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  1. How many calories should I intake per day?
  2. What pet would you recommend for me?
  3. How much calories do I burn per day naturally ... I'm a 14-year old girl,
  4. Title for this short paragraph about walking my dogs?
  5. what is the best vitamins for me to take and will not feel hungry?im on diet?
  6. What happens when you drink diet coke and eat mentos?
  7. 6mo old puppy not eating dry food/not chewing?
  8. Info needed on the raw diet for dogs?
  9. Our dog won't play fetch; any suggestions?
  10. My Dog will no longer eat dog food period and other food only sometimes?
  11. Best Hunter Spec & Pet for PvP - World of Warcraft?
  12. is 3000 calories per day too much?
  13. Feeding my Picky Dog Probiotics?
  14. How much should i charge for dogwalking?
  15. Why do people think that growling when a dog plays means he is mean?
  16. Best petsmart food for dog with sensative tummy?
  17. If feeding a dog a leg of deer, do you have to skin it?
  18. how can i maintain a healthy diet? what foods should and shouldn't i eat?
  19. What piano chord do they play at the start of "One is the Loneliest...
  20. Acne and raw food diet help!!!!?
  21. Kids diet and laziness?
  22. Nutrition Facts label: carbohydrates vs. sugars.?
  23. Ideas for outdoor pets?
  24. How do I find out the nutrition facts of this school meal?
  25. Hhow many calories do we lose on average per day? how many carlories must...
  26. What is the best puppy food - in kibble form?
  27. Are apples and peanuts a healthy diet?
  28. My puppy sleeps in her food bowl...?
  29. Need help with food for my cat?
  30. Anyone have any experience/knowledge about Indian food and dieting?
  31. dog kicks rear leg all the way out when walking?
  32. How many calories per day should I consume (read details)?
  33. What are the best foods to eat and the foods best avoided while dieting?
  34. Has anyone ever tried living a whole year on dry dog food alone?
  35. London - going for walk with a dog ?
  36. Do pharmacy's sell shots for pet?
  37. Why is my dog food aggressive?
  38. You need to set your pet free for your prayers (Salat Haajat) to be answered?
  39. Help with nutrition balance of a diet?
  40. My dog nail is failling off and is bleeding... she cant walk on it... what do i do?
  41. Is there a program that counts your calories per day?
  42. My dog may have a diet deficiency?
  43. What food is good for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy?
  44. raw food diet.... do i count calories or watch for vitamins and protein intake?
  45. a sorry pet owner from pets at home?
  46. Dog has sore nipples. Can't feed puppies no more because vet said so. Is it normal?
  47. My puppy just started refusing her food, but she will eat treats and chew on
  48. Science Diet or Buffalo Blue?
  49. How can I start a dog walking business?
  50. Can You please give me a complete diet and exercise routine?
  51. Life functions of: transport and nutrition?
  52. How many calories per day do I have to eat to gain weight?
  53. is there a place in melbourne, florida to spay pets at a discount?
  54. Aurora buys some dog food.She feds her dog 1and 1/4?
  55. What kind of dog is Mac in the Pedigree dog food magizine ad? We have a puppy
  56. Why can't I move my pet to the pound at Neopets?
  57. My dog won't be walked.. Help!?
  58. I eat about 800 calories per day and honestly I'm not hungary, is this bad even
  59. Is a diet of chicken,hot dogs and dog treats bad for my dog?
  60. Fish and chips nutrition.?
  61. Is it okay to feed an All Life Stages food to puppy?
  62. What is the most calorie dense food in the world?
  63. My dog may have a diet deficiency?
  64. RAW food diet conversion steps and meal plan ?
  65. Nutrition Facts label: carbohydrates vs. sugars.?
  66. Are fitness and nutrition plans helpful and if so did it benefit?
  67. When will the restaurants be required to place nutrition facts on their menu boards?
  68. What is the best dog food for a boxer?
  69. Can you lose weight without dieting and just working out?
  70. Looking for a job at a pet store.?
  71. How many calories are in my Subway foot long turkey on wheat?
  72. How much food should I put down for my dog each day?
  73. What happens to entropy and calories as you go up in the food chain?
  74. How do you choose a pet to adopt at the shelter and how do you know when...
  75. Which of these dog foods are the best?
  76. What will I mostly likely do as a volunteer at a pet store?
  77. I desperately need info on emergency pet food assistance for my dogs! - (laid-off
  78. What can i feed my dogs?
  79. People who are on their diets who are skinny and maintaining their weights
  80. do dogs distinguish what is delicious food to spoiled food?
