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  1. POLL: Would you wear a sweater made completely out of dog hair?
  2. How do I prepare the Mum for the departure of her puppies?
  3. Interview for veterinarians?
  4. My dog has a Yeast Ear Infection....?
  5. need advice on registered dogs?
  6. Vet Nursing, How do I Get In ?
  7. Why do I always vet the hoes, sluts, strippers, freaks and sometimes escorts. Do I
  8. shampoo/conditioner for frequent dog baths?
  9. Is there any link between any PLC courses for veterinary nursing and the vet....
  10. Question about this dog?advice?
  11. Convinced my parents to get a dog, i need help finding one!?
  12. Question about better quality of health care ... America or Canada ?
  13. My german shephard puppies are shy, is this normal?
  14. Help with puppy! Fell, and can't breathe!?
  15. Should i cut remove the hair in my dogs ears?
  16. Nursing or Health Information Management?
  17. i have a health question?
  18. what do you brush your puppies teeth with?
  19. question about the new health insurance law for up to 26 years old?
  20. I Have a dog that is a year old and chewed a hold the size of a tennis ball?
  21. who can i call for veterinary advice about my fish ASAP?
  22. pet insurance HELP for my dog x?
  23. Everytime I go on vacation my dog gets sick...I am about to leave, any suggestions...
  24. Advice on getting a dog please?
  25. Who remade the song "Hair of the dog" by Nazerath in the late 80`s or early 90`s?
  26. My year old dog won't stop nursing on a new addition...?
  27. Any Other Resources for Veterinary Help?
  28. question about health coverage in CT?
  29. my dog had diarrhea every 2-4 weeks for a couple of days.?
  30. What causes an old dog to do this...?
  31. My 13 yr old Dog was recently diagnosed with early stages of Renal Disease?
  32. Are u a veterinarian?
  33. If you were going to read an article about pets or veterinary medicine, what would
  34. Dog has dry skin and hair loss on ears and only ears?
  35. Why is my dogs hair thinning?
  36. Does my dog look more like a maltese terrier or Shi Tzu?
  37. Can dogs get colds and is there any medicine that can help?
  38. Why dont my cats and puppy get along?
  39. Is it possible for a dog to grow up healthy if she is taken from her mother too soon?
  40. Animal/Veterinary Low Cost Dental Care in New York or New Jersey?
  41. Oklahoma State University or Texas A & M for veterinarian school?
  42. advice for jogging with my dog/dogs?
  43. How much can a dog feel in tip of ear?
  44. My dog HAD bloody diarrhea, but now has frequent urrination and hasnt gone poop in...
  45. Help Serious Health Question!!!!!?
  46. Dog vomiting, diarrhea with blood, and heavy panting?
  47. Summarize when covered entities may release protected health information?
  48. 1 health question please...I really need help quick!!!?
  49. Health and Fitness questions?
  50. Health question if your good and smart in health please tell me whats wrong!!!?
  51. Night Elf-Druid Health Question?
  52. Discuss the principles that permit disclosure of protected health information
  53. Why are there so many americans asking health questions on Yahoo Answers?
  54. my dog has diarrhea blood and loosing wait?
  55. Impact of Anthrax/Rabies on an animal's health and welfare?
  56. What would cause seizures in little dogs?
  57. Activia health question?
  58. Health Question About Vitamins?
  59. Why is my Dog Vomiting so Much?
  60. I am currently in my first semester at Penn Foster. I am taking Health...
  61. Health question, chest pain?
  62. health question plz help?
  63. Health true or false question.?
  64. Please help with some health questions :)?
  65. Advice for first time dog owners?
  66. Problem in America: do dogs have more rights than gays?
  67. my dog eats stuff toys is that normal?
  68. why is my dog peeing inside after being house-trained for weeks?
  69. my vet in germany has given rabisin to my cat she says its a four year
  70. If your older dog is acting depressed because you brought a new puppy home,?
  71. Question about private health insurance?
  72. Do you think the Vets of Iraq and afghanistan?
  73. Can the vet tell if I used the Q-tip method on my cat. I don't want them to...
  74. I think my dog has a psychological problem, biting itself, help!?
  75. I'm debating on taking my dog to the vet for shots, my friend said he knows a...
  76. Can puppies fart? Mine just did....?
  77. Help!!! I need to cool down my puppy?
  78. old dog and new dog doesnt get along with eachother?
  79. A few questions about mental health/psychiatric nursing please answer :)?
  80. When a dog has worms does it have diarrhea as well?
  81. question about online dog grooming schools?
