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  1. What was the Persian capital around the 6th century?
  2. Bengal Kitten Names For Females!?
  3. Can you drive a van with the back door in Indiana?
  4. What things do I need to run an ice cream van ?
  5. Where do I go to buy a pure breed Maine Coon in GTA or Ontario areas?
  6. Any info on siamese animals?
  7. What did you think of John and Savannah's love making in "Dear John"?
  8. how far away is the siberian tundra from the equator?
  9. If invited into The Lollipop Guild, would you be willing to move to Munchkin Land?
  10. Take Care of American Girl Lindsey's Curls?
  11. Burmese cat goes to the litter box after every meal.She exhibits no weight loss or
  12. How do I get my african american hair curly? MY ROOTS are curling but why
  13. Im getting a Burmese Python?
  14. Siamese Cat? Very Feisty Girl?
  15. what fast food restaurant accepts food stamps in Savannah Georgia?
  16. Birman cat breeders near Pittsburgh?
  17. how fast do burmese pythons grow?
  18. Help with my name, i am born in burma/myanmar, n so i have a burmese name attached?
  19. what counties in texas are illegal to have a savannah cat?
  20. How do you find the total space available inside a van/box truck?
  21. Should I get one or two chinchilla wood huts?
  22. Mom bought a "Maine Coon" but...?
  23. Should I het a chinchilla or a kitten?
  24. Does anyone know of passenger van with windows that actually ?
  25. Half somali half Russian?
  26. Does "Bombay Mix" have more fat, carbohydrate or protein?
  27. contact number of Quaid science college Mirpur Azad kashmir Pakistan?
  28. How much can i sell a 5 year old orange Persian Cat, castrated with all shots.?
  29. What do I do if my female chinchilla isn't producing any milk?
  30. Are Himalayans good with other pets?
  31. What is the difference between Siamese twins and conjoined twins?
  32. were could i buy a pure white chinchilla around central oregon?
  33. i need to know about a maine coon?
  34. How much is a burmese python worth!?
  35. Can the Indian Constitution 'accommodate' Kashmir's call for freedom?
  36. Is anybody out there HALF somali and HALF Tunisian?
  37. what items do Burmese mainly use to eat food?
  38. What is the name of the BMX rider on MTV made's episode with Savannah?
  39. "M" on a tabby's head means Maine Coon?
  40. If i get a Savannah Monitor lizard, can i keep it with my blue tongue skink?
  41. How could I compare and contrast the Trojan, Persian and Pelopannesian wars?
  42. how do i know i have a real maine coon kitten?
  43. where can i find a good manx breeder in southern california?
  44. How old do you have to be to drive a van?
  45. A song from the 50's about a dream.I dreamed that I was Princess of Bombay,...
  46. Savannah College of Art and Designs Poster contest. Sequential art?
  47. Ramadan. If Kashmir becomes independent, what will happen to Chinese occupied part?
  48. Are (black) Norwegian Forest Cats hypoallergenic?
  49. Is It Possible To Cross Bread A Turkish Van & A Russian Blue?
  50. Is my cat a snowshoe?
  51. Can a ragdoll kitten be solid grey?
  52. Should I get a flying saucer exercise wheel or a normal wheel for my chinchilla?
  53. Where do the majority of Somalis live in Seattle?
  54. Would you rather live in Savannah or Seattle?
  55. As no one seems to be responsbile for the Somali pirates?
  56. Do bears really eat honey?
  57. i am residing in jammu and kashmir police arrested me and charged 366, 376,and
  58. How many miles does it take to get from Savannah, Georgia to Québec in Canada?
  59. My cat is a maine coon cat right(PICS)?
  60. mumford and sons or bombay bicycle club?
