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  1. I need advice on dog walking?
  2. Vet Techs; Do you make 'enough' money?
  3. How to handle inappropriate behavior when my dog sees another person or animal?
  4. My friends dog has an intestinal bacterial infection?
  5. Do vets need permission from the owner in their system to fax records of the pet...
  6. can you train a dog to get along with a -pot bellied pig or a potbellied pig to get
  7. Think of a few dogs names? Not stupid?
  8. Names for my nan's new dog?
  9. How much does my vet's office get paid to push DNA testing?
  10. my 2 month old weenie dog just got diagnosed with demodex mites :(?
  11. Behaviour question with my dog?
  12. What is a Good Dog Breeding Game?
  13. I got a 7 week old weenie dog.?
  14. Would it be unprofessional to mail/email my resume to all surrounding
  15. Happy Tuesday Dog Lovers III - Dog breeds, appearances and their purpose?
  16. Dog with Allergy Problems?
  17. womans health question?
  18. could I donate my kidney to my dog?
  19. In your community, which dog breed do you see most?
  20. Want to become a veterinarian, and I'm in high school. Advice?
  21. Dog food: Storage and amount bought?
  22. Where can I find a UGA Bulldogs hat with (dog) on it?
  23. Help me toilet train my puppy!?
  24. 8 Year Old Dog Pees/Poops In House! Help.?
  25. Can you tell me everything you know about the career path of a veterinarian?
  26. Advice from large animal vets?
  27. My dog licked and swallowed shampoo. Do I take him to the vet hospital?
  28. Can somebody help me find a temporary home for my dog? PLEASE!!!?
  29. Why is my dog having this problem?
  30. Can I get a vet tech degree with little to no clinical experience?
  31. emergency dog training tips?!!! please help!?
  32. Dog food available in MS at Hollywood Feed for Yorkie with previous pancreatitis?
  33. Is it possible for an adopted cat to learn behaviors from a dog it shared...
  34. If I ask my dog's regular vet to fax his records to a different vet, will they...
  35. Health & Fitness Class Assignment: I have two questions, both dealing with
  36. what is the best minor to take when you major in health information management?
  37. Looking for cute unique male puppy names! He is a small cavalier king
  38. Help! my dog just vomited up brownish stuff with grass and her food!?
  39. Can I use any cord to upload songs to the toy dog scout?
  40. whats your favorite breed of dog :)?
  41. Should I get a pitbull puppy?
  42. Two male dogs sometimes possesive over toys ?
  43. My dog eats cat food, is this healthy?
  44. cancer in dog's blood stream?
  45. Health question??? need help?
  46. Neighbors dog keeps digging into my dogs kennel!!!!?
  47. Exercising my 12yr old dog?
  48. looking for Pre-vet Program?
  49. un-popable ball dog toy?
  50. Would you feed your cat/dog Hill's Science Diet?
  51. How are we supposed to know how often to vaccinate our animals when the...
  52. Black lab male dog needs name ?
  53. What breed of dog does Misha Dichter have?
  54. How many shots does a ten year old dog need?
  55. How can i train my dog to ignore my cat?
  56. more information about parkwood mental health?
  57. my dog is a maltese mix, but we don't know what he's mixed with?
  58. I just found my puppy chewing on a dead rat!?
  59. What degrees can vet tech classes transfer to easily?
  60. Birmingham Clawed their way back into the game, it was a real Dog fight!?
  61. Need some advice regarding my little dog?
  62. what is expected at a puppy dog? Any show tips?
  63. Where can I find audio/video of Rick Santorum's "man on dog" statement?
  64. Does long hair covering a dogs eyes bother them?
  65. I'm a female wanting to join the marines as an MP: Dog Handler. I need more...
  66. Has anyone been having recent problems with Natural Balance Duck and Potato dog food?
  67. Dog's Strange Behavior Tonight?
  68. Health information and Management information systems?
  69. My 15 week old puppy has sugar rushes?
  70. question about paws and claws pet vet for pc?
  71. Is this a good dog insurance?
  72. Dog has ear infection?
  73. What are the education requirements for becoming a vet tech?
  74. Need help/advice with my dog please?
  75. My puppy only drinks milk? And also help about the milk?
  76. Whats tigher, a dog or a 4 year old?
  77. A question about dog health.?
  78. For veterinarians only?
  79. which human food is okay for dogs to have and which isn't?
  80. Games where i can take care of a dog/puppy?
  81. what is the best food for epileptic dogs?
