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  1. Somali pirates , Why not arm Merchant Ships and just blast them out of the water?
  2. exotic shorthair cat vs sphynx cat?
  3. Do you own a Devon Rex or Cornish Rex cat?
  4. What is the difference between a Siberian and a Norwegian forest cat?
  5. If a Calico Norwegian Forrest cat female mated with a Black and white Japanese...
  6. My exotic shorthair cat keeps being sick - it's weird but it's normally at 3 am.?
  7. How did Alexander defend against Persian war chariots?
  8. How long can I keep baby bottles in the Munchkin sterilizer before I use them?
  9. Why did the Persians believe that the Athenians had agreed to behave as
  10. is a munchkin made from the inside of a dough nut ?
  11. Why is my new British shorthair hiding?
  12. would a male Yorkshire Terrier with a female american shorthair cat get along in...
  13. What is a good siberian cat breeder near the rhode island massachusetts area?
  14. Tiffanie got kicked out of girlicious and they want to change style to other
  15. What chinchilla treats can i give my chinchillas?
  16. planning to visit kashmir for honeymoon and then vaishno devi?
  17. Does anyone know what the Appalachian and Himalayan mountains look like when
  18. Do American and Abyssinian guinea pigs get along with eachother?
  19. What name do you like best for an orange manx kitten?
  20. Where can I find Manx poetry on the Internet?
  21. How Do You Tell A Korat Cat From a Russian Blue?
  22. Question for others who have a Maine Coon?
  23. What should i do to my Abyssinian cat who eats all sorts of animals?
  24. Set my sights on this lovely Maine Coon cat, but does a big cat like that
  25. What is a reasonable price to expect from a Maine Coon cattery?
  26. Is it okay to put curl activator in your hair if youre an african american ?
  27. what is the food preparation methods and table settings of javanese cuisine?
  28. What other animal does an Abyssinian Cat look really like?
  29. How big can abyssinian kittens get ?
  30. How to maintain African American texture hair at the beach that does not
  31. I need to find a few web sites were I can find information on my male manx cat.?
  32. husband is in Korat, thailand...what kinds of jewelry deals can he find there/?
  33. Do you speak Javanese?
  34. Maine coon?
  35. I have 2 male cats one is a Bengal and the other is a Manx. How can I keep
  36. How do I train an abyssinian kitten to wear clothes? I ask because its...
  37. Manx kitty has low anal tone (the vet said) and poop literally falls out
  38. What are Javanese and Hanacaraka ?
  39. You think my cat is a Russian Blue or a Korat"?
  40. How many litters of kittens should I stud my Manx cat out for?
  41. Korat cat question?
  42. Whats the best hair product to curl a mixed african-american/caucasians hair?
  43. Does anyone have any idea of the upper and lower price limit for a modern Javanese
  44. Where can I find Breeder for Havana Brown in Oriental style?
  45. My Manx Mix cat was spayed 6 months ago. How long will it take to fully grow back?
  46. Are American Curl cats good for allergy sufferers?
  47. I have one mataram manuscripts in old javanese, who want it?
  48. Will giving my abyssinian guinea pig a bath mess up her awesome hairstyle?
  49. How do you curl a American Girl doll's hair without using the AG curlers?
  50. How long should a Manx cat be left alone?
  51. How can I tell if my kitten is a maine coon?
  52. Do Maine Coon Cats make good indoor pets or do they need to be outdoors as they...
  53. Is Javanese language phonetic ?
  54. What is a good curl holder for american-american hair? Cause my hair falls...
  55. Are teeth problems common in Abyssinian cats?
  56. Products that can curl african american hair?
  57. How good a pet a manx tailed cat make?
  58. Does anyone have a link to a site that sells somali cats or abyssinian cat...
  59. Can anything be done to improve Manx Cat Syndrome in an adult cat?
  60. Do manx cats grow to be fairly large?
  61. Does anyone have a manx cat? What kind of personality traits do they possess?
  62. what is the difference between a ragdoll and a maine coon cat?
