
  163. Any Siamese cat breeders near Manchester with kittens available in the next 5 weeks?
  164. Somali culture and traditions?
  165. why situation is so bad in Kashmir ?
  166. Whats the song in Van Wilder when they are reading the news article?
  167. do ragdoll cats malt? alot or not much?
  168. Will a chinchilla chew on a wooden desk?
  169. Are Maine Coons too big for litter boxes?
  170. Does my baby Bear avatar look like he is gaining weight? He has been eating
  171. What's the best song to play for romantic couples on the violin at a fine
  172. why does my siberian husky yelps and look uncomfortable?
  173. what kind of african american product should i buy that will give me curls in my
  174. Is my cat a Ragdoll, Himalayan or other breed?
  175. Where is all the money going that the Somali pirates have collected....?
  176. Who thinks the Somali Al-Shabab and Al-Qeada groups are cowards?
  177. Is there any Chinese market in Ankara?
  178. who want to buy a Albino burmese pyton?
  179. Bengal Generation Pricing?
  180. If Nethrlands called van Nistelrooy would that made a difference in the world cup?
  181. What the difference between an F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6, and F7 Savannah Cat?
  182. How old are Abyssinian guinea pigs when they are full grown?
  183. How to tell if an iranian is persian?
  184. I have a new Siberian Huskie and she has a green scab on her right ear what
  185. I need a name for my new Ragdoll kitten?
  186. five pages of summarization about ragdoll cats?
  187. 2 ragdoll baby girls, keeping them inside, shall i keep up with fleeing, worming...
  188. ok i have a siamese cat that is short hair and a long haired black cat when my...
  189. I'm seriously considering getting a squierrel monkey. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 6 and
  190. what do i need to do to help my baby siberian hamsters to grow?
  191. Are sphynx cats good for people who are allergic to cats?
  192. I want to buy a camper van in Frankfurt and use it to travel Europe for 3...
  193. Why is my Siamese Cat turn black?
  194. Is the Somali Gene recessive or dominant?
  195. Savannah or Bailey for a little girl?
  196. brand of cat food for my maine coon?
  197. How does Lawrence Van Alen die in the Blue Blood book Revelations?
  198. What Puff Daddy song uses the music for Kashmir by Led Zeppelin?
  199. Do you think a kathy van zeeland bag is too big for a 13 year old?
  200. Does anyone know who Azita was in Persian history?
  201. What's a Birman cat's personality like?
  202. Reticulated python or a Burmese python?
  203. Indonesian(Balinese) men and Western Women?
  204. What are the reasons behind the climate of Savannah areas across the world?
  205. How do I convince my parents to let me buy a chinchilla?
  206. Will Bombay(India) ever change, improve and can we ever expect a a healthy good
  207. About the reptile burmese pythons?
  208. where can i find chinchilla breeders in pennsylvania?
  209. Reticulated python or a Burmese python?
  210. im crzy abt vw manx . and i wana build one . can any one help me with the
  211. How do Arabs dare to change the name of PERSIAN GULF?
  212. What would a Bichon Frise-Burmese Mountain Dog cross look like?
  213. Who is more Prettier? Ethiopians or Somalis?
  214. Which would you rather be attacked by? A Great White shark, A Bengal Tiger or A...
  215. Day 52 Kashmir is Burning - Why International Bodies are Quite?
  216. learning burmese languages?
  217. Siberian Cats? How much do they cost? Any downs to the breed?
  218. why are my siamese kittens eyes always dialated?
  219. I asked a Somali woman could I go to her country and suck off the welfare
  220. whae to find oriental shorthair in texas?
  221. What are some rich areas in Los Angeles with a high persian population?
  222. Are blue russian cats prone to diabetes?
  223. How is it possible that the media ignore Van Jones being a Communist for
  224. how much is my albino burmese python worth?
  225. i think i offended a javanese person, what should i do now?
  226. Why does my ragdoll cat poo around the house?
  227. Male Abyssinian kitten names?
  228. Um hi dose any one know of Russian blue Cat Breeders in Toronto,ontario,canada?
  229. Are Bombay Cats and Bengal Cats banned in New York State?
  230. How much did "Kickin It Old School" producers pay to persian band ?
  231. what are the 10 differences b/w himalayan rivers and the peninsular rivers?
  232. Reticulated python or a Burmese python?
  233. (random question) do somali people...?
  234. Should my Siamese kitten eat dry or wet food?
  235. Where can I get a Blue Sphynx cat?
  236. how much is a male albino burmese python almost 12 ft long worth?
  237. Siamese kittens for sale in Turkey? Preferably Istanbul or somewhere near it?
  238. What do people generally think about persian/iranian girls?
  239. Donīt you want to help the Somali pirates?
  240. I want a chinchilla. My dad has one concern that is stoping me from getting
  241. When is the best age to neuter a british shorthair cat?
  242. can bombay cats have green eyes?
  243. Is there any amusement parks or anything similar in Savannah, GA?
  244. what are some room temerature fish that are compatible with siamese fighter fish?
  245. Where is a good place for tubing/wakeboarding in or near Savannah, Georgia?
  246. Why do Bantus say they are native Somalis?
  247. How much would it cost to fix a van door?
  248. How do Persian girls look like? Ppl always ask if I am Persian or Portuguese?
  249. adopted a 2 year old himalayan cat?
  250. what are the good and bad things about siberian huskies ? a lot more info below?