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  1. How can I determine what part to replace? 2000 Chevy venture van windshield
  2. Snowshoeing Equipment?
  3. Do East Africans - Ethiopian, Somali, Kenyan, Eritrea claim not be mixed?
  4. What was ancient Persian people's religion before Zoroastrianism?
  5. POLL, What cat would you rather have: a Siamese or a Tabby? List Why!?
  6. Would a female Somali and a female Turkish Angora get along if i got
  7. will being a telented guitarist impress a hot persian girl?
  8. whats the movie with brad pitt and a honey bear bong?
  9. Is My "Elmer" A Maine Coon?
  10. Is Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah a good Psychology school?
  11. The meaning of RATIMBUM in Persian language?
  12. Where is the best place to buy nautical/coastal furniture and decor in Savannah?
  13. Need help wiring to hook a trailer up to a van?
  14. What is the name of the Trans Siberian Orchestra song where the black
  15. Are Somali's big shedders? or is their hair fine enough that you don't
  16. When will BSNL resume its internet service in Domohani, West Bengal?
  17. What size radiator do I need for my 1984 Chevy Van?
  18. What are good things about SCAD in Savannah Georgia?
  19. can singapura cats live out side?
  20. Are siamese cats more aggressive?
  21. Obama's criminal silence on Kashmir issue. Why is he encouraging oppressors?
  22. How do I replace a back window in my van?
  23. Can anyone find the movie BOMBAY from 1995 about a muslim -hindu couple during war...
  24. How do i go from chemical straightened hair to african american curls?
  25. Please help me pick out my Bengal kitten ASAP before they sell out!?
  26. what kind of male rat do i breed with a female siamese to get siamese babies?
  27. Somali girl marrying a somali bantu....a few questions?
  28. is my cat a maine coon?
  29. What is the quickest route from Savannah, Georgia to Jesup?
  30. What do you think of the name, Savannah Taylor, for a girl?
  31. monthly bills in savannah ga?
  32. why is it so hard to break a crush on an iranian persian girl?
  33. My maine coon cat seems to be loosing fur..?
  34. Male ragdoll kitten names- need help!?
  35. could my caT be maine coon mixed breed?
  36. who is the persian who launched first invasion of greek city-states?
  37. I think my Kitten’s are Maine Coon’s?
  38. Why do some Somalis have anger issues?
  39. How to go about getting a Sphynx?
  40. What is the meaning of the female name "Tanni" in Arabic, Persian and Urdu?
  41. What do I do if my Guinea Pig has Abyssinian?
  42. What are some really cute chinchilla names?
  43. I am getting a chinchilla what are the things I need for it?
  44. does my cat look like a maine coon?
  45. My 7 month old siberian husky keeps biting at my 3 year old german
  46. why does my bengal kitten cover her poops only sometimes and other times leaves
  47. Why did we go to the Persian Gulf war?
  48. The variation of the color in snowshoe hares is due to?
  49. What type of cat is this? I know he's part Siamese..or so I think.. anyone...
  50. My Siamese is a Seal Point or Chocolate Point?
  51. Can I put my male and female Siberian dwarf hamsters(both young) in the same cage...
  52. What to do when a unmarked van parked in front of home takes pictures of
  53. where can i buy munchkin?
  54. Outnumbered Athenians turned back Persian invaders at the battle of what?
  55. Collar or leash for a 2 month old Siberian Husky?
  56. why is exotic longhair a breed separate from persian?
  57. Why do some cats that aren't Maine Coon have an M on their head?
  58. what are some facts and things I should know about maine coon cat?
  59. Why does the phenomenon of Siamese twins occur? What causes them to be merged?
  60. Is it healthy and ok to feed my 1 year old munchkin kitty, canned tuna for dinner?
  61. Bengal Owners please help!?
  62. I live in Oregon and want to buy either a devon rex or cornish rex kitten.?
  63. my chinchilla is acting weird what can be wrong with it?