  61. Are siamese cats fun pets?
  62. Can someone tell me how to say love in latin, peace in hebrew, and unity of
  63. Egypt: Somali + Egyptian?? What do u think?
  64. This is the second occurence of my tonkinese cat having an eye infection, what...
  65. somali pirates hijacked our ships for 100th time? are we that stupid not
  66. Is my cat a Snowshoe?
  67. Was Vincent Van Gogh a painter during the Renaissance Era?
  68. What happened to Sparta and the Spartans after the Persian war?
  69. Is my chinchilla dangerously underweight?
  70. Ideas for Siamese clown costume?
  71. Will breeding two non-standard (long-legged) munchkin cats result in...
  72. How can I make my Chinchilla trust me enough to let me pick her up?
  73. Siamese cat names? Opinions? Ideas?
  74. wot human food can my burmese kitten eat ?
  75. Good Ways to house train a Siberian Husky?
  76. Halloween Munchkin Costume for girls?
  77. What's your favourite Bombay Bicycle Club song?
  78. I adopted 2 male Manx cats 3 mnths ago. One just started meowing all the
  79. Can I feed a chinchilla guinea pig food?
  80. Where can i get a minor in Persian Farsi?
  81. how do you feed a baby burmese python?
  82. Why are the couple kidnapped by Somali "pirates" still held captive a year on?
  83. How does Washington Irving invent American literature in Rip Van Winkle?
  84. Where could i sell a chinchilla in Brooklyn Ny?
  85. Bengal or Persian cat? Please help?
  86. What do I do with the male chinchilla?
  87. Norwegian Forest Cat and the Great Outdoors.?
  88. How can I turn my SUV into the dog van from Dumb and Dumber?
  89. Why is my Siberian Hamster Crying while licking her organ and when i look at it,...
  90. Is my Siamese mix sick or healthy?
  91. if a grizzly bear fought a bengal tiger who would win?
  92. I also have a young male manx with a bobed tail about 2 inches in length?
  93. I live in istanbul but I am a Persian girl and i wanna become a photo model but...
  94. Whats the ing riff from this live version of kashmir?
  95. what happened to the couple kidnapped by somali pirates?
  96. Is this kitten a Black SHD or true Bombay?
  97. What do you think about Lily Savannah Mae?
  98. Buying furniture from Bombay in Canada and coming home in Seattle - Duty /...
  99. To what extent do u think india is responsible 4 the situation in kashmir?Ramadan?
  100. how long does it take to learn Burmese?
  101. Is the new smirnoff cocktail Savannah tea good?
  102. Is there any van available to get a ride on from alabang to cavite in early morning?
  103. Do i have a Maine Coon?
  104. what is the weather like in the Himalayan mountains!?
  105. Just rescued a 1 year old female Bengal cat and have to go out of town...?
  106. What can I do to save money prior to taking my van for a paint job?
  107. Do you think my kitten is part exotic shorthair?
  108. who is the author of this comprehension "The romantic life of kashmir was drawing...
  109. Can you get your siamese twin of the opposite sex pregnant?
  110. how are somalis in turkey treated?
  111. Looking for Exotic Shorthair Kitten around Southern Indiana?
  112. ok i have a siberian husky and he HATES my brother what should i do?
  113. My chinchilla is really fat, how can i help her lose some weight?
  114. Do you like the names Savannah, Breanna, Annalise and Rosanna?
  115. Hould i get a male or female chinchilla?
  116. Kashmir - True Situation?
  117. anyone who knows about the Burmese language?
  118. how do i wash my ragdoll kittens bottoms after poop?
  119. What do people generally think about persian/iranian girls?
  120. pride communication pvt.ltd,durgapur,west bengal want to set up a tower
  121. british shorthair cat is missing?
  122. Should I stick Justin Bieber posters on the inside of my van?
  123. How many sunflower seeds can I give my chinchilla each day?
  124. how long should a Bengal kitten play?
  125. We just rescued an F4 Bengal and need some advice...this is a 'general'...
  126. Just bought a 3 month old Siberian Husky?
  127. what was the persian live and career like during the war with the greek?
