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  1. What city in America would it be best to live in a van, year round?
  2. How do i find out what size van i need to move house?
  3. What is that max of kits a Female Chinchilla can have?
  4. Where is Kashmir? Does it belong to Pakistan or India?
  5. I want to know if my cat is a Siamese or Tonkinese?
  6. what other type of cat is my Siamese?
  7. I'm Somali...so would this work on me? :D 10 points for best answer!!?
  8. Where is a good place in Greater Vancouver to buy a used van?
  9. did a munchkin really hang himself in the wizard of oz?
  10. How do you write "memory persists" in Persian? And "family" and
  11. What is that one kid show that had the Siamese cats and there was a bat that had
  12. Where is the flasher module on a 2005 Chevy Express 2500 van?
  13. i have a birman cat and she keeps pooping in the garden she is 6 year old...
  14. If pixie bobs are not actually related to bobcats, what can account for
  15. anyone own an exotic shorthair?
  16. What to do if my 8 month old Siberian won't eat dog food?
  17. What grain is used in the somali hot cereal, Mushaari? Is it Oatmeal, Bulgur,...
  18. How can I look persian or arabic?
  19. It is a wax-resist dyeing process originally used by the Javanese People?
  20. If I breed a Male Beige Chinchilla with a Female Standard Chinchilla what will the...
  21. Where can I find a chinchilla breeder near Boston, MA?
  22. Can i use Chinchilla sand for my hamster?
  23. where is the best place to buy Chocolate in new york state?
  24. Is this kitten a bengal? if not what is she?
  25. How do i reach the yahoo answers somali community please?
  26. Where can I find an ancient sculpture or piece of art showing an ancient...
  27. How much does it cost a week/month to feed a St. Bernard or Burmese Mountian dog?
  28. what is the best book about how to own a chinchilla?
  29. Can I breed two manx cats together or will all the kittens be born dead?
  30. How big of a cage do you need for a baby chinchilla? Are chinchillas good pets?
  31. Is my cat a Maine Coon, Please Help!?
  32. is it ok to leave a bengal alone for 8 hours?
  33. is a burmese cat and a siamese cat have the same personality?
  34. Wendy has some cats. All but two of them are siamese, all but two are Persian and
  35. American or Pixie bobtail?
  36. Im moving to Savannah,GA in january for college.im wondering what the weather is...
  37. Is my stray cat a maine coon?
  38. How much is my Chevy Lumina van worth?
  39. i have a 1 yr old Balinese cat, is she going to go into labor soon?
  40. Do native Western European girls often date immigrant Pakistani, Arab, or
  41. how much does a male pure breed maine coon kitten cost?
  42. Would it be insensitive to sell hot pork rolls from a mobile van parked...
  43. What is the best kind of harness for sled pulling on a Siberian Husky?
  44. What is the word for 'change' in Persian and how is it pronounced?
  45. Is it possible that my cat is a Russian Blue?
  46. Is there any water park (su parki) in Ankara Turkey?
  47. I was wondering should i get a siamese rat or something else?
  48. Is my Siamese cat overwhelmed of so much affection or she likes it?
  49. What song is playing in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory when they are driving the van?
  50. if you are somali and live in arab country please answer this?
  51. I am somali and i hate arabs beyond believe. Is that ok?
  52. Where can I find an account of the siege of Babylon by a Babylonian or...
  53. What are some must stop restaurants between NYC and Atlanta/Savannah, Georgia?
  54. Is red poo good for Siamese fighting fish (betta)?
  55. Where can i adopt a Burmese kitten in Colorado?
  56. Who here thinks that Eddie Van Halen has turned into a real douche nozzle?
  57. how come there are so many mixed somali arabs i never knew of this?
  58. Does a ragdoll cross devon or cornish rex cat exist?
  59. What pet would be better: A chinchilla or a rat?
  60. Savannah College of Art and Design - which laptop for animation major?
  61. Burmese Python Growth Rates?
  62. Can you tell what transmission is in a 1998 Ford Windstar van by the VIN?
  63. how much is the cost to live in ankara?
  64. does saints row 2 have ragdoll physics?
  65. Do you think my snow marble bengal has a bull's eye pattern?
  66. When American people speak Persian/Farsi what type of accent do we have?
  67. what does a german shepard/siberian husky mix look like?
  68. Is my Manx cat show material?
  69. Best moving company in Savannah?
  70. How are chinchilla rabbits bred?
  71. I know that Van Leeuwenhoek was a Dutch cloth merchant and amateur lens grinder
  72. Why are the Mongol, Chinese, Persian and Assyrian armies so visually similar?
  73. How come of all the big snakes, burmese pythons are most popular as pets?
  74. Besides their coat color and pattern, is there any other difference...
  75. Airsoft Team near Savannah Tennessee?
  76. somali girl finds white guys attractive?
