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  1. Where did the "cats have 9 lives" thing start?
  2. Is it ok to let your cats drink the fish tank water?
  3. Do tapeworm segments show up in cat vomit?
  4. Do cats and dogs speak the same language?
  5. Creative way to begin an editorial about cat dissections?
  6. is it weird to kiss your dog/cat on the nose 'cus you think they're so cute? xD?
  7. What should we name our grey cat?
  8. A black cat keeps coming to our house and meowing in the middle of the night?
  9. what could make a cat play in litter every 5 minutes?
  10. What is the best clumping cat litter?
  11. Worm problem in my cat?
  12. how can i get my kittens to like me?
  13. How long will it take for my kitten to be comfortable with my family?
  14. I want to get a dog that will go running with me but will get along with my two cats?
  15. Very long, strange animated video, somewhat morbid, had kitten like animals?
  16. POLL: LOL does anyone remember the song Whole again by Atomic kitten?
  17. Why are there so many people copy catting No Chance Without Jesus' name?
  18. What is a healthy weight for a 9 month old Cat/Kitten?
  19. Cat and Dog problem, hope you can help xD?
  20. Has anybody else had a cat develop a seroma after surgery?
  21. why do they say that cats have 9 lives and how did it come about?
  22. I'm allergic to cats and dogs. Will I be allergic to a rabbit too?
  23. is it alright for my cat to have black boogers?
  24. How can I stop my cats odd behavior?
  25. I have to give my two cats up for adoption. I need a song to help me feel
  26. my old cat wants to mate my little kitten?
  27. Why does my cat run around the house after he takes a dump?!?
  28. Question about driving from Florida to Chicago with my 4 year old cat.?
  29. i rescued a cat but i dont know what to do about its crusty eyes...?
  30. wy did one kitten die?
  31. why does my cat drag my dogs toy?
  32. dreamt of lion and black and white cat?
  33. My 6 yr old cat keeps scratching her ear and only that one is red she keeps...
  34. Is it normal for me to get an erection when my cat sits on my lap?
  35. our new cat has an apt. w/the vet 2morrow,but i'm worried about her. she's...
  36. I love my cat...but I don't love her sticking her face or bum in my face when Im...
  37. Cat Names? Help Please!?
  38. Dreaming of black cats?
  39. How do you kill a cat?
  40. What breed is my cat?
  41. About kitten food for my kitten?
  42. Cat people watch video of baby playing piano?
  43. can you run cat 5 without an electrician if you are cisco certified or any...
  44. name for a black fluffy cat?
  45. What do you think this is on my cat?
  46. My cat doesn't clean herself properly, what should I do?
  47. plz sombody send me a pic of your fave warrior cat that u drew...?
  48. Why does my cat hate my boyfriend but is entirely spoiled at me?
  49. what kind of breed is my cat?
  50. What would you name this kitten (picture inside)?
  51. How to get my cat to grow bigger?
  52. How Do You Know if a Cat Is a Stray or Owned?
  53. I accidentally all over the neighbours cat?
  54. Hey my cat is sick he has blood in his urine and he feels hot?
  55. What does it mean when my cat is coming around me more?
  56. Stray Cat, Maybe Pregnant, HELP!?
  57. Is it normal for my kitten to meow in his sleep?
  58. Looking for a manual for cat tree brought from zooplus?
  59. my cats name is Fatsy and she is in the house?
  60. How do You Know if a Cat Is a Stray or Owned?
  61. is there a cat show like the westminister ?
  62. What is the name of Hank Green's cat?
  63. What's the best color to make a cat?
  64. Do you need a licence to walk a cat in the US?
  65. Should I get my indoor cat vaccinated?
  66. Name for a new cat with a Heart Shape Spot?
  67. How can i get my cat to start using the litter box?
  68. Does anyone have any tips about getting a cat used to walking with a leash?
  69. Baby kittens eyes crusted shut?
  70. How do I get my cat to stop sitting on my face and smothering me while I'm sleeping?
  71. Found cat, right thing to do?
  72. my cat is pregnant....shes only about 9 months.?
  73. High flow cat on a Caddy?
  74. my cat had a stillborn kitten yesterday, and still 24hours later she still
  75. whats the average weight for a three year old tabby cat?