  128. Are you East African? (kenyan, somali, ethiopian, eritrean)?
  129. where is the best place to buy a new chinchilla?
  130. my Cornish Rex had his teeth out May 2009 and has had very watery poo which?
  131. Where can I adopt a Sphynx cat/kitten?
  132. Does my cat fit the description of a Maine Coon or Bengal?
  133. is there safety problem with putting animal kennels in moving van that I am driving?
  134. Is putting a siamese fighting fish in a 1.5 liter bowl okay ?
  135. What did the Persian Empire contribute to Western Civilization?
  136. what is the best and cheapest chinchilla cage?
  137. Bengal cat diarrhea help?
  138. how much am i most like to spend on 1 chinchilla and all its supplies?
  139. okay ragdoll cats are meowing all the time?
  140. Is putting medicine in water for Siamese fighting fish a ''must'' ?
  141. is it possible that pregnant siamese can feel in heat again?
  142. Do you think sphynx cats are ugly?
  143. Kitten with manx syndrome????????
  144. How Can You Tell if your Kitten is A Manx Cat?
  145. Is it possible to replace the whole roof of a Honda Odyssey mini van?
  146. chinchilla falling while in cage. any comments/advise appreciated?
  147. What kind of music should i play for my chinchilla?
  148. where EXACTLY is the solenoid located on a 1992 dodge ram van?
  149. Can an Ocicat tabby and a Tortoiseshell kitten be born in the same litter?
  150. I would like to know how often and how much to feed my burmese kitten.?
  151. my siamese cat started sneezing and have transparent mucus on his nose?
  152. Do you think Somali people are black?
  153. What should i have ready and know about Siberian huskies?
  154. Cute names for a Snowshoe female kitten?
  155. Where is a Russian Blue and Siamese Cat Breeder in Houston, Texas?
  156. What is this story about some siberian scientists drilling a hole into the earth...
  157. Sphynx kitten collar question?
  158. How Can I Describe The Painting Mountain Landscape Seen Across The Walls By
  159. What do you know of Norwegian Forest Cats? Are they only wild?
  160. Any tips on feeding a problem feeder burmese python?
  161. Nebelung mix kittens?
  162. Why has my 4 month old Bengal Kitten been sleeping so much lately and he had
  163. lol, strongest military in world cannot stop Somali pirates ,what is the problem?
  164. Siamese or Japanese Fighting Fish?
  165. Sounds from burmese python ?
  166. Are termites common in a bombay cats ear?
  167. Why is my Devon Rex so dirty?
  168. How long does a munchkin cat live up to?
  169. does anyone know where i cant buy a baby bombay kitten in maryland?
  170. experience working as an ESL teacher in Istanbul or ankara?
  171. Peking Duck or Bombay Duck ?
  172. My chinchilla just ate a veggie stick there pretty much just like chips is...
  173. Me being an African American, would meeting a Persian girl's parents be a bad idea?
  174. What do I need to know about Ragdoll cats?
  175. Are Bengal cats paws/fingers longer than normal cats?
  176. What is the importance of the African Savannah?
  177. why do ethiopians/somalis think they are better than us afro americans ?
  178. how much is a ragdoll cat?
  179. Sphynx kitten keeps gagging/puking white yellow foam?
  180. where can i find a chinchilla breeder in burleson?
  181. In the movie Dear John,what did Savannah's letter to John say when she tells...
  182. My Siamese is white and has blue eyes. Is she deaf for sure?
  183. How to replace water pump on a 2005 GMC Vandura Conversion Van?
  184. How to get reaally tight curls(african American)?
  185. What causes my 1996 Ford Windstar van to run on 5 cylinders?
  186. My one year old himalayan has a serious problem from his eyes?
  187. How can i download burmese font on to my laptop?
  188. What is the formal way of saying "how are you?" in farsi/persian?
  189. Where can I get coupons for Littlest Pet Shop VIP Virtual Interactive Pet...
  190. good cat names for girl bombay?
