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  1. when a preganant cat starts to have contractions about how long is it till...
  2. i got a half breed of a redtail and shovel nosed cat. when it is bigger how much...
  3. Sick kitty...Should I put her down?
  4. make the cat an indoor or out door cat?
  5. What can I do to save my cat?
  6. how many kittens can a cat feed???
  7. Mellit for Cat Diabetes has any one had sucesss with herbal treatments?
  8. Does anyone know what could skin our cats, eat it, and leave with the
  9. how long are cats pregnant for?
  10. CAT Question 3?
  11. Is it safe to rub garlic on my cats fur?
  12. How can I make clipping kitty's claws easier and is he ready for soft paws?
  13. Repost: sad about giving away my kitty?
  14. do you ever wonder if chinese food is ever made of neighborhood cat?
  15. I want to adopt a cat that will be?
  16. how many days until my kitty is feeling better after taking antibiotic? its
  17. My 4 y/o cat has a bloody (dried) claw- should I freak out?
  18. I'm single with a cat needing to spend fall weekend in a cottage/cabin/B&B in IL,...
  19. what should i do my cat has a patch of fur missing on the back of his neck?
  20. How long after neutering til all the testerone is gone out of cats? When...
  21. I brought home a new cat today, I have a few questions?
  22. Has anyone ever heard of FELIWAY for cats when they pee?
  23. Is it normal that they clipped so much off of my cats' ears?
  24. How to groom a really mean cat?
  25. should my kitten be fed cat and kitten milk from the store?
  26. A place to get a free or cheap Adult/Retired purebread Siberian Cat?
  27. You think cats have a sense of time's passage?
  28. Can I give antibiotics to a nursing cat?
  29. Do outdoor cats that are neutered young still spray?
  30. So i just adopted this homeless cat from the street and he looks so sad...
  31. What kitty litter do you recommend? ?
  32. My cat dribbles all over you how can i stop it please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  33. I gave my cat 1 packet of gum im giving it more should i?
  34. My cat is sick...?
  35. Help with pregnant cat.....?
  36. do cats that are not spayed get a period??
  37. What can be done to help this angry cat be happier and friendlier?
  38. RSPCA come to collect my cat?
  39. Do you recommend kitty xanax for 2 days of a long drive?
  40. Any suggestions on a gift for my kitty?
  41. How do we get our cat to stop attacking my husband?
  42. Cat getting spayed, what to expect?
  43. If cats could talk would they make demands that were unreasonable?
  44. twitching cat?
  45. Why isnt Y!A updating the top 10 answerers of the cat section?
  46. i need training tips to stop my 2.5 month old kitty from destroying our new...
  47. Why did my cat start drooling last night?
  48. How would you describe this cat???
  49. Can I use the cat bed...?
  50. my cat poops on the floor and my mom doesnt want to help him. wat should i do?
  51. How often should I bathe my cat?
  52. The word "Cat" in many diffrent languges?
  53. My cat went crazy. Help?
  54. What is it called when a person studys cats as a living?
  55. this is for your information cat story and info?
  56. my cat went into labour after 11 am this morning its now 3.15, she only has one
  57. my cat has 23 toes. Is this normal?
  58. How much should I feed my cat per day?
  59. Just adopted a 4 year old female cat? First time owner and?
  60. How many weeks does it take 4 a kitten to grow to a young cat adult?
  61. This outdoor cat in my neighborhood...?
  62. Is it normal for a cat to stop labor?
  63. Whats wrong with my cat?
  64. How do i stop my cats from popping my pool?
  65. Are scaredy cats happy?
  66. My cat and her kittens? What is my cat doing?
  67. How do I get my cats to use the litter box?
  68. my cat won't close his eye?
  69. Who do you think has a prettier kitty.....Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba?
  70. Cat is sick, what is wrong?
  71. i found a pregnant cat?
  72. POLL: When did a black cat last cross your path ???
  73. If I get my cat pregnant?
  74. Is it possible to teach a blind cat to use the toilet?
  75. My cat got into an oil bucket from a car im my garage. Whats going to happen...
  76. Cat Behavior....?
  77. Does anyone know any hairball remedies that help Mainecoon cats.?
  78. My 16 Year-Old Kitty ~ Is She Dying?
  79. Does my cat smell different after spaying?
  80. warrior cats lovers come here?
  81. I needto know how far my cat is along in her pregnancy?
  82. nobody loves me but me cats?
  83. what litter box would be best for my 2 cats?
  84. is it possible my cat is retarded?
  85. does anyone read the warrior cat series?
