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  1. Sick Puppy
  2. Do dogs like people food the best?
  3. puppy problem
  4. Urination problem with my dog?
  5. Can I give treats to my puppy?
  6. My dog has this ear problem.?
  7. New pembroke welsh corgi puppy owner. Can someone outline the training classes for
  8. When my dog goes to a clump of grass his ear starts getting problems?
  9. Problems walking my dog?
  10. Puppy--frequent colorless, odorless, urine.?
  11. Why do White people always like feeding their dogs "yummy" dog food, instead of
  12. Dog problems,,,keeping them out of my yard?
  13. Giving a dog food and water at the same time?
  14. What human food can Dogs eat? ( List )?
  15. What is the healthiest dog food brand?
  16. Recipes for homemade dog food?
  17. my puppy is limping :[?
  18. what is the best brand for FLEA CONTROL medicine for DOGS?
  19. Dog problem... My Shih Tzu is itching. Redness of skin. Help?
  20. How can we stop puppy mills?
  21. what kind of food do people in non-western countries feed their dogs?
  22. what do i do if my dog has been bitten by another dog if i have no ride to vet?
  23. i think my dog might have a problem?!?!?
  24. Can I give my dog medicine when she is in heat?
  25. How long until a puppy is sure footed on all fours?
  26. Dog problem please help?
  27. why can't dogs eat cat food?
  28. Dog throws up yellow bile bc he's hungry, any food suggestions?
  29. i just got a new dog and we are having some problems at night time?
  30. where can i get a blue pitbull puppy- female.?
  31. my dog has a problem with other dogs...?
  32. Is it ok to let my dog eat cat food?
  33. Dog creating relationship problems?
  34. Dog food preference ?
  35. What are the prices for Banfield Pet Hospitals?
  36. What will my dog's puppies look like?
  37. Problem with dog and potty-training/marking?
  38. Is there a medicine or lotion or something that kills 100% of ticks on dogs?
  39. if a pet store told you the puppies where from a mill?
  40. my dog won't eat, and can't take pain meds without food. just spayed?
  41. Does my dog have some kind of problem?
  42. Dog is vomiting and has red diarrhea, what could be wrong?
  43. My Dog is an 8 year old black lab and my family would like to breed her.?
  44. When do puppies stop being boring sleep machines and start acting like puppies?
  45. I have a problem...adult dog or puppy ?
  46. My dog has a water problem...?
  47. Pitbull/american bulldog puppy to small?
  48. HELP! Out of control puppy!?
  49. how do i convince my mom to let me get a puppy!?
  50. Urination problem with my dog? Need advice?
  51. My dog loves cat food, should I give it to him?
  52. I have a puppy only about 1 year, and she seemes depressed?! What should i do?!?!?
  53. Dog behavioral problems?
  54. I got a doberman puppy and I think the people i bought her from messed up her tail ?
  55. Dog is quivering, vomiting and has had chronic diarrhea all day. Vet not .?
  56. Could my dog be having allergy problems?
  57. Is it alright for my dog to eat cat food?
  58. what food should i get for my dog?
  59. My dog has a bad rash and i dont know what's the problem?
  60. My dog just puked, had diarrhea and peed cold pee?
  61. What are others opinions on wags dog food?
  62. My dog has social problems!?
  63. How to get a 4 yr old and a yr and half old dog to get along?
  64. Puppy neutering and shots?
  65. DOG FOOD HELP Please read!?
  66. Veterinarian questions?
  67. Puppies and young children?
  68. Question About Adopting a Puppy?
  69. My dog has a penis infection?
  70. What breed is this dog?
  71. When can I start breeding my dog?
  72. Hamster: Is she ill sould i take her to the vet?
  73. VETERINARIANS AND VET TECHS: Does potassium citrate increase or DECREASE the
  74. What is the most adorable puppy?
  75. Looking for a unique cute puppy name?
  76. If I don't have a college degree can I take the CVT exam after working 4160
  77. Which dog breed should we get?
  78. dog snorts and has trouble breathing when he gets excited. vet said it was...
  79. how much does a vet bill cost?
  80. Toxoplasmosis. Impact of the disease on health and welfare of the animal?
  81. ! year old dog. All of its shots?
  82. Would it be unreasonable to vet check a rescue horse...?
  83. Dog Breed ????????????????????????
  84. Been fostering a puppy from 2 months to 6 months old. will she be sad when she...
  85. dog section: I'm back remember me??? Puppy Love?? -read description real question-?
  86. 2 Year Old Dog Barking in Crate at Night?
