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  1. In cats, yellow fur is due to the allele B , and black fur to the?
  2. Stop a cat from peeing on the floor?
  3. why my cats have a new cough?
  4. My cat keeps bringing dead birds into the house?
  5. i had a dream where me and the person i love saw a cat get
  6. dog or cat what one do you have :)?
  7. I had a cat scan today?
  8. How to get a cat out of hiding?
  9. I just got my cat fixed?
  10. my cat is pregnant what colors will he babies be?
  11. How can I stop my cat from spraying?
  12. Don't you love kitties?
  13. Do cats wag their tail when they're happy?
  14. My cat was throwing up white foam about 2 hours ago. She is now lying on her side...
  15. My cat is losing its fur?
  16. Should I get a kitten as a companion for my recently bereaved cat?
  17. What can I do to show my cat how much I love him?
  18. Will a fully grown cat be bothered by a puppy?
  19. Have you ever tried this on your cat?!?!?
  20. Need (fast) advise on complicated situation involving cat attacking tail?
  21. Whats wrong with my cat?!?
  22. How to introduce a two year old cat with two ten year old cats?
  23. Infected cat bite? Should I go to the ER or Clinic?
  24. someones trying 2 take my cat!?
  25. What should I get my Cat for her birthday?
  26. Poll: Is there anything cuter than a puffy, wuffy kitty?
  27. my cat used to love me but now hates me! help!?
  28. I'm thinking of getting a cat and rabbit, good idea?
  29. is alkalive ph booster safe for cats?
  30. How often should cats eat?
  31. does your cat go nuts for.....?
  32. My cat tested positive for heartworm antibodies?
  33. can cats get conjunctivitis?
  34. My cat likes to chew on my hair?
  35. My daughters cat is hiding from us and making low cat meows and clear stuff
  36. Do the cat and dog look cute?
  37. How to clean cat boogers?
  38. Is this normal for my cat?
  39. Move over Silvia Browne, Im a psychic kitty. I can tell your future. Whats your
  40. Do all cats bring you presents?
  41. my cat wont stop throwing up?
  42. I'm thinking of getting a cat and rabbit, good idea?
  43. How often do you sift the cat litter? And, how many cats use the litterpan?
  44. if you give an adult cat, kitten food can it make them ill?
  45. How can I help my boyfriend cope with the death of his cat?
  46. skeleton and feathers... would a cat have done this?
  47. my cats eye is all messed up?
  48. My daughter eat a cat turd what should I do?
  49. Things to look into while looking for a cat breeder?
  50. why is my cat so fat?
  51. my cat recently had kittens?
  52. Important decision about the future of my cat, please help!?
  53. my cat aggressive to her sister after birth?
  54. My cat has a bad behaveral issue, what do I do?
  55. How long do I have to keep my 5 month old female kitten away from my other cat?
  56. kitty name ideas.. opinions?
  57. help? sister's cat is bad to my cat?
  58. i need one of these cats. please help?
  59. question about my pregnant cat?
  60. My cat won't lick its butt?
  61. Do you like it? The cat sat on the mat. Then a fat man with a hat came and sat on
  62. My gf's cat is breathing unusual.?
  63. BLACK CAT!! BLACK CAT!! Can u tell me sth more about Train?
  64. Can I fly Delta with cats as carry on to store under the seats from Cairo to JFK?
  65. How do i stop my cat from breaking everything in my house?
  66. do you prefer a cat or dog?
  67. here is a pic of my cat and she has a problem?
  68. Do you own a cat that trembles?
  69. Cat trembling during breaths?
  70. how do you get rid of cat pee smell?
  71. My new kitten makes me itchy! Am I allergic to cats?
  72. Do you mind when your neighbours play with your cat?
  73. My cat never stops meowing! What do I do?
  74. my spoiled cat bites me whenever she doesn't have my full attention!?
  75. Cat licks my hand, but never did this before. Why?
  76. Why is my doctor ordering a brain mri when my cat scan came back normal?
  77. how can i keep my kitty from eating so messy?
  78. I NEED HELP NOW!! My cat has been attacked and is just lying on the ground?
  79. Oblivion, character class - Cat or lizard?
  80. My cat has run away! What should I do?
  81. strange cat behavior?