  64. If you are East African (Eritrean, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Somali, etc) can you
  65. Can a burmese python be housed with a ball python?
  66. what is the difference of a neutered male siamese cat from unneutered in
  67. is there a savannah cat breader in new york?
  68. how do you know if you are persian? or what nationality you are?
  69. Are there any British Shorthair breeders in Canada?
  70. I need some good facts and reasons why India should control Kashmir. Plezzz help!?
  71. How much weight can a ford Econoline 150 van pull?
  72. Why do white people expect Ethiopians and Somalis to claim rape blood?
  73. How come East Africans - Kenyan, Somali, Ethiopian, etc look like Arabs,...
  74. i live in savannah georgia i want to admit myself into a mental hospital?
  75. Is it possible for a gerbil to be a piebald siamese gerbil?
  76. where are the ragdoll vendors in Fable 3?
  77. Can anyone tell me about Manx cats?
  78. is it safe to visit kashmir for pakistani national..?
  79. bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and Warpaint ?
  80. Good things to see and do in West Bengal and Bihar?
  81. Maine coon kitty size?
  82. Whats the average price for baby burmese pythons, from good breeders?
  83. Will my 6 month old female Siamese kitten ever warm up to me?
  84. Fiat doblo 1.3ltr diesel van Is this a good buy at 1500euro with 170k miles on the...
  85. Anyone have the music sheet of "in a Persian market"?
  86. how do I get my dog to leave my chinchilla alone?
  87. What does 3 month old black persian kitten look like?
  88. I adopted my Maine Coon a year ago and he is still severely obese.?
  89. What players do you think can replace scholes giggs van der sar and Gary Neville?
  90. Somali pirates receive record ransom for ships' release?
  91. my cat drops poopballs .shes a short hair siamese and does not have any...
  92. can anyone help me with the Persian empire?
  93. Is Coach Bombay supposed to be dead in D3?
  94. Should Somali be recognized as an international lanuage?
  95. Are calico manxes mostly female like normal calicos?
  96. Do Sphynx cats have dander?
  97. What would happen if the Savannah was destroyed?
  98. In Hellcats why did Savannah run out of the hotel room?
  99. Anyone knows a good hotel in Ankara?
  100. Why do some cats that aren't Maine Coon have an M on their head?
  101. whats a good name for a chinchilla?
  102. Other than Siberian Husky's, What other dogs have baby blue eyes?
  103. I think I have a Maine Coon cat?
  104. I would like to adopt a himalayan kitten, what do you think?
  105. help my maine coon cat stop growing!!!?
  106. Siberian Husky in warm weather around Dallas Texas?
  107. Will a Siamese cat that is going to be crossed eyed as an adult be crossed eyed
  108. I have a stuffed bengal tiger that is real and I would like to know how much I...
  109. How do you impress a hot iranian/persian girl in losangeles besides money?
  110. What is the Quickest way of getting from Van Nuys Ca. to Santa Monica using...
  111. Whats happened in the middle east since the persian gulf war?
  112. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek first identified biofilm in 1663 or 1683?
  113. Does anyone here have experience with Savannah Cats?
  114. Getting a siamese kitten tomorrow, what do I need?
  115. Can anyone recommend a cat brush for a Maine Coon?
  116. Where can you get a burmese python offline?
  117. What do you think of the name, Savannah Cate, for a girl?
  118. Persian speakers can you tell me how to say this in farsi?
  119. I knew this guy who was working in India for a charity.He took this poor
  120. What should I name my Ragdoll cat?
  121. African American Women with natural hair, how did the beautiful curls...
  122. where can i get american shorthair kittens?
  123. What is a good name for two black and white persian X bengal kittens?
  124. How much would a taxi cost from Savannah GA to Parris Island, SC?
  125. Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and...
  126. How can you interpret chinchilla behavior?
  127. i live in azad kashmir.i need job any where in the world.plz help me.?