  81. Is it bad if I don't even eat 2,000 calories per day at 22 years old?
  82. Egypt: Can dogs play the piano?
  83. GrapeFruit Diet .?? and Zumba fitness .??Wieght lost!?
  84. Will working at a pet store harm my chances of being taken seriously for a...
  85. If I feed my dog at 6:10 A.M., when do I take him outside for him to do his buisness?
  86. Could you please tell me how many calories are in these foods? Thank you =)?
  87. What foods and nutrition can I take to improve lung function?
  88. What do you feed your dog?
  89. I went from eating fried foods and takeout everyday to 1200 calorie diet, is
  90. How do I get my German Shepherd puppy to keep food down?
  91. Do you have any pet names for your Boyfriend/Grilfriend?
  92. My pitbull does not want to eat dry dogfood or drink water anymore I gave her...
  93. People who are on their diets who are skinny and maintaining their weights
  94. Dog has sore nipples. Can't feed puppies no more because vet said so. Is it normal?
  95. How much baby food and cereal is in a typical 5 or 6 months olds daily diet?
  96. How much should I feed my 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog?
  97. I am turning 13 and i weigh 145 pounds.I need some diet tips and exersizes to...
  98. going to pets at home tomorrow, anything i need to get for guinea pigs?
  99. Question for dog walkers or pet sitters?
  100. how do i feed my dog?????????????????????????
  101. whats a good pet name for my bf?
  102. Pet store selling English bulldogs?
  103. How many calories are there in a food with 20 grams of carbohydrate, 10 grams of...
  104. My dog always finds bones on walks.. wtf?
  105. How can I get my daughter to stop feeding the dog?
  106. Career options for someone interested in health/diet/nutrition/fitness?
  107. What is the easiest way to walk 3 dogs?
  108. How long should I walk my dogs (2)?
  109. Can a dog live purely on a tofu diet?
  110. What should I expect for a Pets at Home interview?
  111. foods rich in calories?
  112. how do I start a dog treat business from home in Fla.?
  113. Anyone know a good Wet Senior Dog Food?
  114. A question for the environmentally conscious pet owner?
  115. *IMPORTANT PLEASE ANSWER!! Does rough play with humans cause a dog to be aggressive?
  116. health men's diet and exercise?
  117. pets at home told me my gecko is a girl but she/he looks like a boy?
  118. Need a gym and nutrition plan?
  119. Any tips on what i can feed my dog?
  120. Baby rabbit from pet store is sick - what recourse do we have? (Tennessee)?
  121. ACNE AND THE RAW FOOD DIET HELP 10 points!!!!?
  122. Places to play with dogs near UCLA?
  123. Need a fitness plan combining gym and nutrition?
  124. what do you think is best food for dogue de bordeaux puppy?
  125. does anyone know where to get a mp3 file of a real dog whistle sound that will play
  126. my dog has gotten super skinny and wont touch his food and i accidently cut him its
  127. I want to get a pet for my daughter. Cat or dogs?
  128. pets at home sold me two male rabbits but one has had babies!?
  129. I accidently ate some dog food now I can't stop barking!?
  130. Does Anyone Know the Nutrition Information for Ruby Tuesday's Mini Turkey Burgers?
  131. Is Acana Pacifica as good as puppy food?
  132. I have two new dogs and I need advice on what to feed them?
  133. What is the best quality of the dog food available at Walmart and similar stores?
  134. What can I use to hold dog treats while I'm on the go ?
  135. What is a good raw food diet for a ferret, and how do I introduce a ferret to it?
  136. blue wilderness dog food question?
  137. What kind of human food are dogs allowed to eat as food or treat? Also how big...
  138. Weight gain and diet help?
  139. Which food and supplements are good for dogs before their hip dysplasia gets bad?
  140. Oh much fats, carbohydrates, and protein should be in my diet?
  141. How many calories should I have per day to maintain a good weight?
  142. What food for neat fur and proper weight for my cats?
  143. wat foods are hight in calories and are easy to make or cook?
  144. what is the installation code for sims 2 fun with pet collections?
  145. legal to sell dog meat in U.S?
  146. How can some animals get all their nutrition from just one food source?
  147. Biology nutrition/photosynthesis/food chain question?
  148. I am on a diet and I am allowed 1200 calories and 40g fat per day...?
  149. should barack obama tell white people to stop eating beef? and eat dog food instead?
  150. Are these dogs playing or fighting?
  151. what types of fruits are you allowed to feed your dog?
  152. The best food for shih tzu puppy!?
  153. Help find the "perfect pet" for me?
  154. Is this a good price for a dog walker?
  155. is it common for a dog with KK to regurgitate food and expel clear liquid?
  156. how many calories is in this subway?
  157. Vet told us to give my pet rat 1.0 at the vet of Lincocin Aquadrops but the box...
  158. Did change in diet trigger cancer in my dog?
  159. Could someone in politics reassure my reasoning for NOT eating dog meat is sound?
  160. why didnt i get a job at pets at home? please help!?
  161. What time do u work-out and how should i diet?
  162. how to avoid hangover when on a diet and not eating much hearty food?
  163. Do pharmacy's still sell rabie shots for pets?
  164. Where can i find a "sandwich builder" or specific calorie amounts for SUBWAY's food?
  165. Dog walking etiquette?
  166. Raw Food Diet and Beans?
  167. How to get all of my vitamins and nutrients on a vegetarian diet?
  168. Soup and yogurt diet?
  169. Autarky Puppy food How much to give 10 week old Springer Spaniel?
  170. how much should i feed my dog now?
