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  1. What's veterinary surgery in German?
  2. which are the most timid and coward dog breeds?
  3. My dog destroys all of his toys.?
  4. how to house train a dog ?
  5. what's wrong with my dog's behavior?
  6. Health question, can you check my answers?
  7. tips on maltese dogs please read info?
  8. I want to be a veterinarian. What school should i go to in or near chicago?
  9. If all dogs are descended from wolves, why are there so many different...
  10. which is the best dog name?
  11. Does renters insurance cover an accidential dog bit?
  12. I am looking for a toy/teacup hypoallergenic dog! Please help ASAP! ?
  13. why do dogs with chronic kidney failure shake?
  14. just one health question?
  15. Question about pursuing veterinary education in college.?
  16. How do you get health care for your dog that will cover existing problems?
  17. question on dog behavior?
  18. is it necessary to give an indoor dog heartworm medicine?
  19. what breed is my dog?
  20. How should i name my german shepherd puppy?
  21. Changes in my dogs behavior?
  22. My dog is really sick. He is throwing up, has diarrhea, very lethargic and will
  23. can i shift from veterinary medicine to BS Biology?
  24. What's the cheapest dog food with meat first?
  25. What are some really good puppy names?
  26. How do I positively train my dog?
  27. 14 month old dog peed in my bedroom?
  28. We sold a puppy to this lady, but have not received payment as promised? We only
  29. A question about mental health and becoming law enforcement or purchasing a weapon.?
  30. Dog Problems please help?
  31. what is koehler dog training method ?
  32. Health Information Technology jobs have insurance coverage?
  33. What are some online colleges to become a vet?
  34. raw diet, what if my dog doesnt eat any organs, is that bad?
  35. Maltese Dog- Can cataracts look like a lense without a blue or a white...
  36. I have a 5 year old heeler dog and I need help with training and help on ideas on
  37. Can I have expert dog advice for persistant dog!?
  38. Health question need help?
  39. my friends small dog just ate a WHOLE tray of brownies & they can't take...
  40. Veterinary nursing training?
  41. Do Dog Owners ever lie to insurance companies?
  42. How Much Does A Reptile Vet Charge For A Regular Visit In New York?
  43. why is my dog larthic and vomiting?
  44. I'm looking to get a dog and I need to know what sort of breed I should look for.?
  45. My Dog got spaid and she's peeing every where? What's her problem?
  46. MY DOG has Margin dermatosis "HELP" said veterinary?
  47. What classes would be good to take in college before going into Veterinary Medicine?
  48. My dog is in heat. Do I remove toys to discourage a phantom pregnancy?
  49. Palliative care of an older dog?
  50. Help Serious Health Question!!!!!?
  51. advice please i have court for dog license?
  52. If my friend ran over an old lady's lap dog and kept going, as a passenger...
  53. Need puppy name ideas!?
  54. Veterinary Technicians in New York, help!?
  55. Can dogs sense eathquakes and other natural disasters?
  56. my dog is 7 years old and just started pulling her hair out?
  57. My bunny is lethargic after a visit to the vet?
  58. Health Information Technology vs.Respiratory Therapy?
  59. Urgent unknown medical problem in a young dog?
  60. If I make an appointment today for the veterinarian for today, will I be charged for
  61. does lyme disease give dogs diarrhea?
  62. Veterinary Technician questions?
  63. Training a dog to NOT sleep in the bed(answer this 1 and not the other1 I
  64. dog bag or dog kennel? and another question.?
  65. Best dog food to feed my Maltese?
  66. Normal behavior for a dog while pooping?
  67. Why doesnt my dog eat dog food?
  68. Why does my dog whine whenever I squeak his chew toy?
  69. Dog breeds good for allergies?
  70. how do you train your dog not to bite everything?
  71. Dog has Pancreatitis. How do I get her to eat?
  72. Dog is itching and has tiny scabs. Are they from flea bites?
  73. Veteran's Book Payment Plan (VET)?
  74. is Nutro Natural Choice a Good quality dog food?
  75. Qx abt Dog with Arthritis?
  76. Obama health insurance question!! Please help!?
  77. What options should i take if i want a career in Veterinary?
  78. Are there any schools in Manhattan with Pre-Veterinary courses?
  79. how do we start a dog kennel? any help?
  80. UQ Vet Science??? Entry?
  81. what dogs do not shed hair?
  82. What area of interest does Vet fall under?
  83. how old do dogs live?
  84. How to train your dog to roll over?
  85. what is the best type of dog for a 5 yr old kid?