  87. What type of breed of dogs are these?
  88. Any war Vets, care to explain there experiences?
  89. How long could a 3 month old puppy stay home alone for?
  90. long haired dog & short hair furminator?
  91. Health and workout questions?
  92. Is there any way for me to start working as an assistant for a vet?
  93. How much do golden retriever puppies cost?
  94. What breed is this puppy?
  95. If you are a veterinarian, PLEASE answer?
  96. My 8 week old pitbull puppy has blue around his eyes?is that normal?
  97. New Rescue Dog. Advice needed from dog owners!?
  98. Do you agree that early socialisation and upbringing has more of an effect on...
  99. i just got a dog from pets' shop. He's teacup chihuahua, and probably about
  100. What breed of dog should I get? Read description.?
  101. getting chinese shar pei dog 1.5 years old fixed?
  102. another dog breeding question?
  103. Girl dogs names that aren't stupid?
  104. If I found a tattooed dog....?
  105. what is the best human food to give a dog?
  106. how do i stop my puppy from doing this?
  107. Can I train as a veterinary nurse in France?
  108. What's the ideal room temperature for a puppy to sleep in?
  109. Can a pregnant dog eat kitten food?
  110. Maltese dogs, answer a few questions about them...?
  111. In order to get into vet school, what courses should I take?
  112. What is a dog breed that would fit this description?
  113. my dog has yellow puss looking stuff coming out her private is this an infection?
  114. Vaccines for 10 month old dog?
  115. Male Border Collie puppy being bossy?
  116. I ask this question in women health but no one there to answer?
  117. I have a 3 year old yorkie who has luxating patellas on both back legs and i will...
  118. I feed my dogs orijen food... Is it as good as it seems?
  119. I don't know how to get a bf. How do you vet a bf?
  120. STILL having trouble coming up with a dog name?
  121. What Breed Dog do I have? (pics)?
  122. what should i name my dog?
  123. 9 yr old dog is bleeding heavily during heat?
  124. Just had my puppy spayed, Recovery questions?
  125. Can you be lots of Vet specialties?
  126. What breed is this dog?
  127. What Kind of Puppy is This?
  128. My dog has a skin infection?
  129. Any Vets or Vet nurses out there?
  130. What is the toughest dog toy?
  131. Dog keeps taking things from puppy?
  132. Is there any way i can get a head start on my veterinary studies?
  133. Questions on becoming a veterinarian ?
  134. Are small breed dogs supposed to have 8 or 10 nipples?
  135. Need advice on Soapless shampoo dog batheing.?
  136. My puppy growls at my baby?
  137. A question for UK mums about health visitors?
  138. My dog's 3 years old now and won't leave my cat alone, why?!?
  139. How do you change the breed of the dog in Fable 3?
  140. What breed is my dog?
  141. Help my puppy please. she wont drink water!!!?
  142. what is the name of the black and red dog on pokemon lake online?
  143. Dog breeds suitable for our lifestyle/budget?
  144. What would be a good name for a Pomeranian puppy?
  145. box turtle free vet help?
  146. Recommend a small dog breed that fits the following requirements...?
  147. What is a goos name for my pit puppy?
  148. Impact of the disease on health and welfare of the animal? I dont get that question?
  149. 2 month old dog cant walk help pleaseeee?
  150. French bulldog x pitbull puppies?
  151. How Can I Train My Dog?
  152. What are the dog breeding laws in orange county california?
  153. Would a vet take on a non-veterinary student looking for experience...
  154. why does my puppy keep barking?
  155. Kansas State University Vet School Early Admission Program?
  156. Is the major I have decided right for me? I want to become a Wildlife Veterinarian?
  157. Should I take my cat the the vet/emergency?
  158. what are the best colleges in london if i want to be a vet?
  159. can anyone recommend a vet in the Santander or St Jean de Luz (france) area to
  160. how do you train a lab puppy to be a guard dog?
  161. embarrassing womens health question....help freaking out?
  162. my cat may have done damage to his stitches after ear hematoma surgery?...
  163. Girly puppy names!!!???!?
  164. what can i do in highschool to get ready for become a vet assistant?
  165. My puppy chews everything BUT his chew toys?
  166. dog kennels in inverclyde/greenock for work experience -- scotland.uk?
  167. Health Question(: Please answer??!!?
  168. Has anyone graduated from the Veterinary Technician program through Penn Foster ?
  169. my 6month old staff has been sick 2day, for the 1st time but it was a green/yellow...