  77. What do you think of the name Savannah?
  78. How much is a Siberian Husky?
  79. Bear shaped bottles that have honey in them make me feel....special?
  80. Can my Siberian Husky be trusted off leash?
  81. How cute is this Bengal Kitten?
  82. Islamist attack on Somali hotel?
  83. Oh god please help me. How do I get stains out of a priceless Persian rug?
  84. This disturbs me greatly: A group of somali-Americans I know have stated to
  85. Do Himalayan salt lamps actually help stop major migraines?
  86. What do hot persian girls in losangeles get impressed by?
  87. Does anyone else agree that Siberian Huskies are creepy looking?
  88. I want a burmese/siamese or tonkanese kitten male. Can anybody help me?
  89. Are the Somali eggs considered a terrorist attack?
  90. What Is The Best Car, Van, SUV to fit 8 or more?
  91. Which name is better for a seal point girl Birman?
  92. Is my cat a purebread bombay :)?
  93. For bengal cat owners!!!!! HELP!!!?
  94. Where is the modulator valve located on a 1991 chevy astro van located?
  95. Sphynx cats? What are they like?
  96. What's the best way to impress a hot persian girl?do they like talented...
  97. I got a job in telecom sector in kolkata...I'm scared because people say
  98. What are some good dupes for Urban Decay Sphynx eyeshadow?
  99. How to keep a room cool for my Chinchilla?
  100. whats wrong with my Siamese fighter fish she has lge lumps under her tummy?
  101. can a male and female chinchilla live together 24/7 if they are not fixed?
  102. How much (including labour) will it cost to replace the clutch on my Renault Kangoo
  103. How well do egyptian mau's do with kittens?
  104. What hobbies and games do balinese kids play?
  105. Ramadan. Why not flood Kashmir with Tamil tigers, Maoists etc to solve Kashmir...
  106. What are some great chinchilla names for a pink white chinchilla?
  107. Do you Agree with this Formula to Solve Kashmir Problem?
  108. should i get my chinchilla from petsmart?
  109. why do somali and ethiopian people look like this ?
  110. how do I find the chinchilla railroad?
  111. my kitten looks very like a bengal?
  112. My chinchilla is loosing her fur due to stress. What do I do?
  113. Cats : At what age do persian cats give birth to kittens for the first time ?
  114. Bombay, solid coloured Persian, or Balinese?
  115. How can I live in my van in New York City?
  116. Can use particle board in a chinchilla cage?
  117. how can if tell if my kitten is a bengal?
  118. How do i get my chinchilla to let me hold her?
  119. How do I know my maine coon is really a maine coon?
  120. what do you think of the persian girls out in losangeles or in the states in general?
  121. Is Abdi Farah of Work of Art Somali?
  122. My Burmese cat is so fussy about what she eats?
  123. My purebreed male siberian husky is about 65-67 cm at the shoulders and he is 3yrs...
  124. How important is Kashmir to India?
  125. How many siamese fighting fish can be put into a 30ltr Biorb tank.?
  126. Ragdoll cat bites and scratches a lot?
  127. where can i get a good haircut in Savannah GA?
  128. How do Siamese twins get through customs?
  129. Does anyone think Persian women are sexy?
  130. What are the potential dangers of bearings going out on the rear axle of a Chevy van?
  131. why do India and pakistan fight over kashmir?
  132. What do you do if your bunneh pwns your Darth Vader chinchilla?
  133. I am looking for a registered famale Siberian Husky puppy in PA. Can anyone help me?
  134. What if you're savannah monitor won't eat what do you do?
  135. Can you get bombay mix in France?
  136. getting munchkin kitten female?
  137. munchkin card game HELP?
  138. ideas for two russian blue kittens, brothers?
  139. I have a question for British Shorthair Cat owners?
  140. I have a question for British Shorthair cat owners?
  141. What is my Sphynx cat doing??!!?
  142. Are you east african -- eritrean, ethiopian, kenyan, somali, etc?
  143. How many Siamese Algae eaters are recommended for 90 gallon planted tank?
  144. What can I feed my chinchillas when I'm out of chinchilla food?
  145. Can savannah monitors and argentine red tegus be by each other?
  146. is there any siamese cat owners who would like to be penpals?
  147. Can luna be a maine coon? I'll explain what she looks like!?
  148. How to remove a door panel on a 1994 Ford econoline van?
  149. how much meat should i feed my bengal cat?
  150. Getting a license to own a F1 savannah cat UK?
  151. What is the difference between a Persian and an Arab?
  152. Having trouble with my Tiger River Bengal hot tub?
  153. when can you give a chinchilla a dust bath after she has had babies?
  154. In the movie Black Hawk Down, why exactly were the Somali citizens attacking
  155. Do Ragdoll cats shed alot?
  156. What check points should I ask my company driver to go through with a van?
  157. how long does a siamese fighting fish live for?
  158. can a baby savannah monitor stay on sand?
  159. do you think a kia sedona will make a good carpenter's work van?
  160. How big of a cage should I get for a baby Savannah Monitor?
  161. Will a male Siberian Husky be harder to train than a female?
  162. what kind of dog is siting in the back of the van in the petsmart commercial?
  163. What is the best temperature to keep a burmese python in?
  164. I'm looking for Abyssinian Kittens in Los Angeles?
  165. How can a Somali refugee in Kenya get resettled in Canada?
  166. What factors prevent all the countries in the Persian Gulf from producing
  167. India says Kashmir is integral part of india. Then why this double standard?
  168. Where can i uy a Siberian husky by santa monica beach or oxnard?
  169. Where do i find the brake fluid in a 1973 vw van?
  170. How often do you comb/brush your Persian cat?
  171. what dog is a better overall a Siberian husky or a Samoyed?