  63. How can I get rid of fruit fly ,in my Abyssinian Banana ?
  64. Javanese cat breeder in the UK?
  65. Where online can I learn Javanese?
  66. What are some good things to know about Abyssinian cats?
  67. my wonderful Maine Coon cat recently died and am wondering how much a necropsy costs?
  68. How do you curl short african american hair like the salon does it?
  69. Has anyone heard of the breed of cat called Manx?
  70. Is it true that Maine Coon cats are hypoallergenic?
  71. What were Haile Selassie's views on the Abyssinian Crisis?
  72. How much does a purebred Maine Coon cat cost?
  73. How long is a healthy life span for Manx Cats?
  74. Are Manx cats and Japanese Bobtail cats different breeds?
  75. How to count in Batak? Bahasa? Iban? Sunda? Javanese?
  76. Does anyone have experience of owing a brown Havana cat at all? xxxx?
  77. My male maine coon cat won't let me groom his belly or back legs - now his...
  78. Is there another name for abyssinian cats?
  79. I currently have a 10 month old manx and I want to introduce a dog into the family?
  80. my 2 year old Korat cat Lexi hates to be picked up but still loves to my mom
  81. I want curl back to my American Girl Doll's hair?
  82. does anyone own a havana brown cat-what are they like-personality,behaviour etc?
  83. Units on TDY with JTF 116 in Korat Thailand May 1962?
  84. Havana Brown ???????????
  85. My part Maine Coon is only a year old but is losing the fur on his tail. What...
  86. what are the personality traits of a bengal cat and a manx cat?
  87. Is it common for manx cats to have problems with bowel movements?
  88. how much does an American Curl Kitten cost?
  89. Does anyone know of anyone know where I can find an Abyssinian kitten?
  90. Are Javanese and Hanacaraka languages phonetic ?
  91. What age do Korat cats stop growing?
  92. Does anyone know where I can find a Korat Cat Breeder?
  93. Where can I adopt a purebred Javanese cat?
  94. Are there any Abyssinian catteries in the Houston Area? Where is the...
  95. Can my cat be a Korat mix?
  96. How much grooming does an Abyssinian guinea pig need?
  97. Why do manx cats get attached to one member of the Family?
  98. What is the difference between Siberian and Maine Coon?
  99. Where can I find the summary of the book "Letters of a Javanese Princess" by Raden?
  100. Where can I find a Korat Cat breeder selling Korat Kittens?
  101. I have a Maine Coon cat who just turned 1 year old. She is currently 12 pounds....
  102. Does curl activator work on natural african american hair?
  103. Is there a way to tell a russian blue cat from a korat cat?
  104. Did an entire flight of F-4 Phantoms from Korat AFB disappear over Thailand in the
  105. Why does our Brown Havana cat and Siamese Cat meow all the time?
  106. Will my male maine coon still grow to a large size if castrated before he is 12...
  107. If you are a African American women with a texturizer is it ok to curl your hair
  108. What's the best way to coax a mentally retarded Maine coon out of a tree?
  109. What's the best way to curb territorial aggressiveness in my Abyssinian female?
  110. Why would a Mother cat reject one that is healthy but has a long tail
  111. Why does my baby korat only eat when im standing with her?
  112. How can u accomidate 2 older manx cats to a 4 yr old jack chi?
  113. maine coon?
  114. wish to find/hire good P I, area Korat Thailand to trace somone?
  115. Where can I purchase an Abyssinian kitten in Southern California?
  116. What is a Havana Brown and how can I get one?
  117. javanese, indonesian or dutch indo recipes?
  118. When is it appropriate to use the manx Gaelic word whooinney?
  119. Should I get the 2 Manx kittens or the 2 Siamese kittens?
  120. Where on can I get a havana brown kitten from?
  121. I would like to know what religion are Javanese people or is it Jobby or something?
  122. can a black cat be a havana brown?