  191. What is Juliet Van Heusen from Wizards of Waverly Place vampire bat
  192. Does anyone know the average amount of years a Persian cat lives?
  193. What are the best things to do in Savannah, GA?
  194. How can I help the homeless Iranian (persian) girl who is doing crack and
  195. Why has my 4 month old Bengal Kitten been sleeping so much today he never has...
  196. Do you know that Muslims are killing Muslims in PAKISTAN, AFGANISTHAN, POK &
  197. Hindu police beat up Muslim journalists in Kashmir in a blatant display of barbarism?
  198. can anyone suggest a name for my abyssinian male guinea pig?
  199. What should I name my burmese kittens?
  200. what is the fare by ship from bombay to goa ?
  201. Breeding Abyssinian and Teddy guinea pigs?
  202. How did rulers during Persian time promote cosmopolitanism?
  203. What kind of laptop does Savannah have in 'Hellcats'?
  204. What is a good title for the subject of "comparing and contrasting greek and...
  205. What is the conflict in Kashmir all about?
  206. What is the minimum age to drive a company van?
  207. how to make a siamese twin costume?
  208. Do egyptian Mau's really have teleportation powers?!?
  209. why duz my bengal cat keep pooing in my bloody house?
  210. What cage would you reccomend for a 6 pound himalayan mix rabbit?
  211. what's a cute, funny name for a Siamese cat, female?
  212. burmese pythons diet?
  213. What are some changes and continuities that occurred in classical Persian empire?
  214. How can I tell if my chinchilla is pregnant? Is she pregnant?
  215. Do you know that Muslims are killing Muslims in PAKISTAN, AFGANISTHAN, POK
  216. How good do you think Raphael Van Der Vaart can become for Spurs?
  217. how do you impress a hot persian girl in losangeles besides money?
  218. What is the difference between van der Waals force and dipole dipole force?
  219. I want my siberian husky to sleep comfortable in my bed.. Help?
  220. What is a Siamese Dream exactly?
  221. What is South Korea's view on the Kashmir conflict?
  222. wju do cities like Ankara, Delhi and Nairobi have so many animals in the streets?
  223. help with my new pet burmese python?
  224. Is it out-of-line to ask a political candidate who happens to be a Somali her
  225. Siamese cats changing color?
  226. is it rape if one Siamese twin wants to have sex but the other one doesn't?
  227. is there any chinchilla breeders that will ship to palm bay florida?
  228. maine coon mix kitten need help and advice?
  229. What kind of cage should a 6 pound himalayan rabbit have?
  230. What do people generally think about iranian/persian girls in losangeles?
  231. How does the strength of Van der walls forces of attractions compare
  232. How come my Siamese cat doesn't have..?
  233. Are Ragdoll cats less intelligent than other breeds?
  234. what exactly do iranian/persian girls in losangeles have against filipino...
  235. There is mucus on my Burmese Python mouth and nostrils .. what's wrong?
  236. What are some cool pet names for a Chinchilla?
  237. How much does a cargo van use up gas per kilometre?
  238. Is this a bengal cat or Egyptian Mau? PIC?
  239. is it possible that my cat is part maine coon?
  240. We just bought a Bengal Kitty! We need naming help.?
  241. Can I still get into Savannah College of Art and Design with a suspension?
  242. Would you rather have Robin van Persie or Fernando Torres in your clubs team?
  243. I need someone who can translate a couple of words for me from English to
  244. Are there any good Japanese Bobtail Cat Breeders in CA?
  245. burmese pythons question!!?
  246. How do I stop rodents from eating the wiring in my van?
  247. is my cat half bengal?
  248. How do I buy a Siberian tiger skin rug on the black market?
  249. Looking for a bengal kitten to be delivered to a friend?
  250. Is my chinchilla pregnant? or will she be?