  82. Should I leave my dog at the vet's office overnight...?
  83. untangling tips for dog hair?
  84. What is it like being a Veterinary Technician?
  85. What is wrong with my puppy?!?
  86. What can I do about the way my dog smells? Do you recommend a certain shampoo? She
  87. A couple Questions about my health...?
  88. Puppy had pnumonia can my children or I catch it?
  89. dog penis retraction problem!?
  90. My dog has had a ball on his leg for a long time. It didn't look too bad until now?
  91. High Quality Canned Food for Dogs?
  92. Problem with neighbors dog?
  93. dog toy broke thirty minutes after i bought it?
  94. How would you train a dog to guard you?
  95. Health informatics and management information systems new techologies?
  96. *Poll* Which dog name do you like better?
  97. Any Homeowner's insurance companies that cover dog bite?
  98. who has great dog potty training advice?
  99. what are some dog breeds that weigh 15-40lbs?
  100. i only want a dog with wavy hair?
  101. DOG SEIZURES: what medicine is good? why not hold them?
  102. which of these names are BEST?? for a dog?
  103. My dog has ear infection...?
  104. Do you know which type of veterinarians make the most?
  105. What is a dog that is extremely friendly and doesn't need much grooming or brushing?
  106. Why did the Obama's name their dog "Bow?"?
  107. Forgot food and water for the dog!?
  108. Health help with my senior cat?
  109. Dog diarrhea and constipation?
  110. Dog is on Sentinel, and I found fleas! (Question)?
  111. Dog insurance pre-existing condition?
  112. Does my dog have kennel cough?
  113. My dog. Coyotes. And hiking. Protection advice?
  114. My dog just ate 2 of my cats FORTEKOR 2.5mg. Any advice?
  115. German Shepherd Dog Food Question?
  116. trying to find dog stickers that used to be sold from a dispenser.?
  117. What breed is my dog? How do I stop him from jumping on people? and how do I get...
  118. do vets automatically scan a new dog for a micro chip?
  119. Best brand of dog food sold at Walmart?
  120. how to stop old dog aggression?
  121. need to find a dog that doesn't shed?
  122. How can you prevent your dog from getting cancer and Parvo?
  123. Can cat and dog fleas infest humans?
  124. Hamster health question?
  125. Is there a natural sedative I can give my small dog to put him out for like 20
  126. What do you think of the name Luna for a dog?
  127. Can I feed my puppy ham or sausages as treats?
  128. poll: are you any good at training dogs?
  129. Should I go to the vet?
  130. 16week old labrador puppy ate a button the size of a quarter?
  131. My 6 months old dog chews on everything, even his bed. If he get to it he chews it.
  132. Debating to be a Vet or not?
  133. How you determine if a particular source of information on the health
  134. whats the best diet dog food for my dog?
  135. symptoms of dying dog?
  136. How can I get my new puppy to get along with my Doberman?
  137. What is a rural veterinarian and what do they do?
  138. What's a good name for a grey and white fur wolf dog with blue eyes?
  139. Not a health question but need female help!?
  140. Is my 2 year old dog still teething?
  141. can a dog be trained to stay away from snakes?
  142. All health care workers now function as information managers, and the
  143. Older dog in heat problem!?
  144. My dog has yeast Infections!Help?
  145. Do you know of any websites where people try to connect with others find homes...
  146. foods that help cure dog diarrhea?
  147. My dog has been pooping out long hairs.?
  148. Veterinary Assistant Online?
  149. raw meat diet for my dog?
  150. The name of the dog in the Kirby gameboy games?
  151. I have found that dogs can be more faithful & loving than our own parents.
  152. My dog is giving birth in a few minutes, any advice?
  153. is a gray dry skin puppy tummy normal?
  154. Which brand of dog food is best?
  155. Any dog training tips or instructions?
  156. Question about health care?
  157. Do you think my puppy is really cutte?
  158. veterinary technician salary; with horses?
  159. Guinea Pig/Human Health Question?
  160. health disease question?
  161. What is the largest dog breed which can easily be trained to be loyal to its owner?
  162. What's wrong with me?! Mental health question...?
  163. Question about dog toy/game for mental stimulation?
  164. How Can I Treat My Dogs Urinary Tract Infection At Home?
  165. I just found this black scab on my dog, what is it?
  166. Need help naming my dog!!?
  167. Need help with health questions?!? Best answer gets 10 points!!?
  168. How often should you brush a medium length dogs hair?
  169. How does Crohns disease in dogs afftect them?
  170. Question about becoming a veterinarian?
  171. How do I learn how to groom dogs?
  172. Who is a safe, reliable & affordable orthopedic veterinary surgeon in
  173. Womens health question...help?
  174. vet tech or pharmacy tech training courses ??certification?