  82. Dog hair everywhere and its getting on my nerves?
  83. Can Boxer/lab mix dogs breed with mini dachshund dogs?
  84. Help with Health Insurance Question for Pre- Existing Condition?
  85. Question about a health certificate?
  86. My male dog has drops of blood coming from the tip of his penis?
  87. average salary of an avian veterinarian? schooling required?
  88. Found a couple of fleas on my dog - best treatment/preventative?
  89. Does the cold affect a dogs ear infection?
  90. Large Breed Puppies and High Protien?
  91. how can i stop my dog's bad behavior?
  92. dog behaviour problems?
  93. my pup is recovering at home after 6 days @ the vets with parvo?
  94. 1 health question please...I really need help quick!!!?
  95. My Chihuahuas eyes have been swollen for about a month and half now. The vet
  96. Why my old dog is eating my plant?
  97. My husband and I are considering cropping out pittbull puppy's ears. He found a
  98. my dog has a problem?
  99. Can anybody recommend a good puppy/obedience classes in Austin, TX?
  100. What GCSE's do i need to become a veterinary surgeon?
  101. whats the cost of maintaining a puppy?
  102. what is the best thing to do with a old dog that has been abused very badly?
  103. Why did my dogs grey and auburn hair grow back black with a different texture?
  104. I need help with some health questions!!?
  105. im scared to take my rat to the vets, what should i do?
  106. If you had a German Shepherd and Doberman puppy what...?
  107. Is my 8-month lab old puppy gonna lose his life?
  108. health question whats wrong?
  109. Health question!!! Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  110. Good "A" names for a female dog?! Or any names - help please!! :)?
  111. What is the cheapest vets office in corpus christi?
  112. How to control my dogs behavior?
  113. um, 2 year old dog troubles?
  114. where can i find a suffed dog?
  115. Veterinary Pathology?
  116. i need to find a vet who can see my dog and will accept payments in the seattle
  117. my dog is potty trained but as soon as i leave to go some wherehe pees
  118. 12 year old question about puberty.Mens health?
  119. i need some veterinarian help?
  120. please answer my medical health question?
  121. when do you find out if a dog is pregnant?
  122. How do i house train my dogs in 2 weeks?
  123. which dog breed is the best mix or pure?
  124. what is the best college of veterinary medicine in California?
  125. Where can I find the pattern for the origami MAX dog of Heavy Rain?
  126. what type of dog should i get, looking for puppies?
  127. Can Some One Tell Me How To Train a dog to be a diabetic alert dog i have a 1 year...
  128. A question on the health risks of being in freezing water, more info...
  129. Does a 'Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information' ever expire?
  130. Which name is better for a bernese mountain dog?
  131. Steps in college to take to become a Veterinarian?
  132. is this dog i found pregnant?
  133. Sick rabbit, no vet access, what to do?
  134. yay more questions from my health homework about alcohol 10 points to the first...
  135. My rat has a ear infection what can I give him till I c a vet?
  136. Which of these Dog Breeds do you like best?
  137. Problems with my dog's leash!?
  138. got a good health question need help?
  139. Health question help?? Please? 10 points!!!! Promise.?
  140. Marijuana questions? health?
  141. are my puppies going to die??? pls help!!?
  142. Are there any vet techs out there?
  143. I do not have a pic of the dog that I need to know the breed of. It is a large...
  144. I can't find my internet card. what's the best way to figure out if the dog is
  145. Natural Remedies for Dog Worms?
  146. 3 quick questions about health?
  147. Old Video Game Commercial Featuring a Cartoon Kid and His Dog on an Alien Planet?
  148. if i have a boy puppy and a girl puppy will they breed when they grow up?
  149. Which Vet office in Findlay Ohio tends to be the cheapest?
  150. what breed of dog is it in the mad max 2 film?or is it a heinz 57?? thanks! :)?
  151. What are some legit places to work at 14-years-old? ( not walking dogs or anything
  152. What's your favorite name for a dog?
  153. PLEASE HELP, health question?
  154. puppy potty training ideas?
  155. Answer some of these health questions please. (8th grade health, drugs, body...
  156. I want to start dog breeding business?
  157. Is this normal dog behavior?
  158. What are some veterinary schools in the US and where can i find info on them?
  159. Health Information Tech?
  160. How should I pick a Vet Tech program?
  161. Dog behavior problems?
  162. DOG HELP 4 year old spayed female spotting blood in urine?
  163. information on baladrien health tablets?
  164. Questions about pre-natal care without health insurance?
  165. How much does it cost to vaccinate a puppy? And vet check etc?
  166. what is the breed of dog from the original mad max?