  86. Is "Hello, Kitty" the answer to questions you haven't formed?
  87. 1yr Old cat biting me in my sleep (leaving bloody gashs)?
  88. How much is a baseball that is signed by Cat Ostermann worth now if i was to sell it?
  89. i am getting a baby cat what should i name it it is a girl?
  90. How can I keep cats away from my house at night?
  91. My Neutered Male Simese Red Point Cat (2 Years Old) Peeing Blood.?
  92. The cat is you... pick one.?
  93. We have recently taken in a cat that had nowhere else to go, question about...
  94. HELP my cat is sick?
  95. Cat suddenly won't jump onto counter anymore?
  96. Cat is having seizures?
  97. huge hello kitty backpacks?
  98. My kitty hates to cut his nails, how can I make it more 'pleasant'?
  99. Cat Boarding?
  100. Cats in my garden...help?
  101. Getting a new cat today......?
  102. how to get yellow out of cats fur do to them washing them selves?
  103. I need help with catching a cat?
  104. cat has continuous scab on nose?
  105. do you like Thomas Cat or Jerry Mouse?
  106. i have 2 cat both recently had litters but 1 litter died, mum to dead litter is...
  107. Taking another step for introducing three kittens to two cats (seven and two)?
  108. Poll: Are you a "cat" person married to a "dog" person...???
  109. I need cat help ASAP?
  110. my dog got scraped in the eye by a cat?
  111. crystal kitty litter...?
  112. My cat's left eye waters a lot.?
  113. Is it okay to get a 1 year old cat?
  114. why do mom cats abandon young ones?
  115. I caught my cat using the toilet?!?
  116. can guinea pigs see in the dark like cats ?
  117. How is Vonnegut's Cats Cradle?
  118. Ghost Cat?
  119. Can a cat die from worms? Can it be cured?
  120. 2 cats got spayed/neutered, no longer getting along ?
  121. cat urine smell?
  122. My cat is making weird noises and rubbing her head against me more than usual.
  123. My baby kitty is not walking very good, having trouble with his backend?? ?
  124. cat advice?
  125. i have a cat that is prengant and i need advice one her.?
  126. how many times does a cat have to mate for it to get pregnent?
  127. My cat runs away while playing??
  128. i'm shopping for new sofas. what is less likely to be clawed by my cat?
  129. Can anyone figure out what kind of cats these are?
  130. I am taking my 6 yr old cat to the vet tomorrow. She does not feel well.
  131. Is your cat the "innocent bystander", or the "perpetrator of the crime"?
  132. Traveling with my cat who is freaking out?
  133. I am very mad we took in a stray cat 3 weeks ago. I took her to the vet today?
  134. did my cat already have her kittens?
  135. Why does my cat attack people (especially me) so violently?
  136. Why is my cat scared?
  137. Is there any techiques I can use to get a new cat to behave around my birds? ?
  138. Is it too soon to get a new cat?
  139. my cat had kittens a week ago and i noticed she has a swollen bottom lip.?
  140. can someone tell me how soon after giving birth can a cat get preg again?
  141. i found a baby bird in my front yard and my cat got at it. its been...
  142. does your cat or kitten seem to understand when you talk to him/her?
  143. My cat is hacking and clearing throat...?
  144. Why wont my cat eat hard food?
  145. Do dogs and cats get a long?
  146. cant get cat to take medicine!!?
  147. My cat'svoice sounds strained like laryngitis.Is he alright? 2 months now?
  148. cat pregnancy at 4 weeks---whats inside so far?
  149. When I was 7 months old I ran after a cat. Do you think..?
  150. Bubble like thing coming out of cat, giving brith?
  151. My cat got fixed today. What should we expect?
  152. help my cat is sick? blood and?
  153. What is going on with my cat?
  154. Do cats purr deliberately?
  155. My cats giant pupils?
  156. if you have a guinea pig walking around in your home will dogs and cats try to do
  157. Can a cat fie from flea infestation?
  158. Puggles? What're they like? Do they bark? Good with cats?
  159. Im auditioning for The Cat in the Hat in Seussical... what is a good way...
  160. BOWIE.I cant stand that cat,BUT What about Prettiest Star,Moonage
  161. Is an IGNOU Degree Certificate worth appearing for CAT (MBA) from some other...
  162. Does anyone have an Issac Mizrahi dog/cat bowl know if target still has
  163. Why does my cat bite me so much?
  164. Can my cat eat soft dog food?
  165. Do cats eat small objects off the ground?
  166. i need some male kitty names for kitten?
  167. cat hair loss?