  128. Got van running< test drove it and it died about 3 miles later and once again...
  129. What are ragdoll/hymalayan cat personalities like?
  130. Is it alright for me to use Van Helsing as a protagonist in a book?
  131. How come alot of Siamese cats are crossed eyed?
  132. Is there any particular reason why my Siberian Husky howls?
  133. Poll :Indian Muslims, do you support Kashmir's independence ?
  134. Just curious. How many of you refer to the Persian Gulf as the 'Gulf' or the
  135. Question about devon rex cats...?
  136. How to get my chinchilla to like me?
  137. why is west Bengal so poor and backward ?
  138. My chinchilla has very dark urine. Could he have a urinary tract infection ?
  139. Are there any Siberian cat breeders in Beijing?
  140. How does USAID feed poor starving people in Addis Abeba, Ankara, Tirana and Skopje?
  141. I recently bought an albino burmese python and i wanted to no how to tame him?
  142. would snowshoe rabbits change color if you would move it to another area?
  143. Does this kitten look like more of a Ragdoll or Himalayan?
  144. what is tybee island in savannah like in the winter?
  145. Im looking for a Persian, Siamese, Russian Blue or Ragdoll breeder in Houston, TX?
  146. how can i persuade my parents to let me keep a chinchilla inside?
  147. can i put a siamese fighting fish (male) in with my crowntail betta fish (female)?
  148. What to order at Burmese restaurant?
  149. Is my chinchilla ok everytime she falls and hits the wall or cage?
  150. How to write my name in Persian or Cyrillic alphabet?
  151. What Is The Best Tranny Fluid For My Old Van?
  152. What are some fun items for a chinchilla inside its cage?
  153. How much exercise does a Siberian Husky or Samoyed dog need?
  154. where can i get a ragdoll kitten?
  155. how old must my chinchilla be to have her first sand bath?
  156. what do burmese use to eat with?
  157. Is Antalya, Turkey just as industrialized and updated as Ankara and Istanbul are?
  158. Is there an expat football (soccer) team in Bombay (Mumbai)?
  159. How prevalent is Zoroastrianism among people of Persian (Iranian) origin?
  160. Munchkin On Wizard Of Oz?
  161. Apparently the British couple held captive by Somali pirates/clans will
  162. poll : do you support Kashmir's independence from India ?
  163. What brand of food is good for a 10 month old Siberian husky?
  164. I want to buy a kitten but i already have a burmese cat!!!!!?
  165. What is a good late model van or small suv to buy for about $2,000?
  166. How do you write this in Persian?
  167. I have done my BE in computers from bombay university and want to persue a...
  168. burmese python will not leave water bowl, should i be concerned?
  169. Where can i find sheet music for "carol of the Bells" by Tran Siberian Symphony?
  170. Why dont we do more about the somali pirates?
  171. Do all ragdoll cats have blue eyes?
  172. what do I do with the male chinchilla?
  173. muslims : what is your view on Kashmir ?
  174. Has anyone modified a van to make the driving / seating position more comfortable?
  175. should i get a chinchilla or cat?
  176. What were the names of the Munchkin people in the Wizard of Oz book?
  177. my male siamese cat has been acting up...pooping in weird places?
  178. How should I put miss matched tires on my front wheel van - Kia Sedona?
  179. advise on half bengal cats?
  180. Who were/ are the Kashmir people loyal to? Who knows a site about the kashmir...
  181. siamese tabby mix??? anyone have one?
  182. What would you chose french bull dog puppy or Siamese kitten?
  183. help i am making a new cage for my adult burmese python?
  184. Which of the following battles of the Greco-Persian War were the most historically
  185. Is there such thing as a Siamese twin dragon fly?
  186. Are we prepare for India like(Bombay) terror attack?
  187. Can you keep a chinchilla next to two degus?
  188. black american women only would you date a somali guy ?