  76. Information on teacup kittens?
  77. How does one go about becoming a registered cat breeder in Canada?
  78. How can i compare the tragedy in cat on a hot tin roof and streetcar named desire?
  79. Name of the Cheshire cat breed? I can't remember.?
  80. okay,ls1 okay,408 6 litre, so are borla atak mufflers good or dynamax
  81. Can you please help with my cat?
  82. Is my cat Pregnant now?
  83. Why does my kitten do this ?
  84. Does my cat have Asbergers syndrome?
  85. What are some decent, relatively inexpensive carnivorous/omnivorous pets other...
  86. Do kittens who bite a lot bite less as adults or will they grow up to be biting cats?
  87. Help me choose a kitten!?
  88. What breed of cat do I have?
  89. What the best way to protect a white cats ears and noise from sunbeun and...
  90. Question about my cat getting neutered?
  91. Question about breeding cats...?
  92. What is Hank's cat's name?
  93. Cat's leg severed? hospital? help please?!?
  94. What is a good treat to use to train my two kittens, (cats) to come to me when
  95. What breed is my cat?
  96. Male or Female?? Getting my kitten a companion :)?
  97. What cat breed should I get... here's a little information?
  98. How many moons does a cat in the warriors series, have to be to become a warrior?
  99. Will my kitten be okay? She is 8 weeks old.?
  100. What is the word for someone who thinks they are a cat?
  101. im getting a new kitten but then im getting a cat from abroad how can i get
  102. I have a question for people with older kittens?
  103. mother cat keeps hissing at kittens since kittens have been spayed why is this and
  104. Two question about my cat?
  105. My cat has Blocks on its hair.Whats wrong?
  106. What is up with my cat? Why does he do this?
  107. when will my cat have her kittens?
  108. My cat never meowed before and is now meowing all the time and is hanging...
  109. I have 2 cats and one passed away this last week, will my other kitten be okay? ?
  110. Could you suggest a white colored long-haired cat breed with blue eyes that
  111. I watched the movie in th tubes (CAT - Kleptomaniac) This cat is a conservative?
  112. is this true about cats?
  113. An emaciated cat with an eye infection showed up on our doorstep..she's got a
  114. Can anyone name all the riverclan cats from warriors please?
  115. puppy and a cat problem !!?
  116. Black stuff in my cat's nose?
  117. What causes a VERY happy VERY loving VERY healthy cat to all of a sudden start...
  118. Funny story about bathing cats ~ pet owners will giggle lol?
  119. Indoor cat owners, do you ever take your cat out on supervised?
  120. Why Does My Cat's Inner Eye Lid Show So Much?
  121. Stray cat is limping?
  122. What's it like to have 4 week-old kittens with their mom?
  123. When should I be able to allow my cat to roam the house while we are at work?
  124. Which is the best cat name? (below)?
  125. The best cat food for older cats?
  126. HELP! I made our CAT sick!...KINDAAAAA but i need HELP anyone please help?
  127. Im curious bout fostering baby big cats?
  128. I had a dream last night about my cat and a Vampire?
  129. My new kitten has persistant Diarrhea?
  130. Is a red, smoke, tabby, with white coat and green eyes a rare combination for a cat?
  131. What are some cute cat breeds?
  132. Help! My cat tried to suck on my nipples?
  133. My wife's cat sits outside our bedroom and howls until we wake up. How do I keep a
  134. Can you help name an abandoned cat I am going to adopt?
  135. introduce a dog to cat?
  136. My cat that i had for 6 months is suddenly scared of me and wont come to my room.
  137. Why is my mama cat biting her 7 day old kitten?
  138. Why does my male 1 year & 8months old cat sometime bit my kittens neck?
  139. I picked up a Stray cat with injured leg, Advice?
  140. Is this toxic/poisonous to cats?
  141. 3 questions about cats; fish, toileting and worktops.?
  142. Adopting A Cat! Breed Input Please! Important.?
  143. Introducing a kitten to cat?
  144. my rescue cat shakes her head also has a runney eye?
  145. Cat is sick..help please?
  146. Can you catch cat scratch fever as an adult?
  147. Does your cat have acne?
  148. The cardinal number of the set {cat, dog, horse, fish, lizard, meerkat,...
  149. Why is my dad against getting a male cat as house pet?
  150. I have had 3 cats suddenly become parilized from about mid back loosing the use of...
  151. why has my cat started to use the bath as a toilet?
  152. my cat has a bald spot and there is something black on it and it looks a
  153. Best breed of cat for cuddles?
  154. At what age can a kitten become pregnant?
  155. looking for a turkish and english cat name?
  156. What do you think of my female cats?
  157. Would my cat be happier if she had a friend and if so, what would be the...
  158. My cat's near his time, I'm worried.?
  159. Witch is easier to take, The CAT-ASVAB or paper and pencil?
  160. Black cat...bad luck?
  161. Need someone experienced with cat breeding!! please help!!?
  162. Rag doll cat question, nothing serious?
  163. Stray cat rehabilitation?
  164. How do I get my one male cat to stop sniffing and tryin to "mount" my other...
  165. What is the name of the song from escaflowne(movie) that the two cat-girls sing?
  166. jack rats and house cats?