  82. How can you tell if a cat is pregnant?
  83. What is wrong with my cat?!?
  84. Curiosity killed the cat. Do you know...?
  85. problems with my kitties... please help!?
  86. cat emergency .. need serios help pls ...?
  87. My cat disappeared! What do I do?
  88. Cat with extended URI? Help?!?
  89. can my cat have OCD?????
  90. Does anyone love cats?
  91. Does anyone elses cat do this?
  92. How many cats is too many?
  93. concerned about my just spayed cat?
  94. Why does kyo in fruits basket have 2 be confined to the cats room for the rest...
  95. 2 or 3 week old kittens refuse to nurse, mom cat disappeared?
  96. a question about cats and collars?
  97. Cat and a newborn baby?
  98. How can you train a cat to attack strangers on your land?
  99. Kitty has a stinky litter box?
  100. Cat having anal gland problems... Help!!!?
  101. do you think my cats name cubby is nice?
  102. What do your cats like doing best?
  103. new recipees for cats?
  104. Need help with cat running to cat food.?
  105. I want to get my female cat spayed...?
  106. Are black cats lucky or unlucky ????
  107. Cat become really bitey and aggressive - help?
  108. i found egg it was still warm my cat was tring to eat it but it dont hav any...
  109. Tick's head stuck in cat's butt..please help?
  110. Why do cats' eyes dilate when they play?
  111. How do i get my cat to eat?
  112. is my cat a ragdoll,ragamuffin, or domestic long hair?
  113. What Is Cat In Japanese?
  114. My cat uses the cat tray to go the toilet, then she scrapes the cat litter
  115. Neil Saunders has cat AIDS... Did he really bugger my cat?
  116. my cat has lot of bruises on his body. i dont know what happenend. but
  117. What is wrong with my cat? Do you know what she has?
  118. my female dog (beagle) is humping my male cat they are both spayed and neutered why
  119. Has your cat ever hopped on your back?
  120. Has Anyone Seen My Missing Kitty?
  121. My cat has got the runs......?
  122. I have a few cat questions?
  123. What is the best self scooping cat box?
  124. Cat is so annoying! Help?
  125. My cat keep smelling me all the time what can I do to make him stop?
  126. can u make a out door/in door cat turn into a indoor and not go out side?
  127. My cat always bite or scratches me?
  128. Cats pooing outside tray?
  129. How can i keep my 2 adult cats happy in one room?
  130. Just found out i'm pregnant, and need to clean my cats litter, help?
  131. Cat missing 2 weeks now?
  132. My cat is breathing very loudly.?
  133. Cat's Strange Behavior?
  134. Why is our new cat throwing up every time he eats.?
  135. Need help on picking a cat tree!?
  136. why does my cat bit EVERYTHING?!?!?
  137. What are some basic tips on bringing home your first cat?
  138. My cat gets extremley agitated when he sees another cat and sometimes lashes out at
  139. Has anyone heard of a 1970s record which had a green cover with big cat...
  140. Cat moving his ears while drinking?
  141. cute anime names for a cat?
  142. How to care for birman cats?
  143. I have had three cats for the past six years....?
  144. HELP!!! my cat has been poisoned!!?
  145. Who the hell is CATS?
  146. some 1 tring to take my cat part 2?
  147. do you know of any cat like anime?
  148. cats or dogs???????????
  149. Sterilizing cat poopy?
  150. What did you and your cat/dog last talk about?
  151. My Cat has diarrhea for a while now and sometimes uses the floor...what is
  152. Cat bolts out of litter box after pooping?
  153. I need a dog but need one that will get on with 2 cats, what would you recommend?
  154. my cat thinks hes a dog is this normal, he chase's his tail, he plays fetch.?
  155. Why does my cat only pee in this spot?
  156. Will the neutering affect my cats energy?
  157. Help! Found pregnant Cat!?
  158. Whats Wrong With My Cat?
  159. Can I give a cat with kittens flea medicine?
  160. Something's wrong with my cats eye?
  161. Question about cats and kittens?
  162. Crossing the path of a black cat...?
  163. well my kitty was walking around and he got the door closed on him not hard and he
  164. My cat will not stop crying!?
  165. Is my cat about to give birth?
  166. omg, my dog just brought in a dead cat in my house?
  167. Does your cat do this???????????
  168. My siamese cat sheds a ton of fur?
  169. Why does my cat stop eating and start vomiting and get an upset tummy every 3...
  170. cat missing help help?