  86. Should i feed my large breed puppy rice?
  87. Can you help me with a few health questions?
  88. When breeding dogs, when in year do they come into heat and can you control that?
  89. Im going to have chihuahua and jack russel mixed puppies, can they be sold?
  90. Ok so thus is a personal health question?
  91. LSU undergraduate Pre-veterinary science program?
  92. What are colleges that offer both Criminal Justice(Law) and Veterinary...
  93. OMG - dog food? Did you know how bad it actually is??!?!?
  94. My dog have a mole but is became a red color it was a clear color . This
  95. how do i train my dog not to bite footwear?
  96. I need help with my puppy! Help?
  97. I need advice! I'm pregnant and my dog is acting up! Help please!?
  98. Disabled Employee with Chronic Health Problems Question?
  99. what is the commercial with mechanics holding toy dogs?
  100. How to fix my dog's behaviors.?
  101. Help me name my puppy?
  102. How to change a dogs hair color?
  103. my dog wont stop following my nine year old daughter all of a suden?
  104. Mental Health Question?
  105. Is it a good idea to feed my dog soft food one day every week and feed him hard...
  106. what is dog food???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  107. How do you stitch up a dog toy?
  108. is a pitch black dog, with white hairs coming out of his ears and a small white
  109. My Dog ate around 14 ibuprofen, the vet made her throw up but 3 days later...
  110. how can i get a degree in dog training?
  111. Suitable toys to leave a dog alone with?
  112. My dog has diarrhea, what can I do about it?
  113. need help find a store name.....the store will be selling health things like...
  114. Can I dye my chow's hair black and white like a panda(panda dog) or is that
  115. Is my Australian Cattle Dog's behavior normal?
  116. Looking for a puppy for free in tx near corpus or tilden or mathis ?
  117. What dog can I get that is lazy, calm, not-so-energentic, toy dog?
  118. why are demesticated dogs pron to mental problems?
  119. what does 4-H and FAA mean if you are trying to become a Veterinary specialists?
  120. what is the stuffing in dog toys made from?
  121. Kids toy in the 90's? A toy dog that would talk along with set of vhs movies?
  122. Where to find veterinary pet food cheaper than in vet clinics, in Montreal or...
  123. When all the vets come back with 10 years in the shiz to no jobs and a
  124. What is the best large breed dog for backpacking?
  125. help! this lady keeps her puppy in a small box and rarly lets him out, and
  126. Persuasive essay question on Autism/Health Care?
  127. What Do You Give Your Dog That Keeps It Healthy?
  128. Maltese Dog- Can cataracts look like a lense without a blue or a white...
  129. I would like to know what it is to study to become a veterinarian?
  130. My dog just had 5 puppies?
  131. my puppy is food aggressive towards our other dogs.?
  132. My dog has a really bad skin problem, also those who have used Itch no more?
  133. why do dogs hide their toys in shoes?
  134. My dog has a ear infection?
  135. pictures of a dog breed?
  136. Dog Modeling Advice...? Model Help?
  137. Will my 7 year old female dog survive Parvovirus?
  138. My Dog Doesn't eat his Advanced Puppy Nutrition biscuits but will eat Canned
  139. I have a lot of questions about Health Insurance!?
  140. name of a movie about knights fighting one had dogs that helped him also on
  141. what are some nice dog names?
  142. Can someone help me picking out a name for my dog?
  143. Dog has Bone Cancer in his leg?
  144. i need to know if there are any veterinary clinics?
  145. My dog ate some nut(s)? Advice!?
  146. Which dog food do I feed my dogs?
  147. strange health question?
  148. Ds:dogs natural diet was raw,but now we feed kibble why?
  149. My dog just had diarrhea. What do i do?
  150. How do figure out if my dog had been poisoned or if he is just getting old?
  151. training a dog to NOT sleep in the bed?
  152. What is the best dry dog food for a elderly dog with sore teeth?
  153. My vet said my pitbull puppy bones grown to fast that's why front legs messed up?
  154. What can an old sea dog offer you as a thank you gift?
  155. I was thinking about the name Broccoli for the next dog I get, what do you think?
  156. What medicine should I give my dog? ?
  157. What breed would go well with my dog?
  158. what should i do about my dog's health?
  159. does anyone have any cute dog names cute dog names?
  160. Can anyone tell me of a community college that has an associates degree...
  161. 4 week old puppy has no mommy what to feed her?