  189. Seal Point Siamese Cat & Children/Newborns, can they coexist?
  190. Are my kittens part Bengal? What do you say they are? Please help!?
  191. Names for Russian Blue male cat?
  192. Ocicat or bengal which is better cat overall?
  193. What are the laws relating to the importation and sale of Chinchilla Lanigera?
  194. do any one know about a maine coon??/?
  195. why did the siberian nomads come to america?
  196. Are (black) Norwegian Forest Cats hypoallergenic?
  197. Wh does a snowshoe make it easier to walk in deep snow?
  198. how would i classify a Siberian tiger?
  199. Can Maine Coons be solid gray without an 'M' on their forehead?
  200. What can I write in a baby card in persian/farsi?
  201. My two 8 month old Birman cats both have greasy fur and clean themselves all the
  202. Does anyone else own Sphynx hairless cats?
  203. Savannah Collge of Art and Designs Poster contest. Sequential art?
  204. is there a pilot valve on a munchkin propane boiler?
  205. Somalis think to highly of themselves?
  206. I live in Aburey Texas (Savannah) Is there a public transportaion system...
  207. I will go to Savannah, Georgia on Jan 5 /2011 with my parents ( seniors) and my baby
  208. In the Somali language, what does ''Qoti foqol qoti'' mean ?
  209. Does anyone know a good Birman cat breeder in Thailand?
  210. help with new sphynx cat?
  211. Seal Point or Snowshoe Cat?
  212. Is it legal to drive with the doors in a mini van?
  213. What happens when one Siamese twin dies?
  214. What would be the closest breed of cat to an Egyptian Mau mixed with a...
  215. My Maine Coon cat has taken to chewing out tufts of fur on his backside.?
  216. why would a siberian husky and a bulldog be a good pet?
  217. How can i tell if its my radio or speakers broken in my van?
  218. I adopted 2 manx long hairs. Any suggestion on what to feed them. They get poo
  219. My bengal kitten won't eat dry cat food?
  220. Is there a Christian church that has special devotion to Jean Claude Van Damme?
  221. I think my ragdoll/siamese cat is pregnant. Creates an issue...?
  222. Have you ever experienced a "shy" or "non-social" Birman?
  223. how do Chinchilla Hair Follicles work?
  224. How much can I expect to earn from a burger van?
  225. why do black people always try to label us somalis as black ?
  226. Why do Black-Americans hate Somalis or other African Imigrants?
  227. when will india give independence to Kashmir????????????????????????????/?
  228. How come spurs were able to get van der vaart for such a bargain deal at 8M ?
  229. Where to find a cheap moving van in Richmond Hill ?
  230. Why when the transmission of an E350 Ford AOD Transmission Van is cold it bangs in?
  231. If I want to take the trans-siberian railway but I want to get off at every
  232. A question for parents who have the Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer?
  233. my horroscope stands as follows: DOB-2nd December 1985 at 11:15am at Kalyani (Nadia)
  234. can kashmir get independence from brutal regimes?
  235. Which is less healthy Sobranie Black Russian, White Russian, or Blue Pall Mall?
  236. Led Zeppelin Kashmir settings.?
  237. My horroscope stands as follows: DOB-2nd December 1985 at 11:15am at Kalyani
  238. When does The World cruise ship leave Savannah tomorrow?
  239. Is my cat a Bombay or a Domestic Shorthair (non-breed)?
  240. how long is the longevity of chinchilla cats?
  241. How would you write My smile was taken long ago in Farsi/Persian?
  242. Help my chinchilla has lost a lot of weight?
  243. Can someone discuss the rise, reign and fall of the Persian Empire?
  244. Why do half Somali - Half white People look full white?
  245. Where can I get Russian Blue kittens?
  246. Halloween Munchkin Costume hair and shoes?
  247. I have a rabbit and I want a chinchilla?
  248. Somali's and italians/greeks?
  249. Why do half Somali - Half white People look full white?
  250. How can I clean my sphynx cat's pores?