  170. Why is my dog losing her hair?
  171. My dog is 8 months old and will not learn!?
  172. DS: Spayed 3 year old dog *nesting*?
  173. Where do they groom dogs in mobile service?
  174. "D" Dog name please!?
  175. i live in monaca and i go to the Brady's run vet hospital?
  176. i have A 10 week old puppy I have had her since she was 5 weeks and I have
  177. Redness on my puppy's nose- please help!?
  178. How do I know if my female guinea pig is pregnant? But can take to a vet.?
  179. Life insurance for 15,000 or more...for someone 65 or older..no health questions.?
  180. my dog farts and has diarrhea?
  181. question about penis health (serious)?
  182. Between 8to10year old dog growling?
  183. What is a good name for a dog?
  184. Becoming a Veterinarian?
  185. whats wrong with my puppy?
  186. Why do the majority of the least intelligent dog breeds have flat faces?
  187. Are tea cup dogs due to bad breeding?
  188. why isn't my puppy as caring and loving as other dogs?
  189. my dog has mad diarrhea please help?
  190. After treatment for heartworms a dog MUST be kept on HW preventative. Is this true?
  191. Snake Vets in Pasadena Texas?
  192. Question about night light and health!?
  193. Dog with yeast infection?
  194. my dog got hit by a car friday night and died. i need some advice.?
  195. Does my dog have lymphoma cancer?
  196. 2 1/2 month old health question?
  197. Are there any stores that sell packaged raw food diets for dogs?
  198. What courses do I have to take to be a vet?
  199. What does it take become a vet tech?
  200. Health question 20 points in correct!?
  201. Is this a good speech for why my dog is my favourite creature ? advice needed...
  202. Question about mental health and improvement?
  203. How should i cancel a vet appointment that i didnt really need anyways, and
  204. What are the High School class requirements for the University of Florida;...
  205. May a canine Staph infection trigger Uveitis in my dog?
  206. Do you know a good pet health insurance?
  207. Flea shampoo that wont hurt my dogs skin?
  208. Numerous Veterinary Technician questions?
  209. Is there such thing as a Veterinarian Major in Marine Biology?
  210. Veterinarian! PLEASE HELP!I don't have $400 for a split toe nail!(Dog La...
  211. Will physics or Maths be definitely needed to get into veterinary university?
  212. besides medication are there any other ways to prevent seizures in dogs (epilepsy)?
  213. Why do vets leave the sac when they neuter?
  214. My 3 year old dog loves to lick me!?
  215. My dog has a lot of loose stool and is vomiting some. Should I hold off on
  216. Help with becoming a veterinarian?
  217. Health questions please help?
  218. Bad Vets?????? What's your opinion?
  219. Has anyone received their degree as a Veterinary Assistant from U.S. Career
  220. I'm trying to find an army veterinarian I had when I was stationed in Korea...?
  221. Possesive Dog - Need Advice?
  222. Health questions, Help?
  223. Spiritually speaking: What's the most you would pay a veterinarian to save
  224. why do the mental health forces and police forces of the UK question my sanity?
  225. Need tips on how to deal with senior dog's separation anxiety?
  226. Advice on PoodleXYorkie Dogs (not mine landlords)?
  227. Why is my dog pooping, peeing and vomiting?
  228. 15 year old girl, personal health question?
  229. My dogs hair is changing colors...?
  230. Nutrition promotion good health?
  231. health and social care envioroment questions about hazards and risks !!!?
  232. why wont my dog eat. he had worms and i gave him medicine and now he would eat?
  233. Does anyone know of charity vet organization that provides free pet care for
  234. Should i get a puppy or an older dog?
  235. Where can I get articles about Veterinarians?
  236. Health and good nutrition?
  237. Health Safety, being pregnant and having a pet ball python?
  238. Health question I guess?? ?
  239. My puppy cries LOUDLY and barks when im not in her sight -?
  240. Looking for information on owning a dog?
  241. a question about health insurance?
  242. how long does it take for food to be digested in a puppies stomach?
  243. What are some tips to caring for my new dog?
  244. Why do people say grains are not a good part of a dogs diet?
  245. Is it time to put my dog down. I have a fifteen year old chow mix that keeps...
  246. CAT ATTACKED BY DOG....cant bring to vets till morning?
  247. my dogs skin has a smell to it no hair onhis back side red skin?
  248. I'm looking for a good dog shampoo or homemade recipe that won't make my...
  249. My dog has blood in her diarrhea n has sence 2 nights ago do i need to take her
  250. My dog has a lump on her side. If it is cancer and she needs surgery, what