  167. Cost to Board a cat for a few days?
  168. How can I tell if my cat is autistic?
  169. What name should you not name your cat?
  170. What happened to the Yahoo cat?
  171. Will more of the kittens be?
  172. Seriously clingy cat...?
  173. Does your cat ever sit like Jabba the hut or lay like a pit bull?
  174. How small do kittens tend to stay?
  175. To dream of a white cat that scratched you just a little but I was annoying it
  176. Which breed of cat is more affectionate towards its owner?
  177. My cat is a scaredy cat!?
  178. Why did my cat attack me when there was a cat outside my house?(serious...
  179. Who have the most pets? CNET Top 5 Cat Videos?
  180. Why does my mama cat ignore her 5 day old kitten?
  181. cat names help me please?
  182. My cat is not acting like himself. what could be wrong?
  183. how would i go about training my cat to dial 911?
  184. Why doesn't my Bengal cat look like other ones (pic included)?
  185. My cat, Snuggle Buns, Just died about 3 mins ago due to complications from
  186. Ghost Cat Orb in photo?
  187. How do I convince this cat to be become physically close to me?
  188. Why does my cat always meow when he holds his toy in his mouth?
  189. Should cats be let outside? how to keep them happy indoors?
  190. Why did my kitten(s) poop in my mum's shoe?
  191. Black cat has been hanging around parking lot of my business for several
  192. My cat doesn't stop miaowing after giving birth. Is she missing the bros &...
  193. What exactly happens at a VIC test at VOSA for a cat-c write off? what can I...
  194. My kitten chirps at older cats?
  195. Need urgent help about my pet cat!?
  196. I'm in Chile and thinking of buying a cat... what do I need to do to bring it to
  197. When your kitten unexpectedly bites your hand?
  198. please help me with my kitten her paw is infected can you help me?
  199. What should I name my ugly cat?
  200. Can anyone figure out how to build a cat house?
  201. remove cat dander from rag doll cat to be more hydroallergenic?
  202. What's the breed of my cat?
  203. Can my kitten get sick from the turtle tank?
  204. I have a question about my cat?
  205. I have taken in a fairly healthy pregnant stray cat, I have a question?
  206. Why does my kitten do this?
  207. My cat might of ingested the pollen of a calla lily?
  208. what should i do about my cat?
  209. How might I remember the following in the sequence given? EEG, CAT, MRI, PET, fMRI ?
  210. What can i do about my cat who was intentionally killed?
  211. (10 pnts best answer) how do i convince my mom to let me get a kitten?
  212. my cat had a kitten last night at about 8 o clock?
  213. What should I name my cat?
  214. Does my cat have the characteristics of a domestic short hair, if so what are they?
  215. need advice about my male cat?
  216. what is a good, different cat name for a cat that's mean bites alot...
  217. my neighbour complained about my mums cat?
  218. What Can I do About the dozen stray cats?
  219. What have i done??? :P My cats/kittens are very.... weird?
  220. The most Noble, Majestic, Beautiful. Names for a male cat.?
  221. Need a fuel line diagram for snowmobile (1971 Arctic Cat 399 Panther)?
  222. Why does my cat keep being sick ?
  223. my cat keeps running out the door?
  224. why has my 2 year old cat has started going to the bathroom all over the house?
  225. Big Cat VS Small Cat?
  226. need experience advice w/ cat rescue?
  227. when does the cartilage in my cats ear harden?
  228. Would a bigger, wild cat get along with a small household pet cat?
  229. My male kitten is terrorizing my spayed female cat, will this stop once he's...
  230. Acrylic claw covers for kittens?
  231. attention experienced cat breeders, PLEASE HELP!?
  232. Why do people make fun of CATS the musical?
  233. Stray cat? ( need some answers quick!)?
  234. How long does it take for your cat to grow to overgrown in runescape?
  235. Can the results of a urine pregnancy test be accurate if your cat knocked
  236. Will The Stray Cat I Saw In The Street Probably Die?
  237. Which animals are more domesticated, house cats or house rabbits? Why?
  238. One cat in heat and the other a kitten?
  239. why would a momma cat move her kittens?
  240. BIG Cat Urination Problem?
  241. Anybody know the breed of this cat?
  242. Is this considered normal behavior when introducing a new kitten to my resident cat?
  243. reasons why i should & shouldnt let my cat breed?
  244. I need to know what to do about my cats, they recently started destroying my
  245. Is Alexas a nice name for a female cat?
  246. in the play cat on a hot tin roof what is the character big mama like?
  247. What is the coolest thing your cat can do? or wierd things it likes to play with?
  248. How can I help ban the import of cat and dog fur?
  249. what age can u flea a kitten?
  250. I developed an allergy to rabbit dander. Will I be allergic to dogs and cats too now?