  167. what breed of dog is this?
  168. How to get dog hair off of my bed?
  169. 10 points for a health question!!!?
  170. i have an old dog figurine, i need to know the brand of this. some one please help!?
  171. i keep trying to ask my mom for a puppy . all i want is a little lap dog like...
  172. Is Alphonse a nice dog name?
  173. whitner and deoderizing dog shampoo?
  174. Will I be able to get into vet school (PSAT scores)?
  175. Dog not socialised as a puppy..?
  176. can i wash my dog with burt's bees shampoo?
  177. How much does a shih tzu puppy go for?
  178. Poll: Who is this gay dude named Joshua who is apparently engaged to a...
  179. Bought a dog, need advice?
  180. Medical health question please help.?
  181. Why si my dogs hair changeing colour?
  182. Weird dog behavior...please help?
  183. What dog breeds are best for my lifestyle?
  184. Puppy shar pei showing?
  185. hockey related dog names??? :)?
  186. Would it be animal abuse to leave my dog in his kennel for 8 hours?
  187. Where can I find a young adult greater swiss mountain dog?
  188. Strange condition in my cat vet can't diagnose, do you know?
  189. What breed of dog should I get my son that is good with children yet is small to
  190. there is a breed of cheweenie. it is a mix of a chiuiaua and a weener dog...
  191. What breed of dog is this? estimated age and gender?
  192. Who plays the waitress girl in he musi video maybe by sick puppies?
  193. why does my puppy wet inside?
  194. Can some one help with my puppy house training?
  195. What GCSEs do you need to study veterinary science?
  196. Veterinarians? Is This True?
  197. Should I take my pet rat back to the vet after 3 days on antibiotic seems to
  198. What should i name this puppy?
  199. My dog's claws are too long.The vet clipped them "as short as they could" can they
  200. Traveling with a puppy?
  201. should i go to italy and put the dogs in kennels or stay and holiday in
  202. How do I get my dog to allow me to brush her teeth? She's five years old.?
  203. what can i do now i took my dog to and old vet to get a shot but i am scared of...
  204. Introducing new puppy to older, existing dog...?
  205. My dog makes problem?
  206. What is the name for the area of colour above certain dogs eyes?
  207. Does anyone know the name of a new cartoon series with a guy and his dog in...
  208. Is there any animal group who will pay for corrective surgery on a dog for a...
  209. Help me name my new dog?
  210. Names for my new dog?
  211. My 2 year old son was attacked by my fathers dog 2 days ago...?
  212. isn't it coincidence that a female dog is a bitch and theres the old quote
  213. Allergy problem to dog?
  214. Need to know name of dog mouth cover thing?
  215. Older dog and puppy keep fighting, how can i stop it?
  216. What are some of the oldest dog breeds?
  217. What the best Flea and Tick preventative for dogs and the best heart worm...
  218. Female dog names . . .?
  219. Help.. my 11 year old dog with arthritis...?
  220. dog aggressive to other dogs 2 and a half year old lurcher from rescue...
  221. 10 year old dog falling over?
  222. What was this old '80s monster cartoon that featured a vampire dog, a
  223. Can I have some help naming my dog?
  224. Which dog? Doberman,German Shepherd, Golden Doodle, Old English Sheep dog, or a
  225. why does my old dog cough when she gets excited?
  226. would u rather adopt a puppy 6-8 weeks old or adopt a older dog like 1-12 years...
  227. i need help training a 3 months old pit bull around other small dogs.?
  228. What's a creative name to name a dog bakery?
  229. Problem with dog and new guinea pigs?
  230. Humilating, horrid time. dog problems?
  231. how do you house break a 4 year old stubborn dog?
  232. what will happen if i let my 4 year-old dog meet my 1 year-old cat?
  233. Dog names creative names?
  234. What was the name of the TV special about dogs and wolves?
  235. Guess the name of this dog?
  236. Wat should i name my dog?
  237. Possession Issues in oldest dog?
  238. Serkan ridge!! What is the name o fthe female dog in serkan ridge?!??!?!?
  239. question about my sisters health?
  240. repost what breeds do you see in this dog?
  241. Obama health insurance question!! Please help!?
  242. Very basic questions about US health insurance system?
  243. what breed is my new dog?
  244. what are names for male dotson dog?
  245. Best solution for a dog that sheds hair everywhere!?
  246. What are the... (Health Questions)?
  247. what's wrong with my dog's behavior?
  248. How can I get more protein into my dogs diet?
  249. I want to know everything that there is to know about health information
  250. What is a complete list of allergy symptoms to dogs?