  171. Poll: Cat, Dog or Other?
  172. 1 minute kitty party games?
  173. cat dribbling all the time ,,, whats wrong ??
  174. If a cat eats a dead bug that has...?
  175. Stray cat outside my house?
  176. does anyone know facts about the Pewter persian cat?
  177. Is something wrong with my cat?
  178. Help with my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  179. How do you stop a horrible cat from eating everything!?
  180. Why is the cat pee fuzzy?
  181. what virus does my cat have?
  182. whats the song cats in the cradle about?
  183. Cat pee smell...cant get rid of it!?
  184. Where can i find directions for a hello kitty sewing machine?
  185. My pregnant cat is bleeding From her butt?!?
  186. Can pitbulls get aggressive towards cats later on?
  187. I cant make my cat sleep?
  188. Low income family penalised by Cats Protection League?
  189. Favorite cat breed and why?
  190. How long should my cat play with catnip?
  191. We think my cats throwing up blood?
  192. Have you ever seen a one eyed cat peeking into a seafood store?
  193. what are the meanings of sick cat and a guy in wheelchair?
  194. My cat loves to eat chicken and liver everyday but?
  195. My new cat is extremely jealous of my old cat.?
  196. Why are cats so much cooler than dogs?
  197. My cat keeps ruining the BLINDS! AGGHH!?
  198. Please help my cat is outside and stuck?
  199. i have a kitty question?
  200. my kitten keeps tearing through the house and attacking my other cat, is there any...
  201. Anyone have good luck with a sick kitty like this? I took my cat to the vet on...
  202. I saved a wild rabbit from my cat, i think he's blind. help!?
  203. how to get my cat to stop scratching the door?
  204. my cat is pregnant how do I get her to have the kittens inside?
  205. Should I get 1 or 2 cats from the shelter?
  206. what happened to my cat.?please help?
  207. How do I tell if my cat is pregnent?
  208. cat bleeding from the mouth, vet says not to worry about it what to do?
  209. How to tell the sex of a cat?
  210. My cats are freaked out of the scratcher and they prefer the sofa?
  211. Cat wagging tail on a regular basis?
  212. What is a good name for a sassy female cat?
  213. Romance Novel About a Race of People that can Turn Into Cats?
  214. How can I get my cat to shut up!?
  215. How long are cats preg?
  216. How can I get my cat to stop meowing and scratching at the door?
  217. my cat keeps growling at me... he usually is such a sweet cat what is wrong here?
  218. Why in God's name would someone let their nasty cat come eat off my plate...
  219. My cat just had kittens on my wedding dress!?
  220. My cat injured his back paw and he is still limping?
  221. I found a cat but my parents don't know?
  222. Newly Adopted Cat Throwing Up White Foam?
  223. When your cats scratch everything?
  224. Question about my cat, please help!?
  225. Does your cat wag there tail when they sleep?
  226. cats have a question?
  227. Mya cat likes to suckle on a fluffy blancket or a dressing gown!!!!?
  228. My friends cat is gonna have kittens.What should I do?
  229. infected cat scratch? 27 weeks pregnant?
  230. I heard that Cats Don't Have Eyelids?
  231. What's worse for a child with asthma? Cats or Constant cigarette smoking?
  232. help my cat eats everything?
  233. My kitty is gone - who, in Oregon, would I call to see if he was cleaned up
  234. Mother cat won't stop feeding her kittens?
  235. Is there a possibility that my cat is gay?
  236. I am 35 weeks pregnant and husbands cat acts weird.?
  237. Cat help. Not eating, hiding, any experience?
  238. Does anyone in Tarrant County have a carrier abit bigger than a cat...
  239. My cat has been bizarre, is she just old?
  240. Why do cats get dandruff?
  241. My cat loves knocking over cups?
  242. Why do cats hate water so much?
  243. If you can tell me what kind of cats these are, I would be your best friend!?
  244. how long until my cat is better?
  245. Can't decide on what to do with Hello Kitty palette tonight?
  246. How painful is being attacked by an angry cat?
  247. What to do about an over active thyroid in my cat?
  248. Cat pooh- please help!?
  249. My cat meows very loudly in the night?
  250. my cat is a nut case because we have to keep it inside, What can i do?