  175. Veterinarian Experience? Does This Count?
  176. Where can I get corn free healthy dry dog food in Australia?
  177. My 7 week old pup got bit by another dog?
  178. Healthy dogs in shelters?
  179. Re-potty train your dog?
  180. When a dog is spayed and one ovary is double the size of the other one
  181. How much will a french vet charge for a tick and tapeworm treatment for a
  182. how to fix dog behavior?
  183. My dog has a food allergy that causes yeast infections in her ears...?
  184. Ignorant dog problem?
  185. How much does a routine veterinarian check up cost?
  186. Does anybody know a good affordable flea control for my chihuahua puppy?
  187. Still needing name for male black lab puppy dog?
  188. my dog refused to get his nail trimmed any advice?
  189. Question about the health care mandate......?
  190. please help im worried that my 10 month old dog is pregnant!!!!?
  191. I think my dog has kidney/bladder stones?
  192. Some tips to help me with my dog?
  193. breeding question for dogs?
  194. Is vegetarian/vegan dog food healthy?
  195. Is it worth the time to get tech license before veterinary degree?
  196. Dog training question?
  197. I need some advice on what to do with my dog that has worms?
  198. How much did you pay to ship a puppy?
  199. Difference between a domestic dog and cats behaviour?
  200. Would you be okay with me getting a brand new puppy and getting rid of my old dog?
  201. Need Advice On Girlfriend & Ex-Boyfriends Dog. Should I Help This Dog Or No?
  202. I have a health issue I need information about......?
  203. what dog breed do you recommend?
  204. How bad is just deer broth for puppies?
  205. job opportunities for military vet?
  206. Natural Pain Relievers for Dogs?
  207. What are some mind stimulating toys or activities for dogs?
  208. HELP! My dog got into her food and ate 7 cups of dog food!?
  209. Where can I find a song that would go well with a dog movie?
  210. How and when do you teach a puppy's name to it?
  211. question about my dog's problem?
  212. Can dogs use human shampoo?
  213. Dog vomiting? How often is normal?
  214. Can somebody help find facts that will pursuade my parents into getting us a dog?
  215. A Dog Food for Gastrointestinal Problems?
  216. how do i train my dog to pee in a different place outside?
  217. I had an appointment for the vet to see this dog we found on the street about 3
  218. How can i find a good home for my dog?
  219. How do I make my DS nintendogs game show my dogs?
  220. my dog had puppies that we are trying to sell there are 5 left they are
  221. is it true that puppies heal on their own?
  222. Would this be vet worthy at all?
  223. My dog has a weird cough, someone with veterinarian experience please help.?
  224. Does anyone know where I can find a Doberman puppy around the east TN area?
  225. my 8 yr old dog is acting like a puppy again?
  226. What breed is the dog from the My Dog ad?
  227. My dog has been vomiting every day.?
  228. What are the best ways to make sure my dog has a healthy diet?
  229. I am stuck home with a flu but I want to walk the dog for the chance of
  230. Is it better to train recall when the dogs outside off the lead? or inside your
  231. Is it possible for a dog to develope an allergy to corn in dog food,
  232. Starting a dog on a raw diet?
  233. My puppy survived parvo, should I worry about cardiac problems?
  234. If you work in a veterinary office, what's the strangest owner request you've heard?
  235. Where can a 15 year old volunteer with dogs?
  236. Careers that center around health and nutrition but require little math? (other
  237. My 8 week old puppy had diarrhea is she ok?
  238. My dog going on the break next month? Advice?
  239. what about one dog love bites another, My 5-lb. 8 yr old chihuaha, love...
  240. Runt Puppy Crooked nose. Mom funny care.?
  241. My toy Yorkie dog won't stop following me around the house!!!?
  242. Veterinarian and Hill's Science Diet?
  243. how to get my maltese dog to be more playful?
  244. What should I do to keep my dog healthy?
  245. Canadian Vet Tech students/workers please?
  246. How do I know when it is time to put my 15 year old dog to sleep? I'm...
  247. Why does my dog keep picking up her back leg and scratching her side with it?
  248. I want to take a holistic approach for my dog who has lymphoma. Can
  249. What kind of puppy is this?
  250. My 13 yr old Dog was recently diagnosed with early stages of Renal Disease?