  162. Is it healthy to drink dog blood?
  163. Wee trained dog keeps weeing after moving?-Help?
  164. Who was the greatest vet in 1977 ?
  165. Different between Veterinary degrees?
  166. Veterinary colleges in USA Referred Pa?
  167. How to train my dog to stop being over protective?
  168. I have a border collie puppy.is she sick?
  169. Dog flea shampoo recommendations?
  170. What breed is my dog?
  171. My Dog is Dying, I don't have anymore money to pay vet. What do I do?
  172. Train a 45 pound dog to use a potty patch or litter box?!?
  173. Is there such a thing as a "toy" chow dog and could someone be able to breed one?
  174. Math Problem!! [My Three Dogs]?
  175. is dog food really hazardous for human consumption?
  176. Men's Health Questions About Puberty and Maturity, Can you guys answer?
  177. Constantly (almost OCD) worrying over pets (2 rats) health?
  178. is it natural for a 2 week old dog to be humping your arrm?
  179. leash training for a dog with fast pace?
  180. Loss of weight, vomiting, fever & lock jaw on dogs what disease would it be?
  181. my dog is registered with german club can i transfer papers to kennel club?
  182. If I get a certificate of good health for my dog to travel will I be able to...
  183. My dog is pregnant what supplies do i need?
  184. Ideas on how to train the dogs not to bust out the door when it's time to go potty?
  185. What to do if my dog, has a bladder infection?
  186. My dog is sick with loose stools and little vomiting please help?
  187. My dog has a weird infection...?
  188. how do u pay the bank back on pet vet?
  189. Cheap Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles/Peters/Louis, MO?
  190. Problem with my male dogs penis?
  191. Health question! im scared!?
  192. Dogs??? Bichon Frise??Maltese?? Help!?
  193. Does insurance cover accidents involving cars and dogs?
  194. How much Blue Buffalo dog food should I feed my dog?
  195. What do you think of my dogs? Are they cute? Are they healthy?
  196. what type of dog food should I feed my puppy?
  197. My dog will not 'go' outside even though i was told she was house trained?
  198. My puppy is gone what can I do?
  199. I would like to be a vet? (Please read)?
  200. Which names do you like better for a dog?[click]?
  201. When I'm in the Men's health section and ask a question, why do girls answer...
  202. What dog breed should I get?
  203. Mmy dog losses her hair around a butt every summer why?
  204. Good name ideas for dog?
  205. what type of kidney problem could my dog have?
  206. What are some good tips for first time dog owners?
  207. If i am temporarily residing with my in laws, and their dog attacked me,
  208. Puppy Mills? I need another one for my paper?
  209. Can anyone explain this odd dog behavior?
  210. What is the name of a breed of dogs that look like hyenas?
  211. where can i find a holiday in the uk that allows 6 dogs?
  212. does anyone have pet health insurance?
  213. Need a good topic/question for my post-grad research in Occupational Health and
  214. Dog's strange behaviour. Any ideas?
  215. Migraine? Health question?
  216. how to control my dogs antisocial behaviour?
  217. whats the maximum age to breed my dog?
  218. how old should my dog be to stud?
  219. What are some tips from protecting the outside dogs from the cold?
  220. What do you need to breed dogs in Ohio?
  221. Is this normal behavior for this dog breed?
  222. question regarding some medicine my dog got from the vet?
  223. I have a 15yr old sheltie with mass in her eyes, neck and behind, the vet says
  224. Remedies for a dog's urinary tract infection?
  225. I have a 7 year old husky/lab mix dog.?
  226. Mens sexual health question?
  227. i'm going for my mental health nursing interview what questions will i be asked ?
  228. Blind dog with Incontinence problem moving into apartments!?
  229. Can any one remember a toy dog and it was called matrix..?
  230. Does anyone have any experience with their dog having seizures? Any
  231. what brand of dog food is best for a 2 yr old shorkie?
  232. How harnful are pesticides to health, ant/ spider sprays, antex ect to humans and
  233. In breeding dogs, what equipment is used to assist the male in mounting the female?
  234. Will this food be OK to feed to my dog?
  235. Dog Bladder Infection...?
  236. Do you think a dog is happier with shaggy long hair or trimmed hair?
  237. are there dog kennels near Warbrook House and Grange?
  238. Dog breed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  239. Does anybody have any tips to remove dried dog smegma from my walls at home?
  240. Rescue Dog Advice....?
  241. How to house train a dog who hates the cold?
  242. Does my 14 year old dog have old timers?
  243. If you own a toy breed dog like Chihuahua please tell me how your dog reacts at
  244. Dog suddenly acting strange to puppy?
  245. How many days will the rabies symptoms show up if i was bitten by a
  246. home made dog toys and methods?
  247. Vet Assistant or Vet Tech?
  248. Dog maybe sick. Need advice?
  249. Has anyone tried this new dog training course?
  250. what is the easiest dog to train?