  123. I have a Maine Coon Cat at home. How do i stop the shedding?
  124. What should I name my little gray tabby Manx?
  125. Has anyone crossed and American Curl with Persian cat?
  126. How do you care for an ailing manx?
  127. does anyone have a korat kitten or cat?i have one tell me about yours!?
  128. Any good website to learn Javanese language?
  129. Which of these cats are Korat or Russian Blue?
  130. How do I curl my hair, like the African American hair salon does my hair with
  131. how do you curl short african american hair like the salon does it?
  132. African American mothers: at what age did you start to use products in your...
  133. havana brown cat...?
  134. How do I stop my Maine Coon cat from chewing all my electrical wires?
  135. What do you know about Manx cat behavior?
  136. How do u curl a american girl dolls hair?
  137. What is the average price of a manx KITTEN including expenses such as
  138. Does anyone know any differences between the Korat cat and the Russian Blue cat?
  139. Breed standard for the abyssinian guinea pig?
  140. What is the difference between a Tabby cat and a Maine Coon tabby?
  141. What can you tell me about Maine Coon cats and where to get one?
  142. Why did you choose a maine coon over any other cat?
  143. How do you achieve the spinal curl look with fine permed African American hair
  144. I have a maine coon kitten and I'm wondering, is there a way to keep him...
  145. Do i have to shave my maine coon cat in order to get rid of her fleas?
  146. looking for joe. he was in the army stationed in korat thailand in 1967-68.?
  147. How can I get my Maine coon Kitten to eat wet food?
  148. Do you stay near Korat?
  149. How big should a 1 year old female Maine coon be?
  150. Do you own an Abyssinian cat, and if so, what tips can you give me?
  151. what are some Javanese foods?
  152. How big do Abyssinian guinea pigs get when they are full grown?
  153. Is it possible for someone to use a curling iron to curl and american girl dolls...
  154. how to get to koh sumue island from korat?
  155. What is the nose type of the Javanese?
  156. What does reggae music have to do with the Abyssinian crisis?
  157. Where would you get an Abyssinian guinea pig?
  158. How can i make my old cat and My new maine coon like each other?
  159. How unusual is it to have an albino guinea pig (Abyssinian) - any idea on the
  160. How long to abyssinian cats live?
  161. Korat cat owner question?
  162. im getting a 1 yr old American Curl should i have it spayed?
  163. Has anyone used Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious on natural african american hair?
  164. How do you wrap African American hair so the ends curl under...?
  165. i am interested in getting a havana brown can anyone tell me the price?
  166. Does anyone know if you can curl an American girl doll's hair with a curling iron?
  167. What's the result if a Smooth Haired Guinea pig and a Abyssinian Guinea Pig mate?
  168. why somali women are so arragont?
  169. how do I put down back seat in 95 chevy astro van?
  170. Maine Coon Cat!! PLEASE ANSWER?
  171. Somali's are recognised as arabs in uk, what is the response?
  172. What do you think of losangeles persian girls?
  173. Do you think solution of Kashmir issue can eliminate all the Problems of Pakistan?
  174. can you take a baby to a trans siberian orchestra concert?
  175. Is Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Chinchilla Food okay to feed to my chinchilla?
  176. Savannah monitor lay around and wouldn't do much?
  177. what is the title of the song in hellcat episode 8 when savannah and dan are...
  178. For people who have seen the movie "Crash." How is the Persian shop owner racist?
  179. I just got a Siberian husky puppy today and need help naming him?
  180. I am adopting a 6 month old exotic shorthair....?
  181. 6 month old Male Siamese cat short hair shedding alot?
  182. Can anyone find me a good picture of Van Nistelrooy that I can paint?
  183. Im looking for a munchkin kitten to welcome in our home and have looked...
  184. Traditional siamese cat snaggle tooth fangs and bleeding?
  185. What is American bombay mixed with?
  186. any guy have a big Burmese python?