  171. Raw (BARF) Feeding Dogs, where to buy food in Melbourne Australia?
  172. Why wont my dog let her puppies feed?
  173. can i return a hamster to the pet store?
  174. what do you think about my diet? any input will be graciously accepted and...
  175. i am on a Clear Liquid diet for 3 days....and ?
  176. Im on a diet and beginning to worry about left over skin HELP??!!?
  177. if i ate nothing but pinto beans, oranges and apples will i lose weight without
  178. What should I feed my dog?
  179. Evening workout and nutrition?
  180. Is it Okay if I get Guppies From Two Different Pet Stores a Week Apart?
  181. i weigh about 268 i want to lose 40 pounds. i tried everything in the book diet
  182. Would pet stores prekill mice/rats?
  183. i am 14 years old and i need a diet plan an eady 1 with fast results?
  184. What should be my motivation and drive to lose weight and diet? (ring dance)?
  185. If I diet with orange juice and m&ms will that work?
  186. im 6 feet tall, weight 230 and am heavy built...will high fiber diet allow me to
  187. Dieting and working out..?
  188. What do you think about exercise and nutrition?
  189. When I buy a rabbit from a pet store am I supposed to receive a birth certificate?
  190. What is a hardy fancy goldfish type? Is it okay to buy one at a pet store like Petco?
  191. How many times in a day should I feed my dog when she just had a litter...
  192. What is the best brand of dog food for a small dog?
  193. Im on a 1200 calorie diet and having hard time?
  194. Good diet plan and need help?
  195. What pet store in the US sells ants?
  196. What should I feed my dog?
  197. Diets and nutrition help?
  198. What is the name brand and what are the nutrition facts for the new low calorie
  199. I'm starting P90x and i would like to know a good nutrition plan/diet ?
  200. How much per day should I feed my senior dog?
  201. List the dog food brands from best to worst! Easy 2 points maybe even 10 points!?
  202. How to optimize weight loss with diet and excercise (with little regard to health)?
  203. i need a good workout and diet ? 13 ! please help .?
  204. Please list the dog food brands from best to worst?
  205. can a person feed there pet dog only vegetablz to save other animalz?
  206. Why are syrian hamsters hard to find in pet stores?!?
  207. If you mix Mentos and Diet Coke, would it actually explode?
  208. Morning cardio, nutrition, and timing?
  209. im 15 and need a healthy diet plan that works...?
  210. I need to lose weight By summer! what kind of diet should i go on? and how many
  211. What's the difference between diet coke and coke zero?
  212. i am on a clear liquid diet for 3 days and ....?
  213. Best pet store in Eastern Mass for Gold Fish?
  214. What Northern Kentucky pet store sells Golden (Syrian) hamsters?
  215. How to lose weight fast? Tips in addition to diet and exercises..?
  216. Hi , i am 15 years old i am 4ft 10 and i need to loose weight ,i don't want to...
  217. Is a dog food bowl a wheel and axle simple machine?
  218. My cat cannot keep any food down?
  219. What type of dog food do you feed your dog?
  220. 15 moth boxer. gets sick every 3 days going on 4 weeks now. had bllod work don, all
  221. MY dog has some health problems can you tell me what they are.?
  222. Is NZ sphagnum moss safe for my pet frogs?
  223. does my diet really matter if i wan`t be an gymnast and martial artist?
  224. Can my diabetic cat still eat dry food?
  225. Raw Dog Food Diet for puppy?
  226. what is premium vs commercial dog food?
  227. Does anyone know a good all natural dog food for dogs with allergies?
  228. Does this sound like GOOD/HEALTHY dog food?
  229. What dog food is comparable to Eukanuba senior at a lower price?
  230. Dog health question please?
  231. Adult cat eat kitten food?
  232. Trupanion pet insurance for kitty?
  233. Prescription dog food, is it really safe?
  234. What is the best diet pill that is safe and works and I could buy at any GNC?
  235. Is Evo Red Meat Small bites okay for smaller dogs?
  236. who's responsible for a dog biting another dog at a kennel.?
  237. how can i get my dog to stop biting his leash on walks?
  238. my two dogs want eat any of there food what should i do?
  239. How does my teen daughter start a dog walking business?
  240. What's a healthier [diet] breakfast than oatmeal and orange juice?
  241. For those of you that play pet society (facebook game)?
  242. What is the best dog food for shih tzu puppies?
  243. Would adding bread and stuff back in my diet cause me to gain alot of weight?
  244. I accidentally changed my dogs food!?
  245. Is it bad to give a dog wet food everyday?
  246. Do they have Cockatiels @ Vaughan Mills Safari pet store?
  247. Diet And fitness Routine?
  248. Does the Megan Fox Workout and Diet Work?
  249. when can i take my dog for walks again?
  250. How many calories do you eat per day?