  168. Can I wash my cat with dove soap?
  169. would you put smartie tubes on a cat's legs to make them walk like robots?
  170. My cat's nose & gums have been very light in color. I've noticed this before, off &
  171. Why does Alfie (My cat) do this?
  172. tape or sticker on cat to stop kitten from nursing?
  173. My cat has an odd lump on the side of it's leg?
  174. I used to think my cat was a fussy eater, now I'm not so sure?!!?
  175. My 3 month kitty scratches & bites...will he stop?
  176. How do indoor cats get urinary tract infections?
  177. My cat has had a cold for quite some time now, is there any way to cure it?
  178. my cats 3rd eye lid's up why?
  179. My Cat Pukes ALL the time.?
  180. My 9yr old cat keeps crapping and urinating on my bed and any clothing left on floor?
  181. Do cats and dogs have menstrual periods?
  182. what can i do to prepare myself and my cat for giving birth?
  183. My new kitty is lethargic & has little silent "hiccups". What is going on?
  184. Cat years..human age ..?
  185. There Is A Stray Cat Outside My Townhouse Who Looks Sickly :[?
  186. I think I lost the cat Im looking after?
  187. Please tell me what's wrong with my kitty!?
  188. My new little kitty is going to be strictly indoors but I was thinking about...
  189. kitty names?
  190. Has anyone had any experience with using imulan for a cat with feline leukemia?
  191. How can I remove stains of grease from under the car off of the tips of my cat's
  192. Should I keep my cat or not, and if I keep him, how can i correct his bad behavior?
  193. how long does it take for that cat laxative it's called laxa stat ... it has
  194. The cat is you...pick one?
  195. New stray kitten has patchy fur and worms. Will my existing pet cat be infected?
  196. Are cats with heterochromia born with blue eyes?
  197. Cat trouble, please help?
  198. What are some good websites that show cat adoption?
  199. Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Kawaii?! =^_^=?
  200. I just took in a stray kitty and....?
  201. Batman...okay for a total scardey cat?
  202. my cat has dandruff?
  203. i know about cat poop but......?
  204. Is there a natural product that will stop a dog from eating cat poop from a...
  205. My new cat isn't eating/drinking how she should be?
  206. Cat Peeing?
  207. Why do female cats have three holes while human ones dont?
  208. my cat has eating problems?
  209. how can i stop my cats fighting?
  210. How do you make a dog and cat friends?
  211. Momma cat keeps taking her 4 week old kittens out of their "playpen".?
  212. What to do. Do I have surgery for my cat with Mammary Tumor or spend the time we...
  213. Do cats hide when they are dying?
  214. how do you get your cat to like you the best?
  215. Why does my cat knead and bite my blanket?
  216. Cat injured can I wait????
  217. Lime Kitty you deny me! The prophecy will be fulfilled. The Zionaiti will be
  218. Cat adoption...???
  219. Does anyone NOT feed their cats?
  220. How do I move cross country with cats?
  221. e have a dog and a cat that we keep on frontline.Our upstairs neighbor has 2...
  222. stray kitty had kittens & now they all have fleas. Any Suggestions, I know I can't...
  223. Family refuses to take cat to vet...?
  224. why does my cat fly?
  225. my cat is about 13 and seems a little constipated is there a home remedy
  226. My kitty's gums are red.?
  227. My cat was just diagnosed with Diabetes.?
  228. My cat has been missing for about 4 days and I really need help!!!!?
  229. Have you ever stopped being someones BFF because their Dad has a dead cat...
  230. My cat is adorable but overly active n always bite. How can I stop him . I have
  231. how many shows do i have to go to in order for my cat to become a champion?
  232. What kind of cat is this?
  233. When can I move a Mother cat and her kittens to a new environment?
  234. My cat is really fat, and he's an indoor cat...?
  235. Crap my kitty is pregnant i think!?
  236. How can I tell ringworm is gone on my cat?
  237. I need to keep my cat in my bike basket?
  238. My cat story-kind of kiddish, but about my own cats. JUST PART OF IT?
  239. Are there some kind of fish bowl covers so your cat can't get to it?
  240. My cat keeps wont stop sneezing!?
  241. would my 2 year old cat grieve for her 14 month old baby?
  242. how do you remove the litter box clumps off your cat without bathing her?
  243. Are cats tickelish?
  244. cats bring rats and birds?
  245. How long do cats live?
  246. A stray cat scratched me?
  247. my cat keeps crying loud?
  248. URGENT! My cat is dying!!!?
  249. Who would win in a cat fight?
  250. my kitty has acne and nothing works!?