  187. Anaconda or Burmese Python?
  188. exotic shorthair vs persian?
  189. Is it weird for a non-Persian American to be really interested in Persian history?
  190. Arab Nations Banned Jews in their countries, But Muslims suffering in Kashmir?
  191. Thinking about having the beginning of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin played as...
  192. I'm bringing home a Manx farm cat tomorrow, any ideas for names?
  193. what are some good names for a dumbo Siamese rat?
  194. Can we swim at this time of the year in the beach near Savannah, GA?
  195. What's a good name for a Russian Blue Agouti Velveteen dumbo rat?
  196. what does your Siberian husky look like?
  197. how many soldiers were there in the army that fought against and killed 2...
  198. Why is my Siamese so affectionate lately?
  199. My chinchilla just sneezed, is he sick?
  200. Thinking about having the beginning of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin played as I...
  201. Where can I buy a Siberian Husky?
  202. What gene causes the silver guard hairs of Russian Blues?
  203. What's the difference between blade and van helsing?
  204. Why Somali people Discriminate disable people?
  205. How to make Persian crystallized sugar?
  206. Why do Arab and Persian muslims both hate Pakistanis?
  207. hi does any one now anyone who wants to swap a baby burmese python for a baby...
  208. Where can I buy a fancy pageant dress for my daughters in Bombay/mumbai?
  209. What really is the difference between Persian or Arab people?
  210. Can I commute daily from Northern Ireland to Ireland if I have "van der elst visa"
  211. My Bengal kitten has diarrhea?
  212. How do conjoined "siamese" twins date?
  213. Thinking about having the beginning of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin played as I walk...
  214. Where to buy jewlery from Himalayan Gems?
  215. Looking to adopt Somali cat.?
  216. I need the Balinese translations of three English words.?
  217. Did Otto Van Bismarck keep the peace in Europe or did he increase the tension?
  218. Name suggestions for my male Himalayan kitten?
  219. where can i eat for free on my birthday in savannah georgia?
  220. Is that good lookin Burmese lady Aung San Suu Kyi Spoke For?
  221. need info on why my maine coon cat has chronic constipation?
  222. is it better to get a baby chinchilla or an adult?
  223. what is the better cat breed? perisans or blue russian?
  224. my siamese cat is an obsessive groomer is there anything i can do to make her stop?
  225. are siberian huskys good with young children?
  226. Male Bengal kitten is 'feral', wild behaviour - will he change?
  227. How do you know if your Siberian cat is purebred?
  228. I need help finding information on the Battle of Savannah 1864?
  229. Why is it so hard to break a crush on an iranian persian girl?
  230. If a bengal cat weights 6 pounds at 5 months, how much do you think he will...
  231. The color of the snowshoe hare is controlled by?
  232. Where to find Burmese Python?
  233. How good are malamute/Siberian huskies with smaller dogs or puppies?
  234. what can i use to help out with my african american natural curls?
  235. Are the theology classes at Ankara university in English?
  236. was the persian empire the largest empire in the world or was it Alexander the Great?
  237. Does my kitten have an abyssinian mix?
  238. I have a girl maine coon kitten, what should I name her?
  239. How do you say Chinchilla in Chinese?
  240. At what age does a Siberian husky puppy's eyes change color?
  241. Does anyone know a good english to somali text translation?
  242. Do ragdoll cats get along with birds or other pets in general?
  243. Is the term "siamese twins" considered offensive?
  244. What is a sentence with the word savannah in it?
  245. Siamese cat's eyes turning olive brown?
  246. Question #2 for Bengal Owners?
  247. Have you ever had a Cornish Rex cat?
  248. Burmese python...........................?
  249. My Manx cat has had diarrhea her whole life but doesn't have worms. Anything I...
  250. Would a bad fuel pump cause a van to not even turn over at all?