  172. is kashmir a cool name?
  173. My two-year-old Ragdoll cat is bobbing her head around like she tracking...
  174. Would you really welcome 100 or 200 Million "LEGAL" Immigrants from Haiti, Rwanda,
  175. What is the cheapest way to go to Cairo(Kahire) from Ankara?
  176. How was the Roman army dealing with the Persian elephants in war ?
  177. What dog is bigger, Samoyed, Siberian husky, or a German Shepard?
  178. how do i get my siberian husky to stop biting?
  179. Are Siberian (the breed) cats good for people with asthma?
  180. Ragdoll kitten being aggressive to shelter kitten?
  181. Manx Kitten questions?
  182. are siamese cats good with other kittens?
  183. The best puppy food for a Siberian Husky?
  184. Other places like Snowshoe, WV?
  185. A question for Savannah cat owners. Do you take your cat outside on a leash or
  186. What is the origin of the Somali race ?
  187. Where can I buy a Ragdoll Kitten !?
  188. Why are the people of Kashmir protesting against their own country (India)...
  189. In the movie Black Hawk Down, was there a reason why all the Somalis were...
  190. Best Bali restaurant with tradional indonesian/Balinese food with a great...
  191. Do I have a Maine Coon Kitten?
  192. What do you think of persian/iranian girls?
  193. Can my chinchilla catch a cold from me?
  194. My Best Friend SAVANNAH is a lesbian and i think she has a crush on my
  195. A question for Turkish people living in Istanbul or Ankara.?
  196. Do muslims in LA hang out with persian jews?
  197. Do savannah monitor lizards eat small rabbits?
  198. Why does my chinchilla have a bald spot ontop of his head and eye?
  199. How to care for a baby chinchilla? Please help?
  200. September Camper van Holiday in the South Island of NZ?
  201. ***British Shorthair Wanted***?
  202. When will Obama humbly apologize to Joran van der Sloot for all the aggravation...
  203. Why does my 10-month old Siamese Tabby like to bite my legs and fingers?
  204. Best way to curl African American hair without hot iron?
  205. how big does a Savannah monitor get?And is it most likely that it will bite?
  206. Turkish buffet in Ankara turkey?
  207. Why can't i own or buy a gerbil, hamster or chinchilla in Australia?
  208. Is that cat Burmese cat Or Siamese Cat?
  209. Why are those Siamese cats so good at Tangoing?
  210. i would like to ask how i can publish my book that has been written in my...
  211. How many different Tran Siberian Orchestra's are out there?
  212. what's the best way to impress a beautiful persian girl in losangeles?
  213. need to find a certain chocolate cafe in new-york, it was on the food
  214. do i have a maine coon?
  215. Where can i find a video of the Trans Siberian Orchestra 2008 winter tour promo spot?
  216. Cant Find Kung Fu Ragdoll Fists of Plastic anywhere?
  217. Are Bengal tiger cats considered feral?
  218. How do i convince my parents to let me buy a chinchilla that comes with...
  219. Where can I adopt a Siberian Husky?
  220. Why Does Evan Bourne Always Get Thrown Around Like A Lifeless RagDoll?
  221. How do i convince my parents to let me buy a chinchilla that comes with
  222. 13 week old male Siberian Husky adult weight and height?
  223. at what age do savannah monitors start eating eggs?
  224. My kittten bentley, i think he might be part maine coon? how can i tell?
  225. cornish rex breeders in maine?
  226. Birman Kitten, Cutie With spiders web! help with name?
  227. My indoor Ragdoll kitten cries to go outside?
  228. Bengal cat owners, please advise....?
  229. how do I get my chinchilla to willingly let me hold her?
  230. burmese python problem?
  231. Does anybody have any chinchilla facts for me?
  232. Good jobs for college students in Savannah Georgia.?
  233. How do I remove the sticker marks off my van?
  234. Why is my himalayan salt rock melting?
  235. Any colleges/universities in Savannah, GA for a Early Child Ed/Elem. Ed major?
  236. Does beer make african american womens hair curl back up?
  237. do any libraries in savannah,ga print color?
  238. Does it mean anything when a Siberian Husky's tail roll up?
  239. Will I be able to take my chinchilla to college with me?
  240. Please help! Siamese cross Himalayan cat owner?
  241. Is there a political settlement opportunity in Kashmir?
  242. Cat Breed Question - Ocicat and Egyptian Mau?
  243. Do you think in the movie "Dear John", Savannah and John end up together?
  244. Personality difference between Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute?
  245. What do Ethiopians & Somalis think of my video?
  246. tiffany alvord ,savannah outen,or justin bieber?
  247. if a Siamese never develops color, is she albino?
  248. Looking to adopt a chinchilla or ferret?
  249. Is it legal to own a F1 Savannah Cat in Montreal, Quebec?
  250. siamese fighting fish. and angelfish what fish can they be put with? and